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Inevitable, I suppose. That's all from the News at Six. Goodbye from


me. On Good evening. Welcome to NorthWest


Tonight. Our top story: Spl`shing the cash, City announce thehr latest


?1 billion signing. Housing. In one of the most deprived areas of


Manchester. The plan is to regenerate the area. Also tonight:


Vandals destroy gravestones at a Jewish cemetery, police say it's a


sickening and cruel act of racism. My mother's stone had been knocked


over but some of the stones have been smashed which is horrendous.


Three of a kind but Wimbledon serves up mixed fortunes for our hopefuls.


And we meet the Blackpool pdnsioner who has just won another sand yacht


title. The owners of Manchester City


Football Club are no strangdr to big buy outs and mega contracts for star


players. But their latest transaction will probably strprise


you. Housing. New housing for some of the most deprived communhties in


East Manchester. Club owners the Abu Dhabi United Group are behind a ?1


billion scheme to regeneratd Ancoats and Islington. Jayne McCubbhn is


there now. Look how gorgeous it is here and how close the city centre


is. What this does is try to regenerate an area which has been


left behind by the property crash. The council has set up a business


with Abu Dhabi United Group, that has half ?1 billion from cltb money


and the rest will come from private investors. What business dods a


football club have in the btsiness of public property? This is


Manchester City doing what they do best. But now it's owners w`nt to do


more. So what do owners of the bling club, with the bling dressing room,


the bling jumbo jet want to invest in next? Housing. No, not housing


here, housing here. In Anco`ts and Islington. Two of the most deprived


neighborhoods in the countrx. Pat's lived here for 80 years. Wh`t does


she make of the new club owners big investment? I cannot understand


that. I cannot get to the bottom of that. Not odd at all says the


council and club owners. Thhs is a purely commercial deal. It hs


win`win for the city. Deals like this do not come along ever. It is


the first time anyone can rdmember a deal of this sort coming to


Manchester, an investment of this scale. Tracy McKey points ott a


block of flats that had been derelict for almost 15 years. The


property crash stalled regeneration here after the Commonwealth Games.


The new deal hopes to kick start it. We need shops, pubs, things for


kids, we need all sorts. I `m glad it is happening. It is a good deal


completely. So, how does a deal like this come about? I am told the


people rang Manchester City council and asked for a list of invdstment


opportunities. This was one of four ideas, I fired the biggest `nd most


expensive and it was this one that the club owners went for. The


council would not tell me what the other ideas were full Sheik Mansor


is a man with deep pockets. They hope those other schemes cotld yet


get off the ground. Is everxone raving about this? One man who was


wearing a Man United T`shirt said today this is all about real estate,


we will be priced out of thd market. It is true to say this is a


commercial deal, they will get a return on this. It is something they


are in for the long`term. They want to invest in this community. The


watchword has not been affordable housing but desirable housing. The


capacity of the lettings Lane end of Hillsborough was more than 0700 two


high before the disaster. This was heard at the Hillsborough inquiry


this afternoon. I asked our reporter who was in court exactly do the man


who gave that information is. He is an expert structural enginedr


brought in to give his expert opinion of the state and laxout of


the Hillsborough Stadium in April 1989. He has experience of working


on sports stadiums. Including the stadium for the London 2012


Olympics. He said the capachty of the lettings Lane terraces `ll came


down to the crash barriers `nd whether they were the correct height


or laid out inappropriately. He said many of them were significantly


lower than they should have been according to guidelines. He also


said the gaps between those crash barriers was on many occasions to


wide which would not do anything to stop the waterfall effect when


forces are pushed from the back of the terraces down to the front. He


said taking that into account, the capacity of the terrace shotld be


cut from 7200 or around 5420. So the was guidance in place for how Hibees


crash barriers should be and where they were positioned, was anything


said about why these guidelhnes were not met? The guidelines werd set


down in a booklet issued by the government in the 1970s and reissued


in the mid`1980s. Among those guidelines it was said they could be


applied flexibly along with common sense and professional judgdment.


Many of the witnesses that the jury have heard from for the good apply


the guidelines flexibly. Asked about this practice the experts s`id he


believed flexibly had been seized upon by a number of people `s a


means of extricating themselves from a position they would rather have


not got into. He believed the need to be ten more turnstiles for the


number of spectators expectdd. He will return tomorrow to continue


giving evidence. Thank you. A man's been charged with dangerous driving


after a couple died in a three car crash in Salford at the weekend


19`year`old Aaron Jones and his girlfriend Amy Hobson, were killed


in the accident on the East Lancs Road at Swinton. Carl Wood from


Farnworth appeared in court today, charged with causing death by


dangerous driving. Another lan arrested at the scene, has been


bailed. A man charged with causing the death of a 62`year`old woman by


dangerous driving in the Isle of Man has been remanded in custodx.


Donovan Kitching, who's 30, has been charged with five offences hncluding


causing the death of Gwen V`lentine by dangerous driving. He's due back


in court in Douglas in July. A former soldier who's wanted in the


United States on fraud charges, has had his appeal against extr`dition


rejected by the European Cotrt of Human Rights. David McIntyrd from


Hyde is accused of overcharging the US government on a security contract


in Iraq. He recently lost a High Court appeal and the rejecthon of


his case by the European Cotrt means he'll be extradited within ` month.


A million adults in the north west still lack the basic skills needed


to use the internet, accordhng to the charity Go On UK. They say just


under a fifth of people in the region can't send or receivd emails,


use a search engine, browse the internet and complete onlind forms.


Gravestones at a Jewish cemdtery in North Manchester have been pushed


over and daubed with anti`sdmitic grafitti in what police havd


described as a sickening and cruel act of racism. Around 40 gr`vestones


have been damaged, some had swastikas painted onto them.


Families of those buried at the cemetery in Blackley say thdy're


deeply upset by the attack. Greater Manchester Police say they're


treating it as a hate crime. Naomi Cornwell reports. This is one of the


oldest cemeteries in Greater Manchester. The site off Rochdale


Road holds around 10,000 gr`ves But this is what many families have


found in recent days. It is quite devastating to see, clearly this is


the work of mindless yobs whth nothing better to do apart from rank


vandalism which does nobody any good whatsoever. I am macro I am upset


and disgusted to say the le`st. My mother's stone has been knocked


over. It is horrendous. Arotnd 0 gravestones have been pushed over,


causing some to smash. Others have been daubed with swastikas `nd


anti`semitic comments. Thesd are hateful incidents and I would say it


has taken quite some time to do what they have done. It is quite alarming


really and it is something we need to get to the bottom of as soon as


possible. Lifting the toppldd gravestones will cost thous`nds of


pounds. Many will have to bd replaced. And it's left famhlies


deeply upset by the disrespdct shown to their relatives. As relatives


arrived today to see whether their families' graves were affected, the


charity that maintains the cemetery called on the community to work with


them to prevent further dam`ge. We are trying to bring together dignity


and respect for those who h`ve gone before rows. These cemeterids need


looking after. Today they h`ve been damaged, tomorrow they may be


damaged again. We cannot stop people coming in but if we have funding we


can put up CCTV cameras, rahse the boundary walls and perhaps put up


deterrence. Police are appe`ling for witnesses and say they now have


extra patrols in the area. @ Merseyide man has died after a


boxing bout at the weekend. Lance Ferguson Prayogg was taking part in


so called "White Collar boxhng. The sport isn't regulated like the


amateur or professional codd, but aims to given ordinary people the


opportunity to fight in a rhng. Lindsey Prosser reports. Thhs is


Lance Ferguson Praoygg boxing in an earlier fight in Liverpool, White


Collar boxing isn't governed by a professional or amateur codd so


isn't subject to the same stringent rules. The boxer collapsed `fter a


fight in Nottingham and whilst the cause of his death isn't yet known


it has renewed the debate about unlicensed boxing. I knew this was


going to happen, it has been coming and it has happened now. It is the


very sorrowful thing that it has happened but we knew it was going to


happen and it does not bring any good points back to amateur boxing.


It makes the people who werd against it more against it. The man who died


trained here at this gem, today it is shut and will remain closed until


next week. Today the gym pahd tribute on social media twedting


"RIP to one of our finest boxers... We are all totally devastatdd".


Saturday's fight promoter could not be contacted for comment. Still to


come on North West Tonight: The young heptathlete from Liverpool who


feels her time has come. Gold is my target but it is my first


Commonwealth Games. I am hoping to win medals. And he is still flying,


the Blackpool pensioner recreating the sand yachting success of his


youth. More than a dozen hospitals in our region aren't being honest


enough about owning up when things go wrong. That's according to new


statistics released by the Department of Health. It's revamped


the NHS Choices web site. So now you can discover which hospitals are


good at reporting problems `nd which aren't. Our Chief Reporter Dave


Guest has spent the day wadhng through the figures and he joins me


now. So what have you found. I have found out plots because there are


lots of figures bear. The sxstem uses coloured circles, green, blue


and red. Green is good, blud is OK and red is poor. One thing hs


looking at how good they ard at reporting incidents when thhngs go


wrong. Those coming up on the screen are deemed to be among the worst


when it comes to reporting hncidents which cause severe harm or dven


death to patients. It is important that hospitals have a systel of


openness so we can all learn from mistakes and be safer in hospital.


Have any hospitals responded? Yes, one trust said from nation hs out of


date. They have made changes. When things go wrong senior medics


investigate and a weekly newsletter is distributed to staff too sure


what has gone wrong and what lessons have been learned. Another trust


said they have made improvelents which will be reflected in the


future. What else is on the website? The numbers of staff on wards. Some


show that they have got mord than 100%, this is explained bec`use


sometimes they have patiencd on the ward with particularly spechal needs


which have to be catered for. You can also find out about cle`nliness


and infection control. You can go online yourself to find out. They


are doubts over the Rebel V`lley MP Nigel Evans, he was cleared in April


of nine offences but some bdlieve he was so damaged they should seek a


new candidate for the next dlection. Our reporter is in the constituency.


What is going on? This is a constituency that does not like


change, it has only had thrde MPs in three decades. Normally this would


be an automatic choice for the Conservative club find me, they have


got Nigel Evans, stick with them. They delete things because of the


trial but note that the dechsion is looming they are unsure. Sole think


it is time to find the new candidate, many do not. Thex are


perfectly entitled to their opinion, people do not forgdt


overnight somebody who has dedicated themselves to public life for close


on 22 years. But they have not forgotten the trial either. He was


exonerated but politically ht has been damaging. For the last 11


months that I have gone through nothing will ever be the sale again.


His former constituency chahrman is understood to be one of those


opposing Nigel Evans but wh`t about constituents? He does his job, that


is all that matters, person`l life should not come into it. It is not


good giving the local area ` bad name if he comes back. He h`s always


done his job. I am not judghng him on his personal life, I think he


should carry on because he has done so much for people locally. So, how


deep is that support? Clearly there is a strong stand that feel he is


damaged goods that he has friends who insist he has loads of support


and will be fine. It is the decision to be made by the Conservathve


association perhaps in August or September. He has survived `


rebellion of this kind once before in the term he was starting out as


an MP. I am sure we will find out at and when anything happens. Onto some


sports news now. The Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has bden


quoted in a French magazine as saying the club wouldn't give him


time off to be with his brother Ibrahim, in the weeks beford his


death. He told French Footb`ll he celebrated winning the Premher


League title in Abu Dhabi while his brother was dying. Ibrahim Toure


died last week. City are not commenting, although it's understood


the club has always granted compassionate leave requests in the


past. Now many of us have m`de a stupid mistake growing up. For


tennis player Naomi Broady from Stockport, that mistake, posting a


provocative photo online whdn she was just 17, cost her her ftnding.


She's had to go it alone evdr since with her dad selling the falily home


to finance her career. But last night the 26`year`old had the last


laugh, winning her first match at a grand slam at Wimbledon. Shd's one


of three rising North West tennis stars to gain a place in thd famous


tournament on a wild card. Here s Abbie Jones. They're young.


Determined. And reached Wimbledon on a wild card. Stockport's Naomi


Broady has had to be more ddtermined than most. She is now through to the


second round at Wimbledon. @ victory made even sweeter because she has


financed her own career. Thd Lawn Tennis Association stripped her of


her funding after she posted a provocative photo of herself on the


internet aged just 17. It is embarrassing. We were not doing


anything illegal, we were not doing drugs. They were just teenagers Her


dad sold the family home in Stockport so she could keep playing.


Naomi has trained here at The Northern Tennis Club in Didsbury in


Manchester since she was little.Stockport's Samantha Murray


knows a thing or to about b`ttling against the odds. She has bden


working hard and so on sincd she was very young. When she comes tsually


works her socks off in the gym and everything else. She is just


fantastic. A year ago she w`s on the verge of hanging up her racket to


become an error. Just trying every week, catching things when xou can


do but it has been completely worth it. Samantha Murray knows about


working hard as well. Seeded 24 th in the world, she faced the number


five, Maria Sharipova, this afternoon in the biggest match of


her career. She lost but takes home ?27,000, her biggest paycheck. Also


playing today, Daniel Smethtrst from Manchester. He played an incredible


51 matches this year to go from 400th to 250 in the world in just


five months to get his Wimbledon wild card. All eyes now are on now


me Brody and what is she pl`nning to spend her prize money on? A handbag!


In cricket Lancashire need two more wickets for victory against


Northants. The visitors are following on, 230`8. The result is


only going one way if Lancashire can get those two extra wickets. Adina


Thomas Johnston, much is expected of the young heptathlete. With less and


a month to go until the Comlonwealth Games she is on a strict tr`ining


regime. Our reporter went to meet her and talk about her goals and


eating regime. This is wherd you first started to train? Yes, this is


where I first read the high jump. Saw all the dreams you had from


primary school, they are all starting to come true now? Xes, that


is right. I have seen the young kids running around doing all thd things


I used to do. Now I use the hill as a training tool. When you are a


little kid everyone is so t`ll and you see those tall athletes going


past, I guess now that is md. What sort of training regime havd you


got? It is very different to the winter training. It is very much


about the technical work. What about things you can and cannot do, our


dear certain foods you cannot eat? It is being sensible. At hole we


always have deserts. My favourite is sticky toffee pudding but I cannot


eat that at the moment. You would earn it off. It is a nice treat when


I am done, it is in the fridge. Gold is the target? Gold is my t`rget but


it is my first Commonwealth Games. It is still all very new to me but I


am hoping to win these senior medals in the end. Best of luck. While many


people approaching their 70th birthday might want to start taking


things a bit easier, Ian Dibdin is not one of them. He's been ` sand


yachter all his life, winning his first British title way back in


1964. Now, 50 years since that first success, the pensioner from


Blackpool has just won another British title. Peter Marshall has


been to meet him. It's been a lifelong passion for Ian Dibdin It


is exhilarating this sport, part ceiling, part go`karting, it is just


freedom. `` part sailing. Hhs father Eddie established the St Anne's Sand


Yacht Club back in 1952 and Ian followed in his tyre tracks. As a


19`year`old he won his first British title in 1964. I just said, I build


my own yacht and I'm nearly 70, it is not bad, is it? He hopes that


someday he can return to his old beach at Saint Anne 's. The sport


has been banned from St Annds' beach since a pedestrian was hit `nd


killed by a yacht there in 2002 We were here for many years without


problems, I hope it can comd back again. It is like Cliff Richard


someone asked him when he would pack it in and he said he will not as


long as people come to see him. As bad as I am concerned, if there is a


beach and somewhere to sail I will carry on. It looks like fun will


stop note if you have hit the button and just joined us, we have you


been? But at least you are here for the best bit! Now the weathdr. It is


not a bad forecast. Throughout today we always knew we would havd a weak


cold front moving down the North of England. Dumb of the showers are


still around. When they turn up they are not massive, not spoiling


things. Not so much sunshind as you would like to end the day, the isle


of man looks wonderful right now as we speak but some showers whll


continue for the next hour or so and then it will die out and thhngs will


be quieter, patchy cloud and clear spells but also a little bit cooler.


The nights have been quite difficult for sleeping. Temperatures between


nine and 13 degrees. Tomorrow we are back to the combination of patchy


cloud and sunny spells. Somd decent spells of sunshine tomorrow morning.


As the day goes on the will be more cloud rolling in into the afternoon.


It will feel nice and warm hf you are out and about. Captures around


19 or 20 Celsius. It will gdt mixed as we head towards the end of the


working week and the weekend. We had the crash and a bang in the studio


earlier and someone e`mailed in to ask if it was you falling off of


your shoes! It was Dave makhng a grand entrance. No thank yot for


watching. Good night. Catch the late-afternoon games


on the go.


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