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12 hour shifts without a break, faulty equipment and patients' lives


Just some of the shocking claims made tonight by two whistle-blowers


Yesterday, the service was told it has to improve


But the whistle-blowers say the true scale of the problem


Abbie Jones has this exclusive report.


It's got to the point where I think people's lives are in danger.


the stress that everyone is under at the moment.


You might go to a bad job which might affect you,


but you aren't allowed to let that affect you because you've got


They work on the front line and say they and their


These ambulance staff have put their jobs


We've disguised their faces and their voices


The public needs to know how understaffed we are.


Yesterday's Care Quality Commission report found


one in six paramedic posts were unfilled when inspectors


visited, meaning extra workload for staff.


But, these whistle-blowers say, also putting lives in danger.


You've got paramedics and you've got emergency medical technicians,


EMTs, who aren't trained to do exactly


If they're sent out, a paramedic is promised


but nine times out of ten, there's not staff


And EMTs are left with the families screaming at them to do things.


Because you've got a patient who can't have treatment then.


Because they can't give the treatments that's required.


The CQC found that between December 2015 and made 2016, there


were over 2500 incidents where front-line staff waited over


Staff go home wondering what they could have done,


Patients are in a life-threatening situation and they're


The whole system needs looking at because it just isn't working.


These whistle-blowers say its equipment as well


as staffing that is woefully lacking.


You do, like, a makeshift or you're stealing things from other


Some doors don't even open from the outside,


so if there's an accident, you wouldn't be able to get out.


These men say they've complained to managers that change hasn't


happened, that they and the public desperately need protection, that


speaking out is their last resort to make that happen.


The North West Ambulance Service has admitted in a statement tonight


that there have been delays in back up ambulances arriving.


It blames more call outs and pressure on the NHS.


It says staff taking breaks depends on the number of incidents


And that it's addressed issues with equipment and has worked hard


to put right the issues the CQC and the whistle-blowers raised.


The Manchester family devastated by a road crash in Saudi Arabia


have been remembered during Friday prayers in Manchester.


A baby boy and his grandparents were among those killed


The child's mother, brother and sister


were injured in the accident which claimed six lives in all.


Our chief reporter, Dave Guest, has more.


Friday prayers in Manchester for lives lost so many miles away.


At the Central Manchester Mosque, they're remembering a local family


who are mourning four members, killed when their


minibus crashed in Saudi Arabia.


They'd been on a pilgrimage to Mecca.


And we pray specifically for this family who lost their lives


Among the dead, Adam Anis, just two months old.


Adam is pictured here with his grandfather, Mohammed Kurshid,


He was a very, very jolly, friendly and such a beautiful human being.


Mr Kurshid's wife Nosheena, and her sister Rabia also died,


along with two relatives from Glasgow.


Baby Adam's mum, Atika, was also injured along


with her other children aged two and three.


So too were three other members of their group


who had been aboard the minibus when it crashed on a motorway while


18 members of the family flew out to Saudi last night to comfort those


who survived and to attend the funerals of those who didn't.


Those funerals were due to happen today in


the holy city of Medina, the place where they had been


It is a time of sadness, but I think the family


should take some kind of solace in the fact that they will be


The mother of a man, who was shot by police,


has told the inquiry into his death she believes it was murder.


Father of two Anthony Grainger was shot


by a firearms officer from Greater Manchester Police in 2012.


The force believed Mr Grainger was part of a group


A man who used a blow torch to dry roof timbers


at a hotel on the Isle of Man, causing ?17 million of damage,


was told by a judge today that he'd come "within a whisker"


64-year-old Roy Cross had been carrying out repairs


at the Mount Murray in November 2013.


He was found guilty of three health and safety breaches


Steven Gerrard is returning to Liverpool as a coach.


He'll take up a position within the Academy and help


He would seem the perfect choice, having started


as a youngster at the Academy himself, and spending the next


17 years at Anfield, making more than 700 appearances


Liverpool say he'll bring "invaluable experience and expertise


garnered from a glittering career at the highest level."


One football result to bring you tonight


and Bury have drawn 2-2 at Port Vale.


Both Shakers goals coming from James Vaughn.


much brighter. Good evening. Today was a bit chilly actually at times.


We had plenty of sunshine. We are going to see the warm air continuing


to flow away over the weekend so Saturday and Sunday will be chilly


but it should be mostly dry and in fact, tonight, mostly dry already


very cold underneath clear skies. You can see Frost already forming.


Light winds and we may seize and fog patches here and there as well. In


terms of temperatures, because it is so cold, we will see them dropping


below towns and cities and definitely in many rural areas so


expect a chilly start tomorrow morning. Some of fog patches


lingering for a time. Frost slaughter clear. This buzz of


sunshine expected in the afternoon, light winds. Turning cloudy much


later in terms of temperatures, disappointing because it is cold.


Top temperature of four or 5 degrees tomorrow. Tomorrow night a bit


cloudy but it will be called, loads of -2 or maybe -3 super Sunday,


another cold day, a bit cloudy and the outlook


feel cooler. Can we keep it going until the start of the new week? I


suspect we can. Unconfirmed about -- concerned about the fog around. Here


is Helen with the national picture. Good evening. The weather is upon


us. The cloud has made all the difference this week in particular.


We have had some wonderful weather watcher pictures, this is Marlowe in


Buckinghamshire, this was Conwy earlier in the day. Some areas still


have the cloud. What a difference that makes. Edinburgh, the central


lowlands, plagued by this band of narrow cloud, overnight more


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