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Two people are in hospital tonight, after an explosion wrecked two


Three other people were treated for injuries at the scene


Neighbours have described how their homes were


Our chief reporter, Dave Guest, reports.


A terraced house reduced to ruins in an instant, neighbours left


It was just like a bomb had gone off.


Literally, the ground shook, the trees shook in me garden.


And we turned around and there was just black smoke everywhere.


You could smell, like, gas but, like, an oil burning smell.


I stuck my head out the window, we saw the neighbours flooding out


and everything like that, so we realised at that point


it was something big, we thought it was, like,


I could see two of the people were injured that I seen.


One person was bloodied up on the head, just


My niece actually lives in the property over the road,


she phoned me hysterical, crying, she said there's been


an explosion, the couch nearly come off the floor,


a few neighbours' windows have gone in, and I flew


It's now about two and a half hours since the blast happened,


the road, Cecil Road, is now completely cordoned off.


The Fire Service have sent in search dogs to just check


whether there are any other casualties in the wrecked building.


Thankfully there were no further casualties found,


This kitten was pulled alive from the wreckage by firefighters.


It appears to have suffered some blast and burn injuries.


We're just waiting on the RSPCA and hopefully we can get


And at this stage you're treating it as a gas explosion?


We suspect it may have been a gas explosion but there is a joint


investigation under way by ourselves, the police,


and National Grid gas are on the scene and are isolating


Houses on either side have been affected by the blast,


it's not certain when immediate neighbours will be able


So tonight two people remain in hospital, one in Salford Royal,


the other in Wythenshawe, and the investigation


into exactly how this explosion was caused continues.


The funeral has taken place for two cousins who were killed


in an alleged hit-and-run in Oldham on New Year's Eve.


Hundreds of people came to pay their respects to the youngsters,


Zaneta Krokova, who was 11, and 12-year-old Helina Kotlarova


were holding hands crossing a road when they were hit by a car.


Four men have been charged in relation to their deaths.


They were inseparable during their short lives, rarely apart.


Today their small white coffins were taken to St Paul's Church in Oldham,


just metres from the hit-and-run which killed Helina Kotlarova on New


Year's Eve and claimed the life of Zaneta Krokova.


Ahead of the funeral I spoke to Helena's family.


She was the craziest one out of the sisters.


She was, like, holding them together.


we don't know if we're going to get through it.


Neighbours here will tell you the girls always wanted to be


This selfie was taken shortly before they died.


When it happened they were holding hands, and they've passed away,


Mourners stood at the sides and back, the church was so full.


An accordion and the girls' favourite songs were played


The Reverend Nick Andrews said he knew the girls personally.


They would often sit on the bench or walls of the church.


He said Helena was full of energy and life, Zaneta


The deaths of both cousins had affected this community deeply.


After the service a large cloud followed the procession


to a crematorium, where the final goodbyes were said.


Four men are in custody after being charged over the incident.


The former Crewe Alexandra football coach Barry Bennell has pleaded not


guilty to eight child-sex offences, dating back to the 1980s.


The 63-year-old, who appeared at Chester Crown Court


via videolink from HMP Woodhill, has been remanded in custody


Police investigating the disappearance of a woman


from Fulwood near Preston 15 months ago have discovered a body.


A man has been arrested on suspicion of her murder.


Victoria Cherry was 44 when she disappeared.


A health trust in Barrow has appealed to staff to work extra


shifts to help cope with mounting pressures this winter.


The University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust is also


looking at innovative ways to overcome bed blocking and ease


More and more patients are coming through the doors.


It's consultant Paul Grout's job to treat them.


At the moment we have every single cubicle bar one full of patients


that have come in on ambulances needing proper assessment.


The problem we have at the moment is we haven't got anywhere


for those ambulance patients to be put, consequently ambulances


are backing up here waiting to be able to hand over their patients.


Queues build up when beds in the main hospital are blocked


with patients fit to be discharged but waiting for a bed


in a nursing or care home to become free.


So the hospital is innovating and has just commissioned 12


Faversham House nursing home in Greater Manchester is one of over


40 homes and two hospitals in the Trafford area piloting


a new system to reduce delays in finding care-home beds.


Previously we used to have a team who would ring the nursing homes


on a Friday morning and complete a spreadsheet with the available


bed information and e-mail it out to the teams needing to know


It can be out of date by the time the phone call is finished.


This new Bed State Tracker app gives real-time information on what beds


It can be updated every minute of the day.


The Lancashire company which has developed it believes it


could save the NHS millions in lost bed days.


We have a vision that a discharge coordinator will go down


the ward and find a home and in three clicks have that person


Pressures faced by the NHS won't ease any time soon


but on the front line they are doing all they can to offer quality care


A statue of Cilla Black has been unveiled in Liverpool,


as part of celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the opening


Cilla, who died two years ago, was a cloakroom girl there.


Our Merseyside reporter, Andy Gill, joined the crowds.


Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Cilla Black.


Cilla Black's family were in Liverpool for the unveiling.


They commissioned the statue partly as a thank you to the city


It moved us and profoundly affected us in a good way,


and we wanted to try and do something that had a lasting...


you know, something that would last and be a good thing.


The sculptor worked with the family to get the likeness right.


They have told us stories, given us photographs we would never


have seen and have been very involved, I have seen Robert


regularly, they couldn't have helped any more than they did.


Cilla was a cloakroom girl at the original Cavern


The statue shows Cilla in her '60s pomp, Vidal Sassoon bob


and miniskirt, on which you'll find key events from Cilla's life,


I love it and she would be amazed to have a statue of herself


The Cavern started as a jazz club but became world famous


Cilla's family have kept the copyright of the statue and any


reproductions is going to go to Liverpool charities.


They have captured her hair and her figure really, really well.


I think it is absolutely marvellous and a great tribute to Cilla.


That is all the news from me. Now let's look at the weather.


It has been grade, doll and drizzly and a challenge to find anything


different from that through the next week. The positive is we will see


some mild temperatures, thanks to this area of high pressure and where


it is situated. If you follow the isobars around, that is where the


wind is blowing. We will see relatively mild temperatures. In the


more southern parts of the country the air is coming towards them from


the continent, which is colder. There is a north-south divide


through the week, we have the pulled up and drizzly stuff but the


temperatures are infinitely better. The cloud base is very low, it looks


like this cloud is pushing into wards the early hours. You will


start the day at temperatures of four or five or six, the cloud base


is low, the visibility is poor. Numbers and bad during the day,


seven or 8 degrees. Overnight, five to seven. By Wednesday you might


catch a chink of sunshine as the weather front polls away. Again the


numbers, eight or 9 degrees, you wouldn't expect that at this time of


year. Thursday or Friday should be largely dry pitches. Next the


national picture and the cooler figures for the South of England.


perhaps a little milder. If you like the mild weather, you'll have to


head elsewhere in the country. Find out more in the national weather


forecast. Our weather is going against normal expectations this


week. In Highland Scotland some snow to be seen on the hills.


Temperatures as high as 12 Celsius today. Over the next few days the


coldest air is in the far south-east of England where there is sunshine


to be had. Four or five Celsius in Kent. Differences remain over the


next few days and here is why. I pressure in


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