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Welcome to North West Tonight, with Annabel Tiffin and Roger Johnson.


Our top story: Crisis in the NHS - as new figures reveal ambulances


My major concern is what it means for patients, waiting on stretchers,


in corridors, not being seen quickly enough.


We'll talk to a top A doctor, who's warning patients'


Preston's controversial bus lanes - more than a million pounds in fines


are issued to drivers in just two months.


Giving patients like Aimee the chance to have children -


a campaign to help cancer patients have their eggs frozen.


The train taking us back to the 1940s -


we meet the model maker who spent 30 years recreating Liverpool's


It's a subject we've covered before, but the problem appears


Ambulances waiting for hours outside North West A before


A leaked report obtained by this programme shows


that since the New Year, ambulance staff have waited up


to ten hours to hand over patients in A


The worst delay happened in Southport, but there have


been serious problems throughout the region.


Yunus Mulla reports on those latest figures.


The length of time an ambulance waits can vary from hospital to


hospital. Today, leaked figures suggested that some hospitals are


way above recommended target levels. On the 4th of January and ambulance


waited for more than ten hours at Southport hospital; the day before,


at North Manchester, the length of time was almost nine hours.


On the 12th of November -- January -- December, the length of time was


nine hours. My major concern is what it means


for patients waiting on stretchers, in corridors, not being seen quickly


enough. The NHS death -- NHS staff are working wonders with appalling


resources. This image was sent to MP Stephen


Twigg. A constituent said the waiting room at Aintree hospital's


A was like an airport lounge. Leading doctors today wrote to the


Prime Minister warning patients' lives are being put at risk.


What I've been advocating is an increase in national insurance


contributions, that it should be earmarked only for the NHS and


social care, because if you designed and NHS now you'd have both of those


key services as a single service. The Prime Minister today responded


during a debate led by the opposition parties.


Over the Christmas period in the Tuesday after Christmas, we saw the


busiest day ever in the National Health Service. And over the few


weeks around Christmas, we saw the day when more people were treated in


accident and emergency within four hours than had ever happened before.


The North West Ambulance Service has seen an increase in red incidents,


and said today these are patients in a serious concern but need to go to


hospital. Patients will want to see


improvements. The Government maintains a huge amount of action is


being taken to address problems. Mark Holland is a doctor


in Greater Manchester who's the President of the Society


for Acute Medicine, and one of those who wrote to the Prime Minister


today warning lives are being put If the ambulance situation something


that you recognise? Yes, because we were in a situation where there are


people in the emergency department who cannot go to the wards, and


therefore we cannot off-load the ambulances. If you can't off-load


them, the ambulances cannot go to their next job, so the whole system


is blocked up. Is it just a matter of time, do you think, before


somebody dies on a horse -- hospital trolley in the Northwest?


Naturally every day in the year we will see 1800 deaths in the UK, the


fact that people are now on trolleys mean -- means the same thing could


coincide. That would be tragic. I read one


report where a hospital had put a senior doctor in a corridor just to


assess the people in the corridor. I'm familiar with those types of


stories. In my role with the Society I've had e-mails from a number of


colleagues around the country, and those types of stories of people


feeling hopeless in the jobs they are trying to do are actually very


common now. The Prime Minister said the Red


Cross description of the NHS being a humanitarian crisis was


irresponsible and overblown. What do you think? We are not in a


situation where -- like it is in Syria, but we are in a humane crisis


because it is a crisis which is affecting human beings, and there is


a person at the top of the food chain who is in denial that the


crisis is occurring. And therefore I feel a lot of sympathy with the Red


Cross, they have no axe to grind, they have come out and made a


powerful statement and I think we have an obligation to take them


seriously. The Government says ?10 million


going in, 1600 more doctors, they are investing in the NHS.


Are you saying that? We are not seeing any benefits, and therefore


one wonders where these things are happening. A lot of people feel the


accounting figures are, you know, slightly colourful accounting. 1600


extra doctors. We are the third worst doctored country in Europe, we


have 2.8 doctors per 1000 per head in the population. Adding in 1600


takes us to 2.8 three. There's been talk today of a


political consensus to bring the parties together to plot a way


forward. Is that a good idea? Yes, I think we


probably do need an immediate injection of cash to get social care


in place. I think it is right that party politics are done away with


people work together, but I also think it is right that the NHS needs


a very -- strong leader. Guys like you are interviewing different


people every day of the week and I don't think anybody out there can


tell us who runs the NHS because there are too many people who appear


to put their hands up but nobody ever takes ultimate responsibility.


Is it as bad as you have ever known? Gimmickry yes. I've lived through


another bad winter, 1989, 1990, and this is worse.


The Prime Minister has paid tribute to a soldier from Middleton


22-year-old Scott Hetherington was serving with the 2nd Battalion


His death is thought to have been the result of a shooting accident.


At Prime Minister s Questions today, Theresa May described him


Police say a one-year-old baby was inside a house in Liverpool


Three men burst into the property on Dacy Road in Everton and shot


He's now in hospital in a stable condition.


Lancashire Police were forced to close part of Preston New Road


for four hours earlier today because of an anti-fracking protest.


Demonstrators were walking in front of lorries heading


Police say it caused long tailbacks and diversions in the area.


Ferries between the Isle of Man and Lancashire have been cancelled


Strong winds and rough seas mean sailings are suspended


Elsewhere, power was lost to around a thousand homes in parts of Cumbria


Wintry showers are forecast across the region tomorrow.


Fines worth more than a million pounds have been issued to thousands


of drivers in Preston after the introduction


Motorists caught out by the new restriction are furious


Lancashire County Council has made so much money in less


But the authority says the changes at Fishergate,


designed to ease congestion, will continue on a trial basis.


Preston's main shopping street, transformed in recent years, it is


now a shared space scheme. Vehicles and pedestrians have equal right of


way. Over Christmas 2015, and at peak times, to congestion got quite


bad, so in October last year drivers were stopped from turning right near


the railway station, and a temporary bus lane was introduced during the


day. Here is where the bus lane begins.


It is active between 11am and 6pm. We've seen countless numbers of


drivers ignore the science and carry on Dan Fisher gate; they will get a


?60 fine. The first day they put the camera


in, they were here, a few people, to advise the people that it's a bus


lane only. But next day onwards there was no body here.


My daughter came up Chapel street, and she didn't realise. She's got a


fine. Since October, Lancashire County


Council housing -- issued 23,000 fines.


We have signs making clear that if people go any further, there is a


camera. Let's take a ride on the Preston


bus. The bus lane has been fantastic. It


is like proceeding down the road with no traffic on it at all, and it


has allowed us to provide our passengers with the service that


they deserve. Michael is a solicitor who works and


lives in Preston. It has moved whatever congestion


there was, and the next area is not designed for through traffic.


Last night we told you about the father and son from Burnley


on trial for allegedly exploiting a Polish couple


Well, today the two men hit back at their accusers,


claiming the pair were alcoholics who would have been on the street


But the woman who says she was used as a slave told the jury at one


stage she was only paid one pound a day.


Our chief reporter Dave Guest has been following the case,


Remind us about who is in the dock. Mohamed rears a 62, his son is 27.


The crown's case is that these two men used the Polish couple as


slaves, it has been alleged that two men had to work long hours living in


squalor in outbuilding at the back of the family home in Nelson. These


two men deny charges of forcing these people to work in the trial


here. The lawyers for the father and son,


though. They have come out and said some quite harsh words about the


alleged victims today? Yes, they said that these two complainers were


the authors of their own misfortune, and they were described as


alcoholics with a tendency towards violence, and they were said not to


have been forced to work, and although the accommodation was not


5-star it was better than being on the streets which is worth,


according to the defence, this couple would not -- would have been


had it not been for the generosity of this father and son. But the race


to question wasn't feasible that this man in his 60s could dominate


these two people in their 20s? One of the alleged victims, the


woman, says she was only paid ?1 per day at one point.


She said at one point she was paid nothing, then it became ?1. Then it


became ?4 per day which brought her into line with her partner. For that


they had to work from 7am some to 10pm at night, the trial continues


tomorrow. You can see extremely windy conditions there. We will have


a forecast later. The Portuguese man of war once more


sound and fury from the Old Trafford faithful.


The train taking us back to the 1940s. The model maker who has spent


30 years recreating Liverpool's lime street station.


Fertility experts in Manchester have called on the NHS to help more women


diagnosed with cancer to freeze their eggs.


Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can


Researchers carried out a national study which found that fewer than 4%


of young women who could be helped are given the option of freezing


Aimee is only in her twenties, but she's spent much of her life


Now, after being told she has a bone marrow disorder,


she's having to consider her future plans for a family,


I'm now looking at another bone marrow transplant.


So it's going to completely, like, kill off my eggs, so I'm looking now


to getting my eggs frozen, to protect them before


I start having my chemo and radiotherapy again, really.


Being a mum means the absolute world to me.


But doctors here found not enough cancer patients


With over 8,000 young women in the UK being diagnosed


with cancer every year, they say around half


receive treatment that could leave them infertile -


yet only 154 across the country had their eggs frozen through the NHS.


I think we've been very lucky in Manchester when we set this


service up about eight or nine years ago.


We did it in collaboration with the Christie, we got the local


commissioners on board, and so we've actually been able


I think across the country, apart from funding issues


which is only one small part of it, I think really a lot


I think a lot of patients don't realise what we can do,


so I think patients often don't ask to be referred and I think cancer


specialists often don't think about referring patients.


But the study found that more women in the North West


are being the option to freeze their eggs than in other


Out of 154 cycles of egg freezing for cancer that took place in 2014,


38 of those were done in the North West, that's almost 25%


It is something to recognise, it is something to build on,


and it is something that we hope will see even further improvement.


Aimee and Kyle hope this will allow them to start


a family in the future, and that raising awareness


will ensure other cancer survivors are given that chance too.


It gives me a bit of hope, looking to the future.


It keeps me positive, thinking one day hopefully I'll be a mum.


It all went to plan in the EFL Cup last night for Manchester United.


2-0 winners in their first leg against Hull.


We could be on for a Liverpool- United final. Yes, Jose Mourinho is


happy with the result, but he wants a little more noise from the Old


Trafford faithful. He said, It won't be


like coming to the theatre." It's fair to point out


I think that even though there's a trophy on offer,


the League Cup isn't a priority You could say the same


for Liverpool, who play the first leg of their semifinal tonight,


away at Southampton. But after losing in the final last


season, Jurgen Klopp's side will be desperate to go one


better this time. First up though, a tricky


double-header against the Saints. Opportunity, not pressure,


has been the watchword Criticised in some quarters


for fielding Liverpool's youngest ever line-up,


in the FA Cup at the weekend, a 0-0 draw at home to


League Two's Plymouth, he'll turn back to many


of his senior men tonight. It's always a new day,


always a new chance, Jurgen Klopp will certainly be


boosted by the return to fitness The Brazilian is back, after almost


seven weeks on the sidelines. As for their Premier League


opponents on Sunday, they aren't shouting it


from the rooftops just yet but a quiet confidence is growing


at Manchester United. United had to work hard


for their 2-0 win last night, Juan Mata and Marouane Fellaini


with the goals, but with Liverpool's arrival in mind, Jose Mourinho urged


supporters to work harder The players have to improve,


I have to improve. And I'm sorry to say, the fans


I think you also have to improve. He isn't the first manager to ask


for more from their crowd, of course - Jurgen Klopp did it


in no uncertain terms in November, and Manchester City's Pep Guardiola,


the same ten days ago. So a sign of the times,


or a particular issue for the Old Trafford


faithful to solve? No more than anywhere


else, I don't think. Couple more goals going.


You know. I'd have thought it


was a lot better then. Definitely going to be ramped


up against Liverpool. A two-goal cushion for the second


leg puts United in a great position to make their first final


on the Jose Mourinho. And after nine wins in a row,


the Reds are really starting to find their feet, and no doubt


on Sunday, their voice. And there'll be full


match commentary from St. Mary's tonight on BBC


Radio Merseyside. Kick-off is 7:45, all


the build-up begins at 7:00. Action on the field for the Reds,


but off it for Everton who've made They've agreed a ?22 million


deal to sign midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin


from Manchester United. The French international,


a ?25 million buy from Southampton in 2015, has featured in just eight


games under United Manchester City have been charged


by the Football Association for failing to ensure anti-doping


officials knew where players Clubs are required to provide


accurate details of training sessions and player whereabouts,


so that they are available It's understood the information


was not updated after City The rising star of Lancashire


cricket says the support he's had from the North West has


spurred him on. 19-year-old Haseeb Hameed


from Bolton made his Test debut for England


against India in November. He had to cut his tour short


because of a broken finger, but had already impressed


with his unflappable style. And the opener says the extra


attention he gets these days from fans is something he's more


than comfortable with. It makes you feel happy that,


you know, you've made a lot of people here back home proud that


you've gone on to you know, if anything it


gives me a lot of confidence He's not exactly mobbed when he goes


out shopping, but he is getting extra attention.


We should say that Bryan Robson is 60 today.


60! Tears, Rich. -- Cheers.


Now let s take a journey back in time to 1940s


Liverpool, because the city's Lime Street Station has had


a makeover to look just as it did in the early post-war years.


However, we're not talking about the actual station here,


but a model version made at a house in Lytham St Annes.


John Holden, who s originally from Southport, started his labour


And as Ian Haslam reports, his project is yet to hit the buffers.


This is how Liverpool Lime Street Station looked and might have


The attention to detail is astonishing. The station platforms


behind me, over there as the north-western hotel and all around


me people are milling around. Now all I've got to do is track down the


man responsible for all of this. And here he is. As a five-year-old


little boy, the station left such a burning impression on me, and ever


since I always wanted to make a model.


And this is how the real-life Lime Street Station looked around


You've got the London north-western hotel...


Are you ready to accept parcels train? We are indeed. Tell the


computer that you want to go to platform eight. Two buttons is all


but you need to do, and then you can drive the train. And hey presto,


there is the train. The railway fills the entire


extension of John's house - Got one more major building to do,


and we've recently put 160 figures on lime street. Next up, the station


is on the move. It will go on display in Scotland for a few days


next month. John Holden, we salute you.


Wintry weather. We're sticking with the story that the cold air is


descending, and we will see some wintry conditions over the next


couple of days. We're going to get used to do some pretty low


temperatures. This has been the picture as you've gone through the


afternoon. One or two rain showers, but by the cold air is starting to


bed in we will start to see those showers turning wintry. From


midnight tonight we have a Met Office warning that there could be


snow absolutely anywhere. They are snow showers, not a white out, but


it doesn't take much to cause chaos. Don't make this the last forecast


that you look at, because the forecast is a constantly evolving


thing and it may change a few times as the night goes on. For most of us


the showers will fall as rain, but over the highest levels you could


have snow. Not expecting any problems first thing tomorrow


morning, because the amounts should be too great. Because the breeze has


been so strong, there could be a little bit of drifting in places.


The temperatures around three degrees, a cold start. Your BBC


Local Radio station will give you the absolute latest details on the


forecast. There could be two centimetres anywhere, five


centimetres over the highest levels. Sometimes it is rain, sometimes


snow. It can cause lots of problems. Away from it, some spells of


sunshine, but my goodness it is going to feel very, very cold


indeed. And finally, you may remember us


telling you about Cheshire Police's The force was asking


the public to decide a name And Axel has been


voted the favourite. They are wonderful to follow on


Twitter, because you learn all about dogs. Have a lovely evening, thanks


for watching. Goodbye. I think my political beliefs are


really quite straightforward. I believe that our country needs to


work for everyone. Not just for the rich,


not just for the privileged, not just for those who know


the right people or who've got the loudest voices, but a country


that really works for everyone, has the opportunity to be


who they want to be. In order to make sure that the


country works for everyone,