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Welcome to North West Tonight with Annabel Tiffin and Roger Johnson.


Six former pupils at a school for blind children in Liverpool


tell us they were abused there in the 1950s.


There's nothing worse than being hit by anyone when you cannot see where


it is coming from. The school says it's


saddened by the claims. Two men from a Lancashire


takeaway are arrested - after Megan died from


an allergic reaction. A century after he died in action -


James is remembered for his role And clubbing together -


the Morecambe manager Jim Bentley thanks fans -


who paid his ?1,000 fine. It really touched my heart. It just


shows the spirit we have at the book club.


Blind, vulnerable people from across the North West have told


the BBC they were systematically beaten and abused by the head


mistress of their specialist primary school in the late 1950s.


Some of them were just five years old when they started


at The Royal School for the Blind in Liverpool.


The school - which still teaches blind children -


says it's saddened by the allegations of historical abuse.


We were borders, five or six years of age, coming from home and leaving


our families. She would line the children up and walk from one end of


the dormitory to the other, smacking or beating every of them. There's


nothing worse than being hit by anyone when you cannot see where it


is coming from. I am I agree, yes, I am angry because my childhood was


taken away from me by that horrible woman. Their stories kept secret but


60 years. But the first time, we living the abuse that took place in


this school back in the late 1950s. At the time, blind permit


schoolchildren from across the North West were sent to the boarding


school. After nearly dying last year, one victim decided she didn't


want to take the secret to her grave. Light is very precious, it is


very, very precious. You must not waste a minute of it. I said, I am


going to do this because I don't know how much time I have left, now


the doors, but this has got to be done now. Rachel was the first to


speak out. Five more people have now come forward to share their shopping


childhood memories. They also they were left out and humiliated by the


headmistress. She was hitting me that much that my left leg was


bouncing up and down. I was absolutely terrified. Pain did not


come into it, the fact it was being done to me made me absolutely


terrified. Stephen has tried to go back to the school in the past but


he suffered flashbacks and could not face it. Others have been back


though. If I tried to tell you how she behaved to bed-wetters, children


who really only deserved a cuddle, that's all they deserved, that is


what mum and dad would have given them. Not with her, rub your nose in


the sheets, make you wash in cold water. She could humiliate. The


headmistress died a few years ago but the school here is still open


and it is still run by the same charity. Its President has sent me a


statement. She said they are saddened to hear the memories of


some pupils in the 1950s but such behaviour would not be tolerated in


any school today. Joining us now is Gary Norton,


who's a lecturer in social work Can something like this happen


again? Firstly let me see that what has happened those many years ago is


very tragic and it shouldn't be happening. It happened back then and


it should happen now. -- should not happen now. I feel very much for the


people who have gone through that, it is a very brave thing for them to


do, to come forward and say what has happened to them. We are, as a


society, becoming more sophisticated in our thinking and I think the way


that we accept people coming forward and understand what they are saying


is getting better. Could it happen again? It is possible. We don't have


an infallible system, but I think that if you go back to the 1950s,


there was an acceptance that corporate punishment within schools


was unacceptable and the Labour Home Secretary at the time wanted to do


something about it and so watch you got, you started to get a growing


paradigms of change to say, actually, this is not acceptable any


more. Children should be nurtured. What legislation has changed to make


sure that children are at the forefront of thinking now? That's


right. What has happened now is that as you move forward in time to 1989,


children act, but you have there is a process now on a number of levels


which really protect children. Not only does it protect children by a


ring is to go in and investigate when children make allegations, it


places the child at the forefront of our thinking and that is called the


paramount to the principle so we place the child died in the centre


of our thinking. It still comes down to the fact that the children must


be they can speak out? That comes to the next part, the voice of the


child, and we are getting better at that. We are not there yet but if


you look at what social services are doing now and the judiciary and


proceedings and all of that now, you will find that people are more


willing and accepting that children have a voice and it is no longer


that children should be seen and not heard, it is children matter. Quite


young children as well. There is no younger age limit with which we


would want to hear what they have to say. Obviously, the old at the more


likely they would be listened to. Having said that, if you look at the


children and you mentioned legislation, the children act is


very clear. The first question is, to ascertain the wishes and billings


of the child, so the idea is that is absolutely important, but it is not


an infallible system. An inquest has heard a transgender


woman from Merseyside who was being held at a male prison


was found hanging in her cell. Jenny Swift from Sefton


was on remand at Doncaster Prison She was found unresponsive


on December 30th and The inquest into her death


was opened and adjourned to 6 June. A man has died after falling


from cliffs in the Isle of Man. Emergency services recovered


the 51-year-old's body He's not been named -


and police say the death is not A teacher who stole more


than ?40,000 which had been given to help children with mental health


needs - has been banned Sharon May who taught at Irlam


and Cadishead College used the money to for shopping


vouchers and holidays. She pleaded guilty to three counts


of fraud at Manchester Crown Court last year and was given


a suspended sentence. Two police officers from Manchester


have raised hundreds of pounds to replace a donation stolen


from the car of a cancer patient. Aman Chabra, from Ellenbrook,


was due to hand over ?300 to Manchester's Christie hospital,


where he had just finished But before he could hand over


the money, his car was broken Two men have been arrested over


the death of a 15-year-old girl - who died after suffering an allergic


reaction shortly after Megan Lee from Oswaldtwistle


in Lancashire died in The men, both staff at a local


Indian takeaway, are being held on suspicion of involuntary


manslaughter by gross negligence. Let's join our reporter Yunus Mulla


who is outside the takeaway. The Royal Spice makes


reference to allergies This Indian takeaway here is a


closed tonight. A sign in the window says it is undergoing refurbishment


but it is also at the centre of a police investigation into the death


of a popular teenager who died on New Year's Day, two days after


suffering a severe allergic reaction shortly after eating a takeaway


meal. As part of a police investigation, two men have been


arrested. A 37-year-old man from Rossendale and a 30 age old man from


Blackburn, both on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter by gross


negligence. Both men work at this takeaway and both are in police


custody. They make reference to customers with allergies on its


website, doesn't it? If you look at the website and its online menu,


there is a reference there, as you say. It makes it quite clear that it


is aware that some customers may have specific dietary requirements


and may have allergies. English police say it is working with


trading standards officers and environmental health as part of its


investigation. Megan was an incredibly popular teenager here,


she was involved in a number of clubs and her parents themselves


have described her as their Princess, a role model and the


parents are being kept fully informed about today's div elements.


A postmortem has been carried out at the full results of which will not


be known for some time. Still to come on North West Tonight:


Cup fever in Cumbria. We're in Barrow for


the Bluebird's biggest match Picking up her award in Hollywood -


but the actress learned When Private James McLaughlin


of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment lost his life


during the First World War, there was no funeral,


no memorial service. It's not even known


where his body lies. But his grandchildren


are determined his sacrifice Today ? 100 years to


the day since his death - they met at Preston Minster


for a service of remembrance. His home in Preston


was demolished years ago. The factory he worked


at is long gone too. Killed in action on 9th January 1917


fighting the Turks in Mesopotamia The biggest problem as far as the


troops that got injured, they couldn't get them out so the river


was blocked by the Turks. They couldn't get the troops out. It was


hard to get treatment? Horrible. James left behind a baby


daughter who never knew him. Mum was a quiet lady but she always


room at him on the Runs weekend and when the poppies used to fall from


the ceiling on the Saturday night service from the Royal Albert Hall,


she always said, one of those is for your grandad.


Until now, James' story has been a private family affair,


kept alive in these items returned to them after his death.


The identity tag he would be wearing well in action, rather a poignant


item here with a silk handkerchief the grandmother said she bought him


before he left. Why was it so important for you to remember this


man that none of you actually met? Is important in the wider context at


because it is 100th, we need to focus and think about it more.


The body knows where his body is. By Colin Preston, there was no memorial


service in 1917 but now, a century on, his family is honouring his


memory. Hundreds of thousands of British


servicemen and women Today was a reminder that


each had a unique story. Richard's here now with Monday's


sport and we had 14 teams that kicked off in the third


round of the FA Cup over the weekend, how many have


we got left for tonight's More than you might have thought,


thanks to a few teams earning replays, 11 of those 14 will be


in the bag for the draw which follows us over


on BBC Two at 7:00. Accrington Stanley are our


lowest ranked survivor The non-leaguers were at home


to League One Rochdale who had The Cumbrians, who had


never reached round four, were also in form and pushing


for promotion to the football league after a 23 match


unbeaten run of their own. In the home of submarine


building, Barrow's football team has been under


the radar for four decades. Oh yes. Everybody is talking. It has


been crazy. Everyone is excited and couldn't wait for today. Everyone


The weather is next. Is to start.


Dallas based owner Paul Casson has big ambitions.


In a town this size, I don't think League 1 is totally out of the


question. That's our goal, I would like to take the club back to where


Ireland but being as a boy. The last


time barrow had a home tie They played Leicester who had


Peter Shilton in goal. The owner was part


of the crowd that day. About five yards to the right of


that goal there. It was quite an occasion. 16,000 people here. You


could not move. Brian Arrowsmith was part


of the Barrow team. Today he had a stand


named after him. What would it be like if the team


today could do what you could do and get into the fourth round?


Wonderful. I so dearly hope they do. Standing between Barrow


and history is Rochdale. What's it like to go on as they bid?


Unusual! Are you feeling confident? Definitely yes. 3-1 I think we will


win. Barrow had their chances


but Rochdale had plenty more. Two goals from Ian Henderson -


one in each half - Despite this defeat barrows


season is far from over - they still have the chance


of a dream return to Rochdale march on though,


their dream a tie with one of I was really pleased with the way we


attack today and the scoreline should have reflected that but I am


happy with the 2-0 and let's see what we get in the next round. We


got what we deserved, which was nothing today. It sounds sad but it


was a great journey and we still have half a season and so much to


play for. We want more days like this.


For both these clubs with promotion potential -


Liverpool go into tonight's draw despite a replay next


Jurgen Klopp selected the club's youngest starting eleven ever,


but even the second half additions of first teamers Sturridge,


Lallana and Firminho wasn't enough to see them break


The Reds boss says he did expect a better performance from his team


but is asking for a bit of perspective from the pundits.


The biggest challenge in football life is playing against a good


organised deep defending side. This side could have done better and


everybody could see what happened then.


Well here's the full list of our remaining teams.


You can watch the draw over on BBC Two from 7:00 and if you're


keeping a special eye on Accrington, they'll be ball number 31.


We'll bring you the results of the draw in our late


Crewe Alexandra are under new management with the club's


former defender David Artell replacing Steve Davis


51-year-old Davis, also a former Alex player,


was dismissed following Saturday's defeat at Mansfield.


He leaves the club 18th in League Two and on a run


which has seen them just two of their last 21 games.


He'd been in charge for six years and was professional football's


It's not an easy time to be a Morecambe fan.


The football club's under serious financial


pressure, and the manager - Jim Bentley - was banned


from the touchline for the weekend's win against Notts County.


He also faced paying ?1,000 in fines and costs.


But supporters decided to help him out by organising


a collection before the game, and it left him lost for words.


Well earlier today I went to speak to Jim at his home.


He renowned hard man as a player, he is not often brought to tears but


after the game on Saturday, the Morecambe manager was holding them


back. This was why. The fans today would like to pay your fine. Thank


you very much. ?1000 handed over after a whip round by supporters,


enough for him to pay his FA fine, a gesture that came completely out of


the blue. Everybody cares about you and we stand shoulder to shoulder.


Brilliant. What do you have to say to the facts? Speaking to me at his


house today, he was still emotional. You got the money there, when it was


handed over to you, it was a complete surprise, how did you feel?


Emotional, as you can see. It was a fantastic gesture. It really shows


what good people working people are and the fans of the football club,


totally unexpected but very much appreciated. It certainly isn't


surprising the Morecambe boss was touched, he has been a big part of


the club for a decade and a half as a player, coach and manager. I've


been there since 2002 as a player, as a captain at Wembley when he got


promoted. I have a lot of good friends up there, it's like my


second home. We all know the financial problems of the club,


difficulties for you in terms of bringing in players, you and the


players not knowing if he will be paid. Did that make this gesture


even more special? It did, yes, because as you say, it's been a


difficult time. You can get a little bit down and depressed with regards


to the situation but when things like this happen, it makes it all


worthwhile and gives you a boost. I've got a great relationship with


the fans at Morecambe and for them to do this for me was absolutely


brilliant. As was the team's 4-1 win over Notts County, a morale boosting


win the most difficult time in history was on the money.


Jim is handing that money over to the club secretary tomorrow and the


fine will be paid. Therefore I want a Golden Globes


last night. She trained in Liverpool and she is fast becoming Hollywood


royalty. It's a role that's won


Claire Foy global acclaim - I really, really, really wouldn't be


here if it were not for some extraordinary women. One of them is


Queen Elizabeth. She has been at the centre of the world for the past 63


The series follows the Queen's early years.


Alongside her, Prince Phillip, played by former Doctor Who actor,


I'm invested in their lives in a way I wouldn't have been before. Some of


the things we've done really make you understand the pressures they


are under and how much compassion and sympathy.


More recently she played Queen Anne Boleyn


in another BBC drama, Wolf Hall.


It was here at this university in Liverpool but her acting career


started to take shape. Rehearsals and public performances would take


place here and though she left a decade ago, it is fair to say she


has made a lasting impression. She was performing in a play by Jim


Cartwright and it was an image that is fixed in my head with 13 years.


That is an extraordinary thing because clearly in that intervening


period we have had hundreds and hundreds of students but in terms of


her performance, it was extraordinarily memorable. You and


your colleagues was be very proud? You most certainly are and she is so


young that she will obviously go on now to achieve all sorts of things


but her performance in this role is remarkable. Do you suppose I could


borrow it for a couple of days, just to practice?


She's confirmed her reign as the fictional Queen will end


She is brilliant. A big budget performance, just


The weather is next. The weather is changing and you


might not like it. I'm sure you have heard that significant changes in


the weather through the tail end of Wednesday when things will get much


closer -- Calder. This is the weather we have on Wednesday. 9


degrees and lots of cloud cover. A notable change in the wind


direction. It will drag in much colder air so it is that cold front


and that opens the door to much colder conditions. They will stick


with us through Thursday Friday and into the weekend. Today, lots of wet


weather first thing in the morning. The accident, it dry to brighten up


here and there and you can see the latest picture still shows one of


two spot of drizzly, showery Ring around and that will continue all


the way through the night. The wind has been a lot of feature and will


continue to be as we go through the night. When you have the cloud, the


wind and the rain, temperatures should not fall too far. Between


five and six for the most part. Tomorrow is not that different


today. There will be a lot of cloud cover around. There might be a break


first thing in the morning but the showers will start to build of the


morning goes on. Again, a breezy day. This line of rain works its way


in through the afternoon and it will leave us by 3pm on the afternoon and


brighter skies will try to, three but it is not a brilliant day. The


numbers are pretty good, eight or 9 degrees. That is the same story for


Wednesday. This is the transition day but we will have a Met Office


warning on it is already in place with thirsty and Friday. There could


be some snow and the winds will be strong at the tail end of the week.


It will be really, really cold. We had a tweet from a former Lancashire


cricket player who is bidding for a barrel to get back into the league.


Quite right, too! See you later.