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Welcome to North West Tonight with Beccy Barr...


The NHS crisis - almost half of the region's trusts were on major


alert on the same day after New Year.


They raised serious concerns about the demands being put on them.


Protest at the Port of Liverpool - unions accuse owners Peel


There's very little toilet facilities, and, more importantly,


Thousands of hens are slaughtered because bird flu fears mean they can


We've lost over 12,000 birds that have had to go to slaughter,


that would normally be pecking around the garden,


It's been heartbreaking for the charity.


And I'll have the sport as the eyes of the world focus


Merseyside and Manchester's big four go head to head in an


all-North-West match-up that will be watched by billions


First tonight, more evidence today revealing the pressure


New figures from the NHS show that during the first week of this year


almost half of the acute trusts in this region flagged up serious


concerns about the level of demand being made on them.


Two on Merseyside declared a major alert on the same day,


meaning patient safety could be at risk.


But there was also confusion over the accuracy of the figures.


Our chief reporter, Dave Guest is outside


But was the situation there during the first week of the New Year?


On January the 4th, this hospital declared an Opel four alert,


basically, the pressure on services were such that patient safety was


being compromised potentially. On that same day, January the 4th,


another Merseyside hospital, Southport, declared a similar alert.


One stage down from Opel four is Opel three, and that is when the


local health care system is compromising patient flow. In


planing words, it means there are a too people -- many people in


hospital, even though this should be careful as where. The problem is,


there isn't another elsewhere for them.


The official figures released today were wrong, when they?


NHS England initially said another two Merseyside hospitals, Aintree


and Alder Hey, had also issued Opel four alert on January the board.


This morning, those two hospitals beg to differ, and NHS England


admitted the error. Aintree Hospital had been booked on and Opel three


alert, still pretty serious, and Alder Hey shouldn't have been on the


list at all. Sources the situation where you are


today? The hospital makes the point of that


these figures are a snapshot in time and change throughout the day to day


business. We spoke to a few of the people coming out of here earlier


this evening. I noticed a lot of people in the


corridor. The dad came in last night, he was in recess at least


eight hours, that's when I left. It was the same again today, loads of


people in the corridor. All the staff are absolutely


fantastic, absolutely brilliant. They're why to death and underpaid.


My mum has been in quite awhile, and I think the nurses do a great job.


They're under pressure, but that's the NHS at the moment, isn't it?


Interesting point that chap at the end made, whatever the label you put


on it, whatever type of alert, all hospitals are facing similar


pressures at the moment? Let's not forget that, during the


first week of 2017, almost half the acute NHS trusts in this region were


experiencing pressures cause by pressures on the social care system,


which meant their own pace and flows were being affected. It's story we


have heard a lot of in recent weeks, and I am sure we will hear more in


weeks to come. The Government is making billions of pounds more


available to the NHS. Thousands of hens are being


slaughtered in the North West because fears over bird flu mean


they can no longer roam free. A re-homing charity says


many of it's volunteers don't have the space to keep them indoors,


after the Government Meanwhile, the National


Farmers Union has warned of potential catastrophy


for the region's 2500 hens are re-homed at this farm


in Rossendale every year. For the last month, is resident had


been confined to a shared. You normally would see


chickens wandering round. At the moment, we can't do anything,


we can't allow them Adele Hall is one of 500


British Hen Welfare Trust volunteers who take in birds due


to be sent to slaughter. It's had a massive effect, we've


been unable to re-home any hens. We've had to cancel our re-homings


for January and February. We've lost over 12,000 birds that


have had to go to slaughter that would normally, by now,


be pecking around our gardens, It's been heartbreaking


for the charity. And, of course, the restrictions


don't just apply to hens, Meaning these turkeys have been


stuck inside this shed Adele's now trying to


ensure her birds can get This is the hen run I'm having


built, which not everyone can do, they don't have the resources


to do this. One of the important thing is he's


going to do is put on a roof, something that won't allow droppings


to come through on the ground. Which is how it's believed


the disease has been spread After cases across Europe, bird flu


has been found in North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Wales


in the last month. Our farmers are good


at spotting disease, But that doesn't affect


the food supply. Our big effort is to


reduce limit that affect But the National Farmers Union says


the region's free-range egg producers could be badly affected


by the restrictions. If it keeps going on for months


and months, Trading Standards or the Government could sit


there and make it difficult to sell And what would that do to farmers,


to free-range farmers? That would be catastrophic,


that would be, yes. They've got all the


expenses, there's... Just because the birds are sat,


doesn't make it any cheaper. In fact, it could possibly make


it even slightly more We worry if the restrictions


are extended, so we're just keeping our fingers and toes crossed


that it all stops at the end of February and we can carry


on our work. The Government says it's


strengthening its surveillance on the extent of infection


in wild birds. Police in Rochdale have launched


an investigation after the body of man was found


in an alleyway last night. The man - who's believed to be


in his 30s - was discovered off His death is being


treated as suspicious. The funeral's taken place


of a teenager from Lancashire who died from a suspected allergic


reaction to a takeaway meal. 15-year-old Megan Lee had eaten food


from the Royal Spice takeaway in Oswaldtwistle and died


on New Year's Day. Two men have since been


arrested and bailed. A suspected paedophile from Bury


who was one of Britain's most wanted fugitives has been arrested


in France after crashing his car. Stephen Carruthers was wanted


by Cumbria Police on suspicion of taking indecent photographs


of a child. The region was snowy last night,


but it was strong winds and fallen trees that have caused


problems on the Isle of Man. Some major roads were blocked


and power lines damaged. A driver had to be cut free


from this van at St Johns, We'll have some of your weather


photos later in the programme. Lorry drivers and dock workers


staged a protest at the It comes just weeks


after the ?400 million Liverpool2 superport was officially opened -


one of the most modern in the world. But union officials say not


everybody coming to the facility is being treated the same -


particularly lorry drivers collecting cargo who have nowhere


to go to the toilet. Earlier, I spoke to Colin


Carr, regional officer for the Unite union,


and started by asking him what conditions are


like for dock workers. Because they have no


real canteen facilities. There's a canteen there,


but it's in very poor disrepair. Very little toilet facilities,


and, more importantly, Tell me, what are conditions


like for drivers that Ordinarily, they're OK,


because you're only 20 minutes in the port,


but when things go wrong and they have to stack up


and park along Regent Road which is a residential area,


they have no facilities whatsoever. Peel say they have


invested ?1 million --?0.25 million in refurbishing


an amenities block. I asked my members about this


amenity, and there is no such There may well be an amenities such


as that but it has been invested in on the Liverpool2 dock area,


the new dock area with the bigger cranes, but our members,


the 350 workers that I represent, are not working on that


part of the port. Peel's other point is that there


are truckstops which offer The nearest safe and secure parking


area for a lorry driver from the Port of Liverpool


is the service station on the M62. Peel bring them here,


Peel Port has the authority, they're the port authority


and harbour masters, they have responsibility


for what goes on in around the dock, Look, we're very, very happy


with Peel being in Liverpool, we're happy that they prosper


and have built and invested in the port, but they can't do that


on the backs of less than their welfare facilities


and abrogating their responsibility to lorry drivers who provide that


a vital link in their chain. Helping others get


a diagnosis sooner - the cancer champions heading out


into the community. And meet the new king


of Rwanda - he lives in a terraced house


in Sale. Amazing story!


We all know that what's going on in your life in general can affect your


health. A pioneering scheme has been running an Oldham which assigns


people committee nurses with good results.


The scheme is being rolled out across Gator Manchester.


Stacey had relationship problems, she was struggling with debt,


bringing up three young children. It was all starting to take its toll.


My anxiety was ridiculous, couldn't go to the shop without it flaring


up. I wasn't sleeping. Every month I would go to the Dr, get


prescriptions for anti-parent -- added to presence.


And then her GP prescribed route. She sorted out many other problems,


got her in your house, helped redecorate. Now Stacey's life is


transformed. She gave me the help I needed to get


my life back on its feet. Focused care works on the basis that


people who have problems with housing, benefits relationships


often suffer from copper two health as a result. They get south -- they


get stressed, don't eat properly, and did turn to drink or drugs. The


only way to make them healthier is to tackle this root causes will


stop. Our role is to help people, sort out


their debts, help them sort out their benefits. Help them with their


relationships, make lots of referrals, and when they're up and


standing, if they fall down again, we help them up again.


Stuart needs help with this housing, and with negotiating benefits to


help pay for his carers. She's just done everything, from


helping me with forms, to confronting the housing, the lot.


She's really been a rock for me. In the five years the scheme has


been running, GPs here say the difference is been impressive.


The people have started attending for Smithers, looking after their


long-term conditions. We were stunned, because there is two years


of apparatus, because people started using primary care. -- their A use


at rated. The scheme will be rolled across


Greater Manchester in the coming months. I knew initiative was


launched today to help people get an early diagnosis and cancer.


The project was launched in Greater Manchester today,


asking survivors to become cancer champions.


He came in earlier with one of the champions, Gilbert Morgan.


We asked Gilbert why he got involved.


Well, for me, because I've got a personal journey,


I was caught it early and had an operation,


But also, my father had prostate cancer as well, but I never knew


This is a big thing in the black community, the elder generation


It's something that men find quite difficult to talk about,


I think it's men across the board don't talk about medical issues,


especially when it concerns their private parts.


What do you think having cancer champions can do to ease that issue,


Right, if I see a friend, like yourself, I'd say,


I say, listen, all it takes is a few seconds,


Because most men assume it's the old-fashioned way.


It's women too, but what you need is people like Gilbert


who are prepared to put themselves out there and do it?


Gilbert's such a fantastic example, you can see that straightaway.


We're saying today, in launching this


Greater Manchester Cancer Champion movement,


that we want even more people to get involved.


It's really easy to become a cancer champion, to speak up


where you are and talk to your friends and family.


And it's not just about diagnosis, is it?


Just explain to us the message you're trying to get out.


Absolutely, this is really, really focused on prevention.


Because four in ten cancers, we know, can be prevented.


So we want to get there before we have to deal with treatment.


That's easy lifestyle changes, things like your


Obviously, cutting back on smoking and giving it up.


Some of these things are starting to get more awareness,


And we want people like Gilbert, who are brilliant at engaging,


on the street, in the barbers, in the pub with their friends,


with their family, getting those messages across so we can prevent


cancer and make sure we improve the treatment of cancer too.


To be quite honest with you, I'm 52 this year,


I'm very, very lucky, because I caught mine so early.


If they catch it at different stages, you end up


either being impotent, incontinent...death.


We wish you well, and good luck with the project.


I'd like to feel 35 again! Wouldn't we all!


You always talk to people about your experiences, if you've been ill,


trite A1(M). Anything that helps people to


communicate, custody stigmatised. We're sitting on the fence here?


Very much, definitely. Big weekend? Manchester United side,


or is it Merseyside and Manchester? I'll leave that to you.


Yes, Everton/City on Sunday lunchtime at Goodison and then


Of course, the rivalry between our two biggest cities


is well known, and whether they're Blue or Red, it's all part of those


neverending arguments about which is better.


And even though the managers might be from all around Europe -


the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Germany - they will have


been left in no doubt just how important it is to get one over


on the city at the other end of the East Lancs Road.


Nice pastor Lukaku, Lukaku! It is a special game.


Aguero puts it in! Usual exuberance and space. Matter,


one nil! Everybody wants this dealing,


everybody wants this game. Good run this, to wrap it up... !


Never looked like missing! Gives game away against City, if we


play with that aggression, and pressing, we can make it very


difficult. Raheem Sterling once more, up


against stones this time. Kolarov on the overlap, and Kolarov to finish


it off. It's always in that situation, how


much quality you have. Young wheeze it, 1-0! Another one


picked up. I have been here for two months, and


I understand, step-by-step, as I mentioned it is a good rivalry,


because I was feel that rivalry. It's very good thing for football


clubs. Oh, what a goal! That as a wonder


strike from Christian Benteke! That's what he can do. Out of the


blue. Obviously, it's very, very important


that we are really ready. There's no time for race voices if you miss a


pass, you just need to be ready again the next time.


All the best coverage of course of those matches on BBC


Now United have turned down an undisclosed bid for winger


Memphis Depay from Lyon, but a move to France remains a distinct


Lyon coach Bruno Genesio has described the Dutchman


as his "number one priority" during the January transfer window


Depay joined United from PSV Eindhoven for ?31m in 2015,


but hasn't started a Premier League game under Jose Mourinho.


Burnley boss Sean Dyche says the club will continue to operate


in the same manner as they recorded the fifth highest profit in Europe


The Clarets reported a net profit of 40m euros


in the year they were relegated from the Premier League,


which is ahead of the likes of Bayern Munich, Porto and Ajax.


They were one of four English teams in the top five,


along with Spanish giants Real Madrid.


There could be some brand new sporting silverware


the Womens' British Basketball League Cup.


It's the competition's debut season, and the Manchester Mystics -


seen here in the red celebrating their semifinal success -


are up against the Nottingham Wildcats in Sunday's final.


You can watch live from 12:15 via the BBC red button, or on


We're just going to go back to that Jose Mourinho press conference.


As a reporter, the last thing you want to happen is for your phone


to start ringing when the man himself is in full swing.


It could only be worse if the phone was right in front


It's a reporter from Talksport, the phone was on the test record the


press conference, and it went. He could of had some fun there, it's


Pep Guardiola! Jurgen Klopp that's not available.


At the end, he asked what the question was.


This is a dig at the people in the gallery, from Aaron respected that


journalists, people always ring at this time, it's not our fault!


Producers or our family, people who should know better!


Thank you very much indeed. It wasn't snow Armageddon today, was


it? There was some in the garden, but


combine the morning. There was some in certain parts of


the county, critically in east Lancashire.


Many of you took the chance to get out in some beautiful scenery,,


we've heard about fake news this week, year's your flaky news!


We have some very talented photographers.


And a beautiful region as well. Thank you very much at deed for all


those photographs. I took this photo last night and put it on Twitter, it


didn't make it onto virtual of honour. It was a weather report to


take a picture of the snow! It was great, big fat flakes falling


down. Any more?


Yes, a little more could be in the forecast through the night. If you


didn't see the snow, there could well be more through the early


hours. A weekend of two house, sadly, we continue in this cold


vein, feeling very wintry outside, lots of sunshine and largely drive.


By Sunday, we get back to mild our -- air, cloudy. This is the track of


the showers through the afternoon. The Isle of Man seeing their fair


share, for most of us, a dry afternoon with spells of sunshine.


Through tonight, the showers keep coming, a yellow warning for ice.


Elsewhere, there could be slippery surfaces on untreated surfaces.


There could be wintry weather just about anywhere, up to twocm, or up


to fight backcm on the hills. Many places will be wet first thing in


the morning when you get up. Overnight temperatures, most towns


and cities around the zero mark, so rural areas much colder than that,


minus won is a possibility. This line of showers drops, that is the


sun out from many of which are stacked, it will be a very nice


wintry day, and a sunny day. In the coastal areas, you will be lucky if


you see showers, for most of us a dry day. Temperatures, 5 degrees,


Saturday night, they will hardly fall, because the mild air returns.


On Sunday, the number is good, perhaps 9 degrees, but the picture


isn't found play -- fabulous, perhaps drizzly.


How well do you know your neighbours?


Emmanuel Bushayija lives in a terraced house in Sale.


His neighbours describe him as normal, down to earth,


He is in fact a king - King Yuhi VI of Rwanda.


He's just inherited the throne in the African country


His neighbours were surprised to hear it.


It's a bit wait to find that there's a King living on your road. It's a


bit surreal. I think you's away at the minute, isn't he? At his uncle's


funeral. That's all I really know about him.


He's very humble, private man. I just got to know him as afraid as a


manual, the nice man he is, I enjoy his company.


Extremely! Not many people have a king as a


friend. I could bump into a king when I go


shopping at the supermarket! Have a lovely weekend, bye-bye.


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