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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson


Whistle blowers reveal the true scale of problems


The Ambulance Service say the criticisms made have already been


addressed. Prayers for the four members


of the same family - killed in a minibus crash -


while on a pilgrimage Head teachers in Cheshire East


threaten a four-day week - I have never seen anything like it.


It is Draconian. It will destroy some schools.


Breaking sports news - as Liverpool announce


Steven Gerrard's return as a full-time youth coach.


12-hour shifts without a break - faulty equipment and patients' lives


Just some of the shocking claims made tonight by two whistleblowers


Yesterday the service was told it has to improve


But the whistleblowers say the true scale of the problem


Abbie Jones has this exclusive report.


It has got to the point where people's lives are in danger.


Something needs to be done. We need some more staff, more downtime. We


need help. It is a constant battle people are under at the moment. You


are not allowed to let it affect you because you have to get to the next


job. They work on the frontline and say


they, and their profession These ambulance staff


have put their jobs We've disguised their faces -


and their voices - The public needs to know how


understaffed we are. Yesterday's CQC report found one


in six paramedic posts were unfilled But, these whistleblowers say,


also putting lives in danger. You have got paramedics and you have


an emergency medical technicians who are not trained to do exactly what a


paramedic can do. If they are sent out, paramedics are promised but


nine times out of ten they are not enough staff because they are doing


other stuff. They are not right. The other left of the family is


screaming at them to do things. Is that costing lives because you have


a patient who cannot get treatment then? Potentially, yes because they


cannot give the treatment that is required. The QTc found that between


these years there were 2000 incidents were staff waited over one


hour four paramedic back-up. It is scary. Staff go home wondering why


they could not do stuff. Patients are in a life threatening situation.


The core system needs looking at because it is not working. These


whistle-blowers say it is equipment as well as staffing that is woefully


lacking. You are having to supply your own or you do like a makeshift


or you are stealing things from other vehicles that are parked up.


Some doors do not open from the outside, so if there is an accident,


you would not be able to get out. The vehicles are always breaking


down and the heating does not work in the back for the patients.


Inspection was based on one surprise visit and one that was announced.


These staff say managers only make changes if they are made aware of


the visit. Managers go around like headless chickens ordering new


stuff. If the QTc were not there, you would get run ragged. 12 or 13


hours without refreshment breaks. You are driving round, blurred


vision with headaches. People ask for uniforms and wheat months to get


them. These people say we have complained to managers but change


has not happened and the public needs protection. Speaking out as a


last resort to make that happen. Well, Abbie is with us


in the studio now. Abbie, you've put the whistle


blowers' claims to the Yes, we asked for someone to come


onto this programme to talk about what are really serious claims


- but we were told no-one could. We've had a statement


from the Ambulance Service and it's not disputing some of what these


whistleblowers are saying. The service admits that there have


been delays in back up ambulances arriving -


it blames more call outs It says staff taking breaks depends


on the number of incidents and can With the equipment claims it says


the CQC made recommendations It denies anything changed


in the service just because the CQC was coming and says inspectors met


with staff without managers Finally it says it's worked hard


to put right the issues the CQC But we interviewed these


whisteblowers in the last week - and they say understaffing,


stress, backup delays The Manchester family devastated


by a road crash in Saudi Arabia have been remembered during Friday


prayers in Manchester. A baby boy and his grandparents


were among those killed The child's mum, brother and sister


were injured in the accident Our Chief Reporter,


Dave Guest, has more. Friday prayers in Manchester


for lives lost so many miles away. At the Central Manchester Mosque,


they're remembering a local family who are mourning four members killed


when their minibus They'd been on a


pilgrimage to Mecca. We pray specifically for this family


who have lost their lives Among the dead baby Adam Anis -


just two months old. He was just a beautiful child


who had gone with his Little did she know that he was only


to live for two months. He's pictured here with his


grandfather Mohammed Kurshid He was a very, very jolly, friendly


and such a beautiful human being. Mr Kurshid's wife Nosheena,


and her sister Rabia also died, along with two


relatives from Glasgow. A group of 12 people who had gone


on a pilgrimage and half of those Baby Adam's mum, Atika,


was injured along with her other So too were three other


members their group who'd been aboard the minibus when it crashed


on a motorway while travelling Last night, 18 family members flew


out from Manchester to Saudi to comfort those who survived,


and to attend the funerals Those funerals were due to happen


today in the holy city of Medina, the place where they'd been heading


on that fateful journey. It is a time of great sadness,


but I think the family should take some solace in the fact


that they will be resting Whatever caused the crash,


the result is a family left grieving for those who set out on a holy


pilgrimage but who never returned. The mother of a man who was shot


by police has told the Inquiry into his death she believes


it was murder. Father of two Anthony Grainger


was shot by a firearms officer from The force believed Mr Grainger


was part of a group Yes, he did have a bit


of a pass but there are I do not understand


how they can shoot The parents of a teenage girl


who was hit by a scrambler bike and put into a medically-induced


coma say her future 15-year-old Jessica Chisnall


was hit by the bike on Ashton's Green Drive in St Helens


- as she walked home Two men have been


arrested and bailed. A man who used a blow


torch to dry roof timbers at a hotel on the Isle of Man,


causing 17 million pounds of damage, was told by a judge today that he'd


come "within a whisker" repairs at the Mount Murray


in November 2013. He was found guilty of three


health and safety breaches As you've probably just watched,


President Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th US president


earlier today, but not In Washington, protesters


smashed windows and clashed Closer to home, there have been


peaceful protests in the North West. Our reporter Yunus Mulla


is in Manchester city centre The arrival of a new president in


the United States has provoked some reaction here. We have seen a number


of protests. There was one in Liverpool earlier and one in


Lancaster. Tonight, it will test it in place here in the centre of


Manchester. -- a protest taking place. Let me ask you this question.


What is wrong with Donald Trump and his supporters say it is time to put


their own interests first? It affects people across the world


because he creates racism and bigotry against Muslims, Mexicans,


were women, people with disabilities. Across the board, what


he says damages those people. A lot of what he said was part of the


rhetoric. Why not wait for the first days and a time limit and judge him


on his actions? I think it is important as we start at as we mean


to go on. We cannot let implement those policies. It is better if we


say we're not going to let him implement them in the first place.


It is important we stand in solidarity with the in America


protesting against him tonight. There are not as many people here as


you expected, is that not a sign that people are abusing the fact


that I going to see a new kind of politics and President? -- people


are accepting the fact. It is against Trump and is bigotry. Thank


you for that. It is the start of the new movement and there are supposed


to be a number of protest taking place over the weekend and in the


next few weeks. Thank you very much. You might recognise


the new chancellor of UCLAN - Ranvir is honoured by the Lancashire


University where she studied. Some head teachers in Cheshire


are warning schools may have to go down to a four day week,


because of government funding cuts. Ministers outlined the biggest


shake-up in school funding But they're already coming under


pressure to make changes. Some subjects are also at risk,


as our Cheshire Political Reporter Two professions Alsager School may


not be be producing in future unless the Government's


new funding formula changes. I want to use it for


when I'm older so I can cook on my own without having


someone do it for me. I think it is important


for young people to learn about it and I really enjoy cooking


different foods every week. It is devastating if this


came off the curriculum. A whole generation


would miss out and we Under the plans, this


school would lose ?150,000, nearly 3%


of its budget. And to make up the numbers,


these subjects could go, or a four day week could


even be introduced. Yes, under this proposal


they are at risk. Those art, music, those drama,


those technology subjects. It is going to have a massive,


massive impact on the provision we give to our children


in an area of deprivation. But the schools in this area


were already amongst Under the new system the basic level


of funding for each pupil in East Cheshire would go down


by an average of ?87 each. But that basic level would be


about ?2,700 less per pupil than the best funded area


of England, in London. Also, Trafford, Stockport,


the West of Cheshire and Warrington would be joining east


Cheshire in the bottom ten. The Government says its new formula


would help "create a system that funds schools according to the needs


of their pupils, And top-ups do mean some schools


in deprived areas of Knowsley, Halton or even East Cheshire


will get more cash. But the Government is


facing pressure to come Our political editor will have more


on that story on the Sunday politics north-west. That is at 11 o'clock on


Sunday. The name is in the title, isn't it?


Tomorrow a Merseyside family who should be in a restaurant


Oliver King, from Liverpool, died from a hidden heart problem


But his family decided to channel their grief into making


sure that heart defibrillators are available in as many


And so far their work has saved 11 lives.


Oliver King would have been 18 tomorrow.


His dad has no doubt about what kind of young man he'd have been.


He would have been tall, handsome, as all the


Just after a swim at school he suffered sudden


arrythmic death syndrome - a hidden problem that can affect


If there'd been a defibrillator to get his heart going again


The charity his family set up have given out more than a thousand


defibrillators across the country since their loss.


The first was at a primary school in Anfield.


We're privileged to have been chosen as the first school


to get the defibrillator and the training alongside that as well.


We do believe it has given us a lot


more confidence to be able to manage an incident.


Defibrillators provided by Oliver's charity


From a four year old to a 65 year old.


When you think about those 11 lives, what goes through your mind? There


is one word when you get that phone call, devastation. That never goes


away. People see you out and about and they think, it is five years


down the line. They do not have a clue. Have not got a clue. This has


shattered my heart. You draw the curtains because nothing I say or do


or anyone does is going to bring Oliver back. You can pull the


curtains aside and seek this has got to stop. These lives have got to


stop being lost. 12 people under 35 every week


in the UK. Tomorrow his family will visit


the cemetery and climb Moel Famau in Wales,


a mountain Oliver loved. They're also now campaigning to set


up a heart screening centre in Liverpool and to get


defibrillators in all The wonderful work being done in the


name of all that came. -- in the name of Oliver King.


Stuart Flinders is here with the sport.


News of one in for Manchester City, one out for United.


He is going back there to lead the academy and it is a perfect choice.


He started as a youngster at the Academy himself. 700 appearances for


himself. Liverpool say he will bring expertise from a glittering career


at the highest level. I imagine it will be popular with the fans as


well. I imagine there will be younger ones and they are who don't


even remember him. I doubt it. It's a tough job managing one


of the world's biggest clubs, and he's already admitted -


and it is only January - that City are out of


the title running. So, on his birthday he took


a few of his players to the cinema - not to see a high action thriller -


but to watch a musical that An escape into La La


Land is probably just Pep Guardiola's own City of Stars


is ten points behind Premier League leaders Chelsea and facing


a battle to finish in No wonder Pep wanted


to escape into La La Land. Back into the real world of a City


press conference today. I would prefer to be on top but it


is not that situation. I want to handle that. It is the first time in


my life. I will handle that. Then came management. Trophy after


trophy with Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Is that going to happen


every time? I think so. Success at city is not coming as easily. Maybe


I am not good enough. Yes, you are. He has got to be given time and


money to do what he needs to do. It is a transition period I think. He


has not got the players that he once yet. I think maybe next season. Is


the Premier League harder than the other leagues? It is not better or


worse than Spain or Germany but... The winner has been recruited for a


?27 million and his new team is still capable as delighting as


disappointing. For a club and manager that expects trophies, these


are anxious times. For a quarter of the century as player and as


manager, he has known nothing but success. Now, he is under real


pressure to ensure his own city All-Stars does not slip into a lark


lark land. -- city of starters. -- City are at home to 2nd


placed Spurs tomorrow. Manchester United have sold


Memphis Depay to the French side Lyon for a fee thought to be


16 million pounds, rising The Netherlands forward


had been linked with Tonight, Bury travel


to Port Vale in League One. But The Shakers' new signing


Jermaine Pennant is waiting for international clearance before


he can make his debut. The 34-year-old, former Liverpool


and Wigan midfielder has commanded transfer fees of over ?10 million


in his career. He'd most recently been


playing in Singapore. BBC Radio Manchester


will bring you full match a good signing for them, I would


have thought. Onto rugby union -


The sacked Sale Sharks winger Tom Arscott says he's "extremely


disappointed" to lose his job. It follows allegations


that he leaked information In a statement, Arscott said


he would co-operate fully with the ongoing investigation


by the Rugby Football Union. Sale are at home to Scarlets in


the European Champions Cup tomorrow. With the start of the new Super


League season just three weeks away, Salford Red Devils have


signed controversial The 2010 "international player


of the year" was released And one little footnote


to tonight's sport. Wayne Rooney's testimonial match


between Manchester United and Everton last year


raised ?1.2 million. The money will go to the NSPCC


and three north west Well done to them. Annabel has


composed herself. Are you find? Still feeling a bit gooey? We're


going to talk about your good lunch now. Earlier we saw the rally in


Manchester as President Trump's inauguration took place. There was


another inauguration today. They were not protesting in Preston.


Formerly of this parish was sworn in as the Chancellor. I was invited


along and we had a chat before her ceremony. I am on your throne. This


is where you are going to be sitting. You know I do not like to


be centre of attention. This is a low key affair. Silver into my down.


This is what you wear normally. Whenever we go out for a drink, I


wear this. It is a serious occasion. We are very proud of you. It feels a


bit surreal but there is nothing I like more than being from


Lancashire. When people say, how do you identify yourself? I think of


Lancashire first. More than anything else, my religion, my country. I am


Lancashire. To be given this opportunity. This is where I started


my journalism career and as a 20-year-old I had that really small


kernel of hope that I might do the national news. One day I might do


News at ten. I would never say it because it might have sounded


ludicrous then. To have done those things and to be sitting here, you


know, it is amazing how I have turned out sometimes. What are you


going to bring? Why have they picked you? It is a good question, Annabel.


I think there are two things, Lancashire and the north-west has


been doing that people from all sorts of different backgrounds. And


back in our day, university chancellors were white middle aged


men are older or in industry. You did not know what they did or at the


world well connected. I am none of those things and that is a sign of


the University recognising times have changed. I know you have had


family here today. How proud I they argue? I think they are shocked


really. All these people are here for you? You do not even wash the


dishes at home, is what they say. It is nice for me because my son is


here. He is only four years old. I think these occasions are a good


time to just pause and reflect and to say thank you, actually. I really


want to say thank you to my family for being there and giving me this


ambition. Isn't it nice to see her? Fantastic. It was a lovely day and


very well-deserved. Why do they not pick you? I know!


Very good luck with your new job to her. Now for the weather. The sun


came out today as promised. It did come out but it took some time to


travel north and move into parts of Lancashire and Cumbria. Some


beautiful shots across the north-west of England. Hardly a


cloud in the sky. You will see more sunshine tomorrow. The week in


Brixton tomorrow in the way of sunshine than we have seen at any


point this week. -- this weekend. Wind from the north-west and it is


swung round and bringing that cold a. Snow in places in parts of Spain


they have seen snow. We're not going to cease note but the cold air. This


is why we have the drop in temperatures. As this cold air comes


in, it is going to stay around next week. If you have not enjoyed that


cloudy weather and mild weather, we're back to where we should be at


this time of year. There is a price to pay and that has been felt across


the north-west. Hardly a cloud in the sky. The temperatures will fall


rapidly. Blue about everywhere. A frost just about anywhere first


thing. Even bigger towns city. One Celsius as the temperature. Rule


three down to minus three. -- in rural areas. It is going to look


lovely tomorrow. From the blues on the chart, you can clearly see that


temperatures will take some time to recover. The day of two halves. Up


until lunchtime, it looks great. The Pennines, the cloud is rolling and


spreading everywhere. Coastal areas will be last and a lovely day for


the most part. Best of the weather first thing in the morning. The air


temperatures are at low and the cloud in the afternoon, a gloomy


affair. Into Sunday, a touch of frost and Sunday patchy cloud, sunny


spells and it should be dry. Good. Thank you very much. Do you have a


lottery ticket? I do not but I will do that at seven o'clock. I do mine


online. I do not know how closely you checked your lottery tickets.


It's likely that someone in Cheshire doesn't do it often enough.


That's because the deadline to claim their prize passed last night.


A guaranteed million pound ticket - bought somewhere in Cheshire West


and Chester on July 23rd last year - has gone unclaimed.


The money's now been given to good causes.


Should we not have done this yesterday? Have a great weekend.


Goodbye. TV: He's not your father.




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