09/08/2014 North West Tonight


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Hundreds of people have protested in Manchester today over


the conflict between Palesthnians in Gaza and Israel.


It came as police had asked demonstrators to


Demonstrators were told to scale down their protests.


Outside this bank they were ignoring that advice.


Well, they made a difference in South Africa.


There was a familiar exchange with shoppers.


The problem with the protest is people are not consistent, so many


atrocities happen over the world today. `` protests.


Manchester City Council had wanted pro`Palestinan groups to usd


Piccadilly Gardens, but one group described an area set aside for them


The area is designed to contain us and we do not want to be contained


to these gardens. Today there was


a very different police operation. As protestors marched down


Market Street and stopped ottside Here, the police have creatdd a


barrier and it would appear to be an attempt to stop the protest moving


further. That line of police officers was


firmly in place as protestors were What is intimidating is then putting


us into a tiny section. This was


a largely peaceful demonstr`tion Waiting for them was a similar`sized


counter`demonstration in defence of a cosmetics shop that has been


targetted. Here, however,


the Boycott Kedem group took police That is great, and if they `re going


to come back tomorrow or the day to come back tomorrow or thd day


after that, we will come. Although as this man was led away he


made an offensive gesture, this was a rare incident in an


otherwsise trouble`free afternoon. Police are appealing


for information after a teenage girl These images have been rele`sed of


two men officers want to speak to in connection with the attack, which


happened on Monday on the tribute More than 50 volunteer army medics


from Liverpool paid tribute this afternoon to Captain Noel Chavasse,


the only soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross twice


during the First World War. Members of the field hospital


gathered at the monument in Abercrombie squared to remelber


gathered at the monument in Abercrombie squared to remember his


sacrifice in tending to the wounded of the 10th Battalion, the Kings


while Regiment. He died at the age of 32.


In Rugby League, Warrington lost out on their chance for a place in


the Challenge Cup final aftdr being beaten by Leeds this afternoon.


The Rhinos established a 14`0 lead before the interval


Chris Bridge, Stefan Ratchford and Ben Westwood


then crossed for the Wolves, but tries by Joel Moon and Tom Briscoe


proved enough for Leeds, who won with 24 points to Warrington's 16.


The football league season began in earnest today,


and it wasn't the best of starts for our Championship sides.


Blackpool lost at Nottingham Forest after naming just four substitutes,


In League One, Fleetwood won their first game in the third tier


And in League Two, Morecambe enjoyed the only win for our sides.


In cricket, Lancashire took on Worcestershire at New Road


Lancashire lost the toss and were put in to bat.


Worcestershire are currentlx on 164 for 2.


The weather's stayed fine in most places today


but the remnants of ex`hurrhcane Bertha are on their way.


Mel Coles can tell us how the region will be affected.


Good evening. Saturday alwaxs promised to be the best day of the


weekend and for most of us, it didn't disappoint. A few showers


have been around but tomorrow we have a Met Office warning in force


so be prepared for some heavy downpours. It will be turning


increasingly wet and then whndy as increasingly wet and then whndy as


well. Back to this evening, a fine into the day for most of us with


some evening sunshine around. The cloud increases as the night goes on


bringing the risk of a few showers. Not particularly cold, though.


for this deepening area of low pressure, creeping out towards the


Lincolnshire coast. Some rahn early on in the morning and it will become


more widespread, and then over higher ground we could see tp to an


inch of rain fall. As it starts higher ground we could see up to an


inch of rain fall. As it st`rts to inch of rain fall. As it st`rts to


clear away, in the afternoon we see the wind picked up along the


clear away, in the afternoon we see the wind picked up along thd coast


the wind picked up along the coast and we could see costs of 40 to 50


miles an hour along the coast. Remaining blustery into Monday.


Good evening. Conditions in the next 24 hours may not match those of the


big storms of autumn and winter but they will make for an unpleasant


summer staples of already some unpleasant conditions here, wet and


very windy, but it is this low tide on to what once was hurricane


Bertha, which has now set its track for the UK as we go through Sunday.


Arriving to some southern and western areas as we start the day,


but let's concentrate on the southern half of the country for


tomorrow, this is where the wettest and windiest conditions will be to


begin with. Rain spreading across some parts, some of which will be


heavy. Strong winds across the South coast and then another surge which


could cause some damage pushing in from the west later. The most


persistent rain will be in Wales


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