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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson.


A health trust at the centre of a maternity scandal is rated good


three years after being put in special measures.


Morecambe Bay used to be a trust that had to learn


Now I think it is the other way round, I think the rest of the NHS


has a lot to learn from Morecambe Bay.


Hospital inspectors say Morecame Bay has made a remarkable turnaround.


Samantha's told she can't drive on to the bus as her mobility


scooter would affect the force of gravity.


I felt downgraded and just not worthy of using public transport.


Could a Doggy DNA database keep the Isle of Man's


How this baby Dik Dik is surviving after losing his mum.


Less than three years ago Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust was failing.


The organisation that runs hospitals in Lancaster,


Kendal and Barrow was put in special measures.


Then in 2015 the Kirkup Report blamed


the trust for the avoidable deaths of 11 babies and one mum


Among them was baby Joshua whose father led the campaign to uncover


its failings. Today the trust has come off the critical list.


Following an inspection in October the CQC has rated it as good.


A truly remarkable turnaround for a trust that faced very


Less than three years ago Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust


was performing so poorly it was placed in special measures.


I think the staff were very bruised by the CQC report in previous years,


but I think they've responded fantastically well and what we've


seen is a dramatic improvement in the quality of care provided


in the trust and that's a real tribute to the staff


It's been a tough journey for Morecambe Bay hospitals.


Here at Furness General an enquiry found serious failures


in the maternity unit contributed to the deaths of 11


There were serious concerns too at Westmorland General


and the Royal Lancaster Infirmary but the inspector says that


The inspectors found some elements of care were outstanding


and were impressed with improvements in gynaecology, maternity services


and end of life care, as well as communication


between the hospitals and community engagement.


We have seen lots of examples this time of where people who have either


been affected previously, or use the services currently,


have been really involved in taking the services forward.


It has been about the front-line staff and all of our clinicians


absolutely wanting to make those All of those improvements have


been driven by them. It means such a lot to us,


recognition for all the hard work we have done over the last


number of years. And the news is welcomed


by the people of Barrow as well. Two new knees, a new hip,


both hands broken. I'm on warfarin and they are


absolutely fantastic. There is still work to do


with nursing posts unfilled in Lancaster and room


for improvement in safety, but this James Titcombe's son Joshua died


nine days after he was born His long campaign for answers,


ultimately led to the government ordering the independent


Morecambe Bay inquiry. Earlier I asked for his reaction


to today's announcement. Really fantastic news


and good news for everybody, especially mums and babies


in the future, so couldn't be any more pleased


with the progress that's been made. But a lot of that progress is down


to yourself and this campaign you have led


to improve services there. How much of a struggle


was it initially? What sort of obstacles have


you had to overcome to get Just complete hostility that there


could be any kind of problem, Even the regulators said things


were fine when really they were not. It's been an uphill struggle


and I think that reflected a national problem with the country


were bad news and the NHS was kept quiet rather


than being addressed and dealt with. I think fortunately things


are progressing and the news today shows why it is so important


if there are serious problems, people have to speak out about them


and they have to acknowledge that I think the biggest change I have


sensed at the trust is culture. I think the leadership


have a lot to do with that, so last year the trust worked very


closely with me to do an investigation into Joshua's case


that couldn't be more different We are never going to have a health


service where mistakes do not happen, but we have to have a health


service where, when mistakes do happen, they respond openly


and honestly and changes are made. I think that is what I see


with the trust at the moment, a trust that is willing to learn


from when it doesn't As long as they have that approach,


then things can only get better. It has been a long and


personal battle for you. Do you feel now it


has been worth it? I was thinking about this


and Morecambe Bay used to be a trust that had to learn from the rest


of the NHS. Now I think it is the other way


round, I think the rest of the NHS has a lot to learn


from Morecambe Bay and let's The family of an 87-year-old woman


who was attacked in her home in Greater Manchester are appealing


for the robber to return Eileen Blane is still


in hospital with broken ribs, after being knocked to the floor


during a violent attack The robber forcibly removed


the wedding ring from her finger, and her family are desperate


to get it back. It's not the financial issue,


it's ?30, it's the wedding ring which is of more significance


for the fact that it represents a link to my dad for the past 64


years which unfortunately The funeral has taken place


of a Merseyside Police Officer who died last month after his wife


won a legal battle to end his life. PC Paul Briggs was left


in a minimally conscious state, Among those who attended the funeral


was the judge who granted the family the right to turn


off his life support. Four members of a Rochdale grooming


gang may now be deported to Pakistan after losing their fight


to retain their British status. Abdul Raif, Abdul Aziz,


Qari Abdul Rauf and Shabir Ahmed were stripped of their British


citizenship after being convicted Today, an immigration tribunal has


rejected their appeal, paving the way for their removal


from the UK. A fur coat made from the pelt


of a South American wildcat has been seized by police


from a shop in Buxton. Inquiries have identified the fur


as being from the Geoffroy's cat, which has the highest


level of protection. Police say it was being illegally


offered for sale at the shop. A disabled woman who claims


she was prevented from boarding a bus on her mobility scooter says


the experience has left her feeling Samantha Jones from Warrington had


to transfer to a wheelchair which left her in pain and held


up the service. The bus company says mobility


scooters have to be individually assessed to see if they can fit


on a bus. Despite being in chronic pain,


Samantha Jones prides herself She's just got a mobility


scooter to get around. But after being stopped


from boarding a bus on it, she says her confidence and mobility


have been crushed. At the time I was just gobsmacked. I


didn't expect it. It is the first time I have ever seen anyone being


refused on a bus. I felt downgraded and just not worthy of using public


Samantha picked up her scooter from Warrington


They tried to board a bus to get home but say the bus driver said


she couldn't travel sitting on it because it would affect


I had to transfer between my mobility scooter and my wheelchair


and I felt everyone was watching me. I just feel like my independence has


I just feel like my independence has been lost.


Samantha was allowed to bring the scooter on board


with her wheelchair taking up, she says, even more space.


She tweeted her anger at her experience.


There was no need for it because the mobility scooter went on anyway, so


why did I not stay in it? She was embarrassed and you could see it on


her face at the time. It felt like her independence had been taken


The bus company, Network Warrington, says it's investigating Samantha's


complaint and trying to track down the driver to talk to him.


Samantha hopes her experience will raise awareness


of the difficulties wheelchair users face and change attitudes


Tonight Liverpool Council has announced that it wants someone else


to run one of the city's biggest and best loved parks.


Croxteth Park, and its historic stately home, was given


to the people of Liverpool by the last Earl of Sefton,


But it costs the council a million pounds a year to run Croxteth Park


and it says it can't afford it any longer.


Parts of Croxteth Hall date back to Tudor times,


although the interior is mainly Edwardian.


The council makes some money by hiring it out


for conferences and weddings, but overall it loses a year.


With the council budget slashed, Liverpool is looking


We have had indicative interest from large social enterprises,


large community groups, and people that want


The testing we are going to do is to see exactly


Croxteth was the seat of the Molyneux family.


Here, the celebrations for the last Earl's 21st birthday in 1919.


But he died childless and left the hall and a 500-acre park


The council has had approaches from people who would like to turn


the hall into a hotel, so long as the public are kept away.


But under the terms of the last Earl's will that


The question then is, are in their organisations out


The question then is, are there organisations out


there willing to spend the money that is needed and keep this


One problem is that anyone taking it over wouldn't


There are rundown rooms with unsafe floors.


There was a fire in 1952 and damage from them is still visible,


so how confident are local campaigners that a partner can be


If you are not positive, people will think there are a lot


We are being totally open about what the limitations of this place are.


For park users keeping it public is vital.


All my memories are of it as a kid growing up here and a lot


I'd like it for him as well, so hopefully it will


This is a fantastic facility for the people of Liverpool and why


The council will vote on seeking a partner next week.


He's only four but Mason is already hitting the bullseye.


Thanos, the tiny Dik Dik, who's being raised by his keepers


A judge who had to flee Afghanistan and Pakistan


after the Taliban tried to kill her, is using her skills to help Muslim


women in the Northwest to get an education.


Although she was stopped from doing it in her own country


Marzia Babakarkhail says it's her mission to


Our Reporter, Rahila Bano's been to meet her.


The emergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and in parts


of Pakistan changed Marzia Babakarkhail's life for ever.


She promoted women's rights in the region


What she was doing was going against the teachings


And they warned me, stop this activity,


Despite the warnings, she carried on with her work


but was attacked by them in a hit and run and left for dead.


They are warning me by phones and sending letters to my


When I came back to sit in my car I don't know how I can


The car just came on me and they hit me by car.


When I opened my eyes I was in hospital.


Afraid they'd return she left her home for good in 2008.


Searching for a new life she claimed asylum in Britain,


learnt English and got her British citizenship after settling


Now with the help of the Oxfam Future Skills programme


she wants to use her experiences to help other women


Some people they have family problems, domestic violence,


some women want to be in English classes and girls want to go


to university and I am trying to talk very nicely


with their families to not to push, not to force, to respectfully


encourage the families to allow the girls to go to university.


A decade on from a brutal attack by the Taliban has left Marzia even


more determined to empower Muslim women.


The Isle of Man could introduce DNA testing of dogs to catch people


The Manx government will consult the public on new measures


Including the possibility of a dog DNA database.


Irresponsible owners could then be traced and fined


It might not be what Sherlock has stepped in but laboratory testing


could be the Isle of Man's new weapon against dog poo.


Proposed changes to the island's dog laws mean microchipping is set


to become compulsory and licences will be abolished.


But there's an idea to take this one step further and bring


You can track back from the DNA profile dog mess on the pavement to


the individual dog who has left the mess behind. Let's face it, we have


all done it and it presses and nerve amongst the public. Parts like this


are amongst some of the local areas. But now it could be as simple as


retrieving a few samples and sending them to the lab to be tested.


To have a dog's profile taken would cost around ?30.


It is easy to do and not painful and if it does become mandatory it will


Dog DNA profiling has been tried elsewhere like the London Borough


of Barking and Dagenham and in Gibraltar.


So if the Manx public thinks it's a good idea when it goes


to consultation the island could follow their lead.


Somebody did not pick it up the other day and I stood on it on the


beach. In the summer it is awful. Are they going to police it


That is the other thing, it is all money.


For Edward, it's just a call of nature, for his owner it could be


a ?1,000 fine if he doesn't pick up what Edward leaves behind.


It is an interesting idea. You could have your dog's DNA tested.


I always pick it up, as you should. I have got nothing against dogs


except that one thing. We are moving on to better things.


Sport now and as you'll have seen this week we've been building up


And Richard you've got a Warrior and a Centurion with you tonight?


Yes it all gets underway tonight with St Helens against Leeds.


They're two sides who'll be hoping to topple the Champions Wigan


and I'm delighted to say we've got Thomas Leuluai from the Warriors


with us this evening and Martin Ridyard from promoted


Thomas you're back at Wigan of course for your second spell.


No doubt you watched your team mates win the title and this


Are you the team to beat do you think?


We are working hard, we have had a good pre-season and we had a good


finish to last year and we are looking to do the same this year.


You are back in the super league for the first time since 2005. You must


be extremely proud, you have been at the club a long time. We are going


to see one of your tries that clinched promotion. How much are you


looking forward to mixing it with the big boys? You want to play at


the top level and to play against the big boys week in, week out, will


be really tough and we are really excited about it at the same time. I


think there was a bit of obstruction! Your team


strengthening, when you look around the team, do you think you can do


something this year? I do not see why we cannot survive, but it will


be really tough and a big challenge. Now we are going to see you scoring


a try six years ago in the Champions Cup final against Leeds. You


achieved so much in that first spell, what are you hoping to


achieve this time? I really enjoy it back here in the super league and I


look forward to getting back playing. It is the same, like Wigan


they always like being in the big games and winning trophies and that


is all I am looking forward to. You are back and so is George Burgess.


Our fantastic young player. He has been playing in Australia. What has


he been like in Australia and what impact will he make? He has been


really good. He had a bit of an injury, so he has not trained to


much pre-season. He played very well and he is very fast. He had a good


stint over there and learn a lot and is looking forward to getting back


into it. Will he get better? Yes, as you get older you improve and learn


and you want different experiences and you will learn a lot and he


looks in good shape. You are starting against Salford on Saturday


and you have got Castleford tomorrow away, Martin. What about that first


challenge? You told me before that you might not sleep tonight. How


excited are you about getting into super league? Yes, it will be a


great one tomorrow night for us and we have been waiting for a long


time. There is no bigger test than Castleford away and so be it. You


two look pretty friendly, but you will be meeting in March and it


might be different then. Yes, it might be, but I will be keeping on


his good side. Have you ever played against him? No, I don't think so. I


am looking forward to it. From what I have heard the two teams are quite


close and we are looking for to playing them and they deserve to be


in the super league. Absolutely, stay friends, gents. It all gets


under way tonight at eight o'clock. All the best coverage is on BBC


Radio Merseyside. We will continue with the sporting


This is one you want to watch in the future.


He's only four, yet Mason Foulkes from Stockport is already


He's got a board and oche in his bedroom after becoming


obsessed with the game when he saw it on TV two years ago.


I'm going to be the best in the world.


Two years he has been playing and his standard is brilliant.


If I am sat here when he's playing, we can be here for hours.


But him on his own he can hit the bull's-eye and then walk out.


Twin brother Ashton has his own interests.


He's good at darts and I'm good at dancing and reading.


We are going to get him to be BDO old world champion and go over


to the PDC and be world champion and I am going to put a bet


on him being the youngest ever world champion.


He is a player. I know nothing about diets, but he has got good action.


He must be really good at maths. You can see more of Mason on our


Facebook. Following hot on Mason's heals...


The tiny Dik Dik isn't much bigger than a bottle of pop.


He's so light he doesn't even register on the antelope scales -


after he was born and now his keeper's


There is cute and then there is this. After a tough start to life,


he is finding his feet. Unfortunately his mum was injured


sure Lee after giving birth and is not with us any more and we had to


take him on ourselves and act as his mother to make sure he was getting


fed enough and looked after. In his little enclosure he has all the


carrots, cabbage and leaves he can eat, along with regular bottle-feed.


Smashed it, good lad. He recognises me and he knows his bottle, but he


likes anyone who comes in. He is curious and likes to investigate


things. When he was born he was 19 centimetres tall, about as big as a


bottle of pop. He is still so light, though, he does not register on the


antelope scales. He really is tiny. But he is getting bigger and


stronger by the day and could eventually grow to 40 centimetres


tall. We will keep supplement feeding him now because he is on


solid food as well and in the next six weeks up to two months, we will


introduce him to others in the zoo. After which it is hoped he will join


a breeding programme. I don't imagine he will be short of people


to look after him! We will have a look at the weather in a second. We


have just spotted these pictures on Twitter sent to us by Robin Cooper.


This is hair ice which he spotted to date out in Coniston. Ice crystals


form overnight on rotting wood and they get their shape by a fungus.


Apparently it is very rare, so to spot that it is very good.


We are taking that seriously and we believe everything you are telling


us about it, Robin Cooper. It is very rare. I had never heard


of it ever. You get all those kind of things at this time of year and


every day is a school day. It really is and I do not want to go to


school. Cold weather descended on us today


and it will stick around for a couple of days. Most night will be


subzero and the daytime is not much better. This looks pretty


straightforward, it looks cloudy, but there is a fly in the ointment.


A little line of weather is coming through on Friday night into


Saturday. There could be a light dusting of snow. A little bit of


snow could be in the forecast in the next couple of hours because we have


had a few showers during the day and they will continue overnight. It


will be over the highest level routes. If there is a light dusting,


it will only be over the highest level routes. It is nothing unusual


for this time of year. Overnight temperatures are at the same as last


night, down to minus one for most towns and cities. There is a bit


clear whether around, but at this clear whether around, but at


showers trying to get over from the other side of the Pennines. In


Cumbria and Lancashire that is where the best weather will be. You might


be lucky on the Isle of Mann and see a bit more. The daytime temperatures


are quite depressed. Three and four at the very best.


Dog DNA has got people talking. Sometimes when I sit down here in


the studio with my trousers on I have got a dog mess plastic packet


in my pocket. A nasty thought!


OK, everyone, have you got your bamboo sticks?


If you just paint what you want to paint,


I've turned around, my painting washes away.


..and take on The Big Painting Challenge.


Remember, you're not painting a pond.