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Ten years ago, sex offender Raymond Hawthorne was


jailed after buying a 14`ye`r`old boy and using him as a prostitute.


Today he was sent to prison for a similar offence.


Just months after being reldased in 2012, Hawthorne again lured an


His reoffending has raised questions about whether his


Peter Marshall has been at Bolton Crown Court.


Nigel Hawthorne, 50 and frol Bolton, was originally jailed in 2004 for


seven years, that was later increased to nine years aftdr


admitting abducting and leading into prostitution a 14`year`old boy.


Effectively, he bought in from another man and would take him


around the country to a network of clients and taking cut of the many


that Ian. In the originally `` in the original case, the judgd said


that the sentencing available was absurd and very lenient. It led to


the calls to the Home Secretary for stiffer terms for these offdnces.


Known to police, he had befriended a 15`year`old boy on a social


networking site, groomed hil and led him into prostitution `` unknown to


police. He was taken around the country and introduce two dhfferent


clients. In the latest case, he admits controlling prostitution for


financial gain and he admits breaches of prevention orders. The


victims in both cases were both very vulnerable young men. They were


clearly exploited for financial gain with no thought for their own


welfare. Nigel Hawthorne will claim that his role was to protect them


from people involved. It was not, he groomed these people. He will stay


on licence for a further fotr years after that. The judge said he was


minute politically and that he exploited vulnerable people for


financial gain in what was ` revolting business. Tonight, there


is a statement from the Polhce and Crime Commissioners for gre`ter


Manchester. He says that thd justice system has let down Hawthorne 's


latest victims because he w`s able to carry out horrific abuse despite


being convicted of incredibly serious crimes earlier on.


World leaders, war veterans and heads of state have been attending


events in Normandy, in honotr of the servicemen who died in the D`Day


landings 70 years ago. Hundreds of surviving veterans from the North


West have also made the journey and Mark Edwardson has travelled with


A lone piper welcomes the d`wn at the small French port of


Arromanches. 70 years ago it played a pivotal role. Earlier tod`y,


veterans and their supporters dressed in honour. The only shots


fired today were digital. At the cemetery, a monarch and his senior


ministers. Amongst the crowd, Jack Brown from Liverpool. It is very


emotional. It is the first time he has been back to Normandy shnce the


invasion. I was given a med`l yesterday by the French people. The


man said, thank you, thank xou very much. We have finally made ht and I


have lived my life for you people. This man was one of the first ashore


on D`Day. Today, paying his respects the fallen comrades and in


particular, a cherished captain lost liberating Europe. They will never


be forgotten. It is very totching to be here. I would not miss it for


anything. Back in Arromanchds this afternoon and a bewildering number


of well`wishers sought out dvery veteran. This man was overwhelmed by


the atmosphere. Saddened th`t this will be the big `` last big D`Day


commemoration. How many of ts will be left? Many are in their 80s. We


covered it improve to some extent. The showers


move away and a fresh appeal to things.


Good evening. The good news is, there will be some decent dry on a


sunny moment to come through the weekend. But over the next 24


hours, the threat of thunderstorms looms large. The ingredients have


been coming together today - warm air pushing northwards out of


Iberia, cooler air from the Atlantic trying to pushed away. In between


the cloud has been building with a lot of energy in the atmosphere


sparking off some nasty thunderstorms across parts of


northern Spain and south-west France. They will produce most of


the rainfall tomorrow. Ahead of it, the cloud is starting to produce


thunderstorms itself. We've seen in Cornwall. A few sporadic


thunderstorms across


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