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"A role model, an inspiration, our Princess."


A family's moving tribute to a teenage girl from Lancashire


who's died from an allergic reaction after eating a takeaway meal.


Megan Lee, from Oswaldtwistle, was 15.


Megan Lee was known to have had a nut allergy.


She lived in Oswaldtwistle with her parents Adam and Gemma


Megan's school in Accrington have set up a tribute to her.


Her family came to a scheduled communion service here yesterday


The head teacher says her family are coping with an unbearable


Megan was a super student, a wonderful pupil


It feels as if a member of our family has left us.


She was bright, articulate, somebody of real potential who'd


thrived and grown during her five years with us.


Lancashire Police say Megan suffered a severe allergic reaction.


She'd eaten food from a takeaway described


Police and Lancashire trading standards officers


The full results of a postmortem won't be known for some time.


Andy Gill, BBC North West Tonight, Oswaldtwistle.


The long running row over the future of Liverpool Women Hospital


A short list of four options has been drawn up for public


consultation.Bosses say they'd like it to move to the site


But, protestors say it needs to remain where it is.


In virtually every other hospital in the UK, if you run into a problem


with one of your maternity patients, or somebody having gynaecological


treatment, you can simply pick up the phone and another specialist


will walk down the corridor and provide you with assistance.


That's much more difficult to achieve with stand-alone hospital.


We want to protect the safe delivery of babies in this city,


and we want to protect the dignity of women as they go


Those two things are the absolute priority,


and of course we want safety, but one functioning women's Hospital


The idea we can't afford that is ridiculous.


An investigation's underway into the cause of a large fire


this morning at Pilling in Wyre in Lancashire.


At its height 40 firefighters were at the scene at a warehouse


on an industrial estate on Taylors Lane.


Nearby residents were moved as a precaution.


Detectives investigating a fatal shooting in Liverpool last year have


Mark Hillman was found with gunshot wounds on Lloyd Close


22-year-old John Paul Johns from Broad Lane in Kirkby has been


remanded in custody and will appear before South Sefton


Liverpool Crown Court's been shown dashcam footage of car crashing


17-year-old Sean Grindle was travelling 45 miles per hour


over the speed limit in Bootle last year as he tried to escape police.


The court heard he only had a provisional licence.


He was given ten months in a young offenders institution,


suspended for two years and banned from driving for two years.


For hundreds of people in Cheshire - the prospect that their house


will be bulldozed to make way for high speed trains


is something they've known about for the last three years.But -


last November - the HS2 route was changed.


And some households in the county found out that they were in the way.


Officials have been in Cheshire today to answer questions.


Here's our Cheshire Political Reporter Phil McCann.


The bread's been rolling off the tracks at Roberts Bakery


It's not exactly high speed, but the factory's


The HS2 line will cross this main road next to the Northwich site


and go through the car park of this distribution centre.


The proposed line through that part of Northwich and this counyryside


just south of it was shifted to here last November


It means people living here who thought they wouldn't be


affected have had just a few months to digest the fact that their corner


People like Gary - he and his neighbours


in Billings Green found out late last year they'd be


I hoped I would stay here for a long time,


and it's not looking like I'll be able to.


It's going to be a lot of uncertainty for a number


But today was a chance for Gary to get out and find out more.


He was invited to this official consultation event, where questions


It just confirmed some of the things I already knew, really.


There's still a lot of unanswered questions, and part of the problem


is there's so much uncertainty and it's going to go on for years.


But with so many people newly affected, there


I sympathise with people who are affected by the proposals.


What we've tried to do is balance the considerations.


Obviously we need to have a safe railway, balanced against


We believe that what we've now got represents the best balance.


Head just south of here to Crewe, though, and there's excitement,


because the railway town will be the only HS2 stop between


From where the trains will thunder past the bakery at up to 250 mph.


Football, and Manchester City are safely through to


Tonight they thrashed West Ham 5-0 at the London Stadium,


Johnm Stones scoring City's fifth and his first goa for the club.


That's it from me, here's the weather.


than yesterday. It was bitterly cold yesterday, mild today with a lot of


rain of them. We are going to keep mild conditions into the weekend, a


lot of cloud and hill fog tonight. It's cloudy, we have hill fog,


patchy light rain initially, fading away to leave a dry night.


Temperatures not too bad, down to seven or 8 degrees overnight.


Tomorrow morning starts cloudy, with hill fog. It should be mostly dry


tomorrow, occasional brightness, very limited brightness sneaking


through the cloud cover. We will see very light winds around,


temperatures as high as eight or 9 degrees, hill fog forming again


quite early tomorrow night. Another dry, mild night. Into Sunday, it


remains cloudy and mild, but the outlook heading into Monday, I'm


afraid there's some rain on Good evening. The weather has been


turning milder and also cloudier through the course of the day. We


did see some clear spells moving in from the North will stop this was


the sunset, captured in Dundee. Some clear spells as we headed through


the course of the afternoon into the evening. Really, through the


weekend, wiki with a similar theme. Much milder than it has been. A lot


of cloud around in general, but for most of us think. Dry. Not dry


everywhere at the moment, particularly across central and


southern parts of England and Wales. We have a lot of cloud, bringing


outbreaks of light rain and drizzle. The patchy rain will