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We had our say back in June and just over half of us


here in the North West - 53% in fact voted to leave the EU.


But after today's Supreme Court ruling,


They'll have to vote to start the leaving process


and that's a development which has left many Remain MPs


Do they vote with their conscience or vote with the will of the people?


For a slice of life in Brexit bBitain -


we've come for breakfast at the Birkett's farm.


Jim and Roger's family have been farming for generations.


We first met brothers Jim and Roger last May -


You were the Brexiteer and you were the remainer.


Have you been at each other's throats ever since?


Everyone has to make the most of it and try their best.


Blackpool is the place that voted more emphatically to leave


Listen back to what people here told us at the time -


It is only a small island, and really we're wuite full, you know.


It is only a small island, and really we're quite full, you know.


We have too many foreign people taking advantage of the


Although many still have the same concerns, they're hopeful leaving


the European Union will make a difference.


What do you want from the process now?


I think we have more chance of dealing


with the rest of Europe than being told what to do


by the Germans and French.


I think we can do far better outside than staying in.


in Warrington has been a growth industry over the last few years.


Back in June, Boris, who runs this place,


thought Britian had made the wrong decision.


Without us, I think Britain will struggle.


What future do you see for Brexit Britain?


Because no-one knows what is going to happen now,


even your Prime Minister in her speech,


obviously my plans changed and they are still changing.


With so much still to be thrashed out, the


uncertainty he feels is felt by many.


Our Political Editor Nina Warhurst has been following developments


Big implications but what has been the reaction here? 53% of people in


the North West voted to leave the European Union and it is relatively


straightforward. They will trigger Article 50 because that is how their


constituents voted. For many others, they are the ones who face a crisis


of conscience. Do they vote to leave the European Union or as their


constituents did, to stay. One of the MPs facing that dilemma is Lucy


Powell. Which way we vote? On the second reading which will come next


week, I will vote to trigger Article 50. Although I don't want to leave


the European Union, I budget to remain in the European Union. What I


am being asked is to give a referendum result that I voted for


and supported. This is only the beginning of the process. It is not


the end. We will be laying down amendments, hold on the government


to account and there would be a vote at the end of this process on the


deal the government has got. There is no blank cheque here but I feel


is my responsibility. Even though 60% voted to remain? That would be


hugely disappointed but the problem with referendums is it is binary. It


is yes or no. We voted to leave the European Union. It is not what I


wanted but it is what is happening. It is not a proportion of votes. We


either leave it or we don't. Most MPs do agree with Lucy. I have


spoken to some. Jeff Smith, the MP for Liverpool Riverside, they told


me they could vote against triggering Article 50 in agreement


with their constituents. As for the Lib Dems, they will reject Article


50 alas the public get to vote on the final Brexit deal.


Bird flu has been confirmed in a flock of 10,000 pheasants at a


premises in Lancashire. Our reporter is here. What more do we know? DEFRA


has confirmed avian flu has been found at a farm of breeding


pheasants in Preston. 10,000 birds are affected.


The bird flu virus comes in different strains and this one,


H5N8, was found in turkeys in Lincolnshire in December


and earlier in the month, the strain was also discovered


in chickens and ducks on a premises near Settle in North Yorkshire.


That led to some restrictions coming into the Ribble Valley


but this outbreak in Preston in far more significant.


A number of birds have died - the rest will be culled and a 3km


protection and a 10km Surveillance Zone are in place


around the infected premises to limit the risk


Public Health England have said tonight the risk to public health


from the virus is very low and the Food Standards Agency


is clear bird flu does not pose a food safety risk for UK consumers.


One of the region's most prestigious manufacturers


Bentley in Crewe says 2016 was a record year.


The firm also say there's little, if any, fear that leaving


the European Union will dent its plans for expansion.


The motoring press was a bit sniffy about Bentley's Bentayga.


But sales of this aristocratic automobile already make up


The customers' reaction has been superb.


We made 5500 last year, and we are delighted


Coupled with the fantastic workforce who have put so much effort


In 2008, during the recession, they suffered like most businesses.


By 2011, sales figures had started to bounce back and last year,


Up to 100 apprentices will be taken on this year.


Up to 100 apprentices will be taken on this year -


There's opposition to the plan because some roads will be closed.


The firm says it's about opportunities.


The the majority of our apprentices come from the local area,


so for people to see that they can build and grow their career here,


With Brexit on the cards, what is the future?


We're looking at good deals from the government


in terms of what they can do with our European partners and get


back into some stability because this uncertainty


Bentley are in a great place, a nice client base in America, high-end UK,


The client base is hopefully untouchable for Bentley.


Mark Edwardson, BBC North West Tonight, Crewe.


The Isle of Man's strict abortion laws are to be reviewed


At the moment terminations there are only allowed under strict


That means many women travel to the UK to pay


Work will now start on the proposed changes


to bring the rules in line with England, Scotland and Wales.


The fountains in Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens are working again


after being off since September following problems


The display has 180 jets squirting water up to six


Oldham offered free tickets to all fans for tonight's League One


game against Peterborough to give supporters a boost.


It certainly did that as the bigger than usual crowd was rewarded


Meanwhile, Fleetwood Town also beat Sheffield Utd by two goals to nil.


David Ryding was back in action today after being the first British


skier to make the podium in 35 years in Austria. He was fourth in


position after today but later dropped to tenth. That is all the


news from me. Now, a look at the weather.


It was a frosty and foggy start for most of you this morning. This


picture is our radar over the last couple of hours. There is a spot of


drizzly rain. It looks like it may be fairly wet in places. The cloud


base will be fairly low and visibility one not be brilliant. You


will see some clearer skies coming in as you head towards the early


hours of the morning. This is not a bad looking day. You will see lots


of sunshine and patchy cloud floating around. Enjoyed the day


with temperatures around six or seven. It will not feel too bad


Outlook, you can see there is a Outlook, you can see there is a


For all of us, it'll get colder and then milder again come the weekend.


This shot taken earlier by a weather watcher in East Anglia. The fog


becoming extensive over the next few hours in many south-eastern parts of


England. Much, much


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