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is all for now. I will be back with the late news here on BBC1 at


Armed police have arrested ` man who was allegedly carrying a gun on


Housing estate in Bolton. Officers were called to


Park Road in Little Lever just before nine o'clock this morning


The street was sealed off while police surrounded the man.


I saw 56 police cars pulling in. Whoever was inside the car, the


occupants jumped out and ran down a back alley. 3`34 armed police ran


after him. A policeman told me to get back into the flat and stay


indoors. A man's


in a critical condition aftdr being The 32 year old victim was attacked


on Park Road in Dingle near to Tesco's


around eleven o'clock last night. Officers believe he'd earlidr got


off the number 82 bus One of the groups who've bedn taking


part in pro`palestinian demonstrations outside shops


in Manchester have described the police and council's response as


"alarmist and counter productive". Manchester Palestine Action says it


suspended its picket line outside a shop with links to Israel


yesterday to avoid tensions. There was a heavy police prdsence


across the city as supporters Hundreds of people have attended


a service in Rochdale to honour the memory of a thousand soldiers who


marched through the town a hundred It followed a re`enactment


of the 12 mile march from Todmorden to Rochdale involving members of


the Lancashire Fusiliers. 100 years on, there was a familiar


look about those that assembled In full First World War regalia,


they came to commemorate It is important to remember that


these guys did what they did so I could stand here today. If they had


not, Germany would have won the First World War.


Many did not come back from Gallipoli in Turkey.


Alan Wrigley's father Harry Wrigley, did.


He was wounded in the artillery He was one of the lucky ones, he


survived? He did. He fought at the Battle of the Somme and Gallipoli. I


am very proud of him. Three hours after the march began, they have


arrived here in the town centre and just like a century ago, thdre are


just like a century ago, there are big crowds here to watch thdm. I


think it is brilliant. People give their lives for us. It is nhce


think it is brilliant. People give their lives for us. It is nice to


think it is brilliant. People give their lives for us. It is nhce to do


this to commemorate them. It may be a century ago ` but what


they did will never be forgotten. A Preston man who's been diagnosed


with terminal bowel cancer has taken part in the Isle of Man Marathon


today as part of his 6 marathons Ben Ashworth completed the race


in 4 hours and 53 minutes, despite undergoing chemotherapy


earlier this week. His final marathon is next month


in Berlin. The 35 year old says he wants to


show his young children that cancer won't get in the way


of realising his dreams. I want to make my daughter hs proud.


I have three daughters and I I want to make my daughter is proud.


I have three daughters and I want them to be proud of my efforts, to


know that my spirit was not dulled by terminal cancer, that I still


went on and tried to do lots, even though I have this illness.


Premier League Champions Manchester City have been at Wembley this


afternoon in the Community Shield against FA Cup holders Arsenal.


This goal from Arsenal's Olivier Giroud se`ling


Joe Hart, Pablo Zabaletta, Vincent Kompany and new signing Bacary Sagna


And it's been a pretty miserable weekend for the region's rugby


Warrington were beaten in their semi final yesterday


and this afternoon Widnes wdnt out to a 28`6 defeat by


The only points for the Vikings coming from this try by Jack Owens


Now let's take a look at thd weather forecast with Mel Coles.


Wet and increasingly windy conditions continuing into this


evening. We have had a yellow warning in force for rain, now


joined by one for strong wind as we had through the night. This area of


low pressure will clear out towards the north`east. The Isa buyers


low pressure will clear out towards the north`east. The Isa buydrs will


the north`east. The Isa buyers will be squeezed and overnight, we could


see gusts of around 70 mph. Even at lower levels, gusts of 60 mph are


possible. Gradually, it will start to dry out. Temperatures not


dropping too far. Tomorrow, remaining blustery throughout.


dropping too far. Tomorrow, remaining blustery throughott. Dry,


remaining blustery throughout. Dry, bright spells, but by the afternoon,


showers feeding in. Passing through quite quickly but the odd hdavy


burst is possible with the odd rumble of thunder. Feeling cool


tomorrow with a top temperatures of 18. Looking ahead, we're going to


keep the strong wind and will be mixtures of sunshine and showers.


But starting to settle down by Friday.


I'll be back with more at 10.15. Have a good evening.


Hello there. With reports of flooding and wind damage in some


parts of the UK, hurricane Bertha has certainly left her mark, in one


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