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Welcome to North West Tonight with Annabel Tiffin and Roger Johnson.


Our top story: A woman from Liverpool is found


She just the most fun girl you can imagine,


she's so happy-go-lucky, it's so sad, so horrible.


Her family say she'll be sadly missed.


Also tonight: The teenager jailed for killing PC Dave Phillips


in a stolen truck loses an appeal against his 20-year sentence.


I'm in Cannes, where Gary Neville is responding to his criticisms to his


plans to regenerate part of Manchester.


We recall an elephant's odyssey to join a Victorian zoo.


It was big news everywhere where the elephant stopped off. There's a


place in Kendal that is called the elephant yard. That's where the


elephant slapped. -- slept. Tributes are being paid this evening


to a former Liverpool student It's feared twenty-eight-year-old


Danielle McLaughlin was sexually assaulted before her body was found


close to a popular beach in Goa. Danielle studied at Liverpool John


Moores University, and worked in a pub at the Albert Dock


before her trip to India. Our Merseyside Reporter,


Andy Gill, has the details. Friends say Danielle McLaughlin,


who was originally from John Moores University have


confirmed that she was a student here, though it hasn't said


what she studied or when. After university she worked


at the Pumphouse Pub A former colleague and friend


says staff and customers loved her. She was the most fun girl you can


imagine, happy-go-lucky. When you heard from your personal point of


view, what did you think? It brought a tear to my R. To my eye. I saw the


stories, thought all my God. Danielle grew up in


County Donegal in Ireland. Community leaders


there say the family It's always a natural for a mother


to lose a child. Even if it is a 28-year-old child. They are


understandably grieving. She was popular, outgoing and lively. She


took part in school musical. She was a great Irish dancer.


Recently Danielle's grandfather died.


In a statement tonight Daiielle's moher said: "The family


would like to express our thanks to all who have got in touch


Police in India say Danielle may have been sexually assaulted


The teenager jailed for twenty years for killing the Merseyside Police


officer Dave Phillips got the punishment he deserved.


That was the conclusion of three judges today as they rejected


Clayton Williams' appeal against his sentence.


Last year, the car thief was convicted of manslaughter


after running over the officer while driving a stolen


Here's our Chief Reporter, Dave Guest.


A stolen pick-up truck is being pursued along


At the wheel, 18-year-old Clayton Williams.


PC Dave Phillips was trying to stop him.


He's seen here, crouching at the side of the road,


deploying a device to puncture the tyres of the stolen vehicle.


But Williams veered towards the officer,


The Merseyside force lost a valued officer,


a young family lost a much loved father and husband.


Today a judge described it thus:


The harm rippled through three generations.


Sir Brian Leveson was speaking in the Court of Appeal.


Unlike most courts, cameras are sometimes allowed


Williams had been trying to get his jail sentence cut.


Last year a jury him of manslaughter.


The trial judge described his crime as "a very grave offence."


Today his barrister argued that was too much.


We suggest that Clayton Williams has been sentenced to very many years,


far in excess, we suggest, of what was appropriate


The question is, your Lordships will be asking, is this so graver


crime to director sentence of 20 years for a 19-year-old.


In our judgment, although undoubtedly severe, he cannot have


any complaints about the sentence which was thoroughly deserved.


So Williams will continue to serve the sentence originally imposed.


And PC Phillips' family will continue trying


to rebuild their lives as best they can.


An 88-year-old driver is being interviewed by the police


after a car struck four pedestrians in South Manchester, leaving one man


The collision happened on Woodhouse Lane in Wythenshawe


A woman, and two children aged nine and two were also hurt.


A group of residents, living near Preston New Road in Lancashire,


are challenging the government's decision to allow fracking there.


They told a judge at the High Court in Manchester proper planning


The government's lawyers will give evidence tomorrow.


A final ruling is expected next month.


The number of people unemployed in the north west


The figures for November to January show 173,000


people are out of work - that's 4.9% of the workforce.


Too many children are waiting for mental health care. And there is a


huge backlog. When Chelsea was seven, two things


happened which changed her life. She was adopted, and she


started hearing voices. It first started off saying


to burn the house down. bit worse because I didn't


want to live there. Then it got a Bit worse,


saying to go and jump off a bridge, But to get the right help


took her family five years. When my counselling


came, I didn't want it. Because it'd been such a long wait


I couldn't be bothered any more. A recent report found that


in this region nearly half of the children referred to CAMHS -


the specialist child and adolescent mental health service,


had to wait for treatment. And another 40% were turned away


because their problem wasn't seen as serious enough -


far higher than the What we find is that the longer


a child or young person waits before they get the help they need,


the more problematic and complex And it gets more difficult


to resolve the problem is The government is putting an extra


?1.4 billion into CAMHS. But at the same time


demand has gone up. Campaigners say that is because of


a number of reasons. An increasing poverty


and insecurity, greater awareness of the issue,


but also because the sort of groups that are traditionally intervened


early to stop things and escalating, youth groups, charities,


public health campaigns, have been cut, and so nothing


is done until the problem And that's an issue


the Children's Commissioner - in Manchester last week


- wants improving. They want people who are there


who can help the here and now. They say, we want someone


to talk to in school. If we have long waiting lists,


we want people to keep in touch One practical thing is being


trialed in Tameside. These teachers are being trained


to spot mental health mental health is improved,


you see a massive improvement in their well-being


and life chances. If a concern's raised,


the school can put measures in place to try to stop the situation


from escalating. One-off blips nothing


to be worried about. But we want to build a picture


of the child so if it does become a concern,


we can share it with the parent and the parents can can,


co-chair at their concerns with us. She's moved away and is


doing well at college. In the future she wants


to run her own business. I've got that going in my mind am


going to do my best to get there. I have my ups and downs,


but that's the way life goes. It's in our issue that touches many


young people and families. Andy Burnham has launched his


manifesto, setting out plans for what he'll do if he becomes


Mayor of Greater Manchester. The Labour MP for Leigh says


he would put young people at the heart of policy,


offering free bus passes for 16-18 He plans to fund his ideas by taking


bus services off private companies, and reducing agency staff


in the public sector. We can't build a strong


and prosperous society in the future, we can't make


a success of Brexit in Greater Manchester


unless we invest in the next generation and give every single


young person here hope that there is an opportunity


for them at the end of school. We'll bring you the manifestos


of other candidates when they're launched, and you can find a full


list of those standing at


bbc.co.uk/candidates Gary Neville was speaking


at an investment fair and said he was willing to make


changes to the design. The event in Cannes also heard


about massive plans to redevelop parts of Merseyside,


as Phil McCann now reports. The carpets at this time of year


in Cannes are blue, not red. This Europe's biggest


investment show. It's been a very busy day


for the North West here in Cannes. Full of announcements


from local councils. The first one today has been


in Birkenhead, where a plan has been unveiled for hundreds


of new apartments, a hotel and conference centre


at Woodside Waterfront. In town, there will be a new market


and a heritage district Wirral Council's here to try


and raise ?1 billion for it. There is a buzz about


Wirrell and Birkenhead. People think that Wirrall


is going places, this city The council hopes Birkenhead's


market could eventually resemble This annual investment


show in Cannes is where councils come every year


to talk-up regeneration schemes. But over in Manchester this


famous face is behind one Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs


want to build two skyscrapers But they're willing


to act on the concerns. From our point of view there is no


doubt that some of the suggestions made to us in the consultation


process and the planning process, we need to listen to,


we need to refine certain aspects of it, change certain aspects of it,


we are still fundamentally believe in scale, and the building


being tall, and that is You mentioned Historic England


there, and they do seem to be objecting to the fundamentals,


not just the design. You'll be aware,, that they were


saying it will damage the city's historic heart,


dwarfing and aggressively There is expected to come faulty,


to fundamentally disagree with. I suppose the language


they have used. Elsewhere funding's been secured


for a ?35m cancer centre in the Paddington village


development in the city centre, one of a new wave of facilities


providing proton beam treatment. At the Cheshire stand in Cannes,


plans to regenerate Chester and redevelop land around Crewe


when HS2 comes have been outlined. And back in Manchester,


some very long-term thinking. The City Council's chief executive


told an audience that within the next few years,


the city region will have to look at installing an underground railway


because the trams will be too full. A lot being discussed there, imagine


if it all came to fruition. Still to come in north-western night. Could


the future be up for Goodison Park as Everton eye on new Dockside Field


of dreams? And the bones of a great story. How Maharaja's journey amazed


Victorian Manchester. Thousands of lives could be saved


if a Manchester scheme to detect lung cancer was introduced


across the country. That's according to NHS researchers


who carried out a pilot scheme CT scanners were sent


to shopping centres, and people between the age of 55


and 74 was invited to be tested. Recently, I went for a lung check


and I've been diagnosed with cancer. Michael found out about his


condition thanks to a pilot scheme Instead of waiting for people to go


to the doctor's with a problem, the project targeted poorer areas


where lifestyle and smoking make lung cancer the most common


cause of premature death. They wrote to everyone


aged between 55 and 74, Around half then went


on to have CT scans. I went for a lung health check,


and was given an appointment So I think the timescale


is absolutely terrific. Most people who are diagnosed


with lung cancer don't find out until stage four of the disease,


by which time it's We did about 1400 scans,


and of those we diagnosed We did about 1400 scans, and of


those we diagnosed 42 cancers. And importantly, 80%


of those are early stage. We were diagnosing one


cancer for every scanning The team behind the scheme believes


it could save many more lives. We did manage to target the poorest,


the most deprived sections Which is said to be


hardest to reach. I could've gone two or three years


and it could have everywhere. It's now hoped funding will be


approved to extend the scheme to other areas of Greater Manchester


and eventually, across the country. Sport now with Richard


and quite a Good scheme. Romelu Lukaku has turned down


the most lucrative contract offer That's all. How will the make ends


meet? The top scorer's goals have been


a big factor behind the team's I'm told the contract


is still very much on the table. The developers Peel have confirmed


today that negotiations to build After several false dawns


in the past what do Everton fans make of that,


and of course of Lukaku? In modern football you can never


put your mortgage on any player But after Romelu Lukaku's agent had


said it was 99.9% likely he d sign he d sign a new deal,


it was a shock to may Everton fans I'm hoping Hill signed a new deal.


It could be one of those things. It's got to his head. Will he signed


the contract? He can be persuaded. Romelu Lukaku has indicated


it's his ambition to play Champions League football that lies


at the heart of the matter. And for clubs like Everton with


designs on joining Europe's elite. A new ground can often be


the building blocks for a new era. The club is seriously


considering constructing a new stadium on the edge


of the city's waterfront and This is this proposed site for the


new stadium. The obstacles before that happens but it's clear that


Everton have been holding talks up buyers level with the council and


the owners of Peel Holdings. And they want to make it happen.


Neither Everton nor the City Council wanted


But when it was suggested to the city's mayor that the project


This was Joe Anderson's response on twitter: "what happens


is beyond your imagination, but it's happening and


It's a new start that Everton football club. It's a shame, it's


been here the years. They can put money behind it. Being a good


businessman, he can make things happen this time. If the plan does


come to fruition, it will look spectacular. The American architect


in charge has built stadiums around the world. This is a Roma's Stadium


in Italy. Will his next beyond the bank of the Mersey?


Sticking with Everton, well kind of, one of their most famous fans has


announced he'll be sidelined for a significant amount of time.


Boxer Tony Bellew needs surgery on the right hand he broke


during his victory over David Haye and coulod be out of action


Manchester City have a huge night ahead of them as they attempt


to book their place in the quarter finals of the Champions League.


Pep Guardiola's side take a 5-3 first leg lead to AS Monaco,


but despite that two goal advantage, the Blues boss doesn't


want to see his side on the defensive tonight.


I want to see a team from the first minute to win the game.


After that, in that level, everybody can beat you and


I want to see my team with the feeling.


The feeling I want is that I want to win the game.


There's full commentary from France on BBC radio Manchester from 7:45pm.


Blackburn Rovers moved out of the Championship relegation zone


after a late equaliser away at Fulham last night.


Lucas Joao scored in the fourth minute of injury time to earn a 2-2


draw which extends their unbeaten run under new boss Tony Mowbray


to six games and moves them a point clear of the bottom three.


Fleetwood remain second in League One after Cian Bolger's


goal was enough to see off Walsall one nil.


Bolton, victors over the Cod Army on Saturday,


remain just a point behind after a four nil win at Gillingham.


At the bottom, Bury moved six points clear of the drop zone after a three


nil home win over Bristol Rovers, George Miller with their third,


while Oldham are still just a point behind The Shakers after a brace


from Lee Erwin secured a 2-1 victory over Oxford.


In lead to -- lead to, this handball gave Blackpool verbiage victory.


Crewe have won two of their last three now after a comprehensive


3-0 win at Crawley and how about this for goal of the night


from Accrington Stanley's Sean McConville, the highlight


of their five nil thrashing of lowly Leyton Orient.


He could try that a hundred times are not do that again. Can we see it


again? Talk spirit. He shoots it, it hits the bar, hits the keeper on the


back. And it goes into the goal. Does he claim that one then? He'll


claim it but it will probably go down as an own goal. But he can


legitimately claim that Kanti? He said.


Now it was a jumbo journey which amazed Victorian Manchester.


An elephant called Maharaja walked two hundred miles from Edinburgh


to the once-famous Belle Vue zoo in 1872.


His imposing skeleton is still one of the main attractions


And Maharaja's long march south has now inspired a new book.


MUSIC: Dance of the Hours by Amilcare Ponchielli


In the late 19th century, the owner of Belle Vue


Maharaja, the eight-year-old Asian elephant in an Edinburgh


He arranged for the animal to be transported to Manchester on a train


accompanied by his keeper, Lorenzo.


The walk took ten days and it was big news everywhere


It was reported in local newspapers, and there's a place in Kendal that


are still called the elephant yard, that's where the Elephant slept.


Jane Kerr has written book called The Elephant Thief,


after a visit to the Manchester Museum.


And becoming taken by the presence of Maharaja's skeleton.


I think because the story had stuck with me so long,


and I think because you have a gem of a story there, an outline


that is fascinating, you know that it will work


So I use it as a backdrop, the true story, to use all these


So Jane's version of Maharaja's journey sees a young boy called Sane


offered an unbelievable opportunity to ride Maharaja 1300 miles


Of course, like any good tale, he gets swept up


Sitting in a vault of the Manchester Museum lies


a painting of Maharaja with his keeper.


They reached a toll gate during their trip and there


was urgently a dispute about how much Lorenzo should pay


It's thought Maharaja lived for another ten years before dying


But his memory lives on at the Manchester Museum,


and in Jane's new book, The Elephant Thief.


That is an astonishing story. Maharaja was a trailblazer. We were


taking bets as to when you would say trunk roads. Not that you're


predictable. Some are just too obvious. Let's find out what the


weather is like. Nowhere near as good as today. If


you have mowed the lawn, Roger. I'm telling you on behalf of your other


half. If you didn't mow your lawn today, you've missed your chance.


Some good-looking temperatures today. Lovely view skies over


Windermere, lovely photos my weather watcher. Temperatures as high as 16


degrees in Nantwich in Cheshire. And also Greater Manchester. Here's the


temperatures for tomorrow. 11 or 12 degrees if we're lucky. We'll see


some rain too. Changes in the weather conditions are courtesy of


the weather front. It's a cold front, and will bring lots of clouds


leaving behind colder air. As we head into the weekend, we will see


rain as you can see on the chart. That will be Saturday and some parts


of Sunday. Tonight isn't looking so bad. Clear skies like this guy this


evening and mild overnight. We will hear some clouds filling in with fog


patches on high ground in Cumbria. It's breezy as well, and a mild


night. Temperatures will only drop as low as six or 7 degrees. We will


see nine or 10 degrees in Cumbria. So a cooler day tomorrow, and a


cloudy day. From the word go. A cloudy start in the morning, turning


a bit breezy, the clouds will thicken from time to time to bring


new light, drizzly rain. We will see bright spells through the afternoon,


so breezy, cloudy, drizzly as well. Disappointing temperatures compared


to today. Highs of 11 degrees tomorrow. Just 9 degrees in Cumbria.


Tomorrow night, all the rain clearing away so clear skies


tomorrow night, hopefully frost free, but as we head into Friday, it


looks to be another cloudy picture with more rain on the right. These


are the temperatures for the weekend. Not too good. You can't


make up for a glossy forecast by wearing a sunny dress. I can't


believe you're telling them my trick. Bad Roger from not mowing the


lawn today. Thanks for watching, have a lovely evening.


'The UK has voted to leave the European Union


'Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrated the result,


'declaring that dawn was breaking on an independent nation.


'Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to resign


'The pound fell sharply as the referendum result became apparent,


'and traders are bracing themselves for panic when the markets open.


'and England are confident of advancing to the next stage