13/07/2014 North West Tonight


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Hundreds of people attended St Ann's Church today to relember


firefighter Stephen Hunt, who lost his life fighting ` fire


The family and friends of firefighter Stephen Hunt joined


his colleagues at a service at St Ann's Church this afternoon.


There were hundreds of mourners some inside the church,


There were many tributes including this poem read


Your time seemed all too short and I feel so alone.


But nothing, love, is ever lost and you were loved so much.


If I'd only had five minutes the day you passed away,


I'd have time to tell you all the things I needed to say.


I never got to tell you how much you mean to me,


or that you were the best d`d, better than any man could bd.


The father of two died tackling a fire in the Northern Quarter


of Manchester, and had been a firefighter for six years.


The service is really about bringing everyone togdther


in a civic sense and for the community and the fire service


Before the service, a bench and memorial plaque were


unveiled here at Philips Park Fire Station where Stephen was b`sed


The stone used to construct the memorial was recovered


It's been a very tough year. People say, doesn?t time fly by?


In one sense it has flown bx but, in another sense, it hasn't.


His blue watch colleague sahd, in Stephen Hunt, they had lost a


good man, and that the fire service in the city has changed fordver in


the wake of his death, but he would always remain in their thoughts


Merseyside Police has referred itself to the Independent Police


Complaints Commission after a man's body was pulled frol the


He was spotted in the water near the Twelve Quays port in Se`combe.


It's emerged the 51`year`old from Birkenhead had been in custody


earlier in the week and was charged with being drunk and disorddrly


A 33`year`old man's being qtestioned on suspicion of murder


after a woman was found dead at a house in Liverpool last night.


The 39`year`old woman was dhscovered with wounds to her body at


Police had been called out to reports of a domestic disturbance.


A man's been left with knifd wounds after he was attacked by 12 masked


The group, armed with machetes and bats, went into a pub on Ainsworth


His injuries aren't thought to be life`threatening.


Campaigners who want to turn a Liverpool flyover


into an urban park have been holding a festival today to show people what


Churchill Way is earmarked for demolition


but proposals have been put forward to transform the roadway into


a cycle and pedestrian routd with areas for gardens, cafes and shops.


The idea comes from similar spaces in citids


Our grand vision for this is to looking at the flyover structure


and the pedestrian walkways and the spaces beneath, to turn thel into


an urban park for the city, into a green land for the city, and to make


this a much more vibrant sp`ce and preserve the structures which have


Sport and the Isle of Man's Peter Kennaugh has won


Good news for British cycling after Mark Cavendish and Chris Froome


In Super League, Warrington made it ten wins in a row with


a 72`12 thrashing of London Broncos at the Halliwell Jones stadhum.


That result confirms London's relegation from Super Leagud


Cricket, at the end of day one in Lancashire's County Championship


match against Nottinghamshire at Aigburth.


After the first innings, Lancashire were 225 all out and Nottinghamshire


It is a fine finish to the day and a noticeably fresher night.


We're losing the humidity at the moment.


There is a small amount of cloud and light wind


so there's opportunity for some mist and fog with a minimum night`time


Through tomorrow morning, any mist and fog clears.


The best part will be the early part of the day whth


a bit of sunshine, but it clouds over into the afternoon.


Patchy rain coming in from the west but a warm dax with


We're back tomorrow morning from 6:00am. Good night.


Good evening. A fine night ahead. A few showers are lingering across


eastern England and eastern Scotland. They should fade away into


the small hours. There will be clear skies and it will be a fresher night


and last night. Temperatures will slide down into the mid-teens and


lower. A decent start to the new


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