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The Prime Minister was in the North West today


She was launching a new industrial strategy offering support


to businesses, including more than ?300 million here as part


But critics are questioning whether that's enough.


Our political editor Nina Warhurst reports.


The Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary


My question is, is this very public visit to the North West anything


Investment that will bring jobs is part of our industrial strategy,


ensuring the economy is working across the whole country


and that we are seeing investment leading to a higher wage,


higher productivity, higher skills economy.


But what is new today that will translate to jobs


The investment that has been put into the North West will translate


into jobs for families, but the industrial strategy


we are launching today - and we'll be consulting


with businesses on this because we want to ensure


that we get this right - is about the long-term.


A few miles north, the Burns brothers have been making filters


They'd like to see less talk and more cash.


I think investing in the likes of ourselves, manufacturing,


is the way to go, not sharing it with other people, but investing


in the people that are doing good manufacturing at the moment.


By coming to the North West to launch her big industrial


strategy, the Prime Minister was making a statement.


She was saying, I don't just care about the South East, I care


But had she come here to Orford on the other side


of Warrington, she might have had a very different reception.


Nothing round here for teenagers or early 20s, apprentices,


Labour have been quick to criticise the new industrial strategy,


asking how can we create jobs for the next education


Let's not forget that 40% has been cut from the adult skills business.


We've had a rehash of the local funding formula for primary


and secondary schools and in Salford, for example,


we are looking at losing ?309 per pupil head.


This was a short and public visit from a Prime Minister known


It might be a while before we see what impact the industrial


As Nina mentioned, today's raft of announcements included more


details on where ?300 million of Northern Powerhouse money will be


Ian Haslam's been looking at the details.


Yes, as you say the Government's been giving more details


on where ?300 million of Northern Powerhouse money will be


The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership secured ?70 million


of funding to support a range of major projects,


and a chunk of that - around ?20 million -


will be spent on revamping Blackpool's Winter Gardens.


It's part of a bid to bring the major political conferences


This is how the new complex would look, it'd be a conference


centre and hotel that could host around 7,000 delegates.


People have better facilities to offer and this is why it is so key


that we do build a new conference centre and likeable because we'd


love to welcome them back. This investment will bring a little bit


of style and I hope it will make many people feel that little bit


better about their town. The Government's also announced


today it's investing a further 72 million


in the Liverpool city region. It says the money could


help to create thousands of jobs and attract more private investment


over the next five years - points further outlined


by the Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, who was in the region today


on a visit to Wirral Metropolitan I think that with the announcements


we've seen that the ?72 million combined with the 217 million that


was already allocated will generate some 15,000 new jobs, 10,000 new


homes, thousands of investment in new companies and that is great to


see. The Prime Minister says the cash


injection is all about "driving Labour though says it's too little,


too late, which "pales into insignificance" when set


against recent central Government A man - whose 20-year-old son was


shot dead in a Greater Manchester takeaway nine years ago -


is supporting a campaign to raise Halton McCollin died as he ran


from a gunman in Stretford in 2008. His killer has never been caught -


despite a ?50,000 For every weapon removed off


the streets is a possible life saved or some devastation saved a family


from going through. You should be able to walk wherever


you please without the fear of someone having a gun that's


going to shoot you. Police say a huge convoy


of their vehicles through Liverpool last night was an "extensive


disruption plan" targeting those The show of force was seen


in the city centre, Labour's candidate to be


the first Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region has


launched his campaign. Walton MP Steve Rotheram has pledged


to improve apprenticeships for young people reduce the cost of the Mersey


tunnel tolls for local residents and work with Liverpool's elected


mayor Joe Anderson to gain more The important thing now is for us


six districts and the metro mayor to be going to Westminster


to wrestle those additional powers that really mean we can do great


things for the people Steve Rotheram is one of four


candidates announced for the May election alongside


Conservative Tony Caldeira, Liberal Democrat Carl Cashman


and Tom Crone of the Green Party. Ukip haven't announced


a candidate yet. This summer Liverpool's Catholic


Cathedral celebrates Paddy's Wigwam, as it's


affectionately known, was consecrated at Whitsuntide


in 1967. The cathedral authorities


are planning a series of events Our Merseyside reporter, Andy Gill,


looks back at its history. It's an unmistakeable part


of the Liverpool skyline, as modern-looking now as it was half


a century ago, inside In a sense, because of the nature


of this building and its modernity, it's nice to remind people that


actually it's now 50 years and it's Once the design was approved, it


took less than five years to build. On one of the century's most


memorable religious days, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ


the King was open The Prime Minister Harold Wilson


and a host of cardinals and archbishops were at


the consecration in 1967. She's 92 and still a


regular worshipper here. I can remember the Scouts lining


the route up to the ramp. It was all done in five


years from '62 to '67, it was a wonderful experience


that we at last had our own mother In the 1930s, there were plans


for a huge cathedral here. They got as far as building


the crypt designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens,


but after World War II, costs meant For many, though, today's cathedral


is just as imposing. I think it's the glass more


than anything, the atmosphere, Shortly after the opening,


I spent a day here from dawn to dusk just to watch the effects


of the light through all It's needed extensive repairs over


the years, but is part Over the next months


there are special masses, flower shows and concerts


to mark the jubilee. It was very foggy this morning but


not quite as bad as the south had it. Good evening. Ford is definitely


the immediate problem this week. There will be more problems through


the week but it is descending now and it could be around this time


tomorrow night. Through the week, we earmarks Thursday as the cold day


and some temperatures will be around one Celsius. It's about an area of


high pressure that blocks the weather front' s that change the ice


-- isobars and pull in cold air from the continent. There is a yellow


warning for fog, the lowest level, but the fog can cause problems and


will freeze in places and it will be disruption to travel first thing


tomorrow morning. Seven Celsius on the Isle of Man. For the rest of us,


between -2 and two Celsius. BBC local radio will have the latest on


the travel situation tomorrow morning. It may take some time to


clear but there will be decent spells of sunshine working there way


through, apart from the Isle of Man and Cumbria, which has the weather


front that is trying to move down so in North-South divide, temperatures


around six or seven Celsius. We have cloud cover and temperatures are


better. Into Wednesday, the air comes from the continent, much more


in the way of sunshine, not a bad looking day, temperatures once again


not great, seven or eight Celsius. Look at the wind, really strong,


very cold, the temperatures will be cold all the way through, more cloud


cover through Friday and if I leave you with the outlook as we head


towards the weekend, any change is rather slow. It stays cold and


increasingly cloudy. For the weekend we will have dry


weather with sunny spells and it will be a little bit milder.


Good evening. We are continuing to see huge righty in the weather.


Getting the detail right is proving to be a challenge. This was in


Pembrokeshire and other parts of the UK were gloomy throughout the day.


The fog is thickening up right now. Particularly pool on the M5 in


south-west England. Very foggy across parts of the West Country.


This fog is tending to spread its way further eastwards. Some fog as


well across parts of Yorkshire. Northern Ireland and Scotland are


mild but damn. This is how we will start the day. At eight o'clock in


the morning, quite a lot of fog around which could affect the major


airports. What all of us have seen fog. There will be Sunni areas to


western fringes of England and Wales. Across Northern Ireland and


Scotland it is much milder. Some patchy rain around coming in on the


Bruce, particularly over the hills in the West. Much of that will fade


away. It will be relatively mild. For England and Wales, much of the


fog were clear. Some of it will not sell it will be especially chilly.


Quite a contrast in temperatures again. -- so it will be especially


chilly. Despite sunshine, it will be on the chilly side. The fog will


come back again. On Wednesday morning, Central and eastern parts


are particularly prone. Some sunshine will emerge. Rather more


cloud for Northern Ireland and Scotland. Most of the rain will be


held at bay. Still relatively mild. A real edge to that further south


and east. It would be a sign of things to come. On Thursday we will


tap into some particularly cold air sitting over the continent for


several days now. Europe is frozen at the moment. Some of the freezing


cold air will head towards us on a stiffening south-easterly breeze.


Some places will not get above freezing, maybe the odd snow flurry.


Wherever you are, it will feel cold. All


The FA Cup fourth round, next weekend, across the BBC.


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