10/02/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Welcome to North West Tonight with Roger Johnson -


A man and woman die in a Manchester house fire.


Four children survived by jumping to safety from a bedroom window.


The flames were coming out of the window. They were coming out of the


front door as well, a really big fire.


Police say they can't rule out


The maths graduate from Lancashire - now the first British woman


fighting on the front line against Islamic State.


A new documentary marks sixty years of Liverpool's iconic Cavern Club.


In sport, the Vikings embark on a new season in super league.


An investigation is under way tonight after two adults died


Five other people - including four children - were injured.


They jumped to safety from a bedroom window.


It's not yet know how the fire started but police say


Our Chief Reporter Dave Guest is at the scene in Withington.


Do we know if the adults who died were the children's parents?


Basically we do not. The police have not had formal identification of the


two people who died. We do not know who they were and what the


relationships were between the people in the house. What we do know


is it was this morning when the fire service arrived to this detached


house to find it well ablaze. Four young people, three girls and a boy


lapped for their lives from an upstairs window and another adult


male was revived after being found unconscious. The incident has left


the community in a state of bewilderment.


The charred remains of a home their testament to the ferocity of the


fire. I heard a woman screaming and a popping sound. I had a house fire


before and it is the windows expanding. The flames were coming


out of the window. They were coming from the front door as well, every


big fire. One neighbour told me he and others in the area had done


their best to help. He described seeing the children jumping one by


one from the upstairs window. Firefighters rescued a man found


unconscious on the stairs and they revived him before he went to


hospital. Sadly, two others, a man and a woman were beyond saving. The


fire started on the ground floor rear room, we do not know exactly


where. What caused it? No information at this stage. The scene


is under investigation and investigators are working alongside


police. Throughout the day, forensic teams have been in and out searching


for clues to what caused this tragedy. Are you treating this as a


crime scene or the scene of a tragic accident? We are keeping an open


mind, we have to explore all avenues. We will not be saying it is


not a crime scene at this stage. How are the children doing? They have


gone through an absolutely terrible tragic ordeal. They are receiving


support from specially trained officers. It seems the neighbours


pulled together to do their best to help. Absolutely. I would pay


specific tribute to the help they have given, without back, the people


receiving treatment in hospital would have received more serious


injuries. Tonight the police are asking for


further help from the community, asking for anyone who might have


been in the area in the moments leading up to the fire to come


forward to help them piece together exactly what caused the fire which


led to such tragedy. Two people dead, five people, including four


children in hospital. A woman from Lancashire is believed


to be the first British woman to travel to Syria to fight


the so-called Islamic State. Kimberley Taylor -


who grew up in Darwen - says she's ready to die


for the cause. She has joined an all-female Kurdish


unit and has moved to fight on the front line near Raqqa.


Her parents, who now live in Merseyside, say


This is Kimberley Taylor, speaking in Kurdish in a public


Kimmie, as she's known, joined the all-female


Only this morning, according to a Facebook entry,


Wake up call this morning at 4am, she says, when Isis


We put up an incredible fight for three hours.


I won't go into details about the attack because it's super gory.


She spoke to a BBC reporter. I have travelled around the world before


and seen the conditions of people in Africa and the women in Africa that


have suffered because of the war. And it seems to be connected. I know


it is. It is all connected and I promised myself after I went to


Kurdistan I would find an answer. Kimmie Taylor, a maths graduate,


is believed to be the first British We have seen UK citizens, men, go


there before and a couple have died. The bodies have been brought back so


it is not unusual for UK citizens to go but the first report of a female


citizen. When she joined the fighting force,


she told family and friends... Kimmie Taylor's parents,


who live in Merseyside, wouldn't speak on camera today,


but told us they're She says she's willing


to give her life in the fight A section of the M53


in Wirral has reopened after being closed for almost 24


hours following the discovery of a body on the central reservation


between junctions two and three. Detectives say they believe there'd


been a road accident in the area An 87-year-old man has died


after the lift he was using collapsed at a care home in Greater


Manchester. It happened last Monday at the


Serendipity Care Home in Urmston. The Police and Health


and Safety Executive A man's been jailed for sending


anti-Semetic messages to the Liverpool Wavertree MP


Luciana Berger, including the threat 28-year-old John Nimmo, from


South Shields in the North East, He also made threats


to an anti-hate crime organisation. A quick mention of something


happening after North West Tonight The BBC newsreader Rachael Bland -


who's presented this programme a few times -


will be talking about her battle Rachael was diagnosed last


year and is part way She'd love you to join


in and share your stories with her. You may have heard Rachel on the


radio. Or seen her on the TV. Today, she will start a new series of


broadcasts on social media. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and


world live stream her journey. I hope you could help me and others by


sharing your stories. I hope to see you.


If you'd like to follow Rachael's story -


or share your's with her - head to BBC North West


Tonight's Facebook page - where she'll be chatting


Liverpool Football Club is to ban journalists from The Sun


newspaper from Anfield - 28 years after the Hillsborough


disaster and the paper's now infamous headlines.


It's understood the latest move follows a meeting between the club


Lets join our Merseyside reporter Andy Gill.


Some people might wonder why it has taken the club 28 years to do this


what they said? Officially Liverpool are saying


nothing, apart from no comment. But we do know that they have


withdrawn accreditation from The sun newspaper for covering matches


at Anfield and for access to other premises like the Melwood training


ground, which is where the club has The Sun of course published its


notorious story about Hillsborough, headlined The Truth,


four days after 96 people It falsely accused survivors


of despicable behaviour towards the victims and for many


people connected with Hillsborough The Sun has been


a pariah publication since then. There are campaigns to get it


removed from newsagents Those campaigns had fresh impetus


after an inquest jury last year decided the 96


were unlawfully killed. Now, Liverpool football club itself


has banned The Sun newspaper. Has The Sun newspaper said anything?


In a statement it said "Banning journalists from a club is bad


"The Sun deeply regrets its reporting of the tragic


"and understands the damage caused by those reports is still felt


One Hillsborough mother says she is pleased with the band. Thank you,


Andy. Rural communities here


in the North West say their way of life is at risk from changes


to business rates. The amount of local tax paid


by companies is being recalculated in April for the first time


in seven years. And critics say towns


and cities could benefit at the cost of the countryside,


as Mark Edwardson reports from a riding school


in Cumbria facing a 60% hike. Ella Wadsworth is a 19-year-old


student who is visually impaired. I can't drive legally,


so coming here, I can get on a horse She rides 17-year-old cob,


Jack, three times a week It is one of many rural


enterprises facing business Business rates at the commercial


version of council tax. Rural businesses which occupy more space


are put at an unfair disadvantage by a bricks and mortar attacks based on


premises not profitability. The rise is from ?183


per stable to ?375. Riding schools will be joined


by livestock markets and kennels and catteries as businesses facing


the biggest increases Oil refineries, cement works,


bingo halls and even photo booth is significant reductions


in their business rates. You can look at the size of the


business in terms of geographical size and compare that to turnover


and make sure you reduce business rates accordingly, it would not be


hard but more Sellotape on an order ready broken system. The industry is


not taking it lying down. It is not appropriate for this level of


increase to have occurred right now. The school has two months


before it is saddled I will have more on that story on


the Sunday Politics on Sunday! The clue is in the title. And rumours


about the north-west Labour MP taking over the party. Labour


leadership again! Now sport and Super League has taken


top billing this week. We will see how the Vikings get on


tonight. I chatted to fans and they are nervous, they lost key players


but let's find out from the horses mouth, I'm joined by the assistant


coach. What shape of Aladdin? Good shape, good preseason, I work hard.


-- what shape are the lads in? Kevin Brown, key player for a few seasons,


how confident are you you can fill the gap? Very competent, Tom Gilmore


on the cusp and he has an opportunity. It is an opportunity


for him to show us what he can do and the fans. You finished in the


top eight last season, a good season, are you confident you can go


better this time? Not looking at top eight, we look at each individual


week and it starts tonight. If you look too far in advance you get --


lose track. It is a tough, -- match tonight but hopefully if we stick to


what we know we will do the job. Absolutely. Do you sense and


excitement? Yeah, always exciting, first games do not dictate the year


but it is good to get out and get out there and show what you can do.


Thank you very much indeed. Well, last night as we mentioned


St Helens earned a narrow win in a low-scoring but enthralling


Super League season opener The Rhinos went ahead before


the break as Joel Moon scored But early in the second half


Theo Fages crashed over the line and Mark Percival's convertion gave


Saints a 6-4 win. It's a big night for newly


promoted Leigh Centurions. Their first match back


in Super League for over a decade. The Centurions take


on Castleford Tigers The Centurions finished top


of the Championship and won promotion to the top flight


after coming through So what are the players


hoping for this season? Winning everything would be


brilliant but our aim is survival. We don't want to be winning


the million pound game but if we have to do,


we will do it but the top In tomorrow's Premier League -


Liverpool will be hoping to stop the rot when they face


Spurs at Anfield. The steadying influence


in Ronald Koeman's emerging side. This week he out in the community -


presenting an award to Everton's Premier League Kicks


hero and mixing it with As have Everton in recent weeks -


the Champions places aren't I think the squad we build


and the managers come on the way they want to progress,


that is their target. Whether we are strong enough


at the moment, I am not sure. Exciting times certainly -


as proved with last week's six-three Since then Lukaku's agent


say's he's finally close You get so excited about scoring


goals, hungry to score goals, whether in training or on the pitch,


that is what he lives for. He is going to be


massive for Everton. Also making headlines -


Ross Barkley and his He got carried away in the heat


of the moment, showing The kids were happy


with it, I ask them. But what do the kids


think about Everton... They started off bad


but are getting better again. Doing really good, I'm happy


Liverpool are losing every game! Do you support Liverpool,


what was it like meeting Well, it was all right


considering he is the future I am really excited to be


here at the moment. The players we have got here,


working with the manager. We will go from there,


a game at a time, the old cliches! Lancashire's Laura Massaro says


she's in good shape to win another Laura who's been in action today


in the championships in Manchester, has previously been the world number


one and has has her sights set on getting back


to the top of the rankings. Manchester hosts the world


championships later in the year, but for now the focus is very much


on domestic competiton. And as I found out, it's certainly


capturing the imagination And in the women's draw,


the big-name is Laura Massaro. Laura is the defending champion


and favourite to win again. She won in double quick time today,


as she did yesterday. Looking in your eyes,


I think the fire is burning Yeah, I mean I think when I'm


training and on an improvement role as I am and been through a few


new things with my coach and I come away from them feeling


like I want to punch them in the face and then cry the whole


way home then give me a day or two Wow, if I can really do this


and buy in and do this, The championships moved


to the national Squash Centre almost a decade and a half ago


and with 7000 schoolchildren on the Manchester programme alone,


interest is growing among the next Really good because I can


meet people and might Music to the years of the man


in charge of coaching. This event really does get well


supported throughout the North. You can see to the Masters event


all the players coming to complete. Do you think you have another


world title left in you? I would like to think


so so, yeah, definitely. First things first, Laura


has her sights set on a fourth national title and in front


of the home crowd, she will -- not be short of support. Great to


catch up with her again. The local youngsters taking part at the


moment. The big boys are on at eight o'clock. The coverage is on rugby


league on the local rugby station. Thanks Richard...back in 1957


a small basement club opened up in the backstreets of Liverpool -


the owners hoping to cash We're talking about the Cavern Club


of course, and tonight there's a special BBC programme


celebrating its 60th anniversary Welcome to the cavern club! Alleging


Derry venue. The cavern will always be here while music is being played.


We would queue up in Matthew street waiting to go in and you could hear


the throb throb throb of the beads inside. The minute I saw the


Beatles, that is what I wanted to be, professional musician. Popular


music would not have been the same without the Beatles or the cavern


club. Even now it still grabs you as you walk in, you cannot go into the


cavern without tapping your foot or fingers. You are in the moment.


Gorgeous, gorgeous. Fantastic. It is virtually impossible to separate the


cavern from the Beatles. It was more than that. And it is. The whole


point about the film is it was strange because it is 60 years of


the cavern club and you would not be doing it if it wasn't for the


Beatles but they were only there for two years and there were people


there before that and now. That tiny cellar in the back row of Matthew


street which we knew as students and it became different clubs and


changed but back club echoed all around the world, people from


Brazil, Japan still coming and it is amazing. It changed locations in the


1970s. People demonstrated because people were upset. They were and if


you watch the film at 7:30pm, Billy Butler explained he was the DJ at


the time and T and others talk about barricading themselves up because


the bailiffs came to shut it up. It has been reincarnated but it is back


on the original site with the original bricks, it moved over the


road and then it moved back again. It is still the cavern club in the


same place with the original bricks and feeling. I had not realised it


moved back. Yeah, it is kind of confusing. It is still on the


original site with the same arches and bricks. Interestingly Tony


Booth, the artist did that poster and the famous Beatles posters as


well. That was his last ever job for your documentary. Yes, it was moving


talking about the producer and seeing that wonderful hand-painting


those images and we give a tribute to him. A great artist. Look at the


control. 83, 84, the most famous club in the world. Is it still going


strong? It is. This is such an old hippy thing to say that everyone


involved and we use the phrase all the time, it is about love, baby and


everybody loves the cavern club. They feel passionately about it and


it is still showcasing new acts, vibrant new acts. You can see great


tribute acts, there are great Beatles tribute acts but they have


live music, new music. I have never been! I have had a few good nights


there. Ted's documentary: The Cavern -


The Best Club in the World. Not to be missed. We could dance!


Every picture tells a story. Yes, some snow in the forecast through


the next couple of days, one weather watcher sent us some snowdrops


because wintry weather is on the cards. It will feel cold through


this afternoon, here it comes, the air coming towards us from the


continent but this feature causes problems. Eastern England will see


more snow than we will but there is a weather warning, the Pennine areas


are bordering onto Eastern England, it is not Merseyside or the Isle of


Man or Cumbria, the closer you are to the Pennines, the more chance of


seeing some snow. The story continues through the night, snow


showers up on the other side of the Pennines. There could be a light


dusting on high ground but mostly a cold night, the stars are coming out


tonight, the moon, a lot of cloud cover and temperatures not good.


This feature first thing, Pennine areas see the worst of it, sunshine


in short supply, huge areas of cloud, the showers will turn up


anywhere, they could be wintry. Reverting to the wet stuff through


the afternoon. It is cold and grey and damp at times. This forecast


holds for Saturday and Sunday. More wintry stuff on Saturday night. Do


you want to do the twist? Where you to Beatles or The Rolling Stones?


The Rolling Stones. I am too young! Sorry, you need to be prompted. Have


a lovely weekend. Goodbye.