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Welcome to North West Tonight with Annabel Tiffin and Roger Johnson.


Our top story: Tories on tour - Theresa May's Cabinet


visits Cheshire, claiming the Northern Powerhouse


We'll be assessing the significance of today's trip.


Also tonight: A new future for Blackpool's Winter Gardens -


a ?21 million investment to bring the big conferences


A milestone for Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral


And in sport, we'll celebrate Britain's best Alpine result for 35


years thanks to Lancashire skier Dave Ryding.


We'll be looking back at Wayne Rooney's record-breaking weekend.


With misfiring Trident missiles in the headlines,


this might not have been the best day for Theresa May


But today the PM did just that, travelling up to Warrington


to reveal her big industrial plan for the country.


So will it deliver the goods or, like the missile, land


Well, let's ask our political editor Nina Warhurst,


Bring us up to date. The Prime Minister chose this big science and


innovation campus near Warrington to launch her big industrial strategy.


Lots of companies collaborate on innovation, technology here, and


that's something she wants to see more of. The idea is that the


Government gives more support to businesses, it intervenes to help


them grow and is asking them to work together more and collaborate and


feedback on what they need and she didn't just come here alone to


launch a strategy, she brought her entire cabinet to this building to


prove she means business. The Prime Minister, the Foreign


Secretary and the Chancellor. My question is, is this very public


visit to the North West more than a gesture? Investment that will bring


jobs as part of our industrial strategy, ensuring the economy is


working across the whole country and that we are seeing investment


leading to a higher wage, higher productivity, higher skills. What is


new to do that will translate to jobs for the North West? The


investment that has been put into the northwest will translate into


jobs for families but the industrial strategy we are launching today and


that will be consulting with businesses on because we want to


ensure we get it right, it's about the long-term. A few miles north,


the Burns brothers have been making filters for more than 30 years.


They'd like to see less talk and more cash. It's more hot air. I


think investing in the legs of ourselves, manufacturing, is the way


to go, not sharing it with other people but investing in the people


that are doing good manufacturing at the moment. by coming to the North


West to launch a big industrial strategy, the Prime Minister was


making a statement. She was saying, I don't just kill about the South


East, I care about you and your communities, -- I don't just care


about the South East. But on the other end of Warrington she might


have had a different reception. Does nothing for people in the teens or


early 20s you, nor Penta ships. With people that are working, they're


just taking more money off them is tax credits have gone down. There's


no trade or anything unless you work in a shop or a tip. Labour have been


quick to criticise the new industrial strategy, asking how can


be key jobs for the next education while slashing education funds? --


can we create jobs? We had a rehash of the local funding formula for


schools and in Salford we are looking at losing ?309 per pupil.


This was a short and public visit from a Prime Minister known for


playing a long and private game. It might be a while before we see what


impact the long-term industrial strategy has here.


I did push the Prime Minister unemployment figures because they


are 0.5% higher than the national average in the South West. She


wouldn't promise it would bridge the gap but what I found interesting is


that she mentioned the Northern Powerhouse five times. When she


first took office there was a real reluctance to use that phrase, so


associated it is with George Osborne and David Cameron, but today she


talked about it a lot, she has faith that will bring jobs to the region.


We thought it was dead in the water. The Northern Powerhouse tonight


appears to be alive and well. As Nina mentioned, today's raft


of announcements included more details on where ?300 million


Northern Powerhouse money will be There's investment in skills


training and transport, a new advanced manufacturing centre


in Lancashire and ?10 million There's also ?21 million to money to


revamp Blackpool's Winter Gardens, part of bid to bring the big


conferences back to the resort. If these Walls could talk, what a


tail they'd tell. -- tale. Education, education, education. For


decades, Blackpool's Winter Gardens hosted the major political parties


for their annual conferences. We may get rescued the future. Here, the


top politicians of the they would enjoy their party's biggest party of


the year but eventually the politicians fell out of love with


Blackpool. It was just a sign of The Times, people had better facilities


to offer and this is why it's so key that we do build a new conference


centre in Blackpool because we'd love to welcome them back. This is


how Blackpool hopes to woo them back, a ?25 million revamp of the


Winter Gardens to create a conference centre fit for the


21st-century. Today, the Government announced it will be putting up ?50


million towards the project through its growth steel project. -- growth


deal. It will bring style and I hope it will make people and Blackpool


feel that little bit better about their town. Utah the smart new


conference centre but with the rest of the resort be up to scratch --


you've got to the smart new conference centre, but with the rest


of it to be up to scratch with the 21st century? Yes, some hotels are


extremely good but we are building a new one as part of the tramway


interchange. It is a gentle man interested in building one right


next to the conference centre. they seem to be as confident as they can


be that by the end of 2019 this car park will be part of the revitalised


Winter Gardens complex and it will host a 4-star conference hotel. The


question nobody can answer for sure will be if that will be enough to


bring big party conferences back to the resort.


A man - whose 20-year-old son was shot dead in a Greater Manchester


takeaway nine years ago - is supporting a campaign to raise


Halton McCollin died as he ran from a gunman in Stretford in 2008.


His killer has never been caught, despite a ?50,000


For every weapon removed off the streets is a possible life-saver


or some devastation saved a family from going through.


You should be able to walk wherever you please without the fear


of someone having a gun that's going to shoot you.


Meanwhile, police say a huge convoy of vehicles through Liverpool last


night was an "extensive disruption plan" targeting those


Police were seen in the city centre, Aigburth and Speke.


Labour's candidate to be the first Metro Mayor


of the Liverpool City Region has launched his campaign.


Walton MP Steve Rotheram has pledged to improve


apprenticeships for young people, reduce the cost of the Mersey tunnel


tolls for local residents, and work with Liverpool's elected


Mayor Joe Anderson to gain more devolved powers from the Government.


The important thing now is for us six districts and the metro mayor


to be going to Westminster to wrestle those additional powers


that really mean we can do great things for the people


Steve Rotheram is one of four candidates announced


for the May election, alongside Conservative Tony


Caldeira, Liberal Democrat Carl Cashman and Tom Crone of the Green


Ukip haven't announced a candidate as yet.


At the moment, terminations there are only allowed under


That means many women travel to the UK to pay


Some want the law brought into line with the mainland,


but others don't agree, as Jacey Normand reports.


In Britain, abortion is legal to 24 weeks.


On the Isle of Man, terminations are restricted unless the pregnancy


risks posing grave and permanent injury to the woman's


The number of official abortions on the island is usually


Anyone wishing to access the procedure therefore would either


have to travel to Britain or order tablets online, an offence which


Since April last year, a group of Manx women have been


We're aware there are 479 women in the last five years who have


travelled across the UK, so that's around 98 per year,


who are travelling, and those are just the ones know about.


Just before the elections in September, another group formed,


who represent the life of the unborn child.


We've got to balance the right of the woman to life and health


and the right of the baby to life and health and, in my view,


you cannot say that the baby is not a human being.


Both camps have been vocal and are hoping to influence


the Government during the course of this Parliament.


Does it concern you that in terms of women who can't afford to travel


to the UK to have terminations, that they may be ordering


That is a concern and that is something we are working with and UK


authorities and Customs and Excise to bring in legislation quickly


It's also a criminal offence - if those tablets are intercepted


by the Royal Mail, that person could go to jail.


Technically, I suppose they could do.


And you can see more on that story on Inside Out North West


Still to come on North West Tonight: Shutting its doors on 350


years of history - are the tills about to stop ringing


And another Rooney record as wine becomes


United's top scorer - a former striker


This summer, Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral celebrates


Paddy's Wigwam, as it s affectionately known,


was consecrated at Whitsuntide in 1967.


The cathedral authorities are planning a series of events


Our Merseyside Reporter, Andy Gill, looks back at its history.


It's an unmistakeable part of the Liverpool skyline,


as modern-looking now as it was half a century ago.


It's still in living memory for many people, 50 years, and it's a great


occasion to celebrate with people's memories and in a sense, because of


the nature of this building and its modernity, it's nice to remind


people that actually it's now 50 years and it's a lovely milestone I


think. Once the design was approved, it


took less than five years to build. The Metropolitan Cathedral was open


for public worship. The Prime Minister Harold Wilson


and a host of cardinals and archbishops were at


the consecration in 1967. She's 92 and still a


regular worshipper here. I can remember the Scouts lining the


route up to the ramp. It was all done in five years. 1962 to 1967, it


was a wonderful experience that we at last had our own mother church


for the North of England. In the 1930s there were plans


for a huge cathedral here. They got as far as building


the crypt designed But after World War Two, costs meant


a cheaper design was needed. For many though today's cathedral


is just as imposing. I love it, I adored it. I think it's


the glass more than anything, the atmosphere, the deep blue glass. I


once spent a day here from dawn to dusk just to watch the effects of


the lake through all the different windows.


It's needed extensive repairs over the years.


But is part of the city's fabric now.


In its 50 years, this cathedral like its Anglican counterpart of the road


has become a focus for the city for good times and bad. There was a mass


for the victims of the Hillsborough disaster here the day after it


happened. Over the next months


there are special masses, flower shows and concerts


to mark the jubilee. We'll have more in the build-up to


its golden jubilee later in the year.


We'll be talking about record-breaker Wayne Rooney shortly,


but first up is success on the slopes for the


You can see how steep that hill is, he not only looks cool but an


amazing achievement. Yes, we're not exactly known


for winning in the Alps, are we? But Lancashire's Dave Ryding


pulled out the performance Dave, who's from Bretherton


near Leyland, is a slalom skiier and in Kitzbuhel in Austria


yesterday, one of the premium world Dave finished a fantastic second


to shock the rest of the field. The first time in 35 years a British


skier has done that. And as I found out today he's


made people who know him back here in the North


west extremely proud... From the Lancashire Foothills to


glory in the Alps, Dave Ryding was clearly emotional at achieving his


first podium finish. This is what he said to BBC Radio. It's just crazy.


Just really proud of what I've achieved. What the whole team has


achieved, we're not a big team, my coach, my and man and me and they do


the work of eight guys so I'm very grateful to them. Dave's


achievements is extraordinary, it's just the second time in male British


Alpine skier has finished in the top three. This famously was the last,


when Conrad shocked the downhill world with silver in 1981. But for


Dave Ryding's family it's all about their boy and when I met his


grandparents today, they were bursting with pride. We're thrilled


to bits. We've followed David for 23 years from when he was a little tot


to where he is at now. When you knew he had got second place and was on


the podium, how did you feel? You going to make me burst into tears!


It was phenomenal. Having watched him as a child and seeing him now


with what he has just achieved has been coming this year but suddenly


he's arrived. This is where Dave learned to ski as a youngster,


Pendle ski club near Clitheroe. He still has many friends at the club.


I was very surprised. I know how well he has been skiing but to think


he made the podium any world-class field was fantastic. Dave will now


have his sights set on a medal at the championships and the Winter


Olympic Games in South Korea next year and after his results of the


weekend, the man they call the Rocket will believe anything is


possible. Wayne Rooney added another


goal-scoring record to his already impressive portfolio at the weekend,


his late equaliser at Stoke making him Manchester United's


all-time record goal-scorer. Goal number 250 for the club means


he eclipses Sir Bobby Charlton's record and it took Wayne 200


fewer games to do it. Well, to reflect on the achievement


I'm joined by another former United frontman,


Andy Ritchie. This is the goal that took into the


record. It's extremely impressive. Fantastic, he is breaking records


left, right and centre and he's a very proud man after scoring that


goal and he didn't really get to celebrate because he wanted to get


everybody back. Sir Bobby was there as well. Sir Bobby scored some


fantastic goals. It took the a few more games to get there, though. How


do you compare the two? You've got to compare Wayne with the best,


cause he's done it. Sir Bobby was probably more of a midfield player.


Wayne has probably played upfront most of his career. He's a fantastic


player and I wish him all the best because I think it's been a


fantastic achievement. 250 goals, 546 appearances, 758 for Sir Bobby,


but he has captured the heart of Manchester United fans. Did you


think Wayne Rooney has done the same? I certainly think he has. I


think he should go down as an all-time legend as a Manchester


United player. He's been out slowly fantastic for the football club --


absolutely fantastic. He's looked up to buy the rest of the players.


You've got to say he's an all-time legend. Thank you very much indeed.


Burnley are still smarting after a controversial penalty cost


them a valuable point away at Arsenal yesterday.


The Clarets levelled at 1-1 in injury time


through Andre Gray's penalty, but the home side were awarded


a spot kick of their own when Mee clashed with Koscielny,


Sanchez converted to win the match for Arsenal at the death.


We know how tough it is, this division, but we need officials


to make the right decisions and that is the real shame of today


- to lose a game in that fashion and an offside not given


Everton midfielder Gerard has joined EC Milan on loan until the end of


the season. -- AC. Fleetwood moved up to fourth in


league one. Sale Sharks fans finally


had something to smile about at the weekend


as the Steve Diamond's side They'd actually lost their last 16


games in Europe until this late penalty From AJ MacGinty secured


a 25-23 success over Scarlets This time last week


we were reflecting on the retirement of swim star Fran Halsall,


today it's the turn of her Team GB team mate Keri-Anne Payne who's


bowing out of the sport. The 29-year-old Olympic silver


medallist from Rochdale was also Keri-Anne says she still hopes


to inspire others to share her love Congratulations to Southport golfer


Tommy Fleetwood who won the Abu Dhabi championship yesterday. He


beat Dustin Johnson. It's his first European tour title in more than


three years. Andy Ritchie met him recently. He said he was a nice guy.


It was like you and your Big Brother sitting there!


A corner shop in the Lancashire village of Chipping first


opened its doors when Charles the Second was on the throne.


It's still in business, but for how long?


Yes, the country's oldest shop could be about to shut its doors


It's up for sale and, it seems, no one want to take it over.


For almost 350 years, Brabin's shop has been at the heart


of the Ribble Valley village of chipping but possibly


Roy Pinkett bought the business in 2014, but his wife Sharon


is suffering ill health and so they put it up for sale.


We've probably had a dozen people showing a bit of interest.


The furthest one came from Kent to view it,


but nothing's positive from it, no offers or anything.


Brabins is, by some accounts, the longest trading shop


in the country, having been a butchers, bakers and undertakers


If a buyer isn't found by the end of February,


If we don't find a buyer we'll have to close the doors.


John Brabin was a wealthy cloth merchant in Chipping in the 1600s.


Upon his death, his will instructed the creation of a Brabins Trust


They still manage almshouses and give out educational bursaries


I just wish the trust had more supporters.


The mobile post office opens up at Brabins twice a week


and would have to find a new home if it closes, and of course it


would mean the loss of another feature of village life.


We've been here 53 years, we've been there for sweets


and newspapers and groceries and my mum and dad


Longridge is a far way to go so it's a shame.


Chipping itself is getting bigger with houses so it's probably


The business comes with a home, outhouses, land and even animals.


There is still time for potential buyers to save the doors


from closing on this slice of Lancashire heritage.


It could be a great opportunity. The trust say they're working hard and


hopeful of finding someone to take it on. Let's get a look at the


weather now. It wasn't the best of starts today.


Many places were great, misty and murky for a huge portion of the day.


The sun came out in some places in the afternoon and that will be the


pattern again tomorrow. We have eight Met Office warning for four,


the lowest level, yellow. It could turn up anywhere and could be dense.


The first few days of the beaker chilly. By Thursday, we are really


in the cold air, but after that we are back in milder conditions so as


we speak, 12 showers across the region this afternoon hardly


dampening the ground, but the big story is visibility, the mist and


fog warning really an issue tomorrow morning for drivers and it might


affect airports. Away from that, some blue on the chart. Temperatures


will be fairly low from zero to two Celsius. Whenever you are, two


Celsius is not very good. The sun rises at 6:08am, we're getting


around 50 more minutes of sunlight in a week. -- 15. As the morning


goes on, brighter skies should come through the mist and fog and by the


afternoon is not a bad picture. The Isle of Man have cloud and rain and


soda Cumbria, pushing into Lancashire, but most people see an


improvement. It will still feel cold.


Well, it is January! Will be back with more news and weather at


10:30pm. Insight Out is on at 7:30pm here. Good night.


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