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Campaigners celebrated the partial re-opening


of Chorley Hospital's accident and emergency department today,


But they've been continuing their protests tonight


to try to get it re-opened round-the-clock.


This good news came on the day the NHS announced it was closing two


Services in different trusts and across different parts of the


The focus today on patient care under pressure on the NHS.


Tonight, campaigners were once again outside Chorley Hospital.


There was a cake to thank staff for the part-time reopening of A


after it was downgraded 9 months ago, but


protesters say that is only a partial victory.


It is needed 24/7. Not 12.


Nobody is going to predict when they are going


to have an accident or when there is going to be an accident on the


We only got back half of what we expected.


We've been campaigning now since April last year when it


The service will run alongside a 24-hour urgent


care centre, now run by a not-for-profit GP-led consortium.


The idea, to stop everyone turning up at A


We want to improve the experience for our patients.


Nobody wants to have to wait too long to be attended to.


If you're seriously unwell, then we are hoping


by screening at the front door, we would reduce that


In a neighbouring NHS trust, the mood was very different.


Here, 2 walk-in centres, once seen as part of the answer


Most of the people who attend walk-in centres,


by the very nature of what they are, are for very minor things.


There is a considerable proportion who can be


managed by themselves, some do get passed on to other


parts of the service, quite appropriately, so we


would like to try and get them to those services first time.


Bury Medical Commissioning Group found the number of patients


attending the two walk-in centres had fallen by


But of the 1,000 people who completed surveys,


83% disagreed with the closing of the walk-in centres.


I haven't used it personally, but I have with


my husband, and he was directed straight to hospital.


I don't see why they should close it.


I work in one of the doctors surgeries upstairs, I do


There are always times when people can't access the doctor.


Some money saved could go to fund GP appointments or go in to A


That is of little comfort to protesters.


They question whether the treatment they need will be


An eight-month-old baby has been recovered safely


from a house in Birkenhead after a man had a six-hour


RafflesRoad was closed while the man,


who had a crossbow and machete in the property, barricaded himself


Specialist negotiators persuaded him to come out and he was arrested.


A man has tonight been charged after a body was found at a house


It's believed to be that of Victoria Cherry,


who's been missing since October 2015.


Andrew Reade is accused of preventing the burial


of a body and perverting the course of justice.


Hundreds of people were evacuated from buildings in Liverpool


city centre earlier following a major gas leak.


It's thought an electrical fault damaged a gas main


Several roads were closed, causing traffic disruption.


The operator of London's Docklands Light Railway has won the contract


The ten-year deal with transport infrastructure firm Keolis Amey


The company says the new agreement will create more than 300 jobs.


The Inquiry into the death of an unarmed man


who was shot by police has heard the officer who fired


Police believed Anthony Grainger was plotting armed robberies.


Our social affairs correspondent Clare Fallon sent this


Today was the first time we have heard what happened


on that night in 2012, when Anthony Grainger was shot dead.


16 firearms officers were sent out by the


Greater Manchester force to a car park to arrest their three suspects,


men who they believed were about to carry out an armed


robbery, and we've been told about the accounts that


were given by the police officer who fired the fatal bullet.


He said, I saw the driver lower his right hand to his groin.


I quickly realised the approaching officers were in extreme danger.


That is the moment when police officer Q9 fired his gun, shooting


Anthony Grainger, who we now know was not armed.


We've also heard today about some of the concerns about the


We've been told that in the briefing given to those firearms


officers before they went out that night, there was some


We've also been told that one of the weapons they had with


them, a CS gas canister that was thrown into the car in which Anthony


Grainger was sitting, that weapon had not been authorised


Greater Manchester Police should not have


Manchester United have appointed a full-time


counterterrorist expert, thought to be the first


The new post has been filled by a former Greater


Manchester Police officer whose arrival follows two high


profile security breaches at the club within a year.


Thousands of fans are evacuated from Old Trafford after


the discovery of a fake bomb, accidentally left by a security firm


I'm absolutely devastated that a lapse in my working protocols has


resulted in many people being disappointed, frightened and


Months later, two fans spend a Friday night undetected


Both security breaches came with Britain's terror threat


Since then, 38 people were killed in bomb attacks following a top


BBC North West tonight understands that,


in the light of recent terror attacks, the Premier League


forwarded updated security guidance to clubs, but that many of these


clubs had already received it from the authorities.


It is also understood that security decisions


are in general taken by individual clubs working with their local


If you look at Manchester United, it is more than


just a football club in the north-west, it is not just a


national brand, it is an international brand.


If I was a terrorist, and I was looking at a


sport stadium to attack, as we saw something similar in Paris, and of


course, don't forget, in Turkey recently, it could be a prime


target, so I understand the club taking these measures.


Significant match-day security measures are already


There are searches at turnstiles, while vehicles


This afternoon, fans welcomed the club's


It is always in the back of your mind.


It didn't used to be, but as you say, it's a


If the club feels that they have to do something like


that, it is a good thing for peace of mind.


I would rather them spend whatever they spend on a counterterrorism


specialist than to wake up on Sunday morning and read about a


Some of the region's other Premier League sides have told us


that they have teams of experts dealing with all aspects of safety.


Although there have been no specific threats to sporting events


in the UK, ongoing precautions reflect ongoing concerns.


Now to football matters on the pitch tonight,


and turn off the sound and look away now if you're waiting to see


the Liverpool game on FA Cup Match of the Day straight


They've been playing a third round replay at Plymouth Argyle.


The only goal came midway through the first half.


It was Lucas Leiva's first for more than six years.


And even though Liverpool had a second half penalty saved,


they go through 1-0 to a home meeting with


TV personality and speed enthusiast Guy Martin will return to the Isle


of Man TT races this year, where he'll team up


with the Morecambe Missile John McGuinness on the Honda team.


They're both big stars of road racing, but Guy has


The crowd favourite didn't take part last year,


he was doing a 2,700 mile mountain bike race in the


Almost ?250,000 has been raised for charity


after model trains collected by an Oldham solicitor


Many of the valuable items, including trains in mint condition


and some which had never been removed from their original


packaging, sold for almost double their estimate.


Nothing changes weather wise as we head to next 24 to 48 hours. At


that, we will see a change in wind direction which will open the door


to cooler directions. High pressure, and that will hold into the start of


next week. Subtle changes come as the wind changes direction.


Temperatures continue to be really quite good, visibility is quite


poor. Blanket cloud cover across the whole of the north-west. We have got


a week when a front moving across. It falls apart over the top of us


tomorrow. You can see the line of it working through the Isle of Man and


Cumbria, added to part of like Asia. It is just cloudy and damp and


miles. Temperatures are around 7 and 8 C. Tomorrow, the weather front


moves down the region and falls apart. We hang on to the cloud cover


which will be with us everywhere. As a weather front falls apart, many


places will be dry, through the afternoon, it will be dry and maybe


the cloud will not be as thick as today. The breeze very light. You


can see the winds... Very good indeed. 8 or 9 C. John National


forecast is next, but I will leave you with the outlook for the


weekend. Cloud cover still lingering and temperatures falling a bit.


next few days, no great changes over the next few days, more sunshine on


the way. Despite high-pressure sitting across


the country so only slow changes in the weather, we have had a variety


of different weathers, for example this beautiful sunset in Southampton


which was shared by a Weather Watcher, but grey and misty in Derby


thanks to an awful lot of cloud around and very little deviation by


day or night from the rather grey routine.


That is because we have a weather front, albeit very weak and very


little wind to move the cloud and the mist on. Those areas furthest


from the weather front to the south, we will see frosty weather under


clear skies and to the north and east, but for most of us the code


acts like a blanket, stopping temperatures from falling down so


relatively mild. Under the clear skies it is another harsh frost.


There is fog around and the cold air is never too far away, it is a


really harsh period of winter at the moment


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