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club turned out to be a stalemate. And that's


Good evening. Exactly a year ago, Manchester


United had won the Premier League. Tonight, they are without a


permanent manager after the sacking of David Moyes. Failure to laintain


the standards set by his prddecessor forced Hill his employers to act.


Richard Askam is live for us at Old Trafford tonight.


Aattention turns to who might be the next man to turn up at the door The


former Ajax boss, currently in charge of the Dutch national team is


favourite, Louis de`Gaal. The 2`0 defeat to Everton at the wedkend was


the turning point, we understand. The performance particularlx became


an issue, I understand, for the owners, the Glazer family. Tnited


certain to end with their worst points tally in the Premier League


ever. So what's gone wrong for David Moyes, the manager with undoubted


qualities? Manchester United were lookhng for


the nearest thing to Sir Aldx Ferguson they could find. D`vid


Moyes was the chosen one. Btt not everybody was convinced.


Was he really the badly chosen one? They should have been able to get


anybody they wanted from thd world of football. Not someone who's kind


of a straightforward, Fergid clone`type person. They need someone


to come and have a complete clearout in terms of style, different


coaches, somebody looking at transfer strategy, kind of ` bit


like they do at City franklx. Manchester United have been here


before. When great Matt buzz by retired in 1969, he was replaced by


Wilf McGinness who lasted 18 months in the job. Wilf said whatever


financial compensation they offer you in a situation like that, it's


no real consolation. . `` M`tt Busby. This is no longer just a


talking point in Manchester, it matters in Kenya. I'm happy because


we need results at the end of the day. And in Singapore. Most of my


friends have been happy he's been sacked. That's why United's failure


to qualify for the Champions League is so important to the owners.


It's the revenue you generate from being in the competition, about ?50


million a year. Also it enh`nces the brand, allowing Manchester Tnited to


sell themselves as one of the top teams in Europe and that me`ns


commercial revenues are flowing not only from Europe, but from `round


the globe. I'm joined by the Chief Executive of


the Manchester United Supporters Trust. Do you think that David Moyes


did fail here or was he madd a scapegoat for certain things that


were beyond his control? Well, I think it's a cliche that football's


a results`based business, btt certainly the results weren't good


and in the end, the person who payings the price is the manager, so


whether or not it was his f`ult that's the way it works in football.


In the transfer windows, yot could say for example that that w`sn't


David Moyes fault. Do you think Manchester United have reached a


point where a more fundamental structural change is needed? Very


much so. I think we have got a real concern for the future that we get


the right financial structure in place because all of our major


rivals are able to reinvest all the profits into the clubs and that s


why they are able to do that. Manchester United is the only club


that's been taking huge amotnts of money out through the Glazers'


ownership structure. Making a lot of money as well? Yes, but that money


actually, not realising at this stage, but our concern is that that


money has to come back into the club because we can't afford to compete


with the other clubs and have them draining huge amounts of money out.


We need that as a long`term commitment, not just one tr`nsfer


window, this needs to be a consistent, sustainable


re`investment of profits. Briefly then, is it a steady experidnce hand


like Louis van Gaal required at this stage? I would guess so. Certainly


you would want somebody who has the ego, track record, that is going to


be able to gain the confidence of the players as soon as he w`lks into


the dressing room. Those ard the names that have been banded around.


Thank you very much indeed. Louis van Gaal as I mentioned, thd clear


favourite. Rough no no rush, they say, to make an appointment. Back to


you. Jo joining me now is J`ne McCubbin. Looking at the finances,


it's a resulted`based busindss and failing to deliver sports rdsults


means failing to deliver financial results? This is a big business


floated on the Stock Exchange two years ago, today worth over $3


billion. As you heard Duncan say, it's got a huge debt to service The


cost of that last year was ?70 million. It can really ill``fford


that ?50 million potential cost of not being in the Champions League


and, as Duncan said, they h`ve got to invest in that in ageing squad.


That can top ?200 million. Ht will cost even more to tempt over play


players into a club that isn't seen to be top flight. The response from


Wall Street today though, share price up 6% to its highest level


since Ferguson's retirement last May.


Interesting stats. Thank yot very much.


Other news now, and the BBC's learned that a major report into the


near collapse of the cooper`tive Bank will blame poor Governor Nans


at the organisation. Sir Christopher Kelly's report is the most


comprehensive attempt so far to attempt to find out what went wrong.


`` governance at the organisation. The AGM on May 17th, there hs the


big vote on governance on changing the Co`op Group's management or the


way it's managed and making this business fit for the 21st cdntury.


One football result for you tonight: That is it from me. Now let us get a


weather update with Dianne. Good evening. We had drizzlx showers


at times throughout the day. They have faded away in the last few


hours. That continues to be the story through the night. Yot could


catch a break in the cloud cover. You could continue the catch a


shower but you would be unltcky if you did catch either of those


really. It's a quiet night with a lot of cloud cover and the


temperatures are really good. Tomorrow, the sun is up before


o'clock. You will be lucky do see much of it.


For most, it's a cloudy start and the cloud cover things and breaks,


then brighter skies come through. A line of rain comes through later in


the day and clips the coast. Temperatures are good when the sun


comes out. I'll leave you whth the outlook, indicating April showers.


Nick Miller will confirm is not looking too bad. That's


weather front. It is never too early to think about


next weekend and I will be doing that in a couple of minutes. But we


have a sizeable chunk of this week's whether to go first. There


are more showers, but there will be spells of warm sunshine around as




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