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Here on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


A public inquiry into the death of a man who was shot by police has


heard there were serious failings in the police operation.


Anthony Grainger - a father of two - was shot by a firearms officer from


Clare Fallon has been following today's proceedings.


In a Cheshire village, a car park is locked


down by investigators. Police had shot and killed


an unarmed man as he sat at the wheel of this red Audi.


Arriving for the start of the enquiry, Anthony Grainger's family.


For years, they have lobbied for this and on the first day,


they heard about failings in the police operation.


John Beer QC told the enquiry almost all the officers in charge did not


The hearing was also told about serious criticisms


the IPCC - which found that out-of-date intelligence was used


and officers were briefed with inaccurate information.


But even though this is a public enquiry,


Anthony Grainger's family won't hear everything.


15 witnesses will be allowed to give their evidence


It's a natural feeling that it is quite frustrating that


I'm not going to get to hear the evidence.


My legal team will not get to hear all the evidence.


And if it is part of the public enquiry, we just


When Anthony Grainger was shot dead, he was the subject


Police thought he was plotting armed robberies, although his supposed


accomplices were later cleared in court.


Today, a statement released on behalf of the officer who fired


Later in the enquiry, the police officer will give


evidence in person about why he opened fire.


The elected Mayors of Greater Manchester and the Liverpool City


region will be invited to have their say on the


That was the promise from the Government today.


The announcement came after the Prime Minister's speech


where Theresa May confirmed we will be leaving


Our reporter Naomi Cornwell is here, leaving the single market


doesn't come as a surprise, what does it mean


One MP described it today as we have been sitting on a train knowing we


are going to leave the single market and finally that train has started


to move. There has been a very mixed reaction. David Nuttall has said


this is hugely significant, the clarity means we can move forward


and Nigel Evans described it as simply brilliant, saying we are open


for business and the north-west will be at the forefront of change. Other


MPs have been more sceptical, many saying they would like to see more


detail about what kind of trading deal will replace the single market.


I am much more worried about future prosperity as a result


of the decisions that have been announced today than I was before.


Parliament has to hold this Government's feet to the fire.


They need to get the best deal for Britain in these very


There have been concerns that voices in the north west will be


Andy Burnham called on the government to promise a Brexit


committee for the regions and this is what happened.


I see in the Prime Minister's speech that she makes specific mention


of protecting the interests of Cardiff, of Edinburgh, of


Belfast, of the City of London, but there is no mention


at all of the north west of England, of Greater Manchester,


I am acutely conscious of the needs of the north.


What I am intending to do, I had not intended to announce


today, but I will now because he's asked.


After the mayoral elections, I will get all of the mayors


of the north to come together in York


It is two years before we even start talking about a transitional period


and Paul Nuttall, the leader of Ukip, has said that this too long


way. He says the government will lead is on a long and expensive game


of snakes and ladders and we will end up exactly where we started.


A jury has cleared a man accused of forcing a Polish couple to work


Khuram Riaz faced two charges after the couple were discovered


Today the judge told the court to record not guilty verdicts


Mr Riaz's father - Mohammed Riaz - still faces the same charges,


A man who was injured in an explosion at a house in Manchester -


has been arrested on suspicion of causing it.


Two terraced houses were badly damaged in the incident in Blackley


The man arrested is in a stable condition in hospital.


A second man is in a critical but stable condition.


Maria Balshaw - the head of Manchester's award-winning


Whitworth Art Gallery - has been chosen to run


Dr Balshaw will become the first female director


It is the biggest construction project outside London,


Commuters have waited a long time for the Mersey Gateway Bridge,


but it is on target to open in the autumn.


Juliet Phillips has been to see how it is coming along.


Through the mist, a colossal construction is taking shape.


The Mersey Gateway Bridge will span a kilometre across the water,


making it one of the biggest bridges in the country.


In total, nine kilometres of bridge and connecting


The new bridge is needed because the Silver Jubilee Bridge


is currently taking on ten times more vehicles than it was built for.


The project is advancing really well.


A great amount of work has started to appear out of the river


and on the roads that the locals will now be able to see.


Prior to that, there was an awful lot of temporary works which had


to be done to allow us to carry out this work.


People can now see the bridge starting to take shape.


Such a large-scale project hasn't come without its challenges.


This was the moment the flammable chemical phosphorus was discovered


when teams were when digging on the site.


When the excavation tool was coming back to the surface,


it threw out some of the earth, which is what you'd expect it to do,


but much to our surprise, it also threw out material that


immediately started combusting and lots of white smoke emerged.


We had to bring in a civilian arm of a bomb disposal


company and they were able to remove it safely.


The scale of the scheme means that on any given day,


up to 1,000 people could be working across the site.


Over 120,000 cubic metres of concrete will be used.


It is a long road ahead, but those working here say


the bridge is on schedule to open this autumn.


The cheap holiday souvenir brought home to Stockport is causing quite a


stir in Turkey. Thelma Bishop from Stockport


brought back a souvenir jug She really should have left it


behind because it turned out to be a piece of history,


thousands of years old. Turkey is a country


proud of its history and its ancient artefacts.


Many of these treasures are found in good condition.


Not many are found in Stockport. The pot lived in that


corner for 30 years. During which time Thelma Bishop had


no idea it was 4,500 years old until she took it


to a local auctioneer. And he said your name is being


bandied around all over Turkey. A pot that she'd bought for just


a few dollars while on holiday It was a bit of a surprise


to find such an ancient Not very large monetary value -


?200-?300 probably maximum - its value is in its archaeological


significance as it is important In bringing the pot home,


Thelma was unwittingly breaking a Turkish law which dates back


to the 1880s. Yes, I admit to that but we didn't


know at the time and it's taken Potential diplomatic issue avoided -


Turkey has given Jason Not quite the same as the one


she had in size or in shape It has been handed over


to the Turkish Embassy in London where it will go in a diplomatic bag


back to Ankara, to the museum there. Four of our teams were playing


in the FA Cup third Bolton have lost out


to last year's finalists Burnley have beaten Sunderland 2-0,


but won't face Fleetwood, But Blackpool go through


to the fourth round, where they will meet Blackburn,


after a 2-1 win in extra Here's Dianne Oxberry


with the weather. It won't surprise you to know


that our Weather Watchers caught Very gloomy pictures


across the whole of It has been very mild and it stays


mild for the next 48 hours. As we head towards the weekend,


we will start to see At the minute, it is


all about visibility - it is really dull out there.


Most places are very, very murky. We have had spots of drizzly rain


just about at any point during the day and that story


will continue through But it is all about


the temperatures, really, while the south of England


is struggling to get into low single figures,


we have got mid single figures in the overnight period,


so we are mild first thing tomorrow morning but once again,


it is not the prettiest of pictures. Again, poor visibility on high-level


routes first thing in the morning, a tiny spot of drizzle


is a possibility but for most of us, The breeze is very, very light


so we will not see much in the way of sunshine if anything,


but that picture is dry, it is relatively mild


with temperatures around 8 If I leave you with the outlook


for the next couple of days, you can see lots of cloud but cooler


at the weekend. from time to time. Staying settled


still. Nick has the national forecast this evening.


Hello. If you are watching the football earlier it turned out to be


an evening for football fans in Lincolnshire. This is how it looked


at the start of the day. No idea whether this weather watcher is a


football fan, it's a fan of weather that matters here. All sorts of


weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I


wonder if this six in the cloud across the Midlands into northern


England and parts of Wales felt colder, particularly in these misty


and foggy conditions in this weather watcher view. Some drizzly rain


around at times still from the thicker cloud into parts


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