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A man's body found on Saddleworth Moor in December 2015 -


has finally been identified following an international


Detectives pieced together CCTV footage, medical records


and travel information to solve the mystery


Today, he was finally named as David Lytton.


For more than a year his identity was a mystery.


Now we can finally put a name to the face.


The body of 67-year-old David Lytton was found


on Saddleworth Moor on December 12th 2015.


He had no wallet, no ID, no phone and was


David had been living in Pakistan, in Lahore, since 2006.


Mr Lytton left Lahore in Pakistan on December 10th 2015 and arrived


at London Heathrow the following day.


He then took the train from the capital to


Later he arrived at the Clarence pub in Saddleworth where he asked


landlord Melvin Robinson directions to the top of the mountain.


I always think back, could I have asked more questions?


Could I have said this, could I have said that?


With hindsight, everything is easy, isn't it?


You know, at least we have got some conclusion now


This is Dovestone Reservoir that Mr Lytton trekked


Why he travelled such a distance and why he


came to this location remains a mystery.


Among the theories investigated and later discounted by


detectives, whether Mr Lytton had a personal connection


to a 1949 plane crash close to where his body was found.


BBC journalist Jon Manel has followed the story closely from


There are so many unanswered questions.


A man who the police believed took his own life in December 2015


and compounded by the fact they had no idea who he was for so long.


He had been named Neil Dovestones by local mortuary workers


because of where his body was discovered.


David Lytton finally has his identiy back but he remains a man


The family of a Blackpool couple who were killed while


on holiday in Tunisia have told an inquest their lives have


been torn apart by an evil and twisted ideology.


Dennis and Elaine Thwaites were sunbathing on the beach


at Sousse in June 2015 - when they were shot dead


Elaine and Dennis of the weight's daughter Lindsay was that the court


today with her husband Danny by her side. He read out a statement she


had written. Of her mother, she said her heart is smashed into pieces. Of


her father, I loved my dad. He was my shining light. They talked about


the past and his former career as a footballer in the 1960s. He had a


kick about with George Best in Minorca. They also talked about the


future that they planned. They were going to celebrate the 70th birthday


and that, of course, never happened. What did other witnesses say about


this? Other witnesses described seeing them on the beach that


morning, getting ready and getting the sun lounge is out. They then


described the terror and panic that they realised the gunman was on the


beach shooting indiscriminately at holiday-makers. One witness does we


Army described later at the scene, two bodies on a sun lounge. You


believed them to be Dennis and Elaine Thwaites but is not nor that


for certain until you reached the UK and found out they had died. It is


expected to be another four weeks before the coroner reaches his


conclusion. Thank you very much. -- one witness described the scene.


Hundreds of people have attended the funeral of a soldier


from Middleton in Greater Manchester who died in a shooting


Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington served with the 2nd Battalion Duke


He was 22 and had only recently become a father.


Crowds gathered as the service was relayed on speakers


The daily catch limit on King Scallops has been


It was introduced in November when there was a bumper crop


of scallops and boats raced to land as many as they could.


The government says the restrictions worked well but are no longer needed


There's a call tonight for a Parliamentary debate -


after it was announced many local people will be charged to cross


Only people living in Halton, which sits either side of the river,


But - as our Cheshire Political Reporter Phil McCann explains -


the government's being accused of a U-turn.


It's meant to be a ?62 million a year boost to the local economy.


But it'll mean a ?1,000 a year cost at least


to those who'll have to pay to cross the river and get back every day.


And that will definitely include drivers who live in Frodsham.


They're just five miles away from it, but unlike residents


in the borough of Halton which contains the bridge,


Why should they have to pay to cross the


They should not have to do it really.


As long as the other bridge is still operating and free.


You're going to have to pay for that as well.


But supporting local MPs at the last election,


former chancellor George Osborne promised a review to see


if the people of West Cheshire and Warrington could cross for free.


This week's decision has dashed those hopes,


and today Labour have called for answers.


Can we have a debate so that the Government


can explain why they have broken their promises to my constituents?


While officials in Warrington have accused the Government of smoke


I am very disappointed with the U-turn.


That's what it's going to cost you, ?1,000 a year to actually


A few miles up river in Warrington town centre will be the nearest


place you can cross the Mersey for free


That's because they'll be tolls on the old bridge, too.


But the government says the cost of extending free travel


That's because authorities on the other side of the water


could have demanded free travel for their residents too.


There are now calls for a compromise so people can continue to cross


for free if they're going to work or a medical appointment.


Others want a complete U-turn on the apparent U-turn.


A playwright from Stockport says giving children a proper education


in the arts will make Britain a better country.


Simon Stephens wrote the stage version of The Curious Incident


Current students from his old school have been to see


I'm going to find out who really killed the dog.


The play is based on Mark Haddon's book.


It is the story of Christopher, a teenager with


behavioural difficulties who sets out to discover who killed


who uncovers truths about his own family on the way.


Simon Stephens has won awards for his script.


He went to Stockport School, or Mile End as it's known.


He wants pupils from state schools to believe they are


as entitled to a career in the arts as anyone else.


I think education and the arts dignifies


and empowers everybody with a spirit of empathy and communication.


I think that makes the whole country better.


It is not just about training artists, it is about making this


Last night 200 Stockport School pupils


went to the Lowry to see Simon's play.


He has already been back to his old school to fire


It was inspiring because he came from


There is no limits to how small or big you can be in the theatre.


I have always known I've wanted to do something like that but


people are all suggesting different things.


After the talk, I just felt it was a definitely


a good option and I should follow what I want to do.


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time runs in the Lowry


A spectacular production, too, by the looks of it.


Football and Manchester United are through to the final


of the League Cup - but not without a scare.


They lost the second leg of their semi-final 2-1


at Hull City tonight - which meant that this


Paul Pogba goal was crucial - to send them through


They'll play Southampton in the final at Wembley


Straight onto the weather. Another cold day today. A horrible day


today. It has been very, very cold indeed. As we head through the next


couple of days, it will gradually get milder. Our Weather Watcher is


trying to catch the sun. It just peeping through the haze and the


cloud. Current temperatures, the isle of man, for Celsius right now.


Many other places where sub zero. The change in the direction makes a


significant difference. Back to the Atlantic Fleet. Things will get


milder. Fairly wet from time to time. Next week, that in double


figures. The 11 Celsius. Back to the moment and we dream about double


figures tonight because it is so very, very cold everywhere. Blue all


over the map. Freezing for a very short while tonight. Not a


widespread problem. The numbers on the charts, minus two Celsius. Many


places minus five Celsius spells of sunshine initially but very, very


short lived. We can see how cold it continues throughout the morning.


The cloud rolls in quickly, blocking out anything to do with sunshine as


the day goes on. BTL and of the day, this rain coming towards us. -- the


end of the day. The outlook for the recount, yes, cloud and wet weather.


The weekend. It's swings and


roundabouts, higher temperatures but some rain as well.


Good evening. It's been dry so far this January but as it draws to a


close it looks like we will see some rain at last. It's been an


interesting today a bitterly cold in Norfolk, way we kept the grey cloud


all day and the grey cloud gave a dusting of snow in places. This is a


lovely picture sent in from Sutton Coldfield. Rob Wales and much of


Scotland it's been a beautiful day, lots of sunshine and temperatures,


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