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Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Annabel Tiffin


Could their deaths have been prevented?


We reveal two cases where people died after long ambulance delays.


I think it is an absolute disgrace and they should be held accountable


for that. We don't think this should ever happen again to anybody.


North West Ambulance Service admits in both cases paramedics


were waiting to hand over patients at A


Also tonight - 10,000 pheasants are being culled in Lancashire


after bird flu is detected at a farm near Preston.


Jennifer finally accepts a marriage proposal


And strong as steel but thinner than hair.


Could graphene now revolutionise the world of high fashion?


Pensioners Jack Skelly and Richard Hansbury


Tonight it's emerged that in their separate cases,


the fact that paramedics were waiting to hand over patients


at nearby hospitals may've contributed to their deaths.


Richard Hansbury, who was bleeding from a head wound,


waited more than an hour for an ambulance.


But first our Health Correspondent Gill Dummigan reports on the case


of 71-year-old Jack Skelly who died waiting


Jack Skelly was a man who loved life.


He appeared to be in good health but on December 19, he


collapsed in the family bathroom banging his head as he fell.


When it hadn't arrived in approximately


15 minutes, my husband decided to ring me.


She immediately began to assess her uncle's condition


while his family rang the Ambulance Service again.


I just kept talking to him, reassuring


By now, Jo said it was coming up to 50 minutes since the first call.


At the very most, it should've been there within 20.


Finally you could see that the colour was changing.


He was becoming more and more deteriorated,


sorry, in front of our eyes, basically.


Five minutes later, the ambulance crew arrived.


She said the family will never know whether he


might have lived if they had got there sooner.


Whenever somebody has a trauma, for example, they talk


about the golden hour and uncle Jack's golden hour was waiting for


I think it's an absolute disgrace and they should be


We don't think this should ever happen again


Two people had died waiting for ambulances. Steve is here for us


now. This case concerns


65-year-old Richard Hansbury. He lived alone in a sheltered


accommodation flat in Wigan. He'd collapsed in October


and was bleeding heavily The alarm was raised and the call


was flagged as red - Paramedics should have been


there within eight minutes. His family claim it was more


than hour before crews arrived. Mr Hansbury weighed 19 stone


and ambulance staff needed another None were available meaning


it was over two and a half hours after the first 999 call before


he got to hospital And Steve, so what have


the North West Ambulance said about the two deaths,


and the problems they're facing? As with Mr Skelly we featured


in Gill Dummigans report and in Mr Hansbury's case,


the Ambulance Service apologise They say there was high


demand and a number of resources were waiting


with patients at hospitals. They say the operating environment


over recent weeks has been amongst Demand for general 999 calls


is up 7% year to date. The amount of time


an ambulance waits at hospital Unions say their members


are feeling the pressure, and that they should be freed up


once they get to hospital. We think once the ambulance reaches


the hospital, the patient is then in a safe environment. The patient in


the community are the ones at risk because they can't get emergency


ambulances. They say that long waits for urgent


cases are unacceptable and are extremely frustrating


for our staff. They say they're working


with NHS colleagues Thousands of pheasants


are going to have to be culled at a farm in Lancashire


because of bird flu. The farm at the centre


of the outbreak in Preesall is worried it could go bankrupt


after Government officials confirmed the virus had infected some


of its birds. It's the first bird flu case


in Lancashire since 2015 - and comes amid restrictions


on the movement of poultry following outbreaks in other


parts of Britain. It was confirmed last night that


bird fly had -- bird flu had been found here. They are looking at the


source of the outbreak in 10,000 breeding pfennigs. I have done it


now 54 years and potentially it could everything out. -- breeding


pheasants. It could bankrupt us. Protection zone is around the


protected area along with the ten kilometre surveillance zone to stop


it from spreading. Animal health officers are at the farm and a


number of pheasants have died and the remaining birds are due to be


humanely culled. There will be a primary and secondary disinfect


which aims to bridge the form of any traces of the disease. The former


will get paid for the birds that are healthy and have to be destroyed


because of this disease. That is quite a good rate but what is the


huge cost? It is the cleansing disinfectant. He will have to clean


that form out to a stricter standard. Bill Davison runs a farm


close to the outbreak. I have a lot of sympathy for him. I have known


him all my life. You tend to feel it as well. As a farmer, I am not too


worried about this disease spreading, provided we do what we


have to do, which is keep the birds indoors. A precautionary measure


announced last month. It is that -- it is believed the strain has been


spread by migratory birds. It has been found in Wales, north Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire. It can be found on birds themselves if they are


undetected and infected. People's feet, materials taken out of the


farm, which is why we are strict on movement of off farms. Public Health


England says the riskiest oh low and the Food Standards Agency says the


risk is also low. -- says the risk is low.


Police have made an arrest after a 63-year-old was killed


in an alleged hit and run as he went for a walk with his


The man who died has been named as Michael Meekins.


The incident happened last night on Princes Way, Fleetwood.


A 23-year-old man is being questioned by police.


Detectives found a woman with stab wounds and man's body at two


separate homes on Merseyside, in incidents, which


The injured woman was found at a flat in Litherland yesterday


Police later found the dead man at another flat on the same road.


A jury has failed to reach a verdict in the trial of a man accused


of modern slavery charges Mohammed Riaz who's


63 and from Nelson denied forcing or compelling


a polish couple to work for him at his home in Nelson.


The jury at Burnley Crown Court was unable to reach a majority


The prosecution is yet to decide whether to go ahead


Thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused


to Trafford Town Hall after a man smashed windows and


It happened early on Saturday morning.


The main entrance to the building won't be available


Police are investigating the attack.


There was some angry reaction from Brexit supporters on social


media last night when we revealed that Merseyside MP Louise Ellman


is going to vote against triggering Article 50.


The Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside is set to defy her


Although the nation as a whole voted to leave, most people


Louise Ellman joins us from our studio in Westminster.


Isn't it true that the majority winds the day and we toe the line.


--? I am going to do the best thing for my constituents. Liverpool's


success, our transformation has come about because of billions of pounds


of European funding invested in jobs. Big Ukip leader made the point


many times in the whole Brexit referendum campaign that it is no


such thing as European money, it is money we have given to Europe in the


first place. That money was not come to Liverpool before and it came in a


way that was innovative. Much of the research funding at Liverpool


University comes from Europe, students have exchanges, many of the


stuff come from Europe. Our whole economy is on working with Europe. I


have heard nothing from what the government have had to say to


suggest Liverpool will be able to progress if we don't carry on


getting the support. I'm not going to vote to let my constituents down.


Do you not see the point that people quite understandably will make


people -- even people who have voted remaining macro, saying they have


lost the argument, we have voted to leave and we should get on with it.


-- Remain. I am elected as a member of Parliament the Liverpool was


aside -- Riverside. Some of those who voted to remain were not


concerned about the future. Some of those that have voted to leave said


they didn't realise what impact it would have on jobs and the city. Are


you worried that Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour MPs who don't toe the


party line could face punishment? I have always done what I believed in.


I've voted against the Labour whip on a number of occasions. There was


the health service and the education and schools. Now I am looking at the


future of the city from Liverpool and up to now, I haven't had any


argument from the government about the negotiation may want to enter


into which will look after the people of Liverpool Riverside. You


were not trying to overturn Brexit, yes or no? I am not going to vote to


trickle -- trigger Article 50. Still to come, good grapheme


revolutionised the world of high fashion. And a life-size model of


the terracotta Army light up the night sky.


When Jennifer Ginley's boyfriend proposed, she said "No",


not because she didn't want to marry him, but because,


she says she didn't want to be a fat bride.


Jennifer, from Kirkby, was 19 stone, but within a year she had lost


nearly ten and is now looking forward to walking down the aisle.


Jennifer is here and looking great - you are literally half the woman


you were, Presumably boyfriend didn't care about your


He idolised me throughout the whole 11 years together and it was about


me wanting to feel great about myself and looking forward to being


a writer and planning a wedding when I was excited to try on bridal


gowns. How does it feel to look at those pictures? Proud. Proud I made


those changes and I can't say I hated myself and I was miserable all


the time, I had a great life and stop it was the wait was the top of


my to-do list. I wanted to be happier, healthier. Lots of people


will be watching who want to lose a lot of weight all little bit. How


did you do it? I followed the Slimming World plan. I had the


healthy eating plan and didn't exercise. I exercised once I lost


weight. I stuck to the healthy eating plan and changed my ways. I


committed to change and a healthy lifestyle. I was a serial failed and


had been on lots of diets. Every doubt you could think of, I have


done it. What is about -- what is your message to people who are in


the position you are in? The main thing is to believe in yourself. I


really had such confidence, even after so many years of failing. You


have to truly committed to changing yourself and developing your


willpower one day at a time. What would you say is the best thing feel


about the weight loss? What have you found that is different or better?


The physical is great. I feel more confident about myself but I am


proud of my mentality. I am a mob positive person. I am not negative


any more. If I say I'm going to do something, I can do it because I am


proud of yourself. Because you were so young, lot of that axis skin


shrugged back down. -- excess skin. I drink a lot of water. You have an


amazing run on your finger. When is your wedding? 2019. Have you been


dress shopping? No, not yet. Onto sport now and it's make


or break for Liverpool tonight as their EFL Cup campaign goes


on the line. Nothing short of a comprehensive win


over Southampton will do if they're to make the final and Richard


is at Anfield to look Hoping for a good night there. It is


a lovely, crisp and cold evening. It is make or break the Liverpool. A


Wembley final on offer. In terms of rediscovering the momentum, the


tempo that has made them so exciting this season, you can expect to


Liverpool to go for the jugular tonight. It won't be easy.


Southampton go into this game after a confidence boosting victory and


Jurgen Klopp knows he has a tough task on his hands. They are in a


good run at the moment and we know about this. We want to go to the


final also, so that's what we have to show. It is not sufficient to say


we want to go up. It would be important to score away. Whatever


happens tonight, there has already been some good news out of Anfield


today. Liverpool need it. 1-0 down from the first leg against


Southampton. The key man is the playmaker. The Brazilian, the


creative heartbeat has signed a new five year compact worth ?150,000 a


week. Several clubs have been sniffing around the Brazilian.


Excellent news for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp ahead of what is a huge


game here at Anfield. Full match commentary on BBC Radio Merseyside.


Liverpool could face Manchester United. They play tomorrow against


Hull City. Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary manager and has played --


paid tribute to Jose Mourinho and his growing influence at Old


Trafford. Speaking exclusively come he said the current team now matches


the winning mentality of Jose Mourinho.


Playing with great energy, determination will to win.


One piece of transfer news tonight, Burnley have agreed a ?10 million


fee with Hull City for midfielder Robert Snodgrass, but terms haven't


Onto last night's action now and Fleetwood Town are up to fourth


in League One after a 2-0 win away to top of the table


Conor McLaughlin and Devante Cole scored as Uwe Rosler's side


stretched their unbeaten League run to 11 games, moving them


to within six points of the automatic promotion places.


And Oldham's gesture of letting all fans in free to Boundary Park


meant a crowd of over 7000 saw Paul Green and Ryan McLaughlin


secure a much needed 2-0 win over Peterborough


for the relegation-threatened Latics.


Finally from me, some sad news in cricket with Lancashire


all-rounder Tom Smith forced to retire with immediate effect


31-year-old Tom, was a key member of the 2011 title winning team


and was named captain in 2015 before his season was


It could be Manchester United and Liverpool in the final. Liverpool


have to do the business here. Back to you.


They are calling it the most technically advanced dress.


Well today fashion met the world of science has a dress


which incorporates graphene, a material first discovered


in Manchester, was put on display in one of the city's most


Deena Campbell went to find out more.


Could this little black dress become a wardrobe staple for women


But can you tell what is different about it?


Designers from wearable tech company Cute Circuit have previously made


dresses for worn by celebrities like Nicole Sherzinger


It's the world's most technically advanced dress which sees a material


called graphene which was discovered right here in Manchester - used


We have this magical area here in the shape of the garment. We have an


LED suspended and it looks like it's exploding. The light has been


changing colour. We have a sensor hiding in the lining of the dress


Rand the chest that is stretchable material and hands with grapheme


also. In 2004 two scientists


from Manchester University discovered graphene and they later


went on to win the Nobel prize The idea of using it in fashion is


not a new concept but what is new is we have been able to incorporate


different types of grapheme onto this classic black dress.


The so called miracle material is lighter than paper


But were shoppers at the Intu Trafford Centre


in Manchester impressed by this marriage of science


It looks like something you can see at a party. Considering what it is


made of, it is great. It is unusual, nice and eye-catching. Probably too


much to me -- for me. Though this dress is just


a prototype and could set you back a few quid -


it's hoped more affordable versions of this type of wearable tech


will be available on the high street And everyday little number. China's


terracotta warriors are coming to Liverpool next year in what the city


says is a cultural 's coup for the city. Manchester is showcasing


life-size stone models of the warriors and they light up at night.


Joining them is our weather warrior who always lights up the night sky.


It is the Chinese New Year on Saturday and it is always a fun


spectacle. Standing on duty dancing all over the place, we have 40


illuminated Chinese terracotta Warriors and their horses. Louis


joins me and he has been on a world tour with these guys. They are so


spectacular. They are lighting and very charming. You have taken them


all over the world. Where have they been too? We have been in


Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh. Czech Republic, Finland, Australia,


Colombia and next up is Brazil. They started in Beijing. Of course. 2008.


During the games in Beijing. After that we started our cultural


promotion. How they received? Are they always a popular spectacle?


Really popular and many TV stations report them. We have so many


newspapers who report them. You are moving on to Brazil next meeting all


kind of weather conditions. What are they made off so they can work all


around the world? They are made by fabrics and we make them by way of


fire resistant and water resistant. Wherever you go, they will be fine.


We wish you luck. They are only here for four days so people need to see


them quickly. They are here until Sunday. Good luck on your trip to


Brazil. Our weather that night, they will feel rather cold in the city


centre tonight. Our temperatures will fall away.


Tonight, temperatures are on the way down and temperatures would be


around to Celsius. It could fall down 2-3 C rurally. The cloud is


starting to build as we had through the early hours of the morning. We


have a much cloudy affair. There will be some spells of sunshine but


it will be rather gloomy. The wind will be strong and raw. Daytime


temperatures around to Celsius. If you are out and about with the


strength of the wind, it will feel colder than that. It will feel quite


chilly and raw. Wrap up warm. The warriors are in town for four days.


The real terracotta warriors come to Liverpool to the world museum next


year. That will be a fantastic occasion.


Diane will be back with a weather forecast at 10:30pm. Thanks for


watching. RADIO: 'The UK has voted to leave


the European Union by 52% to 48. 'Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrated


the result, declaring that 'dawn was breaking on an


independent nation.' Ugh! 'is expected to resign


later this morning.'


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