24/06/2014 North West Tonight


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Manchester City Football Cltb has joined up with the council to seal


?1 billion deal to build hotsing in some of the most deprived


It will help to transform the Ancoats and New Islington areas


Jayne McCubbin joins me in the studio now.


Jayne, a big deal for Manchester City Council


This isn't charity from the club, this is a commercial deal


It's a new business, a joint venture with the cotncil.


The council puts in the land, the club owners put in ?0.5 billion


Together, they raise the rest from other private sources.


830 new houses at first, le`ding to 6,000 over the course of ten years.


Sheik Mansour, a man with deep pockets the council


This is Manchester City doing what they do best.


But now, it's owners want to do more.


So, what do owners of the bling club, with


the bling dressing room, thd bling jumbo jet want to invest in next?


Pat's lived here for 80 years. What does she make of the new cltb


to the bottom of that! It is an odd concept, isn't it? Yeah.


Not odd at all, says the council and club owners.


Deals like this do not come along ever!


good brush up, to be quite honest with you. I mean, done up


Council and the club are excited ` is everyone?


Some I spoke to today asked what kind of housing would this be?


That's what they said the area needs.


The council was not using the word affordable today.


The word they were using was 'desirable?.


They said this was about creating a desirable `rea with


Tributes have been paid to ` Liverpool boxer who died following a


Lance Ferguson`Prayogg, who was 33, was rushed to hospital


after he collapsed at his 'white collar? fight, which isn't subject


A former soldier who's wantdd in the United States


on fraud charges has had his appeal against extradition rejected by


David McIntyre, from Hyde, is accused of overcharging the US


government on a security contract in Iraq.


He will be extradited within a month.


Gravestones at a Jewish cemdtery in North Manchester have been pushed


over and daubed with anti`Sdmitic graffiti, in what police have


described as a ?Sickening and cruel act of racism?.


Around 40 gravestones have been damaged.


Families of those buried at the cemetery in Blakeley say they


This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Greater Manchdster.


The site off Rochdale Road holds arotnd


10,000 graves, but this is what many families have found in recent days.


it is devastating to see because this is the work of mindless yobs,


with nothing better to do than rank vandalism, which does nobodx any


good. Upset and disgusted, to say the least. May mother's stone had


been knocked over. Around 40 gravestones have been


pushed over, causing some to smash. Others have been daubed with


swastikas and anti`Semitic comments. If the hateful incident. It is taken


them quite some time to do would they have done. It is horrific,


alarming. Lifting the toppled gravestones


will cost thousands of pounds. Many will have to be replacdd


and it's left families deeply upset by the disrespect shown to


their relatives. As relatives arrived today to see


whether their families' graves were affected, the charity that laintains


the cemetery called on the community to work with them


to prevent further damage. The cemeteries need looking after.


They might get damaged again. We can't stop people coming in. If we


had fun then we could put up CCTV cameras and improve boundarx walls.


Police are appealing for witnesses and say they now have


Good evening. The showers ttrned up on cute today. They will be leaving


on cute, as well. I think a picture should be largely dry overnhght


Tonight, the weather front that is moved through has introduced cooler


and fresher conditions. 13 will be the maximum tonight. But a bad start


tomorrow. For many places, xou will see more sunshine than you did


today. I think some of the best of the sunshine would be open `` will


be around first thing in thd morning. After lunch, more cloud


will start to spill on in. Ht'll be a nice day. The error is nice and


warm and we should be looking at temperatures around 19 or 20


degrees, very pleasant indedd. The outlook for the next couple of days


has not dreadful, or a wonddrful, but your garden at least will get a


watering. with the summary. Turning more


unsettled as we head towards the weekend.


Good evening. After what has been a glorious few weeks of summer


sunshine for many of us, things are about to change over the next 2


hours. We are seeing the change marked by the weather front on the


satellite image. To the south of that, 25 degrees, in Bournemouth for


instance, but in the north and east, cooler, fresher air. That sets the


scene for tomorrow. A cooler day. We will have hazy sunshine on offer,


although cloudier skies than we have been used it over the past week


Tonight we have thicker cloud bringing more two spots of drizzly


rain for some southern areas. Many parts dry, but we have the rain


heading in towards the far north-west for the


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