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We're back with the late news at 10.10pm.


Tens of thousands of people have gathered in


Manchester tonight for one of the region's biggest music festhvals.


Manchester City Council says Parklife generates an extra six


million pounds for the surrounding economy, but some businesses aren't


That was the advice from festival organisers today.


The opening of Parklife was delayed this morning after rainwater had to


Everybody together. Brilliant. Even in the rain? Yes.


65,000 people are expected hn Heaton Park over the weekend,


and organisers are trying to prevent ticket fraud and drtg use.


Manchester City Council has estimated that this year's dvent


will generate nearly ?6 million for the surrounding economy,


but the owners of some businesses next to the park


are unhappy with the effect it's had on traffic and parking in the area.


The shop quiet, three of thd staff are not coming, there are four that


have come in. I have got ?400 wages to pay. As you see, there are just


that many people outside it is just unsafe. Customers cannot get to us.


They make millions and we lose. Parklife's organisers say they


worked closely with police `nd the They've advised anyone attending


tomorrow to use public transport Police in Manchester have rdleased


CCTV footage of two men who threatened a 67`year`old wolan with


a hammer at her home in Salford The footage shows the men


at a cash point in Crumpsall using the cards they'd stolen


from the house on Oakwell Drive It's believed to be one


of a number of robberies linked to A fire at the Queen's Head Hotel in


Troutbeck near Windermere m`y have 50 fire`fighters tackled


the blaze at the Grade`2 listed 40,000 biking fans are leavhng


the Isle of Man this weekend Michael Dunlop stole the show,


winning four races. The biking fortnight is worth


around ?26 million to the M`nx economy and fans think the festival


has been a huge success. It has been my first one and it has


been awesome. It gets better and better. You come here for two weeks


and I think you see 50 seconds. I wish `` the Argonne!


Sport, and not great news for Wigan Warriors.


They failed to get through to the semi`final of the Challenge Cup


They lost against Castleford 16 points to 4.


This try 60 minutes in wasn't enough.


It's the first time they've lost a cup tie at home in 28 years.


Meanwhile, tomorrow Warrington are hoping for better luck.


They travel to Bradford in their quarter`final.


The Wolves coach Tony Smith is counting on a win.


If you perform on the day it gives you a chance to go through to the


next round. If you do not you were bundled off. That is the prdssure of


Rugby League and that is wh`t you want to be part of. If you go and


when you have achieved something very special.


Now rain, thunderstorms, a tiny bit of sunshine ` we had it all today.


We have had lively downpours today, but more in the rear chrome spells


`` dry spells tomorrow. A b`tch of thunder which has been with us


through the afternoon. We h`ve seen heavy downpours. This evening it is


a quieter story, 12 showers dotted here and there which be heavy for a


time. They tend to fade as the night goes on. Not a cold night, with


overnight lows of around 12 Celsius. Largely dry start, brightness around


first in, but there will be one or two scattered showers you and. In


the afternoons showers will turn heavier with the risk of thtnder. In


the sunshine and it will fedl pleasant. Top temperature of around


20 Celsius. A quick look around to next week. Showers on Mondax and


Tuesday but settling down on Wednesday.


That is all for me. We are back tomorrow evening. Enjoy the rest of


your Saturday evening. Goodbye. Good evening. Most of us have seen


some rain so far today. It started off in the south. As it worked its


way north, we lost the thunder and the lightning. Many of us ended the


day on a decent note. After a decent day in the north of Scotland, that


band of rain marches northwards Be hiengd it, there is a -- behind it,


there is a lot of dry weather to be found. Most of us are dry by the end


of the night and relatively mild. Starting Sunday in Scotland, still


some showers around in the south and the west. I suspect the north and


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