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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson.


As the Government loses the Supreme Court case on Brexit,


some local MPs call for a second public vote.


The builder who's barricaded himself inside an historic station


masters house in a dispute over renovation work.


Network Rail have left me with no choice but to do this and make a


stand against them. Angry locals give this Lancashire


road sweeper the brush off. I'm in the most romantic room in


what has been described as the most romantic hotel in Europe. It is


right here in the north-west, but where? Cheers.


We had our say back in June - just over half of us


here in the North West - 53% - voted to leave the EU.


But after today's Supreme Court ruling, our MPs will


They'll have the vote on triggering Article 50 -


a development that's left many Remain supporting MPs


Do they vote with their conscience or vote with the will of the people?


Our political editor Nina Warhurst has been following developments


Today has been described as a victory for parliamentary


sovereignty. The 650 men and women who sit in their will after all get


to vote on whether we leave the European Union. In just a minute I


will have a round-up of how the MPs intend to vote, but first how the


news has been received across the Northwest. For a slice of life in


post-Brexit Britain we have come for breakfast. These are four or five


months old. Jim and Roger's family have been


farming for generations. We first met brothers Jim


and Roger last May - You were the Brexiteer and you were


the remainder. And you were throttling each other! But he has


recovered. Have you been at each other's throats ever since? Not


really. We do not discuss it that much. It is like fait accompli. We


have to just get on with it, and the country has to get on with it. It


was 52-48, we have to get on with it. Everyone has to make the most of


it and try their best. Blackpool is the place that voted


more emphatically to leave Listen back to what people


here told us at the time - It is just a small island, and it is


to fool. We have too many foreign people taking advantage of the


system. Many still have the same concerns -


and are optimistic about I voted to leave, and I think we


have more chance of leaving Europe than being told what to do by the


Germans and French. I think we have a better chance outside than staying


in. I think it is being made out that everyone who voted leave are


racists and bigots. We are not. We're just seeing the bigger


picture. in warrington has been a growth


industry over the last few years. Back in June - Boris who runs this


place thought Britian had What future do you see for Brexit


Britain? Do you think you will still be here? Because no one else, even


your Prime Minister in her speech, obviously my plans changed and they


are still changing. With so much still to be thrashed out, the


uncertainty he feels is felt by many. So big implications for


everyone across the North West, but what has been the reaction here? 53%


of people in the north-west voted to leave the European Union, and so,


for most people's MPs it is relatively straightforward. They


will vote to trigger Article 50 because that is how their


constituents voted. But MPs in Manchester, Liverpool, Wirral,


Sefton, Stratford and Stockport, they are the ones who face a crisis


of conscience. To the vote as the majority of the people in the UK


did, or as constituents did, to stay. One MP facing that dilemma is


Lucy Powell. What way will you vote? On the second reading that will come


next week, the first stage of the bell, I to trigger Article 50


because although I do not want to leave the European Union, I voted


and campaigned to remain, but the act of Parliament is to give effect


to a referendum that I supported. It is just the beginning of the


process, we will be laying down amendments and holding the


government to account. There will be a vote at the end on the deal the


government has got. There is no blank cheque but I feel it is my


responsibility to enact it. Even though 60% of people in Manchester


voted to remain? I know it will be hugely disappointing, but the


problem with referendums as it is binary, yes or no macro, and we


voted to leave. It is not what I wanted but it is what is happening.


It is not a proportionate vote, you cannot say we will only leave by


52%, we either leave or do not. Most MPs across the north-west agree with


Lucy. I spoke to Geoff So far only Jeff Smith,


MP for Manchester Withington, and Luciana Berger, MP


for Liverpool Wavertree, and Louise Ellman, MP for


Liverpool Riverside, have told me they could


vote against triggering Article 50 in keeping


with their personal views, As for the Lib Dems,


their line is clear - they will reject Article 50


unless there is a promise of a public vote on


the final Brexit deal. they voted for it, it is the


decision, it will affect generations to come. It will affect the economy.


It will have a lot of significant consequences. To rule them out of


the final say and leave that to MPs or just the Prime Minister, I think


is the wrong way to set about it and shows the government does not have a


grip on the situation. The Lib Dems are unlikely


to get their way and for there to be But once Article 50 is triggered,


that's when the really carving out a deal that


everyone agrees with. But today a significant. By the end


of the week, one way or another, we will be leaving the European Union.


The Isle of Man's strict abortion laws are to be reviewed,


At the moment, it is only allowed under certain circumstances.


Many women have to travel to clinics in the UK because of tight


A member of the House of Keys has been told he can start work


on the proposed changes, to bring the rules in line


The small steps, but this is the start of a process. So I can sit


down and create a law that can go to consultation so we can bring our


laws up-to-date. Tributes have been paid


to a promising young cyclist from High Peak -


who died in his sleep on Friday. 15-year-old Charlie Craig


from Hayfield was an apprentice Paralympic champion


Dame Sarah Storey said his death The fountains in Manchester's


Piccadilly Gardens They'd been out of action


since September last year due The display includes 180 jets,


propelling water up to six A builder has barricaded himself


into an historic house Dave Anderson says Network Rail


owe him money for work he carried out on the Station Master's House


at Ribblehead near Ingleton The Wirral-based contractor says


he's spent four frustrating years trying to sort it out and has now


run out of patience. He says he'll stay put


until the issue is resolved. Our Chief Reporter,


Dave Guest, has the story. The station master 's house is an


ideal place to get away from it all, especially for railway enthusiasts.


It sits right next to the historic Ribblehead viaduct. It is available


for weekly lets, but the man who booked in last Friday says he will


not move out any time soon. Builder Dave Anderson worked on the


restoration on the property in 2012. He has been in a financial dispute


with the building's owners, Network Rail, since. He tendered for a


contract worth ?150,000, but he says the work actually cost far more than


that because it was more complex and expensive than he had been led to


believe originally. So now he has barricaded himself into the building


and is refusing to leave until the matter is resolved. He is not


prepared to leave the upstairs room and come out of the property, so we


have to speak to him from here. The only way we will hear him is by


sending him a microphone. Isn't this all a bit extreme? I have been


forced into this position because of the actions of Network Rail. If you


can prove they all your money, why not go through the courts? They are


such a big national company, they know I have no money, they know that


I have lost my business and house, I borrowed money on the house to fund


the job and it has all gone. They have had two internal


investigations, they have gone through legal challenges and


solicitors. Does that not suggest it is you who is in the wrong? Not


really. I want the public to know, I want a public investigation. What of


the police physically tried to kick you out? I do not think they can


because I have secured myself in really well. Dave says his protest


is peaceful, but it is the only way of breaking the impasse with his


dispute with Network Rail. We will follow that story. In the meantime


Network Rail has released a statement. They say, we are aware of


the situation and are keen to speak to him to understand his concern is.


Until we have spoken to him and establish the facts, it would not be


appropriate to comment further on appropriate to comment further on


this at this time. Metrolink have apologised


after trams across Manchester saw Many commuters took to social media


to voice their frustrations The company say freezing fog


overnight lead to ice We have seen the tram network Corp


very well in extreme conditions of snow and ice before, it is just an


unfortunate combination that affects them badly. If the weather continues


to improve we should be OK. One of the region's most


prestigious manufacturers Bentley in Crewe says


2016 was a record year. It's taking on more


apprentices and has big plans for training and recruitment


which it says makes its future The firm also says there's


little if any fear that leaving the European Union


will dent its future The motoring press was a bit sniffy


about Bentley's Bentayga. But sales of this aristocratic


automobile already make The customers' reaction has been


superb. We made 5500 last year, and we are delighted with what we have


done with it. Coupled with the fantastic workforce which have put


so much effort into what has happened in 2016. Let us look at all


sales figures in more detail. In 2008, during the recession, they


suffered like most businesses. Figure started to bounce back, and


last year... Up to 100 apprentices will be taken


on this year. There's opposition to the plan


because some roads will be closed. The firm says it's


about opportunities. The number of apprentices -- the


majority of our apprentices come from the local area, so for people


to see that they can build and grow their career here, it can only be a


good thing. With Brexit on the cards, what is the future? We're


looking at good deals from the government in terms of what they can


do with our European partners and get really back into some stability


because this uncertainty is not helpful. That is echoed by business


experts. BR in a great place, a nice client base in America, high-end UK,


and the Middle East as well. The client base is hopefully untouchable


for Bentley. Bentley's first diesel car -


and perhaps a nod to critics and customers concerned


about the environment. Mark Edwardson, BBC


North West Tonight, Crewe. A lot of wistful sigh and looking at


those cars! Find out why the turnstiles here at


Oldham athletic will be turning a little more than usual.


Europe's most romantic hotel is closer to home.


When people in Accrington complained about piles


of litter in their street, the council promised


A mechanical street sweeper was sent to deal with the problem.


the sweeper simply drove past it and disappeared.


Much to the embarassment of Hyndburn Council,


the incident was filmed and has now been seen around the world.


You'll find the odd bit of rubbish along Bath Street


But nothing like the mess that was driving local


There was a lot of it, wasn't there? There were 12 bags in total that we


finally collected. A minimum of 100 bottles.


Council officials leapt into action


Kevin Carroll has his own camera pointing at the street.


Basically he did a U-turn, zigzagged around the rubbish, and off he went.


It's more a fly past than a direct attack.


This is not so much clean and tidy as Laurel and Hardy.


It was a little surprising, and a bit comical as well. The council has


issued an apology to the people who live here, and it accepts that the


street sweeper wasn't acting up to what it calls its usual high


standards. It says it will be investigating what happened here in


more detail. Locals were so fed up,


they cleared the litter themselves. They should not have had to do that.


No, it was an isolated incident and the overall environmental services,


the people who work for them have got passion for it and work hard. On


this occasion they have slipped up. Unfortunately for the council,


the slip-up is being Stuart Flinders, BBC


North West Tonight, Accrington. Have embarrassing. It is a bit. It


is more of a fly-tip than a fly-past.


Sport now, and it promises to be a bumper crowd at Oldham Athletic


this evening as the Latics take on Peterborough in League One.


Stuart Pollitt's at the ground and he can explain all.


I suspect the turnstiles are significant. They are queueing up


outside, and they are going to be coming in tonight for no cost.


That's right, free entry for Oldham and Peterborough fans.


Well, it's not the case that Oldham don't need the money -


But what it needs more at the moment is an upturn in fortunes.


Second bottom of League One, tonight is new manager


John Sheridan's first game back in charge here for a third time.


Apparently they're expecting up to 8,000 tonight -


5,000 more than an average weekday game.


I may take up the offer, and I take my son then, we did it last year,


they charged a fiver or something and I went down. But I do not


support Oldham. I might turn up. In need to recruit more scouts, more


kids, get their ambitions high, and feel the oxygen of a real stadium.


Would you be tempted if it was free? No, because I am not interested in


football. I'm thinking about taking my little girl, it is her first


football game. I am joined by the chief executive here. What is the


thinking behind the initiative? We have a new manager here, we want to


get behind him, get some momentum going. We have a poor season, been


poor at home, so you can either sit back and wait for them to get


better, or you can try to help. So we are trying to get the crowds in,


to try to get the team is going, build on it, and everyone coming


tonight who enjoys it may come back on Saturday. The take-up has been


excellent, they are expecting up to 8000. There is a real buzz about the


place. We would have got 3500 at the most on a cold night in January, but


we're expecting 8000. You mentioned the new manager, John Sheridan back


in charge after three years. He was sacked in January after... We were


very keen to get John back in when he was available, the issue with not


going to happen before that, nothing to do with us. I think there are


some ulterior motives with what they have come out with, but I will not


see any more at this stage. You're needing a good run to get out of the


relegation zone. Yes, it is going to be tough this year. We're not hiding


behind anything. We have been very poor at home and haven't scored


goals. So tonight we hope can be the turnaround from that, get the cloud


going and get a few goals to build from there. It has not been the best


of times for Oldham. What is the overall health of the club


financially? The transfer embargo did not cause us much of an issue,


it was just one of those things. We're now looking forward to a


strong end to the season and hopefully we can regroup and build


on words. Thank you very much for your time.


Manchester United will have to move 2,600 season ticket holders to make


space for an extra 300 spaces for disabled supporters,


The work will reduce the ground's capacity to 73,000 but has been


The Lancashire skier Dave Ryding has been back in action this afternoon


after his history making second place at the weekend.


Dave became the first British skier to make


Today he's lying in fourth place after his first run


We will update you in the late bulletin. That is all we have for


you. Full commentary on the match on the radio. Free entry for the fans


coming intimate. But, of course, the food is not free. Our cameraman has


already bought up if for ?3. I am surprised he has only had one!


Three weeks until Valentine's Day, the busiest -- my busiest day of the


year. You might be making secret plans to whisk your loved one away


for a romantic date. But where to go? Boundary Park? There is no need


to go that far! That is because a boutique hotel in the north-west has


been voted the most romantic in Europe by an online travel site, but


we visit? -- where is it? Forget Paris with its boulevards and Venice


with its waterways, for true Romance check out Chester and the Edgar


house Hotel. Jeremy and Lindsay from Liverpool are here to celebrate


is the setting and the atmosphere is the setting


created by the owners. It is like a created by the owners. It is like a


family home. Are you feeling romantic? Definitely! It is hard not


creating a romantic atmosphere? In creating a romantic atmosphere? In


rose petals on the bed and get a rose petals on the bed and get a


glass of champagne to settle in with. Thank you. What more could you


want in your luxurious room but a copper bath filled with bubbles?


There is even a home cinema where you can snuggle up and watch your


favourite romantic comedy. Will tell certainly worked its magic on these


two, back for a second time. Are you feeling romantic? Yes, definitely.


It is gorgeous. A lovely place. It is really nice being on the river,


and going for a walk after. We have had a few proposals, so we do


special things if we know there has been a proposal, would pop up with a


bottle of champagne. Chester makes a difference to us, it is a romantic


city within its own right. On the streets of Chester, romance is alive


and well. Thank you very much! You're on your lunch break? Yes, we


are. It is life coming year. It is a nice city. We are really lucky to be


together at our age, nearly 80. Do you feel romantic been here


together? Tee not really, we feel cold. Back at the Hotel, love is in


the air. OK, you two, get a room! Diane knows how romantic Chester is.


I was there this morning with Keith the cameraman. Not even a kiss!


Pictures have captured exactly what happened first thing this morning. A


little frost, and a fair bit of sunshine for many places as the day


went on. Tomorrow will continue much the same, but Thursday is very cold


and windy. At the moment there is a lot of cloud cover around. The cloud


has moved in over the last couple of hours. Some rain moving in, but not


from everyone. There is a small chance you could catch some fogger


messed early doors, but no weather warnings for our area. The overnight


temperatures are not too bad, so it is better than last night. There


will not be frost first thing. When the sun comes up it will not be a


bad day. The cloud cover moves in now and again, but the breeze picks


up as the day goes on, so it will feel a little chilly. On Thursday


year daytime temperature may just be one Celsius. Leitner have a look at


this handsome fellow. Visitors to the Sea Life Centre seem


to think this frogfish bears a striking resemblance


to a certain US President. You might get the impression


that history is just a record Very often,


the line between fact and fiction In this series, I'm exploring how


three turning points in our history have been manipulated to become


our greatest historical legends. I want to be entertained.


Entertain me.


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