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Welcome to North West Tonight with Annabel Tiffin.


Six people are killed as a tour bus carrying pilgrims from Manchester


Obviously, it's a very bad time for the families


One of those who died was a two-month-old baby.


New figures show we have more failing secondary


Criticism for the North West Ambulance Service as health bosses


say its safety and leadership must be improved.


How Rufus the rescue dog saved little Betsy's life.


Four members of the same family from Manchester have been killed


Among those killed is a two-month-old boy.


They were on a pilgrimage and were travelling from Mecca


Our correspondent Clare Fallon is live in South Manchester for us


and there are tributes being paid this evening.


They are. Really heartfelt tributes being paid this evening. I have been


talking to some of the extended members of this family and I think


it's fair to say that they are just absolutely struggling to come to


terms with what has happened. They find it just unimaginable. They have


been telling me that the relatives may have lost, they have been paying


tremendous tribute to them. Exactly what happened is still not entirely


clear but I will go through with you the details that we know. 12 members


of this family were on this pilgrimage, most of them lived in


Manchester although two of them lived in Glasgow. They were on this


pilgrimage and were travelling from Mecca to Medina when the crash


happened. They were all together in the same vehicle and as you


mentioned, among the six people who have been killed, a baby just two


months old called Adam. Also killed in this crash, two sisters as well


as those who were killed, six people were injured. One of them is in a


critical condition and among those people who have been injured is a


woman who has lost her two-month-old child, the mother of Adam Angie has


also lost both of her parents so this is an incredibly difficult


thing to to be dealing with. Earlier, I spoke to the travel


company through which the family booked this journey. They have been


helping with their trouble. Well cured from Mohannad Arif.


Obviously, it's a very bad time for the families


Since last night, we were with the families.


We were sharing their grief and we were


trying to help them out with any they needed.


So I think you get a sense there that as well as dealing with the


emotional trauma this family is going through at the moment, there


are also practicalities that they are dealing with and the most


immediate members of the family are travelling out to Saudi Arabia this


evening so they can be with their injured relatives. Thank you very


much. She will have more at 10:25pm. A man in his 20s is in a stable


condition after being It happened in Stockbridge


village yesterday evening. Police believe the shooting


was targeted, and have increased


patrols in the area. Baroness Helen Newlove,


whose husband Gary was killed outside their home in Warrington,


is urging the Government to strengthen the rights


of victims of crime. The Ministry of Justice says it


will announce plans "in due course". Baroness Newlove says


in the past year only 15% of victims had been given


the opportunity to make a statement This review shows that enough


is enough and I'm looking for the Government to ensure that victims


have the rights that they truly deserve to give them respect


and dignity and also the protection that they feel that their voices


being listened to. One in six secondary


schools in the North West That's according to new figures


from the Department for Education. It is more than anywhere else in the


country. More than one in eight young


people are being taught in schools that haven't managed


to meet new national standards. Ian Haslam has been looking at this


in more detail and joins us now. Yes, these figures show that young


people in our region are more likely than in any other


part of the country. And three of the five


worst-performing local authorities are in the North West -


Halton, Oldham and, with the worst


record in the country, Knowsley where every one


of the borough's six secondary This was the reaction


of parents today. Most of my son's class


actually went out of borough I was proud of what they put


my children through. The education seems


very poor around here. Knowsley Council declined


an interview but told us it's "naturally disappointed"


and is already making changes. Four of the six secondary schools


are now academies and it's recently invested a million pounds


to establish an Education Commission That million pounds


follows years of problems. Knowsley has long been


one of the country's It has the country's


worst GCSE results and, when this school stops offering


A-level courses this year, it'll make it the only council


area in England Our three worst performing


areas are all Labour run authorities, but today


the Shadow Education Secretary and MP for Ashton-under-Lyne told me


Government failings were to blame. We really need to see class sizes


reducing again We need good quality teaching


and we need decent schools for all our kids, not just


for those down south. But all the north-west's worst


performing local authorities And they also had nearly half


if not over half of their budgets, cut over this period.


We asked the Department for Education for an interview.


They declined, but say that over the last six years, the gap


between disadvantaged pupils and others has narrowed.


Let's talk about this further with Damian McNulty


Thank you very much for joining us this evening. Why is the Northwest


performing so badly in secondary schools? One of the first things to


remember is that it's not as simple as just the new progress measure and


a high degree of caution needs to be used. We need to think of the hard


work and dedication not just of the young people but of the teachers as


well. On top of that, there are some unique features within the Northwest


that remain challenges for the communities in general. We have


heard about social deprivation and I would echo the shadow Secretary of


State's view on council funding. It is not unique in that though, is it?


Other local authorities would say that their money is tight, they


would also say that they have deprivation. It does not really


explain why we have come out so badly. No, but we need to look at


all the services and look at the educational provision on offer for


children from preschool all the way through primary school and into


secondary schools. There is no doubt that the councils in the north-west


of England have faced a sustained, substantial cuts to services at all


ages and supporters of our most vulnerable and most challenging


areas. Some people would say that a failing school is purely down to


feeling teaching, feeling readership. Well, I refer you back


to the simplistic measure. The Northwest of England traditionally


has trained many, many teachers more than is required in those teachers


go across all of the UK. Many teachers across the Northwest have


worked in challenging schools, go on to work on other more successful


school so it's definitely not about the calibre of the teaching and


learning, it is about those institutions that they work in, the


schools, academies, allowing them to focus on their job of teaching and


learning and not be focused on other workload intent issues that take


away from adding that valued the young people they work with. Are you


saying that reports like this, assessments like this are actually


more of a hindrance than a help? They certainly can be. If we just


judge schools on one simple measure and Knowsley schools from many years


have had a bit of a kicking in terms of the academic progression. There


are many historic reasons that are very complex that I'm happy to going


to around a long legacy over 30 or 40 years of families and children


going to traditional schools that those families would have known in


the Liverpool area, St Helens area and many have stayed with that and


those children tend to be those that attain highest at primary school


results. Thank you very much for joining us this evening. You're very


welcome. The North West Ambulance Service


has been told it has to improve by the health


watchdog, the CQC. Inspectors expressed concerns


about staff shortages, particularly paramedics,


and a lack of training The Trust says it's faced


an extremely challenging year Our health correspondent


Gill Dummigan reports. The president control room, one of


three in the Northwest. Today, they'll deal with around 1100 calls


and around 4000 across the three states. The most important thing to


remember when you work in the control room is that at the end of


every 999 col is a patient and one of our primary focuses in the


initial training of staff is that everything has to be patient


centric. The report found that the trust was effective and caring but


it found that safety required improvement particularly when it


came to emergency and urgent care. There were particular concerns with


reporting of serious incidents and that some staff needed more training


in safeguarding. Di CQC was can particularly concerned about the


number of vacancies for Paris addicts at the time of the


inspection nearly one in six posts will fill -- paramedics. They said


this was causing too much strain on the paramedics who were working.


There was no morale in some areas. A lot of the paramedics were working


extra hours and overtime to compensate for the staff shortages.


There was also reliance on community first responders to attend to


emergency calls. The pressure is on the system are well documented. Long


queues outside a and E and the last year at 999 calls have gone up by


23%. There has been an increase pressure on staff. They have to go


out and deal with more intensive tuition and experienced staff are


leaving to find less pressurised and better paid jobs. The service as


they accept the findings but they have already started solving the


problems, particularly in recruitment. Already, they have


taken on paramedics from Poland and Finland. We are not taking this


lately and we are a learning organisation and the things that we


have learned in this report we will be learning from and we have learned


from and as I said earlier, we have actually corrected the bulk of them


now and some of the things that are outstanding are things that cannot


be solved immediately but we have plans to deal with them. This is one


of the last of the ambulance trusts in England to be reported on. Of the


nine so far rated, seven have been found wanting. Two seriously so. It


is a challenging time for the service. The question is whether the


response to that challenge can be improved.


Overseas fans help make Manchester United the world's


How the springador saved Betsy's life and why


That might get a few people thinking.


Will get some e-mails about that! The former Bishop of Liverpool says


being made a Freeman of Liverpool Is being given in large part for his


work on Hillsborough disaster. They should change chaired the


independent panel. I'm sure you remember. But it also recognises as


wider work. He has been speaking to our reporter Andy Gill.


We spoke to Bishop James in the Lord Mayor's parlour


at Liverpool Town Hall just ahead of the ceremony


In 2012, he chaired the Hillsborough Independent Panel.


Its report led to new inquests for the 96 people


Last year, the new jury decided the 96 had been


I asked the bishop what's getting the freedom of


It's a huge personal honour. Although, I suppose the great honour


has been to serve the people of Liverpool for 15 years and


especially the Hillsborough families and the survivors. You recently got


a knighthood as well. How does that compare with the freedom of


Liverpool? Well, in Liverpool, nothing compares to the freedom of


the city of Liverpool! But it's quite interesting because the


freedom of the city and, indeed, the United, they are ways of the


community recognising the importance of what has been done and the


families over the years have always believed that their struggle for


truth and justice has not just been for themselves and the survivors,


it's not just been for the city even, but it's actually been for the


nation. But the award also recognises the bishop's other


contributions to Liverpool. He chaired a regeneration panel in the


Kensington district and was Bishop during the murders of Rhys Jones and


Anthony Walker. One of the features of Liverpool is that when terrible


things happen, people come together in extraordinary solidarity. We are


talking about the influence you've had as a former bishop of Liverpool,


but held the city changed you during your time is your? I remember one


senior clergyman of the dioceses taking the aside just after I


arrived and saying, Bishop, if you can't laugh at yourself, you'd


better pack your bags and go. It was very good advice. And this tumour


for which Liverpool and indeed the Hall of the Northwest is famous,


this Schumer actually flows from the humanity of the place. There is an


earthiness about Liverpool and as you open your hearts to people and


they open your their heart to you, I was affected by that earthiness and


that humour. The Bishop is now hosting a review of the Hillsborough


families' experiences over the past 27 years.


Many congratulations to Bishop James for receiving the freedom of the


city. We wouldn't normally bring


you a story about a council constructing a new entrance


to one of its buildings, but the building in question -


Preston's Harris Museum - is considered by many to be


an architectural gem. The plans to change


the Grade One-listed icon are being condemned as


a "mutilation" by conservationists. Even if you've never been in it,


you'll know it if you know Preston. Slap bang in the middle


of the city, the Harris Museum. It's built in the same style


as the British Museum, but where the British Museum


is approached by a grand flight of steps, the entrance to the Harris


is through a side door. There used to be a road here,


so the architect couldn't put a flight of steps down


from the museum The council believes


that the foot of the It puts people off going inside,


and they want to put a new entrance right here in the


middle of that wall. Incidentally, in case


you thought they'd already started building the new entrance,


the crane blocking our view today But this gives you some idea


of what the door would look like. A door in the front, some entrance


in the front, would be one way of allowing greater access


and would show to the rest of the city that the Harris


was a welcoming place. Critics say the entrance


would mutilate the classical facade. This is our city's


finest work of art. It's like having the Mona Lisa


and saying, "Here, that lass, "I'll take my felt tip out and just


put a smile on her." The council's bidding


for ?10 million of lottery money and the organisation that protects


Grade One-listed buildings would still have to


be approve the plan. It would be really good


because now people have to go I mean, it's practical but then


so are the side entrances. Yeah, it would spoil


the building because it looks So I think people more my age


would think, oh, what's that? Next step, the council


will find out if it's won It is a stunning building though.


It's got us talking, that's for sure.


Sport now, and while Manchester United may be struggling


to return to the pinnacle of the Premier League,


they have returned to the top of football's rich list


They last topped the table a decade ago, but last year they earned ?515


million, more than Barcelona and Real Madrid. Manchester city are the


fifth richest club in the world, Liverpool be ninth richest club in


the world. What is about the Northwest? But it is United who are


making the headlines. Manchester United haven't been


the Premier League's number one since Sir Alex Ferguson's final


season four years ago. But far from stalling,


their commercial momentum And after a gap of over


a decade, they're back something the industry's


experts have seen coming. They realised that certainly with


new media coming along that there were vast opportunities for the club


to enhance the money which can be generated from fans,


sponsors and so on. United's commercial growth is,


of course driven by demand. They count their global fanbase


in the hundreds of millions. As there always are, there


are plenty of tourist fans And their big sponsors


pay a heavy premium. Addidas - ?750 million


over ten years. Chevrolet who are on the front


of the shirts - just shy But it's the number of deals around


the world that tips the balance, including seven mobile


phone companies from Azerbejan to the


Carribean and Nigeria, separate soft drinks


partners in countries and even an official


motorcycle brand for Thailand. They've taken advantage


of the fact that United have all of these fans in all


of these different countries and they've picked up individual


sponsors in individual countries and that allowed them to negotiate deals


and be very successful and exactly The unerring drive


for commercial supremacy gives United unrivalled spending power


in the transfer market. But tickets and merchandise


remain expensive. Ten years before the


takeover in real terms, Manchester United were top


of the Deloitte league then and so we're just getting back


after, you know, ten years


of financial hardship. And with the current ?10 billion


Premier League TV deal, there's no doubt they're working


in a favourable financial climate. But it's also fair to say that


United have been Jumping back to the top of the


league. Staying with football


and Liverpool finally overcame League Two Plymouth Argyle


to progress Manager Jurgen Klopp


fielded another young side despite the criticism he received


after the initial tie at Anfield. 30-year-old Lucas Leiva


scored the only goal, his first in seven years,


to set up a fourth round In rugby union, Sale Sharks have


terminated the contract of winger Tom Arscott


with immediate effect. It comes after Sale complained


to the Rugby Football League that one of their players -


believed to be Arscott - gave information to a former club


before a match between the two. We have some guests in the studio.


You may be about to see one of them as she walked past... There she is!


They say dog's are a man's best friend.


It was definitely the case for 21-month-old Betsy


whose life was saved by a rescue dog called Rufus.


I don't know who is cuter, ruthless or Betsy.


Rufus was staying with Betsy and her mum Emily in Macclesfield.


Rufus raced to the rescue and raised the alarm.


Along with Emily, Betsy and Ann Lovell from the charity


Rufus actually is not your dog, Emily. He is a foster dog. From


Labradors in need. You were looking over the Reed after him. Tel was


what happens. Betsy had not been very well and then Rufus came in and


started polling at me and barking and then I followed him through and


Betsy had been sick and so I managed to put her over so that she could be


sick so she wasn't in any danger after that. But it was Rufus you


raise the alarm. So he sensed something was wrong? Yes, even


before the alarm went off on the baby monitor. He was already there


letting us know that she wasn't very well. Brilliant.


I have a little word of that, I've been too busy! Excuse me. And, Rufus


is a cross between a springer spaniel and a Labrador. Are they


good pets? Labrador cross make fantastic pets. They are a boil,


great family dogs. Britain's top choice as far as a dog goes. We have


quite a lot of people on our waiting list and we have some dogs still


waiting for homes. We are going to put the website on screen in a


minute because Rufus, as you just explains, can't stay with you. He is


a foster dog. He stays with us through a short time until he finds


his feet. And we do have two other dogs, our own dogs. Once he finds a


forever home through the charity, labrador is in need, he will go to


that forever home. Before when you came and spoke to us, it was


astonishing, he was showing her so much attention and really looking


after her. They have an amazing bond. I think they are feeding off


each other so she is a bit insecure and then he will pick her up on the


other way round. They are very close. She likes to walk on the lead


and stuff. I think you can see pictures of them together. Before I


got distracted by my new best friends, I was bringing up the


website. People can get in touch and they can put themselves through the


process to adopt a dog, but it is a proper process and Rufus is up


adoption, isn't he? He is, along with some other dogs at the moment.


We are a charity entirely run by volunteers will stop we don't have


anyone employed by the charity, we all work. We are desperate in the


North West particularly for foster homes like Emily. People took on


track for us and people to adopt. Fundraiser, sponsor our dogs that


are in long-term foster and as a charity... I'm worried she's going


to fall off! She's fine. Thank you very much.


Thank you Rufus. Thank you Betsy who is the star of the show.


They say never work with animals and children!


But we like to. We have already mopped a little puddle of the four


you'll be pleased to note. Puddles, you know.


My favourite thing is that everyone at home is going, all, isn't he


gorgeous! And none of them mean you, Roger.


We have been stuck in a rut weather-wise but things will start


to change. Temperatures will start to fall away this weekend. The


result is a reason for this in our reason is that the error is coming


from the continent. That will start tonight and the more southern part


of the region may start to see temperatures falling a little bit.


Just a little bit. When we move into this pattern, an area of high


pressure is going to drop the error from the continent. We are going to


get stuck in this pattern so we have been in the mild air and we will


stay in this pattern and it will take some time for that to change.


If you have been looking for bright days, cooler days, that is what we


are moving into. At the minutes, I'll about the cloud. The cloud is


with us and you can see spots drizzly rain here and there. In the


more southern parts of the region, in the early hours we may see a


break in the cloud cover here and there so that may allow one or two


places to go to two degrees but still the numbers for the most part


are pretty good, five and six. First thing tomorrow morning, a lot of


cloud cover. One or two spots of rain but from the south, here comes


this clear whether moving into parts of the Midlands, Staffordshire and


Cheshire and Merseyside. The sun could come out from many places as


you head through the afternoon so some brighter skies here and there.


Not for everyone but eventually, we will start to feel this cooler air


coming in so while the numbers on the chart are six or 7 degrees, that


may be at lunchtime and as the cool air comes in, things will start to


chill off and tomorrow night there could be a frost in many places. As


we go through the weekend, that'll be the pattern. Cold air coming in,


not wall-to-wall sunshine but some brighter skies and not one is


listening to a word I say! Were sorry. She was very good.


And lots of people want to adopt Rufus.


Rufus, you have been brilliant to! Thank you for watching, have a


wonderful evening., bye-bye! Bye-bye!


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