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scattered showers but the driest day of the weekend.


Welcome to North West Tonight with Annabel Tiffin and Roger Johnson.


Morecambe Bay Hospital Trust goes into special measures


We look at what the future now holds for thd trust.


Caroline Aherne talks in public for the first time


The bite in Brazil leaving a bitter taste in Liverpool, after


The 105`year`old who's just celebrated 40 years


Occasionally I think I will pack it in, but I don't want to, re`lly


Today, the latest chapter in the turbulent history


of the Morecambe Bay Hospit`l Trust, now placed in special measures


It's the third North West Hospital Trust this has happened to ` East


Lancashire, and Tameside were both put in special measures last year.


In a moment, we'll be hearing from the trust chief executhve,


but first, Roger's here to tell us what today's announcement mdans


The University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust runs three


hospitals ` in Kendal, Barrow and Lancaster.


Ten days ago, we exclusivelx told you about a leaked report from


Today's announcement is the result of that report.


The CQC inspected the trust in February.


It concluded that acute services were inadequate,


safety was inadequate, and so was the leadership.


Although the effectiveness of treatment and care


of patients were rated as good, staffing was a particular issue


In spite of recruiting 135 staff, there were still shortages.


For example, in the Critical Care Unit at


Furness General, and on Ward 39 at Lancaster Royal Infirmarx, where


shortages identified five months earlier hadn't been addressdd.


Special Measures mean the Morecambe Bay Trust will be


partnered with a high`performing trust to help raise standards.


An improvement director will work with them.


And the trust must publish an action plan.


Let's join Beccy Meehan, who's outside


The Royal Lancaster in formdrly was described as requiring improvement.


They have been notable improvement since the last inspection in a NDA


and maternity services, but there are still problems. Medical care is


rated as inadequate. `` A There have been more nurses recruhted in


what they're denying, but in that February inspection, the inspection


found that what they're denxing was insufficiently staff. There was an


insufficient mix of skills `nd experience on duty.


We recognise that actually ht is not enough just to have


the right staffing levels on a ward, but what we have done since then is


recruited the right leadership to lead the team on that ward.


So wherever you are going to have staffing levels


below what they should be, there will be consequences


Also on Ward 39, a defibrillator was found to not be charged. Thd


inspector found that it was signed off as having been checked, even


though it clearly had not bden. That is a matter described as thd


inspector as of serious concern to patient safety. Another isste that


came up in the report into Lancaster specifically was breast scrdening.


Inspectors said they were alerted to concerns about the screening of


patients here in Lancaster. They then went on to develop bre`st


cancer. We have already had the reghonal


quality assurance team look at that. We are seeking further support to


look again in detail at that, but at the moment, there is no


evidence that that is the c`se. The trust two days stressed that


breast screening is still vhtal and it is important that women should


come forward for breast`feeding There is no evidence that p`tients


are risk. ITU. `` breast screening. As you heard there, the trust


insists it is turning things around. Our health correspondent,


Elaine Dunkley, has been into Lancaster Royal Infirm`ry to


look at what's changing. Ward 39 at the


Royal Lancaster Infirmary c`me in for serious criticism because


of dangerously low staffing levels. Shift by shift,


we can say that these are the number It is a fast`paced ward, with


patients with a range of conditions. We have done lots


of local recruitment. We've been to


the Glasgow jobs fair recently We have also done


international recruitment. I am happy to welcome aboard nurses


from Italy, Spain, The challenges that we face in this


area are that the geographical area One of the biggest concerns


from the recent inspection was risk The trust covers a wide are`, and


the workload is ever increasing We have the staff,


but we are struggling in sole ways. For example, we have previotsly had


a 23`bedded acute medical unit, We have had an increased nulber


of staff for that, but still the workload has been transferred on


to the front end, to our division. There were positives from CPC


inspection. Staff were considered compassionate,


the hospital clean, and the treatment of dementha


patients was considered. The part of the brain affected is


the right`hand side of the brain. The staff here say they


can turn things around. Two years ago, this stroke tnit was


rated the worst in the north`west. It is not like we weren't aware


of where our deficits were, We have now had investment hnto


stroke services and things like It has not been easy, but it has


been rewarding at the same time This woman's mother suffered


a stroke and feels staff should get It makes me feel angry becatse I


think, personally, our family and my mother have had


the best treatment ever. On paper,


the trust is deemed inadequ`te, but on the front line, staff say


there are signs of improvemdnt. One of the local MPs says hd is


worried that the trust will be forced to make cuts. We


like to see that happen. When I report goes in, what needs to


be tackled? We need to see ` clear plan of how they will make the


changes that they need to m`ke. Making sure


for the leadership that is needed. If we took the view that thd


leadership was not able to lake the changes, we would consider whether


we needed to make a change hn the leadership as well. That is not the


case now, and we don't expect that will be necessary. They quete very


much. `` thank you. Greater Manchester Police are


continuing to investigate an alleged attack


on a 90`year`old woman in Rochdale. Officers say there's no fordnsic


evidence that she was raped, but they do believe she was


the victim of a sexual assatlt. Detectives investigating


the murder of Robert Hart at the Parklife festival in Manchester


have released this picture Police are also hoping to trace


a woman who they believe dr`gged the offender away


from the scene after the attack She's described as white,


in her early 20s, around 5'7", with blonde hair and wearing


a pink top and dark jacket. Three of the region's policd forces


are under way with a new calpaign to tackle cannabis farms being run


from homes in the North West. Earlier,


Merseyside Police and Fire Service demonstrated the dangers associated


with cultivating cannabis. The force, together with Grdater


Manchester and Cumbria police, are to issue "scratch and sniff cards"


to help familiarise householders Manchester City Football Cltb is


increasing Work's under way to add


the extra seats in time They've also had planning pdrmission


approved to extend the Etih`d by a further 6,000, which would make


them the second`largest grotnd Reports out today say that the


former BBC presenter Jimmy Savile abused a number of vulnerable


patients at hospitals in Grdater In one case,


he assaulted a girl as young as NHS trusts


across the country have been investigating Savile's activities


after the Department of Health and the Metropolitan Police passed them


information about the former DJ Five North West hospitals rdport


on allegations against Savile. One woman said he abused her at


Manchester's Booth Hall children's He touched her while she was


on a bed after surgery. He came to


the hospital with her father. The same woman says Savile `ssaulted


her He had short dark hair at the time,


and she says he threatened that if she spoke out, she would be locked


in a ward with male patients. The present`day health trust said


safeguarding, security and employment checks were


a strong deterrent to simil`r scenarios ever occurring, btt said,


"We recognise the significant The Booth Hall trust said


the passage of time meant it was not possible to


reach a conclusion on whethdr or not A report says Savile touched


a 14`year`old girl in St It caused amusement to thosd nearby,


but no comment was made then or The key thing I should say hs that


it is totally unacceptable that these events took place,


and on behalf of the NHS, Another report details posshble


assault by Savile at Moss Shde It is thought although he w`s


escorted at all times, it is likely it did occur in a limited


though still distressing nature It says policies now reduce the


likelihood of similar inciddnts At Wythenshawe hospital


in Manchester, the report s`id there was no evidence to suggest


Savile was ever there. What future now for Luis Su`rez


at Liverpool, after this bite brings And is this


the world's oldest girl guide? 105`year`old Betty celebratds


four decades of helping othdrs. She's been making the US latgh


for many years. Now Caroline Aherne says her sense


of humour is helping her The comedy actor and writer has


been speaking in public abott Caroline,


who stars in the BBC's Royld Family, revealed last month that shd's been


undergoing treatment. Today, she spoke to


a health conference in Manchester. She was born with cancer in her eye,


and has survived bladder cancer Now Caroline Aherne is fighting


a third tumour ` Since announcing her treatmdnt


last month, she has dealt whth You do have a right laugh whth


the nurses. The cleaner came in one day and


went, "Oh, I knew you were here But I would have preferred ht


to be Ricky in that bed." She was wishing lung cancer on


Ricky Tomlinson! Caroline Aherne made her nale


as TV's Mrs Merton before going It is incredibly kind


and generous of her at a very difficult time for her personally to


support us here today. Cancer treatment services


in Manchester are amongst The Christie Hospital


is world`famous. And yet cancer survival ratds here


are worse than anywhere elsd ` 5% I had a very unusual


tumour called sarcoma. This cancer patient had


an anxious wait for test results that could have


been made less stressful for her. If someone had rung me and said


"You don't need to drive in," when you are awake the night before


and you wait hours and someone says, "We have nothing to tell yot,"


it is like a roller`coaster. Making hospitals,


GPs and other professionals work more efficiently together to make it


easier for patients is one of MacMillan Cancer Support saxs


Caroline Aherne sacrificed her privacy today to help m`ke


things better for others. The future of Luis Suarez


at Liverpool is once again The striker has been banned from all


forms of football for four lonths after being found guilty of biting


an opponent at the World Cup. The Uruguayan was also suspdnded


for nine international matches. Suarez bit the Italian Giorgio


Chiellini on the shoulder Richard Askam has been


following developments for ts. Clarify for us, Richard,


what action FIFA has taken. That four`month ban covers `ll


football`related activity, so that means playing for or training with


any club during that period, and even from entering a st`dium.


On top of that, he's been ghven a nine`match international ban


and fined about ?65,000. But it's the four`month ban that is


key ` a ban that covers club and international football.


So that means, assuming he stays at Liverpool, he will miss nine


Premier League games and thd start of their much`anticipated rdturn to


the Champions League as well. Until they've read FIFA's rdport.


Liverpool won't rush into anything. Very much in doubt.


Liverpool won't rush into anything. Let's not forget what


an outstanding season Suarez had for them last season.


But there are some interesting dynamics at plax.


The club stood by Suarez in 201 after he was given a ten`match


ban for biting a Chelsea pl`yer That followed a seven`match ban


for biting at Ajax in 2010. Liverpool also resisted attdmpts


by the likes of Arsenal to sign him last summer.


But there has been increasing speculation


in recent weeks that Real M`drid and in particular Barcelona were


Preparing to test that resolve. Let's hear from Liverpool f`ns. It


is harsh on Liverpool Footb`ll Club, considering he was on international


duty for Uruguay at the timd. You Liverpool will suffer the


consequences. It is well deserved, but we have plenty of good players.


I think it is a bit harsh. He should have been suspended from


internationals, not the club. If he does stay at Liverpool, it will mean


he will miss 32 games from four separate bands. That is an `mazing


statistic. There is an appe`ls process, but FIFA has made ht clear


he cannot play one that appdals process is going on. What whll


happen to his career will t`ke shape over the next few weeks. With the


appeal, it could've been a laximum of 24 months, but then, C would


think maybe it is towards the lower end of the sanction he could have


been given. It could have bden up to two years. This is unpreceddnted. He


has been given the longest ban in World Cup history, but I watched the


press conference, and FIFA have wanted to send out a statemdnt. They


have done. 24 months is two years. Sorry, of course. Maths is not my


strong point. I was going to let that one slide. Thank you.


As a girl guide, she promisdd to do her best and help other people.


And Betty Lowe from Salford certainly took that to heart.


She's been volunteering all her life, and at 105 years old,


Betty's thought to be the oldest guide in the world.


When she retired from her launderette job at the age


of 65, she started helping out in the cafe at her local hospital.


And today they threw a party to mark Betty's 40 xears


In her lifetime, Betty Lowe has seen five monarchs, 20 prime minhsters,


two world wars, and a lot of cups of tea and grateful patients.


Even the children that have grown up say, "Oh, hello".


For 40 years, she's been helping out in the WRVS cafe at the hospital,


inspired by her girl guide promise. I have nothing to do, you sde, so I


came here. I look forward to doing it. She has a little trollex to hold


onto. She's away like the whnd. You can't stop her. Everybody loves


Betty. People come in on a Thursday afternoon just to come and sit and


chat with Betty. The career she wanted, which she never had, was to


be a baker. I've known her `t Christmas to bake well over 1,0 0


Mince pies, none of which she has eaten. The care home she is out she


begs for them. I make a coconut cake, a chocolate cake, and a lemon


lime cake. Occasionally, I think I will pack it in, but I don't want


to, really. As long as my ldgs will bring me. Betty is already `n MBE


for her voluntary work, and today, the ceremonial mayor and Maxoress of


Salford presented her with ` special badge to Marko 40's year service. ``


Marko 40 year's service. For once, Betty won't be the one making tea at


her celebration. We have lots of comments on our Facebook page about


her. They say she should be on the Honours list. I was watching. These


two are doing really well tonight, aren't they? Come on, Diane, make up


for it. Good evening to you. A couple of whether France tomorrow.


The weekend does not look as bad as initially expected. Showers at


times, but largely dry and fairly fine. Not a bad forecast. This is


what has happened this afternoon. This often looks worse than it


actually is, but this rain hardly even touches the ground. A line of


drizzly stuff has crossed the region. It is trundling off, but


falling apart as it does. Bdhind it, here we go, another line of weather.


This will get into the more southern parts of the region by ten or 1


o'clock, then pushed north. As pushes north, it falls apart, so the


heavy bursts will be in the southern part of the region. Not too much by


the time it gets to Cumbria. This the temperatures up. We are talking


to 14 degrees in the night`time period. Tomorrow, a northern side ``


South divide. It will be wet at times, but not throughout the whole


of the day. I will say you would have 50% of the day drive. Look at


this rain. Nuisance value, but cloud cover. Not much in the way of


sunshine. You can see it coles and goes at times of those weather


fronts trying to move out of the way. To the south, many counties


have weather warnings that the rain there could be disruptive, so


towards the end of the day, if you are heading out tomorrow evdning,


the more southern counties could see some of this rain working its way


in. Temperatures up to 15 or 16 degrees at best.


Thank you. These two will sht in silence so they don't say anything


else stupid. Somebody did phck you up on that one on Twitter. Thank you


for watching. We are back l`ter All back to normal. Does keep qtiet


Make the most of your weekend, wherever you are.


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