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A violent paedophile concealed one of his young victims in a makeshift


hidey hole at his home in Greater Manchester.


The hiding place, behind a kitchen fridge,


was so effective it was missed by police even though they visited


But Michael Dunn has now been convicted


of raping and abusing four girls over a number of years in the 1990s.


Greater Manchester Police are looking into whether they


Our chief reporter, Dave Guest, has the story.


This is a Michael Dunn, a controlling, angry,


Over a number of years, he raped and abused young girls.


He groomed them, sometimes making them


totally dependent on him, before abusing them.


This individual is clearly extremely dangerous, controlling,


This is where he kept one of his young victims,


a secret compartment hiden behind the fridge at the house


where he lived in Greater Manchester during the early 1990s.


The current owners have only lived there a relatively


short time and they did not know Michael Dunn,


They certainly had no idea what he had been doing


In fact, the first time they knew any of it was when the police


arrived six months ago and asked if they could take some


But by then, of course, the kitchen layout had changed greatly.


Dunn had moved around a lot over the years.


Justice finally caught up with him in the Tees Valley Redcar.


A jury on Teesside convicted him on ten counts of rape,


plus others of false imprisonment and indecent assault.


Those charges related to for victims and spanned many years.


The court had been told about Dunn's hidey-hole at the house


Dunn would use a bag of rubbish and a panel to


conceal the hole where the girl was being kept and it was a ruse


that worked because he successfully concealed


her from the police when they


visited the property on a number of occasions.


It's really important that the police do look at this and


do look at what was happening at the time.


What systems and processes did they have in place in terms


of tracking down concerns, investigations and whether


there was anything that could have been done differently.


Greater Manchester Police say they are looking into the issues


Police on Merseyside have launched a murder inquiry after a father


The killer had lain in wait for Tommy Baker close


to a gym in Liverpool, before carrying out what officers


was known to them, but as yet they don't know why he was murdered.


Two men have been jailed after causing the death by dangerous


Aleena Kauser, from Rawtenstall, was on her way


when a car mounted the pavement and struck her.


Drivers Adil Manir and Mohsen Saddique were racing at speeds of up


They were each jailed for four years.


More than 20 job centres are set to close across the North West.


The Department for Work and Pensions has announced the closures,


including offices in Manchester, Preston and Liverpool.


Some will merge with larger centres, while others will be moved


The owner of a farm where illegal waste has been dumped for a number


of years is facing prosection to end what the local authority


Pendle Council says the farm has repearedly ignored


The authority is now leading action involving a number of authorities


to tackle what it calls a long standing problem.


But the farmer at the centre of row says any action


is a "disgrace" and says he's a victim of flytippers.


The views are of mounds and mounds of illegal waste.


This is what hikers, or anyone else visiting


The farmer here, John Leslie Allison, agreed to speak to me


to offer his explanation for this mess.


All what's left, other people have dumped and it seems I have to clean


it up when it is somebody else who has put it there.


I put my caravan across the road so they couldn't get up and they've


dumped it in other field gateways and all over.


Simply not true say Pendle Council, who have told us they have


prosecuted a number of builders who have paid


The authority is coordinating joint action after a number of separate


interventions by several agencies have failed.


People are coming and treating this hillside like it


is a great big rubbish tip and it is simply not acceptable.


So we have come to the view at Pendle Council level,


it has got to be got a grip on, it has to be stopped.


Are you telling me you're not making any out of this?


I am not making money out of this stuff, no.


This fire is also one of six that have taken place at the farm


According to the Environment Agency, illegal waste sites can


cause severe damage to the environment and undercut


It is now planning to take enforcement action.


When do you say you will clear up this mess?


When it becomes spring and it's better weather.


Although he wants to clear up the mess on his own terms, time may


The owners of financially troubled Morecambe have agreed


to sell their controlling interest to the Italian-American


If he gets clearance from the Football League,


the current board of directors will resign to allow


Staff and players weren't paid today but Mr Cala told


BBC Radio Lancashire's Tim Padfield that wages and other debts


When I am the owner 100%, I will pay everyone.


Until I am not the owner, I am not obliged to do anything.


Do you have the money to make it work?


Especially when you need money by yesterday.


Here you need money by yesterday, you do


You need to come up here with money and


That does it from me. What will the weekend weather be like for the


Chinese new year? Here is the forecast. The past couple of days


have been very cold indeed. It is not going to be as cold this weekend


but it will be fairly cloudy, Markey and we will see rain on Saturday and


Sunday. The first band of rain to push through tonight. Very light


winds but again some chance of low cloud and fog and a mild night


compared to the last nights. Those of two or three Celsius and more


tomorrow morning. Chinese New Year tomorrow is going to start of cloudy


and Markey. We will see rain on and off throughout the morning. It is


not going to feel quite as cold. Hopefully drying out by early


evening. Top temperature tomorrow of evening. Top temperature tomorrow of


seven Celsius. It will feel better. Tomorrow night is dry and clear


skies. More rain on the way on Sunday. The outlook for Monday,


Good evening. Not many would argue that January hasn't been dry, but


today, many of us had our first significant rain for some time,


because the transition is on from cold, Continental dry air to milder


Atlantic air, but the transition is a slow one. So we have had ice


today, and freezing fog, in northern England. We had a little sunshine as


well in Norfolk, but we still have the cold air around and about in the


north. All this rain you can see, which is giving is a wet day in some


areas, 10-15 millimetres of rain has fallen, as it comes north there


could be some winter it issues. Snow already falling over Scotland,


possibly over northern England, possibly some sleet over lower areas


and fog. Not particularly nice, and some icy conditions to contend with


late in the night across Northern Ireland, as the rain clears away.


Again, a word of warning there could be some ice around in the morning if


you are heading


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