11/05/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Hello, good evening, and welcome to North West Tonight. I'm live in


Barrow where the first leg of the election tour has arrived on the day


that Labour's leaked manifesto has concerned there commitment to


Labour's nuclear deterrent. On a place that depends on it, that is


sure to be welcome news. 90 years in jail for the drugs gang


caught after an international The Europa League clash that


Mourinho claims is the "most And out of this world -


the British astronaut whose story's being turned into a Hollywood film,


shares his space adventures There are a few nicer places to be


on a glorious evening like this one beside the seaside in Barrow. On a


day that Labour's leet manifesto commitment confirmed their


commitment to Britain's nuclear commitment, the submarine is built


over there and employs 8000 people, it's likely to be a town perhaps


with slightly more of a spring in its step 29 - totally for those of


Labour persuasion. There is -- the latest nuclear sub rolls off the


production line just a few weeks ago. Barrow is a Klee N'Diaye key


marginal targeted by the Conservatives. -- Barrow is a key


marginal. Perhaps it will help to persuade those that were wavering to


vote for Labour. We'll be commitment to the ?200 million programme help


to shore ?200 million programme helps ensure a devoted?


In a moment we'll be finding out how strong the Labour vote is in Barrow,


but first Stuart Flinders looks at why defence is so


It looks calm enough on the surface, but there is something


A decision last year to renew the Trident missile system should


secure the jobs here of those who build the submarines


But which party would you trust to see it through?


Tony Keen runs an engineering services company company that


I would have to dramatically change the strategy of the business.


It wouldn't be fatal, but it would be bad.


About half of your work is with BAE Systems, isn't it?


You can tell by the shops in the town, the hairdressers


in the town, whatever industry or sector you're in in the town,


the size of BAE to Barrow, it affects every part


There is not enough work on a Trident submarine in Barrow


Labour's Dennis Healey meeting shipyard workers in Barrow in 1983.


His party lost the seat that year, the Conservatives


Labour then, under Michael Foot, supported unilateral


Now it supports Trident - a policy confirmed in


Its last MP, John Woodcock, was firmly behind it.


And yet, some voters are wary of party leader Jeremy Corbyn's


lifelong links with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.


You don't know what Jeremy Corbyn's going to do regarding


So nobody knows what's going on in his mind.


The Labour Party, especially their leader, seems to be very


negative for the future of the submarines.


Rarely is one issue so prominent in politics,


One false move by a candidate and his or her party can cost them


That's because here, defences and just about


It's about jobs and the very future of this town.


Lets talk to Phil Collier, he is from the Federation of Small


Businesses. Thanks for coming out this evening. That manifesto


commitment from Labour today, will that make any difference here, do


you think? I don't think it's going to make a material difference. The


key thing at the main Mint is here and we have a successor programme.


It is how we benefit from it that is critical. Stuart was talking about


the importance of defence and of this place. But in real terms for


real people living their lives in Barrow, just how crucial is the


defence sector? It's massive. We saw back in the early 19s when the


shipyard hit the wall, and the impact on the town then. -- early


1990s. It's about creating legacy for the future and using what we


have here to grow that legacy and build it. We are talking about 8000


people employed in the yard at the moment. That will peak at just over


9000. You can almost double that in terms of the number of people that


are effective in the supply chain and potential supply chains, whether


we're talking industrial manufacturing companies, the


hospitality sector, the retail sector, the growth of the


regeneration of the town centre. When it comes to a Northern


Powerhouse, you don't get much more powerful than what is built in


there. But does Barrow feel like part of that Northern Powerhouse


project that we have heard so much about? No, we don't. That is one of


the big concerns. It is massively important that whoever is elected in


on the 8th of June really gets to grips with this and make sure that


we don't become the forgotten corner of the Northern Powerhouse. There's


a lot going on here because it is unjust defence. There is wind farm,


pharmaceutical. We have what will be the biggest wind farm development in


the world just off the coast behind us. Glaxo Smith Kline are building a


new biopharmaceutical plant. Very same massive amount around here. --


there is a massive amount around here. It is a highly skilled


technical area and we can't be left out on the edge. Thank you very much


indeed, we appreciate your input. Phil Collier here in Barrow. Trident


is not the only issue for people here. It is a marginal, as we said.


The Conservatives have targeted it, Labour narrowly won it last time


round. John Woodcock, the sitting Labour MP who has served this place


in recent years, a vociferous opponent or critic of Jeremy Corbyn.


But can he and Labour hang on? That is a question for our Political


Editor. In Barrow town centre,


a statue stands tall to the welders, the gaffers, the men and women


who made the shipyard great. But like Labour towns


across the north-west, industry's not the only issue


at play in the selection. I'm not racist or nothing,


but they're thinking more about the foreigners


than they are us lot Do you feel they get better


protection and more help than you? The Furniss Railway Pub sits close


to the terraced houses, which have been homes to shipyard


workers for generations. Here, party loyalty


is being questioned. I've always voted Labour,


but I'm not going to vote Labour this time because Theresa May


is doing a wonderful job. I think she's very


articulate, very genuine. Are you surprised that your


voting Conservative? But on the big issues,


it's Labour that Andy and Barry turn Free car parking for


patients, obviously. And I think over a period of time


they will bring in more Sadly, at the moment,


they're lacking. Said you trust Labour more


when it comes to the NHS? I will always be a Labour man,


particularly here in Barrow. It's a Labour town, it's


the working man's town. And that's damn well


how it should be. To say that the Labour Party is well


supported in the north-west is a bit There are more than twice


as many Labour MPs here But here in Barrow, the candidate


won by fewer than 800 votes in 2015. It's on a list of nine


constituencies where, if 5% of voters switch from Labour


to the Conservatives, And this is where the


Corbyn factor comes in. Can Barrow connect with a man


described as Marmite, Terry has been a Labour Party member


for more than 50 years, We don't live in some suburb


of London where you go in a cafe and everyone agrees with you,


or something like that. This is downtown Barrow in Furness,


and we hear what he says Do you think that could


lose you the seat? Four weeks is a long


time in politics. A week is a long time, four weeks is


a really long time. Nina is here. That is this constituency. Should


Labour be worried in the broader north-west? There is lots of talk of


Labour being annihilated at this general election. But don't forget


there are more than 30 seats in the Northwest where Labour has a


majority of more than 20%. That would take a political earthquake to


unseat them. Just look at Andy Burnham and Steve Robert. That is


not to say the Labour Party should be worried. I've been speaking to


people all week and they have been telling me they voted Labour for 20


or 30 years, but are thinking about something different at the ballot


box. There are two reasons - the first is that they trust Theresa May


Brexit. Lots of parts voted to leave the EU. And the second is Jeremy


Corbyn, he's just not connecting with voters in the left. Hence John


Woodcock distancing himself as much as he can. Has Jeremy Corbyn been


protected? Theresa May hasn't been out meeting real people, but Jeremy


Corbyn has been criticised. Theresa May likes to know exactly what is


happening, and don't forget this is a much shorter campaign. Perhaps


that is why we're not been as much of the party leaders. But this is a


two-way street. The Conservative Party are defending seven seats,


which also marginal. A 5% swing see them losing. We might not have seen


as much of the party leaders in the north-west. But there for weeks to


go. Forward to very long time in politics. It is! Nina, thank you


very much indeed. We will have some final thoughts from here at the end


of the programme but it is high time we got back to the studio for the


rest of the news with Annabel Roger, thank you very much.


Rochdale's former Labour MP Simon Danczuk says


he will stand as an Independent against Labour's Tony Lloyd


Mr Danczuk was suspended by the Labour Party while it


investigated allegations he sent explicit texts


Chester Zoo, which fell victim to a ?1.26 million fraud,


The Zoo was duped into handing over the money in 2013 to a man claiming


to represent a construction company it had been working with.


Four men have been convicted of their involvement.


Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has promised a radical


overhaul of controversial plans to build houses on green belt land.


Thousands of people have protested against the Greater Manchester


spatial framework, which includes sites in all ten boroughs.


The new proposals would see more development on land


I still have high ambitions for the homes and the jobs


that we will need to bring to Greater Manchester.


We just need to make sure they're the right homes


It doesn't mean every single piece of green land is safe, you know?


There will still need to be difficult decisions.


But I am listening to what people said.


I do understand that these green spaces are precious to them,


and as mayor I will work to protect them.


Members of a drug smuggling gang have been sentenced to a total


of almost 90 years after police found a stash of Class A


drugs hidden in secret compartments in a van.


And international police operation stopped the group getting heroin and


cocaine into the UK. The ringleader of the group,


a 64-year-old from Liverpool, has been described by police


as a career criminal. He'd been jailed in the past


for a similar plot. Our Social Affairs Correspondent,


Clare Fallon, was in This was a real international


conspiracy. It was an international plot with a gang of drug smugglers


from Merseyside running the operation. At the helm of all this


was a man could Edward Avis, in his 60s from the Aigburth area of


Liverpool. Here's a man who thought he had learned from his mistakes. He


had been jailed in the past for drug smuggling. He made a point of


holding his meetings in places like parks. Even in a cemetery! Trying to


make sure the authorities weren't listening in to him. That is him,


the chap on the left, having a meeting in a park to try and avoid


the authorities monitoring what you are saying. But of course they could


see him, follow him and film him. He and his accomplices were the subject


of a covert surveillance operation. That operation ended with a sting


out in Belgium. When officers in Antwerp moved in to make their own


rest and search the refrigerated van that the bank had been using, at


first they couldn't find any drugs. But then they realised there were


heeding compartments underneath a fake flaw in the back of the van.


That is where they found 13 kilograms of class a drugs, heroin


and cocaine, with a street value of about ?1.4 million. According to the


National Crime Agency which was behind this operation, that was a


significant find and Edward Avis is a significant drug smugglers.


He is a career criminal who hasn't learned from his past misdemeanours.


He has previously served a lengthy sentence for this type of crime.


It was quite clear that he gave no thought to the harm and misery that


would have occurred had these drugs flooded the streets


And, equally, the harm it causes in the communities overseas


Edward Avis was today handed a 12 year sentence. He was jailed along


with nine other people, most of them from Merseyside. Some of them were


eastern Europeans who had been drafted in to transport the drugs.


In total, those ten people were jailed for almost 90 years. The


judge said theirs was a carefully planned and audacious plot might


thank you very much. Still to come on


North West Tonight... Out of this world -


the British astronaut whose story's being turned into a Hollywood film


shares his space adventures I was thinking for a second or two,


is this the day I die? We're live at Old Trafford


for the Europa League clash that Mourinho claims is the "most


important in the club's history". A brand new cultural centre


officially opens in Chester tonight. It's called Storyhouse,


and it means that for the first time in a decade there's a theatre


and a cinema in the city centre. But there's more to the project


than films and plays. It's also about literature


and a new place to meet and relax, Rehearsals at Storyhouse


Chesterfield tonight's show It is an adapted John Gay


's 18th-century play to put in references


to Chester and Merseyside. Storyhouse is on this site


of the old Odeon cinema, but a modern extension means it can


offer much more than movie. I hope this project, Storyhouse,


can be something that puts Chester What we're doing here


is I think of national This innovation of the integration,


bringing together the library services, the theatre


and the cinema, is genuinely culturally innovative and has


covered a lot of attention It's ten years since Chester city


centre had a cinema or theatre. Judging from the number of people


who turned up today, it will assuage It's been a long time coming


and it's well worth the wait. I was an usher here when I was


at school in the 70s. We have waited a long time


for it, and it's lovely. It cost ?37 million with cash mainly


from the local authority, One of the key things


about Storyhouse is the range of cultural activities


which will go on here. It's not only Chester's Central


library, it's also a theatre, Simon is the architect


who had to fit it all in. I mean, there were a lot


of challenges on this project. A big cultural project


in a Chester historic city. I suppose the first challenge


was to think about how you design a building that is a library,


a cinema and a theatre. How you bring all those things


together in a completely new way. And really we've tried to make


the library the glue that joins There's a bar, a cafe,


and a cinema that will show Storyhouse is open from 8am


until the last performance ends. Football now, and Manchester United


can book their place in the Europa League final


for the first time tonight. It's a competition that has taken


on extra significance for United because the winners qualify for


next season's Champions League. The reds take a 1-0 lead


into the second leg of their semi-final against


Celta Vigo at Old Trafford. There's a lot resting


on this, Richard? I'm not sure everyone would agree


with Mourinho's statement, but it is really significant, isn't it? I


think you're right, as you say, particularly in terms of Champions


League qualification, that's why it's important. It looks very


unlikely that United can do that by finishing in the top four in the


Premier League. It's all about this competition for par United. I think


you can see that from Mourinho's selection against Arsenal in the


last much. We can see key players like Paul Pogba and Eric by Ewa


turning for United. The have been complications in the news. Paul


Pogba's record transfer fee from Juventus, Fifa saying they will look


into that after reports that his agent will earn ?41 million from


that deal. And also perhaps the him from Wayne Rooney that maybe he's


going to consider leaving Old Trafford in the summer. He spent a


lot of time on the bench. As you would expect for this match tonight,


he is playing a very straight bat. This is on trying to


help us win this final. I think, you know, it's


a massive opportunity for us, as a group of players,


to win a European title. And my focus is to help us


try and win this one. How good Celta Vigo? I think on the


evidence of the first leg, not very good at all! They looked completely


tired out by Manchester United. They have been talking a little tougher


in the run-up to this game. Not pulling up any trees in La Liga, but


they have beaten both Barcelona and Real Madrid. So on this day they are


pretty decent. Having said that, all of these Manchester united fans go


into the Day today and they expect Manchester United to sail through.


Anything can happen in a football game, of course. But it will be a


big surprise if after this came United aren't in the Europa League.


Thanks very much indeed. British astronaut Mike Foale


is a real life hero who's story is to be made


into a Hollywood movie. He flew on six space shuttle


missions, helped to save the Russian space station Mir from disaster


and was the first Briton Today he was in Manchester speaking


to hundreds of school children. I knocked on the door of Nasa


in the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, and I said,


"Can I be an astronaut?" And they said, well,


not so fast, Michael. Plunged into darkness,


and into space, Mike Fole took hundreds of students on


a journey through his career. It's almost 20 years since he


helped to save the Russian space It's almost 20 years since he helped


to save the Russian space station Mir after it collided


with a supply vessel. I'm pretty sure this


may be my last breath. When the collision of the progress


on the station occurred, I was thinking for a second or two,


is this the day I die? And then I thought, no,


I guess it's not happening. And then you just press on and try


and solve your difficulty. And conquering adversity was one


of the themes of his talk. Some might want to be


a football player. They might want to be


a classical pianist. They've already got


an idea in their mind. My story probably does help


because I told them how I got around If you don't have a way to stop it


floating, it is horrible. He was really funny,


I like the videos. Because there's no gravity


you would think how would people be able to move properly


and things like that. It's an inspirational story that


if you keep on trying, That's the message we want


our children to have - never give in, always try your best


and you everything you can A Hollywood movie is now


being made about his life. Enough time has passed to make that


movie bearable for me to be made. Do you have any wishes for anyone


in particular to play you? That will be a good film. Let's get


the weather now with Diane. Another fabulous day, but it's not hanging


around? No, it's the end of it. For the next


couple of days, at least. Summer hasn't started yet, but it has been


very, very nice indeed. 21 degrees we've got this afternoon at


Blackpool, just outside of Chester. Manchester City centre got 19. We've


all done very well and there has been an awful lot of sunshine. If we


look at our satellite picture, here it comes. The cloud is pushed in and


embedded within our thunderstorms. The cloud really is the future for


us right now. It's all about this weather system that works its way


into. It comes in in the overnight period and is making its presence


felt when you get up tomorrow, a much more showery day. Through the


weekend it is much more mobile with westerly winds forcing the weather


fronts. From time to time there will be outbreaks of rain. This was a


picture of the sun going down night. Some places will have clear skies


around and you could see this again. But for many of us, a much more


cloudy affair. The next couple of days it will be cloudier, cooler


with showery rain at times. Our picture outside shows quite a bit of


low cloud at times. Temperatures tonight are very, very good. There


will be quite a bit of cloud. The show was working their way in. You


can see them working through parts of North Wales, but they are not


near us just yet. The thinking as they will stay near North Wales and


most of us will just see cloud increasing from time to time. Take a


look at the numbers - they are really very good. Warm and humid


first thing tomorrow morning. Aside from that, quite a bit of cloud


cover from the word go. It come the show was that push into wards asked


from the morning. Not everywhere will get them. Where they turn up,


they could be heavy with a rumble of thunder. If you dodge them, in the


sunshine temperatures will reach around 18Celsius. But it's not what


they have been. It's not!


Before we go, let's go back to Roger who is in a barrow. It still


beautifully sunny behind you. Glorious, it is. A lovely evening to


be by the Cumbrian coast. Nina is still here as well. Four weeks to


go, we will all be voting. What can we expect from the Northwest


campaign? There are still many people yet to make up their minds.


People aren't wedded to the political party that they have been


for generations before in the same way that they used to be. Brexit has


changed all four weeks is plenty of time for people to swap one way,


then the other, then back again. The weather has been glorious. Nina,


thank you very much indeed. We have worked out that the car horns in


Barrow all work pretty well also. It's a glorious blue sky, as Nina


said. And as Annabel mentioned, whether run not Barrow turns blue in


four weeks' time is far from certain. We will watch from


interest. From all of us, thanks for watching. Goodbye.