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Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Blind, vulnerable people from across the North West have told


the BBC they were systematically beaten and abused by


the headmistress of their specialist primary school in the late 1950s.


Some of them were just five years old when they started


at The Royal School for the Blind in Liverpool.


The school - which still teaches blind children -


says it's saddened by the allegations of historical abuse.


We were borders, five or six years of age, coming from home


She would line the children up and walk from one end


of the dormitory to the other, smacking or beating


There's nothing worse than being hit by anyone when you can't see


I am angry, yes, I am angry because my childhood was taken away


Their stories kept secret for 60 years, for the first time revealing


the physical and emotional abuse that took place at this school


At the time, blind primary school children from across the North West


After nearly dying last year, one of the victims decided


she didn't want to take the secret to her grave.


Life is very precious, it is very, very precious.


And I said, look, I am going to do this because I don't know how


much time I've got left, nobody does, but this


But five more people have now come forward to share their shocking


They all say they were left hurt and humiliated


by the headmistress, Margaret McLenan.


She was hitting me that much that my left leg


Pain did not come into it, the fact it was being done to me


Stephen has tried to go back to the school in the past,


but he suffered flashbacks and could not face it.


If I tried to tell you how she behaved to bed-wetters,


children who really only deserved a cuddle, that's all they deserved,


that is what their mum and dad would have given them...


Not with her - rub your nose in the sheets, make you wash them


Now, Miss McLenan died a few years ago, but the school here behind me


is still open and it is still run by the same charity.


Its president has sent me a statement.


She said they are saddened to hear of the memories of some pupils back


in the 1950s but such behaviour would not be tolerated


Kate West, BBC North West Tonight, Liverpool.


Two men have been arrested over the death of a 15-year-old girl


who died after suffering an allergic reaction shortly after


Megan Lee from Lancashire died in hospital on New Year's Day.


The men, both staff at a local Indian takeaway, are being held


on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter by gross negligence.


This Indian takeaway here in Oswaldtwistle


A sign in the window says it is undergoing refurbishment,


but it is also at the centre of a police investigation into


the death of a popular teenager - 15-year-old Megan Lee -


who died on New Year's Day, two days after suffering a severe


allergic reaction shortly after eating a takeaway meal.


Now, as part of that investigation, Lancashire Police


have arrested two men - a 37-year-old man from


Rossendale and a 38-year-old man from Blackburn -


both on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter by gross negligence.


Both men work at this takeaway and both are in police custody.


Now, if you look at the website of the Royal Spice, there's


a mention about allergies, it makes it clear that it is aware


that some customers may have specific dietary requirements.


Now, police say they are working with Trading Standards officers


and also environmental health as part of its investigations.


Megan was a popular teenager, a member of a number of clubs


here and her parents have described her as a role


They are being kept fully informed about today's developments.


A postmortem has been carried out but the results of which will not be


An inquest has heard a transgender woman from Merseyside,


who was being held at a male prison, was found hanging in her cell.


Jenny Swift from Sefton was on remand at Doncaster Prison


She was found unresponsive on December 30th and


The inquest into her death was opened and adjourned to June 6th.


Passenger numbers at Liverpool John Lennon Airport have grown


to their highest level in five years.


Latest figures show more than 4.8 million people used


the airport in 2016, with a busier than expected December


seeing over 340,000 people pass through the airport.


When Private James McLaughlin of the Loyal North Lancashire


Regiment lost his life during the First World War,


there was no funeral, no memorial service.


It's not even known where his body lies.


But his grandchildren are determined his sacrifice


Today - 100 years to the day since his death -


they met at Preston Minster for a service of remembrance.


His home in Preston was demolished years ago.


The factory he worked at is long gone too.


Killed in action on 9th January, 1917, fighting the Turks


in Mesopotamia, in what's now known as Iraq.


The biggest problem as far as the troops that got injured is,


The Turks had blocked the river, so they could not


James left behind a baby daughter who never knew him.


Mum was a really quiet lady but she always remembered him,


especially on Remembrance Weekend, and when the poppies used


to fall from the ceiling on the Saturday night service


from the Royal Albert Hall, she always said, one of those


Until now, James' story has been a private family affair,


kept alive in these items returned to them after his death.


And for a decade and a biscuit tin. -- they were kept for decades in a


biscuit tin. The identity tag he would be


wearing well in action, rather a poignant item


here with a silk handkerchief the grandmother said


she bought him before he left. Why was it so important


for you to remember this man that Is important in the wider context


but because it is 100 years, we need to focus and think


about it more. There was no memorial


service in 1917 but now, a century on, his family


is honouring his memory. Hundreds of thousands of British


servicemen and women Today was a reminder that


each had a unique story. James McLaughlin's story


hasn't been forgotten. The draw for the fourth


round of the FA Cup has Manchester United will face


Wigan Athletic at Old Trafford. The region's lowest-ranked team


left in the competition, Accrington Stanley, will face


Premier League opposition with a tie There are potentially two more


all-North West games. Burnley will play Fleetwood if they


both get through their replays and Bolton will host Manchester City


if they can overcome Crystal Palace. Elsewhere, Rochdale's reward


for beating Barrow is a home game against Huddersfield,


and Liverpool will face Wolves at Anfield, providing


they win their replay. Looking at some small, is that


correct? Yes, some big changes are coming.


For Thursday and Friday some strong winds are possibility. It is about


the changing wind direction. At the moment it is coming from the


Atlantic giving us mild conditions. By Wednesday, it comes from the


North and really will be very cold and as it moves across the North


West of England, there is room for snow in places. Showers are still


around in many places and that is the story as we head through the


night, dull, damp and drizzly, just as it was through the day. This


gives the temperatures and the wind is gusty. For most places we are


talking about five or six towards the early hours. Tomorrow is not


that different to the day. Again, quite windy first thing, and you can


see there is a lot of cloud cover and from late morning onwards the


showers will merge for longer spells of rain in the afternoon. By the


clock for clock in the afternoon that should have cleared and there


could be some bright spells the end the afternoon. The numbers are not


too bad, eight or nine in most places, possibly ten for the Isle of


Man. More in the mix of sunny spells on Wednesday. This transition comes


in towards the tail end of the day as they cold air moves on. Any


showers over higher ground could turn wintry. The numbers will be


seven or eight but that is around lunchtime, as you head through the


afternoon the temperatures will drop. For Thursday and Friday, two


separate Met Office warnings, strong winds and wintry showers affecting


many parts of the North West, there could be up to five centimetres of


snow falling. Always difficult this far-away to get the detail correct.


A similar story for Friday. Your national forecast is next but I will


leave with the outlook for the weekend and the picture changes


again, less cold but still someone precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one we have to watch out for. The weekend


outlook, it stays chilly with a northerly wind and possibly frosty


nights. The national weather forecast now.


Wet and windy weather across the western side of Scotland.


Blood-pressure is in charge of the weather, lots of isobars and it


remains windy overnight across northern and western parts of


Scotland. It will blow a gale here. That is the north-west quadrant of


the UK, that is where we expect most of the overnight rain. Within


north-westerly breeze it is chilly and by the end of the night it is


three or 4 degrees in major towns and cities, rural spots lower than


that, and a risk of icy patches in some places. Across the eastern side


of Scotland not much rain, more on the west, still breezy but not as


windy as it is now. Northern Ireland will be fairly cloudy with some rain


in the morning, not much in northern England but some in the Pennines,


but for the it will be