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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson


After a year, and a worldwide appeal, his identity


You always think back, could I have asked more questions? With


hindsight, everything is easy, isn't it? At least we have some conclusion


now and we can all put it to rest. David Lytton's suspected suicide has


puzzled detectives for months. The family of a Blackpool couple


killed by a terrorist in Tunisia say their lives have


been torn apart. I did not want to touch, I did not


want to do anything for hard because I was so scared of hurting hard


because she was so small and fragile. I live at 36 Randall St, I


like maths, outer space, looking after Toby... And from Page to


stage, we will need to be Stockport playwright who adapted the curious


incident of the dog in the night-time.


A man's body, which was found on Saddleworth Moor in December 2015,


has finally been identified following an international


Detectives pieced together CCTV footage, medical records


and travel information - to solve the mystery


And today he was finally named as David Lytton.


The 67-year-old flew in from Pakistan -


and travelled directly to the North West.


He then walked up onto the moors and police believe


For more than one year, his identity was a mystery. Now we can finally


put a name to a face. The body of David Litton was found on the mirror


into those in and 16. He had no wallet, not ID and was untraceable


until now. We were so pleased. We could not believe we had potentially


found out. It was the first the family knew. David had been living


in Pakistan since 2006. He left Pakistan in 2015 and arrived at


London Heathrow the following day. He took the train from the capital


to Manchester and was captured on CCTV. Later, he arrived at the


Clarence pub where he asked the landlords directions to the top of


the mountain. It played on my mind, the fact we have not found him for


two years and you are listening, could I have asked more questions?


With hindsight, everything is easy, isn't it? At least we got some


conclusion now and I think we can put it to rest. From the pub, he


headed the short distance to the local beauty spot. This is Doug


Stone reservoir that he trekked through on his way up the hill to


the moors. Why he travelled such a distance and why he came to this


location remains a mystery. Among the theories investigated and later


discounted by detectives were whether he had a personal connection


to the 1940s plane crash. There are so many unanswered questions, a man


the police believed to kids an life in December 2015 and it is


compounded by the fact they did not know who he was for so long. --


believe took his life. They have now been able to speak to his family. He


has been dubbed dog story because of where he was found. --


Hundreds of people have attended the funeral of a soldier


from Greater Manchester who died in a shooting accident in Iraq.


Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington was 22 and had only


Today crowds gathered in Middleton as his funeral


Hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to a young


soldier described by his commanding officer as a "big character"


this community, our streets, our schools and these people were all


special to him. Lance Corporal Scott


Hetherington was 22 years old. Scott was taken from us suddenly and


it has been hard for any of us to get our heads around what has


happened. He was one of 150 members


of the 2nd Battalion, the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment


who set off on a six month They'd been training Iraqi


and Kurdish security forces The Ministry of Defence is carrying


out a full investigation into what happened on the 2nd


of January, but it's understood Lance Corporal Hetherington died


in a shooting accident. Today the regiment's chaplain paid


tribute to "Snowball" to "Snowball" as he was known


by his fellow soldiers. He would do this wonderful salute


and I would wind to be window down and do a hi-fi. He was buried with


full military honours. Inspectors are found a lack of


understanding of the extent of child sexual exploitation. The force says


it will continue to review its services to children.


The cost of a police investigation into alleged financial


irregularities at companies which provided services


for Lancashire County Council and Liverpool City Council has


22 staff are working on the three year investigation


into One Connect Limited and Liverpool Direct -


The Sophie Lancaster Foundation has been awarded a ?50,000


Government grant to help their work challenging prejudices


The funding comes in the 10th anniversary year of the Lancashire


student's death after being attacked in a park in Bacup.


The daily catch limit on King Scallops has been


It was introduced in November when there was a bumper crop


of scallops and boats raced to land as many as they could.


The government says the restrictions worked well but are no longer needed


We had to takes action and the only way to do that was a limit which we


could police on a daily basis, rather than a weekly basis, that


some people wanted. That has worked quite well and enabled fishermen to


make enough money over a period of time.


The family of a Blackpool couple who were killed


while on holiday in Tunisia, told an inquest that an "evil


and twisted" ideology has torn apart their lives.


Dennis and Elaine Thwaites were sunbathing on the beach


at Sousse in June 2015, when they were shot dead


Emily Unia has been following the inquests


which have been taking place at the Royal Courts


She joins us now. Good evening. Bring us up-to-date with the


evidence today. Lindsay, the daughter, was in court this morning


and read out a statement that Lindsay had written. She sat by his


side as he read it. Of her mother Elaine, Lindsay had written, my


heart is smashed into pieces. She was my world. Of her father Dennis,


Lindsay had written, I idolised my dad, lived up to him and loved him.


I loved unconditionally. He was my shining light, my style. -- my


starter. He played football in the 1960s and there was an anecdote of


playing George Best on the beach in Minorca. There was sadness because


they were planning a surprise birthday in the Dominican Republic.


Sadly, that was a holiday that was never going to happen. A very


difficult day for the family, Emily, what did other witnesses say about


it? Be described as seeing them on the beach into those and in 15 and


setting themselves up on sun lounges and then the chaos and panic that


ensued once they realise the gunman had opened fire. He was firing


indiscriminately at people who were sunbathing on the beach and enjoying


the holiday. They panicked, they ran and tried to hide and were fearing


for their lives. One witness described he saw bodies that he


believed to be Dennis and Helene. It wasn't until he returned to the UK


that he was sure they had died. -- Ealing. How long are the inquests


going to last? There will be more inquests next week and then we are


looking at a further four weeks before the coroner is going to be


reaching his conclusion. Thank you very much for your time. Emily, who


has been following the inquests. It recorded the hit makers


we celebrate the success Honoured for her charity work


Denise Fergus is rewarded The new Mersey Gateway Bridge could


be just months away from opening - but the governmnet's


already being accused When he was the Chancellor, George


Osborne promised he would look at allowing local people to cross it


for free. The Government have now confirmed the charges will not be


waved at all. It's meant to be a 62 million pound


a year boost to the local economy. But when it's built it'll mean


a ?1000 a year cost at least to those who'll have to pay to cross


the river and get back every day. And that will definitely include


drivers who live in Frodsham. They're just five miles away


from it, but unlike residents in the borough of Halton


which contains the bridge, People go to work every day, while


should they have to pay to cross a river to go to work? -- why? It is


?2 each way. Is that what it is going to be? I have no idea. There


is no point in that. As long as the other bridges still operating and


free... It is not. You will have to pay for that as well? For both? That


is appalling. The former Chancellor George Osborne promised a review to


see that if the local people could cross for free. This local decision


has dashed those hopes. Can we have a debate so that the Government can


explain why they have broken their promises to my constituents? The


Government has been accused of smoke and mirrors. I am disappointed with


the U-turn. It is going to cost thousands a year to reach over. That


is because there will be tall is on the old bridge, too. The Government


says the cost of extending the travel could have reached up to ?600


million and that is because of authorities on the other side of the


water could have demanded free travel for their residents, too. But


are now calls for a compromise so that people can cross through free


if they are going to work or a medical appointment. Others want a


U-turn on the current U-turn. Some locals are facing the prospect of


having to pay to get across the new bridge. Lots of you have been in


touch on social media this afternoon.


Fiona Goodier says the bridge tolls mean "it will cost a fortune"


for people in Runcorn and Halton to access hospitals in Liverpool.


"Toll charge + parking + fuel - at least ?10 a time.


But Richard Cunliffe says "I won't have to sit


I don't think he minds whether he has to pay an art, he is just happy.


We're going to talk about Denise Fergus.


The mother of murdered toddler James Bulger has been honoured today


Denise Fergus set up the James Bulger Memorial Trust


to support young people and reward those making a positive


Today in a special ceremony in the House of Lords she was given


Shortly after the ceremony she told me what it meant


to her to have her work recognised in this way.


I set up the charity because I did not want


James to be remembered as


the child who was murdered, I wanted his name to be remembered


With the charity, I think we have achieved that.


Not only are we remembering James, we are also


Remind us what you do for other children.


At the moment, we have a static caravan near Blackpool where we get


--give children respite holiday whenever they want in the caravan.


Children who've been through bereavement,


victim of crime, having to care for parents or siblings.


You understand at firt hand to be a victim of crime and for the


relatives of victims of crime, it is so hard and sometimes those


In my experience when I lost James, my


mum lived in a four-bedroom house and I went to


There are only so many rooms in the caravan.


You have to talk and you know what the


I wanted families to come together because I felt the


rest of the family were going through what I was going through as


It is not burdening them. It is people coming together through


difficult times. I know you would never have wished to be in this


position. You are in this position because you lost your son. How proud


you think James would have been? I think James would have said, go on


and do what you need to do. He is not here to speak to himself so I


have two be his voice. I think he would be proud of what I am doing


and everyone that is involved in the charity. We all work so hard, it is


not just me. The whole charity works so hard to get where we are and we


are going to make it bigger. Denise, thank you so much and


congratulations again. She is so proud of all the work she has done.


Do you know what she liked the best of today? She met Bradley Walsh. She


said that was the best bit. He does a very good game show, I believe.


A playwright from Stockport says giving children a proper education


in the arts will make Britain a better country.


Simon Stephens wrote the stage version of "The Curious Incident


of the Dog in the Night-time", which is showing at the Lowry


He also wants pupils at state schools to believe


that they are entitled to pursue careers in the arts.


Last night, current students from his old school


Our reporter, Andy Gill, was there too.


I'm going to find out who really killed the dog.


The play is based on Mark Haddon's book.


It is the story of Christopher, a teenager with


behavioural difficulties whos sets out who killed


the neighbour's dog and


finds out truths about his family on the way.


Simon Stephens has won awards for his script.


He went to Stockport School, or Mile End as it's known.


He wants pupils from state schools to believe they are


as entitled to a career in


I think education and the arts it dignifies


and empowers everybody with a spirit of empathy and communication.


It is not just about training artists, it is about making this


Last night 200 Stockport School pupils


He has already been back to his old school to fire


It was inspiring because it came from


There is no limits to how small or big you can be in the


I have always known I've wanted to do something like that but


people are all suggesting different things.


After the talk, I felt it was a good option and I should


The school's head of drama says Simon's


It is a direct link to the outside world


and that world, for a lot of our students, it feels distant.


They might just have access to this through books, TV and does not


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime runs in the Lowry


Football now and the Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says


the team must not let their chance to make it to the EFL


United take a 2-0 lead into the second leg of their


semi-final against Hull City at Old Trafford tonight.


Hull are in a relegation battle in the Premier League,


but Mourinho says improved performances in recent matches make


They played at home, the matches they won very well, too.


They played against Chelsea very well, too.


So I think they are in a good situation.


I think Manchester United are playing at Hull tonight.


Successful, United will meet Southampton at Wembley


after their 2-0 aggregate win over Liverpool in the other semi final


The Reds had plenty of chances to get back in the tie last


night as well as a couple of strong penalty claims.


A late Saints goal ended Liverpool hopes, but the boss still had


For me, it is very important the way we


As ever, Roger is right. They are playing at Hull but I am leaning the


sports team. As ever, Roger is right...


Now you might wonder why I'm holding up a penny -


it looks tiny in my hands but incredibly this was the size


of baby Francesca Bradley-Curran's little feet when she was born


You can see the picture on the screen. Such a graphic illustration,


that. Despite having no heartbeat, doctors


at Liverpool Women's Hospital Her parents are now sharing


their story to show that very Are you standing up? It is hard to


believe now that Francesca was ever fighting for her very existence.


This was heart last April, coverings covered in tubes and... It was just


the top of the head that I had seen because she was that small. We did


not know if she was a boy or a girl. She was so small, her tiny feet and


hands were barely bigger than a penny. I did not want to touch her,


do anything for her because I was so scared of hurting her because she


was so small and fragile. Francesca was born at 24 weeks and two days.


Before a 24 weeks, the chance of survival is much less but doctors


will look at each case and take into account is appearing's wishes. It


proved premature babies can survive. Looking at her now, how well she has


done. The nurses became like friends to us. They are like friends now,


I'd be? That is tiny. They had to tape it on. Francesca's parents have


made a memory box to remember how far she has come. She also battled


sepsis, meningitis and two collapsed lungs. She is now happy and healthy


and the apple of her period's eyes. -- parent's eyes. She is just


wonderful. Amazing work by the medical team who got her fit. We


were talking about Manchester United and the game at Hull tonight. We get


it. Sir Paul McCartney, The Stone Roses,


Manchester United, children What could that lot


possibly have in common? They all recorded at the once-famous


Strawberry Studios in Stockport. Some of the biggest hits


of the seventies and eighties Stockport Museum is celebrating


its story with a special exhibition. This was one of the biggest


hits of the '70s. Not just in Britain,


but in America and around the world. It was recorded, not in London


or Los Angeles, but in Stockport. This is where 10CC recorded I am not


in love in 1974 and 75. Strawberry Studios closed down


nearly a quarter of a century ago but, as you can see,


it has not been forgotten. This is Eric Stewart's guitar


that was used on all the first 10CC albums that were


recorded in Stockport. It was one of the members of 10CC,


Eric Stewart, who helped set up Strawberry Studios


in the late 60s. If you look at the music


press of the time, a lot of the journalists coming up saying,


Oh, no, we're going to Once inside, it was


the complete opposite. These studios overcame


prejudice towards Stockport and began attracting performers


from around the world. Neil Sedaka crossed


the Atlantic to be here. # There is no one


quite like grandma. The children of Saint Winifred's


only had to travel around Then came Joy Division,


the Smiths, the Buzzcocks. United and City


recorded here as well. In the days before


digital, this was perhaps Strawberry's finest hour. I am very


proud of being a part of Strawberry Studios. The studio was not there,


the band would not have existed. It is as simple as that.


The sign is still there but they stop making music


Strawberry Studios now houses offices.


A place of history, isn't it? What a shame they do not record there.


Perhaps the blossoms are watching. Shall we have a look at the weather?


It has been really cold. It is January, as you keep telling us.


Most places have had a very poor day today. The sun was trying to get


out. A glimpse of it through the cloud but it has been a grey and


windy and temperatures very low, one or two from most places. The good


news is, the temperatures are gradually starting to rise again. It


is a bit of a mess. Some weather from time to time. Wet weather at


any point through the day. We have got this mild a starting to retiring


as the wind comes back from the Atlantic. At the minute, it is cold


out and about. Colder than it was last night in most places. A lot of


cloud around but in the early hours of the morning, clear skies. Already


it feels chilly and the numbers on the map will not impress you. We are


going to be talking around -1 or minus two Celsius. That the towns or


cities. In the rule areas, -4 or minus five. A hard frost first thing


tomorrow morning. It uses down a little bit as we go through the


night, the breeze. The visibility will be a problem. So far, not


whether warnings. Weather warning free right now. The late bulletin


might have different details. First things in the morning, Bright 's


Wells. As we walks watch the weather, the cloud will come in


quickly through the morning. By late morning, many places will be up to


blanket cloud again. It could look quite gloomy for many of us. The


picture like this afternoon. The temperatures will be better than


today. We are talking about three or four Celsius. That is not that much


better at all, is it? No, it is not. We were talking about Strawberry


Studios. He is very excited because the Bay City rollers recorded there.


Do you remember that one? Of course I remember them. Thank you for


watching. Kian and I will be back at half past ten. -- Kian. How old do


you think I am? Einstein replaced Newton's theory


of universal gravitation with a more accurate theory -


general relativity. So, why's my apple falling?


Well, it's not. It is the ground that accelerates up


to meet the apple. So that's why the chair


that I'm sitting on now that actually feels


as if it's accelerating up It's really changed my relationship


with this chair. Mm-hm.


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