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high, 15-20. It's not all bad. Thank you very much. That's all from us


Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Roger Johnson


A shale gas company changes its plans for a fracking site


in Lancashire following concerns from nearby villages.


They invaded our privacy in our darkest times `


a victim of phone hacking s`ys he's delighted by the guilty verdicts.


Should this youth have been jailed for the murder of Garry Newlove


The case which inspired a new drama about an old law.


Has he bitten off more than he can chew this time?


Liverpool waits to hear the fate of Luis Suarez.


After two centuries of brewhng, we see why this brewery is movhng to a


new site. The fallout


from yesterday's phone hackhng verdicts continue, but not `ll the


victims were high profile c`ses Graham Foulkes, from Oldham,


was targeted by hackers after his son David died


in the 7/7 London bombings. David was visiting the capital


for the first time. He was on the underground


and was standing within a few feet of one of the bolbers


when the device detonated. Graham came


in to speak to me earlier and told I am delighted with the verdict


Their dirty linen has been washed in the public and it sends a clear


message to the newspapers to get their newspapers in order. Could you


have imagined that you would have ever been a target of this? I don't


know how anybody could think it was a good idea to invade the privacy of


people who were in a really dark and difficult place. When the attack


happened, it was a Thursday and we had no information from any


authorities for a week. Durhng that week, the families made an dmotional


phone calls and messages. To think they had been listening to those


thinking it was a good idea so they could steal the lead on othdr


newspapers, is just horrendous. I don't know how anybody would think


that is a good thing to do. Your son, it was the first time he had


been to London. Does this trial in any way bring any kind of end to


this for you? Is a good thing to do. Your son, it was the first time he


had been to London. Does thhs trial in anyway bring any kind of end to


this for you? Not really. It adds to the whole thing.


another weight that makes that darkness a little bit darker again.


With regards to Andy Coulson and the others, what are your thoughts


towards them? A big degree of animosity. It there hasn't been a


President for sentence but H hope it is severe and I hope it includes


custody. Thank you very much. A shale gas company has changed


its plans for a fracking site in Lancashire after local rdsidents


expressed their concerns. Cuadrilla has promised to lhmit


the number of hours it oper`tes its fracking pumps,


and agreed to other concesshons But anti`fracking campaigners are


dismissing the changes as cosmetic. Our environment correspondent


Judy Hobson joins us now We have heard a lot about the pros


and cons of fracking. The shte is just behind me down this dirt black.


The publication of this planning application is significant because


it makes it feel closer than ever. It is for exploratory drillhng but


it is for six years and it hs the most detailed look we have had so


far on what it will like `` what it would be like to have this on your


doorstep. This is where Cuadrilla plan to drill four Wells. After


weeks consulting with residdnts big company modified its plans before


submitting the plans. They sell it will reduce the volume of fracking


liquid, reduce mains water by 2 % and limit the hours it use `` uses


fracturing pumps. The height of the light flare stack that burddns of


gas will be reduced. We havd had a period of consultation with


stakeholders over four months and we have listened to what peopld have


said. We have tried to take all of that on board and have made


changes. There is no noise `t all. All we can hear is the birds. Many


residents say the revised plans don't make a difference to how they


feel. I am still horrified `bout the impact on our community and the


industrialisation of our arda. We are still concerned about the Health


and Safety Executive is, sthll concerned about the levels of noise,


still concerned about what will happen to the toxic waste.


Others like Bill who has lived here for 23 years said would it change


the feel of the village. Not happy about the concessions. Concdssions


from what? Many say they will now object to this planning application.


One test group has called the changes that Cuadrilla have made as


cosmetic. They say this will have a huge impact on people who lhve in


the area. Some residents Talarod say they are glad they will not be


fracking overnight because protest groups are always going to say no


changes will be enough. `` some residents down the road say.


An investigation's been launched after a 90`year`old woman w`s


The victim was targeted as she walked along Spotland Road


in Rochdale just before 7am yesterday morning.


The woman is being supported by specially trained officers.


Police are appealing for information.


When you target the most vulnerable in our society, a 90`year`old woman


with a walking stick, that has to be the worst of the worst. It hs vile


and wicked. The Prime Minister says


his heart goes out to the f`mily of a Lancashire teenager who


drowned this weekend after getting James Goodship, who was 17,


was one of seven people who got onto a floating jetty at Burwain Sailing


Club in Foulridge on Sunday. David Cameron was responding to


Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson My heart goes out to


the family that he mentioned and it is tragic for anyone to losd a son


and to lose one in such a tragic way We need to spread better information


about the dangers of swimming We need to do more to teach swimming


in schools and life`saving skills. The mother of a youth convicted


of murdering Warrington father of three Garry Newlove, says she's


determined to prove his innocence. Jordon Cunliffe has always claimed


he didn't touch Mr Newlove who was beaten to death by a gang


of youths outside his home. But he was convicted under


the law of joint enterprise ` His mother Janet says


that was unjust. And her son's case was the


inspiration for a new BBC TV drama. We'll be speaking to Janet Cunliffe


in a moment. First here's our Chief Reporter


Dave Guest, to explain more The law of Joint Enterprise, also


known as Common Purpose, isn't new. But in recent times it's cole


into vogue as a way of tackling Basically you don't need to have


struck the fatal blow to face a murder charge, you just havd to have


been there lending encouragdment or My view on the pitfalls are


if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and your participation


is limited, then you could be So the law of joint enterprhse means


someone can be prosecuted for murder if they foresaw that


another member of the group might That's why Jordan Cunliffe hs


behind bars. He and two others ` Adam Swdllings


and Stephen Sorton were convicted Mr Newlove was beaten to de`th


by a gang of youths outside Cunliffe claimed he played no part


in actually assaulting Mr Ndwlove, He's tried unsuccessfully to


appeal against his conviction. His case was partly the inspiration


for the writer of a new BBC Drama Common tells the story


of a young man caught up in events If you were there,


you will get done for murder. The writer, Jimmy McGovern,


believes there are many such people unjustly imprisoned because


of joint enterprise. Mr Newlove's widow is now B`roness


Newlove, the Victims Commissioner. But previously other family members


have dismissed claims of There is one factor that he didn't


mention her and key to why xou think the conviction is wrong. Jordan is


supposed to have stood and watched and done nothing to help thd


victim. In the VAT, the part of joint enterprise, many people get


convicted. My son was actually blind so he wouldn't have been able to


encourage a fight or an argtment that he couldn't see. He wotldn t


have been able to get involved in an incident that he wouldn't h`ve been


able to see it happening in front of his eyes. He has a generic `` he has


a degenerative condition. Hd has. Why didn't that come out in court?


It didn't come out to the ftll extent. A lot of the trial was


rushed because at the time ht was about proving we had a brokdn


Britain and to get the trial into the court as quickly as possible and


get the conviction as quickly as possible. The witness evidence by


the trauma trust was only ghven in written evidence. It was medically


quite technical to understand. Jordan's condition is a str`nge


condition. He can't wear gl`sses or contact lenses so the jury wouldn't


have understood exactly what the condition was and the impact it


would have had on him. Some people will say he is now hiding bdhind


that conviction `` condition. How bad is it? He was scheduled for


transplant surgery on both of his eyes prior to the incident `nd two


weeks after he was convicted, he was actually given transplant strgery to


one of his eyes. No surgeon would do that to someone if there wasn't


anything wrong with their vhsion. What do you say to the family who


say, he should serve his sentence and accept what he did? Thex need to


understand that I am not a whingeing mother trying to get her son home.


It has crippled our family. Jordan is completely innocent and hf they


don't know my son was blind and they went through the court procdss and


still don't know he is blind, I am convinced that neither did the jury.


Thank you for talking to us. 70 % of homes up for sale


in the North West are unaffordable for first time buyers,


according to a report It compared house prices


with mortgages available. The report suggests the problem is


particularly acute in Trafford, But the Government says its Help To


Buy Scheme is making a diffdrence. This is


about targeting a specific group They are hard`working peopld who


wanted to get on the housing ladder but the deposit


was too big and they now nded to secure a 5% deposits which will now


allow them to get a decent start. A Twitter post from the Isld of Man


government, telling off the Prime Minister, has led to calls


for David Cameron to get his facts rights after a tweet which hncluded


the Isle of Man as part of the UK. Number 10 tweeted


a map containing the mistakd. The Manx government replied


asking for it to be correctdd. Liverpool fans chew over thd fate


of serial biter Luis Suarez. A tap on the wrist and don't do it


again. I would get rid. 200 years of tradition comes to an end as a


famous Lancashire names `` famous Lancashire name leaves Blackburn.


It was the very first mosqud in Britain and this week it'll


But don't look for minarets and arches ` this mosque,


opened by solicitor William Quilliam in the 1880s, is in a Victorian


The mosque hasn't been used for worship for more a hundred xears.


Now campaigners have restordd it to how it looked


Here's our Merseyside Reporter, Andy Gill.


The patterned carpet could be from a place where worshippdrs


The geometric tiles typical of a mosque in Marakesh.


And this is the man behind Britain's first ever mosque.


William Quilliam converted to Islam after a trip to Morocco,


It was the centre of Islamic activity in Victorian times, the


birth of Islam in Britain, hf you like. It is extremely important to


the Muslim community here and around the world. This building has always


been a mask and even during the time when it was used to store documents


from the Liverpool registry office. He often faced hostility for his


faith. He showed how it was possible to be a Muslim in this country and


yet to be concerned about events going on around the world and


fighting for justice. He is a role model in that respect. The losque


opens in time for Ramadan. Let's talk about sport now `nd


Richard only one place to start Liverpool's Luis Suarez is


in trouble again Yes, Liverpool fans will be


wondering where this leaves It certainly looked as though the


Uruguayan sunk his teeth into the shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini in


their victory over Italy last night. Now you'll be aware that he's been


banned twice before Football's world governing body FIFA


have opened disciplinary proceedings and if he's found guilty


the striker faces a possibld two year or 24 match ban that could


include domestic football. You wouldn't expect Liverpool


as a club to comment at this stage but it's clearly


the last thing they need. Known as one of the most destructive


strikers in world football, it is Luis Suarez's self`destruct button


that is once again the centre of attention. He has played his final


game in this World Cup but ht is the final straw for Liverpool f`ns? A


tap on the wrist. Don't do ht again. Maybe after some psychological help


or something like that, After the game, he looked


like a man in turmoil and when It drove me crazy also but there's


no need to make a story out of it. He did the same playing


for Liverpool against Chelsda in 2013, this time


a 10 game ban and yesterday appeared to bite an Italian player and is


likely to face a longer suspension. A psychologist


a year ago predicted he would react It is predictable


when the pressure is high. In the Liverpool Chelsea gale, no


disrespect to other Premier League clubs, at the end of the se`son


that is when this thing emerges Liverpool worked with Suarez to curb


his temper and last season he was outstanding


and named Player of the Year Liverpool will not be making any


comment at this stage but with speculation ready grown`up


Barcelona and Real Madrid wdre trying to buy him, this latdst


incident will add to the uncertainty A future that is likely to require


some fundamental changes He has until nine o'clock tonight to


make some representation and some documents have to be submitted. Some


of your comments include ond from Andy who says it is a shockhng


example to set for kids. A punter in Norway had a bet on him


doing it at some point in the World Cup and has made some money out of


it. Some interesting comments.


Lancashire's cricketers havd recorded their best result


of the season so far, crushing Northamptonshire


in the County Championship at Emirates Old Trafford.


Simon Kerrigan took the two wickets Lancashire needed


for the victory and a maximum 24 points this morning.


They won by an innings and 200 runs to complete


their second win of the season and ease their fears of reldgation.


Naomi Brodie is having to bd patient at Wimbledon. She is about to play.


Samantha Murray lost yesterday to Maria Sharapova. Two player among


these big names is fantastic. They've pulled pints in Blackburn


town centre The company has decided to tp sticks


and build a new brewery It says it'll be a big wrench `


but the move is best for Thwaites has been proud of hts long


tradition in the heart of Blackburn but time is up for its iconhc town


centre Brewery, pulling out of its spiritual home will be a wrdnch We


have been here for over 200 years so it has been a difficult dechsion but


we know it is right to drivd our business forward. This is the man


that started it all. Over the next two centuries, Thwaites bec`me a


household name. Now they ard off the road to the outskirts of Bl`ckburn.


It will allow us to build a smaller and more flexible brewery to brew


more beers. Early morning at Thwaites brewery, the juggernauts


are prepared for action. Thd shire horses have long been a central part


of the business. Nowadays, they no longer deliver beer, their role is


purely one show. Well they have a central role that the new shte? I


hope so. I assume the peopld will want to go and see the horsds and


then have a pint. Identifying the new site has ended fears th`t the


company might pull out of L`ncashire completely. They insisted the move


might `` will not lead to job cuts and they say they might employ more


people and they hope to tap into the same water source so the taste of


Thwaites beer will remain the same. They will keep a distribution centre


in Blackburn but the new brdwery and headquarters should be up and


running in two years. End of an era. You have a bit of a thirst on. The


late news is on at 11:35pm. I will have to stay of the beer, that is


the shore. Are you coming b`ck at that time? Great.


The day hasn't been too bad today. Tomorrow, it is not a bad one and


fairly fine. Make the most of it because after that, things start to


change. We will see something in the way of rain. Changes are on the


horizon but at the moment it is largely dry and fairly cloudy. We


have had showers across the Isle of Man as we have gone through the


afternoon. Our forecast wants to bring these showers into parts of


Cumbria in the next couple of hours. Sometimes they are so light our


radar doesn't pick them up. We could see a sprinkling of rain as we go


through the next couple of hours. That will die away and the night


will be relatively quiet. It is a settled picture and there is not too


much going on at all. The temperatures will be up into double


figures. You start the day tomorrow morning with quite a bit of cloud


cover around as it might be a bit slow for the first hours of daylight


but the picture will change as the morning goes along. There is one or


two spots of drizzle for Lancashire and the Isle of Man. It movds away


quickly as the day goes on. This cloud will thin and break and


brighter skies will come on through. It will not be wall to wall


sunshine. The cloud cover whll be a bit stubborn tomorrow. The breeze is


coming from the East. It is not a big deal and the air is still mild.


After that, it isn't exactlx brilliant. We have these we`ther


fronts moving in. The posithon is not Balint at the moment and we are


not confident about where the rain will be. The conditions will be


quite different and fairly cloudy with outbreaks of rain from time to


time. Watch as the forecast is confirmed over the next 24 hours. It


will be fairly different towards the weekend.


The key to doing that late shift is where your pyjamas under yotr suit.


It is much quicker when you get home.


It has to be a plan. No beer for us this evening.


They will be here so please join them. Good evening.


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