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Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Beccy Barr and Roger Johnson.


A violent paedophile is convicted of imprisoning a girl -


forcing her into a hidey hole when police called looking for her.


Michael Dunn - who lived in Greater Manchester -


A farmer's threatened with prosecution -


for the rubbish which has covered his land for years.


The schoolchildren visiting Auschwitz - as the world marks


The woman whose delight at finishing last in a park run


A violent paedophile concealed one of his young victims in a makeshift


hidey hole at his home in Greater Manchester.


The hiding place - behind a kitchen fridge -


was so effective it was missed by police even though they visited


But Michael Dunn has now been convicted of raping and abusing four


girls over a number of years in the 1990s.


Greater Manchester Police are looking into whether they


Our Chief Reporter, Dave Guest, has the story.


This is Michael Dunn - a controlling, angry,


Over a number of years he raped and abused four young girls.


He'd groom them, sometimes making them totally dependant on him


This individual is clearly extremely dangerous, controlling predatory sex


of his young victims - a secret compartment hidden behind


where he lived in Greater Manchester during the early 1990s.


The current owners have only lived very relatively short time and they


didn't know him. He'd moved out many years earlier. The first time they


knew about any of it was when the police arrived around six months ago


and asked if they could take some forensics photographs. By then the


kitchen layout had changed greatly. Dunn had moved around


a lot over the years. Justice finally caught up with him


in the Tees Valley town of Redcar. A jury on Teeside convicted him


on 10 counts of rape, plus others of false imprisonment


and indecent assault. Those charges related to four


victims and spanned many years. The court had been told about Dunn's


hidey hole at this house in Mottram He would use a bag of rubbish and a


panel to conceal the children, it was a ruse that works, when he kept


her from the police when they visited on numerous occasions. It is


important to look at what was happening at the time. And whether


or not there is anything that could have been done differently.


Within the last few minutes, GMP, have had a press release. They have


refer themselves to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.


Two men have been jailed - after causing the death by dangerous


Aleena Kauser from Rawtenstall was on her way to a mosque


with her mother - when a car mounted the pavement and struck her.


Drivers Adil Manir and Mohsen Saddique were racing at speeds of up


They were each jailed for four years.


More than twenty job centres are set to close across the North West.


The department of work and pensions has announced the closures -


including offices in Manchester, Preston and Liverpool.


Some will merge with larger centres while others will be moved


Finalise plans, had been put forward by the Phil Neville. They good


offices and apartments. Two more Labour MPs said that they will defy


Jeremy Corbyn and vote against legislation paving the way for


leaving the EU. And coffee has said that she is voting against, Jeff


Smith, a party whip says he isn't convinced there is a proper plan for


Brexit. And this week 's northern powerhouse of elements on Sunday


Baltics North West, that is at 11am on BBC One.


Police on Merseyside have launched a murder in choir rig, following the


death of somebody. Officers say there was an extremely brutal


attack. Detectives say that Mr Baker was known to them but as yet they


don't know why he was murdered. Scenes of crime officers here, where


44 old Tommy Baker was killed. It happened a 15 this morning. One


resident heard the shot. We were fast asleep and then we heard a


distinct bang. It was an instant alarm clock basically. It is part of


the fish market if you are is outside the city centre.


The killer arrived at the scene in a small grey car before


The victim was here for his routine morning work out.


Extremely brutal, they knew who they were looking for and they were


looking to injure him. A real brutal attack, quite read these types of


incidents in Liverpool, I think within the north-west. It is ready a


brutal attack on a family man. -- really a brutal attack.


Afterwards the killer drove away towards Liverpool city centre.


Tommy Baker was was the father of a grown up son and a teenager.


He suffered injuries to his head and chest. They are describing it as a


targeted shooting. But they're stressing that at this


stage they don't know The market would have been busy


at that time and police Andy Gill BBC North


West Tonight Liverpool. The owner of a farm where illegal


waste has been dumped for years Pendle Council says the farm has


repeatedly ignored enforcement But the farmer at the centre of row


claims he's a victim of flytippers. Above Colne - a remote farmhouse -


the views are of mounds of illegal waste -


this is what hikers anyone else visiting Hubbs House farm have been


walking past for a number of years. Today the farmer here


John Leslie Allison agreed to speak to me to offer his explanation


for this mess. Seems they would have to clean it


up. When somebody else has put it there. So you say you have tried to


stop people dumping? Yes. They have dumped it in other fields.


Simply NOT TRUE say Pendle Council who have told us they've prosecuted


a number of Builders who've PAID the farmer to dump waste,


the authority is co-orrdinating joint action involving


a number of agencies including Lancashire Countil,


the police, and the Health and Safety Executive.


This is getting worse and worse, this is just a small example, people


are coming and treating this hillside as if it is a huge rubbish


tip and it is simply not acceptable so we have come to the view at


Pendle Council level, it has to be stopped. Are you telling me you are


not making any money out of it? No. This far is also one of six that had


taken place on the farm since 2012. That's concerned local


residents who fear harmful I feel a bit sorry for him, the use


an old man and I don't think he is as well as he should be but he can't


keep treating us like this. It is not on. We would like to breathe


fresh air and not this air that he has got. According to environmental


agency, it can cause damage to the environment and undercut business.


He is now planning to test there are now planning to take enforcement


action. At the end of the day, it is up to me to shift it, not to them.


Wendy's so you will clear up this mess? I will clear it up once it


gets to spring. Although he wants to clear up the mess on his own terms,


time may just have run out for this farmer. However it got there, it is


a mess for sure. Still to come. To Lancashire rivals United in protest.


By some fans are boycotting tomorrow's FA Cup tie.


The Warrington band rising to rock stardom -


It was a great experience to have a little taste of it and now we know


how much work we have got to put in to get to that level.


Schoolchildren from Manchester have been meeting holocaust survivors -


Pupils from two schools also visited the former


They've also been hearing the moving stories of survivors here.


They'd read books, seen films, discussed it in the classroom...


But standing in a former death camp brought home to these teenagers


In the distance you can see the brick barracks.


Pupils from King David School and Manchester Grammar


travelled to Poland with the Holocaust


Education Charity Jroots - and met Lesley Kleiman -


Then this American soldier comes up. I couldn't tell the difference, he


had come from New York. I pray to get liberated and I couldn't believe


Back home, a chance to hear the experiences


of someone who survived 8 Nazi concentration camps.


We were an extended family perhaps of close to 30, and we survived


three. You didn't have a name any more, a number. You were so hungry


that you didn't think about life. Only hunger all of the time. We are


moving into a generation where everyone will have to rely on


historical fact to have stories of the Holocaust. I think it is so


important to hear. Cannot Haston -ish of the weather and what he has


been through has been the most striking thing -- and the harshness.


When we hear the number 6 million, before Poland pass the after being


and seeing individual stories, it adds up it is an obscene amount of


people. It is hoped that they see it not just as history but a lesson for


the future. Sport now, and Stuart


Pollitt's here. It's FA Cup weekend but there


might not be much cup Maybe not many people watching,


certainly, there will be as many eyes on things going outside the


ground is inside. Both clubs have a famous cup


pedigree but any desire to get through to the fifth round has been


overshadowed by the anger of both sets of fans


with their respective owners - the Venkys at Rovers


and the Oystons at Blackpool. Tomorrow some fans are planning


a joint boycott of the cup tie. Two old Lancashire rivals


with one common cause. Blackburn and Blackpool


fans are no strangers This lovely stadium, let's hope it


is media empty tomorrow. Marching from this


pub to Ewood Park. Then boycotting the game


to campaign outside. It is very, very difficult when you


worry lifelong fan to boycott the Rome club it really hurts one


forgery we feel we have been pushed into this position because no one is


listening. These are difficult decisions for supporters who are


split between pride in their team and protest at what is going on. How


many will be watching from the inside and how many will be standing


out here. It is difficult to say, the slogan is more outside than in.


Hopefully there will be enough people outside. Blackpool and


Blackburn are both former winners of this competition. The current


managers trying to concentrate on a possible cup run. People have a


right to protest, for me I have got to concentrate and make sure that


the group and the field are ready to play. We have got to make sure that


we are ready to take control. Concentrating on the football. We


can't do anything about it other than go and play on the pitch and


give a performance that hopefully the supporters inside the ground


will appreciate. How many of them will be inside come


three o'clock tomorrow and how many will choose to be kept in the dark.


Liverpool host Wolves tomorrow lunchtime with manager Jurgen Klopp


shrugging off concerns about his side's form.


The Reds went out of the EFL Cup in midweek but Klopp


It is like building a house if you want, you start building and you are


full of enthusiasm and you think great, in half a year or one year I


will live in this house. And the start of some of the weather is good


and then November is coming and it is still not finishing and it is


difficult. It is a building, it is not that serious, not that big a


problem. A total of nine north west clubs


are in Cup action this weekend, starting with that Liverpool-Wolves


game at 1230 tomorrow and wrapping up with Manchester United-Wigan live


on BBC1 at four o'clock on Sunday. Accrington Stanley and Rochdale


hope to make the giant killing headlines -


keep across all the action and reaction on you BBC


local radio station. Manchester United's record


goalscorer Wayne Rooney has revealed his plans to move


into management at the end A week after scoring his 250th


United goal, he features on tomorrow's Football Focus


at midday on BBC1 and tells My whole life has been around


football, and the minute -ish playing, I would like to try and


stay in the game and get the option to manage. Players who are playing


in this generation have enough money to not have to go into managing. The


ones who will want to do it will be successful.


Wayne can look forward to a Wembley date next month after United


booked their place in the EFL Cup Final against


Paul Pogba scored in their 2-1 second leg defeat at Hull,


but United progress 3-2 on aggregate.


Manchester City have pleaded guilty to breaching the FA's anti-doping


rules and are now expected to face a fine.


Clubs must keep the authorities informed of players' whereabouts


to facilitate drug-testing but City violated the rules


The owners of financially troubled Morecambe have agreed


to sell their controlling interest to the Italian-American


If he gets clearance from the Football League,


the current board of directors will resign to allow


?Staff and players weren't paid today but Mr Cala told


BBC Radio Lancashire's Tim Padfield that wages and other debts


When I am the owner 100% I will pay everyone, until I am not an owner I


am not obliged to do anything. Do you have the money to make it work?


Yes we do, otherwise we would not do it, especially since we need the


money by yesterday. Here you need the money by yesterday. You need to


come up here with money. We have it. Veteran West Indies batsman


Shivnarine Chanderpaul will rejoin The 42-year-old, who played


for the Red Rose in 2010, will be joined by South Africa


wicketkeeper Dane Vilas He is doing well at 42, he is doing


well. I know, we are going to meet some very good musicians, do you


play a musical instrument? The opposite, the primary school I was


banned from bringing the recorder, I was told to go and sit on the map


with toy cars. So no. The well I was hopeless with a French horn. Grade


three on the flute. There is always one Goody two shoes. Any youngster


who has picked up a guitar has dreamt of rock 'n' roll stardom and


who hasn't played a bit of air guitar,


For four musicians from Warrington that's already started to come true.


We featured Slydigs 18 months ago when they'd been chosen


by The Who to support them on their British tour.


Since then they've accompanied The Who on tours


Mark Edwardson caught up with them - where else - but in a guitar shop.


For Dean, Louis, Peter and Ben...it was a dream come true.


they say that you should never Michu heroes but that is totally not true.


We hear all of these incredible tunes night after night and every


single mind it will just blow you away, it never gets boring. Did it


give you more ambition? Yes because we want their success, we strive to


be as successful as the mad we want to leave a legacy like they have or


will do. But whose excesses other staff of rock legend. There was no


substitute for clean living, for this team. My mum just comes through


and she says come here. I'm there trying to rock 'n' roll. Man U are


cramping my style. It is Berlin for your mum to be doing that, she is so


proud. I know. Even this, she will be proud, she said she'll whiz


thought it would be on the news but not for a good thing. Highs dotted


and teas crossed for the American leg of the tour.


If you're going to in, with the who you go through quite a strenuous


investigation. We were not sure, and then we had the e-mails, that we had


a passport and the visas and we were over the moon. You got there with


the skin of your teeth? We did. It was a bit of a nerve wracking time.


They have alighted the Magic bus for the time being. But ambition and


aspiration is in the slide them Slydigs. Guillem act there is a big


UK tour and American tour. Hopefully we can get back to America and


strike while the iron is hot. We have been working in the studio


quite a lot, the moment we are having fun and we don't want to stop


doing that. With backing from the who, few would bet against them?


STUDIO: They are on the way. I think it is your inability to wear a funky


hat that is holding you back. Now, onto a story that has captured the


imagination of people the world. This photo was taken


as Dawn finished dead last Having been, by her own admittance,


pretty inactive for 17 years , she was thrilled to have finished


the 5k course and doesn't it show! The picture has captured people's


imagination and been shared thousands of times on social media


as an inspiration to others. Now Dawn's decided to run


a hundred 5ks this year Thanks for coming in. We can see it


in your face, it was not the first time but it was early on. Just


explain the emotions? I think I was very relieved that it was over, and


I could not believe that I had just achieved what I set out to do. So I


think it is pure joy that it is over and pure joy that I have done


something that I wanted to do. People have really latched onto that


joy in your face and it has gone viral. What has life been like? A


little bit peculiar, I have been in the paper and then I have been on


the radio and then I have gone home and I make tea for the children and


do uniforms. So yes, it has been a bit surreal if I'm honest. What


would be your message, that is part runs every Saturday morning. You do


the one in Oldham. What would be your message to anybody who is


sitting at home on the sofa, that I couldn't run five K? I think if you


want to change or tomorrow you have to change all. If you carry on doing


what you have always done, nothing will change. For me it is


self-limiting beliefs and worry of what people think or say. Stop


listening to what people think or think they are thinking. And go out


and do it and find priding themselves. That is a message that


will resonate with a lot of women in particular and you have got kids


too. What is their reaction? My youngest is eight and she called me


a celebrity the other morning which is hilarious. And the other one is a


15-year-old Samantha. I think I'm just a bit embarrassing for word. Is


already watching now? I hope so. Give her a wave! Hi Nina. And you're


getting quicker all of the time? Yes I have knocked six minutes off, I


ran last week in minus one degree. The six minutes and I have got a


long way to go. Fantastic and I'm sure that a lot of people will be


inspired. Would it be even quicker if you didn't have that balloon to


chase? 30 minutes. I ask that, because the Hollywood actor Orlando


Bloom, was inspiring young actors. He went to Cheam high school, where


they were pleased to have him in their classrooms. The Pirates of the


Caribbean star took part in a series of drama workshops, he


understandably proved a wow, and it was a once in lifetime of duty the


kids. I know one of the mums at the school gate, I'm sure she was


hanging around there. Let us move on. I am so inspired by dawn. My


level of inactivity means that I can barely sit down in my skirt, I


dropped my microphone and somebody else had to pick it up because I


can't bend down. He could be quite a spectacle. You have got about a


minute to propose for it. Weather-wise through this week a


real mixed bag, very cold days, very cloudy days and outbreaks of rain


and things change as we go through the weekend, the weather watchers


have seen a glimpse of sunshine. The temperatures will be better but we


have got a change in wind direction and a rethink 's back with much more


cloud cover and whether France from time to time but the numbers will be


much better and as we start next week we could have temperatures of


around ten or 11 Celsius. Through this afternoon spells of sunshine,


very limited ones. Drizzly rain, for all of us to Mike the picture


changes, the rain will push in everywhere. In the overnight period,


he keeps the temperatures to two and three and 4 degrees rather than


anything lower but that is not a great picture. Dull and wet. Heading


towards the early hours of the morning. The first thing tomorrow


morning, I'm afraid it will stay for quite some time. The start of the


Chinese New Year, most places will see cloud cover. This rain is


setting for many places until late morning and by lunchtime it starts


to move away through the afternoon, they be some brighter skies but


still one or two showers as the rain leaves us. In terms of the numbers


six or 7 degrees, a cold night on Saturday so you wake up on Sunday


and it will be chilly and it is all about how far north this line of


rain comes towards us. So you will be getting your trainers out? I


think we will have two. It is interesting because Matt has tweeted


while we have been on, he said it's not true, you finish last, the final


finisher. That is the way to think about it. Thank you for watching and


have a lovely weekend. We know you understand the risks


associated with your pregnancy. Because I'm smaller, people think


my hopes are not so great. You know what it's like when


help is needed. You just jump in. Are you saying that


he's stalking you now?


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