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Hundreds of people attended St Ann's Church today to remember


firefighter Stephen Hunt, who lost his life fighting


Stephen was part of a team of firefighters responding to a fire in


very tough year. People say, doesn't time fly? In one sense it has, at


time fly? In one sense it h`s, at the same time it hasn't. This


colleagues said they had lost a good man and the Fire Service in the city


has changed for ever. But hd would has changed for ever. But he would


always remain in their thoughts Merseyside Police has referred


itself to the police watchdog after a man's body was pulled


from the River Mersey in Wirral He was spotted in the water near


the Twelve Quays port in Seacombe. It's emerged the 51`year`old


from Birkenhead had been in custody earlier in the week and was charged


with being drunk and disorddrly The force contacted the


Independent Police Complaints Commission which will review


its handling of the case. A man is being questioned


on suspicion of murder after a woman was found dead


at a house in Liverpool. The 39`year`old woman was discovered


with wounds to her body at Police had been called out to


reports of a domestic disturbance. The man, who is 33,


was arrested nearby. A man has been let go Mike left with


May four wins after he was `ssaulted by 12 men. His injuries are not


thought to be life`threatenhng. Campaigners who want to turn


a Liverpool flyover into an urban park have been holding


a festival today to show people what Churchill Way is earmarked


for demolition, but proposals have been put forward


to transform the roadway into a cycle and pedestrian routd with


areas for gardens, cafes and shops. The idea comes from similar spaces


in cities like New York and Paris. Today it was closed


off to traffic to allow people to Our grand vision for this is to


looking at the flyover structure and the pedestrian walkways and the


spaces beneath, to turn them into an urban park for the city, into a


green land for the city, and to make this a much more vibrant sp`ce and


preserve the structures which have A record number of entrants have


taken part in one of the biggest Almost 400 cyclists from all


across the UK have travelled around the Manx coast as part


of the lighthouse challenge. There are three course options,


the longest being 100 miles long. Meanwhile Isle of Man cyclist


Peter Kennaugh has won the Tour Some good news


for British cycling after Mark Cavendish and Chris Froome


crashed out of the Tour de France. In Super League, Warrington made it


ten wins in a row with 72`12 thrashing of London Broncos


at the Halliwell Jones Stadium. That result confirms London's


relegation from Super League Last night, in case you missed it,


Salford beat Hull FC 35`22 `nd Wigan beat Catalan Dragons 37`16 hn France


in what was a very heated game that This try from Joe Burgess rounded


things off for the warriors. Cricket,


it's day one of Lancashire's county Match. Nottinghamshire are currently


24 41. Now let's get the weather with


Sara Blizzard. It is going to be


a much fresher night tonight. We've got clearer skies


after such a wet start. Finally,


it did start to dry out through the afternoon and it will remain


like that until the early hours with The wind is lighter


so there will be mist and fog The best part


of the day is the morning A weak weather front coming


from the west producing patchy, light rain at times, but it will be


warmer with highs of 21 Celsius. A decent amount of dry weather


around but very hot by Thursday. I'll be back after the World Cup


coverage here. See you then. Hello, most places are enjoying a


fine end to the weekend with some sunshine. You might be firing up the


barbecue ahead of the World Cup final but we have seen torrential


storms in East Anglia and they still have showers. They will ease but


showers in Eastern Scott and into eastern England. Elsewhere, it is


dry and clear and misty and places, and cooler, sunspots in single


figures. -- some areas. 20 of sunshine first thing but the weather


will change from the West. Northern Ireland is first to get rain in the


morning and that will head into western Scotland, quite heavy and


reaching parts of western England and Wales in the afternoon. In the


East, not much. Cloud will build across central and eastern Scotland


but they -- but there will still be sunny spells and it will feel warm.


Northern Ireland, temperatures held down by rain but it will ease by the


evening but it will still be wet in western Scotland and some of that


rain will head East later in the day. Wettest in Scotland in the




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