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whether that is legal or not. Full coverage for you online and on the


BBC Three years after being put


into special measures, has been taken off


the critical list. It runs hospitals in Lancaster,


Kendal and Barrow and, following


an inspection in October, A truly remarkable turnaround


for a trust that's faced very


significant difficulties. Less than three years ago,


Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust was performing so poorly


it was placed in special measures. I think the staff were very bruised


by the CQC report in previous years, but I think they've responded


fantastically well and what we've seen is a dramatic improvement


in the quality of care provided in the trust and that's a real


tribute to the staff It's been a tough journey


for Morecambe Bay hospitals. Here at Furness General,


an enquiry found serious failures in the maternity unit


contributed to the deaths There were serious concerns, too,


at Westmorland General but the inspector says


that has all now changed. The inspectors found some elements


of care were outstanding and were impressed with improvements


in gynaecology, maternity services and end of life care,


as well as communication between the hospitals


and community engagement. We saw lots of examples this time


of where people who have either been affected previously,


or use the services currently, have been really involved in taking


maternity services forward. It has been about the front-line


staff and all of our clinicians absolutely wanting to make


those improvements. All of those changes


and improvements It means such a lot to us,


recognition for all the hard work we have done


over the last number of years. And the news is welcomed


by the people of Barrow as well. Two new knees, a new hip,


both hands broken, I'm on warfarin, and they are


absolutely fantastic. There is still work to do,


with nursing posts unfilled in Lancaster and room


for improvement in safety, but this is a much


changed organisation. James Titcombe's son, Joshua,


died nine days after he was born Mr Titcombe's campaign


for answers was instrumental in uncovering the problems


at Furness General's Maternity Unit. Today he welcomed


the Trust's turnaround. Initially, there was a reluctance


for anybody to accept the scale of the problem


at the trust. Even the regulators said things


were fine when really they weren't, so I'm really pleased


that we eventually managed to get that recognition that


they were having serious problems. But, actually, the progress


over recent years is down to the leadership


and the culture of the trust. I'd really like to pay tribute


to Jackie at the trust, and all the staff, for working


as hard as they have done The family an 87-year-old woman


who was attacked in her home in Greater Manchester


are appealing for the robber Eileen Blane is still


in hospital with broken ribs after being knocked to the floor


during a violent attack The robber forcibly removed


the wedding ring from her finger, and her family are desperate


to get it back. It's not the financial issue,


it's ?30, it's the wedding ring which is of more significance


for the fact that it represents a link to my dad


for the past 64 years, which unfortunately


is no longer there. The funeral has taken place


of a Merseyside Police Officer who died last month


after his wife won a legal battle PC Paul Briggs was left


in a minimally conscious state Among those who attended


the funeral was the judge who allowed the family


to turn off his life support. Four members of a Rochdale


grooming gang may now be deported to Pakistan


after losing their fight The men were stripped


of their British citizenship after being convicted


of exploiting teenagers. An immigration tribunal today


rejected their appeals, paving the way for their removal


from the UK. Two MPs from the North West


have been promoted is the new Shadow Chief


Secretary to the Treasury. And Rebecca Long Bailey,


the MP for Salford and Eccles, has been promoted


to Shadow Business Secretary. The changes came following Shadow


Cabinet resignations over Brexit. A disabled woman from Warrington,


who claims she was prevented from boarding a bus on her mobility


scooter, says the experience has left her feeling


like a second-class citizen. The bus company


says mobility scooters have to be individually assessed


to see if they can fit on a bus. Samantha Jones prides herself


on her independence. She's just got a mobility


scooter to get around. But after being stopped


from boarding a bus on it, she says her confidence and mobility


have been crushed. It is the first time I've ever seen


anyone being refused on a bus. I felt downgraded


and just not worthy Samantha picked up her


scooter from Warrington They tried to board a bus to get


home but say the bus driver said because it would affect


the vehicle's centre of gravity. I had to transfer between my


mobility scooter and my wheelchair and I felt everyone was watching me,


which I'm sure they were. I just feel like my


dignity has been lost. Samantha was allowed to bring


the scooter on board with her wheelchair - taking up,


she says, even more space. She tweeted her anger


at her experience. There was no need for it


because the mobility scooter went on anyway,


so why could I not stay in it? I was more worried


about Sam's dignity. and you could see it on


her face at the time. It felt like her independence


was just taken away. The bus company, Network Warrington,


says it's investigating Samantha's complaint and trying to track down


the driver to talk to him. Samantha hopes her experience


will raise awareness of the difficulties


wheelchair users face and change attitudes


on and off public transport. The Isle of Man could introduce


DNA testing of dogs to catch people


who don't pick up their pet's mess. The Manx government will consult


the public on new measures to tackle the problem,


as Amy Mulhearn reports. This could be all that's needed


to catch Ruby's owners if they don't


pick up what Ruby leaves behind. It's an idea that's being considered


by the Manx government We have all been there and trodden


in it and gone back home and it's in the carpet


and one thing and another. It just seems to press a nerve


amongst the Manx public. Proposed changes to the island's


dog laws mean microchipping is set to become compulsory


and licences will be abolished. But there's an idea


to take this one step further You can track back


from a DNA profile, dog poo on the pavement


to the individual dog Profiling a dog would


cost around ?30. Easy to do, non-painful


and if it is something that does become mandatory,


I think it is a real step forward. Dog DNA profiling has


been tried elsewhere, like the London Borough


of Barking and Dagenham So if the Manx public thinks


it's a good idea when it goes to consultation,


the island could follow their lead. Some breaking news, relating to the


M 53 in the Wirral. It is said to be close overnight following the


discovery of a man's wadi and the central reservation between


junctions two and three. It was closed earlier this evening. The


southbound carriageway was closed, then the North. Both are closed and


will remain so overnight. The circumstances leading to his death


run clear, but it is believed that a road traffic collision has occurred.


A code date from the pelt of a South American wildcat has been seized in


the region. Police say it was being illegally offered for sale at a


shop. In rugby league, the new Super


League season kicked-off tonight, They ground out a tough 6-4 win over


Leeds at the Totally Wicked Stadium. as they came back from


4-0 down at the break. The only downside was a head injury


to fullback Jonny Lomax. So cold, in fact, that Robin Cooper


sent us these pictures of hair ice, which he says he saw


at Coniston in Cumbria. It forms where a certain fungus


is growing on rotting wood, so let's get a full


forecast with Dianne. and nothing changes as we go


through the next couple of days. We've still got the air coming


towards us from the continent. yes, cold air all the way


through the weekend. Slightly less cold


as we go into Monday. Over the last couple of days,


it has been relatively quiet. But as you go through Friday


night and into Saturday, we've got this little feature


that comes towards us, it might bring some snow as far


as the eastern side of England, up the Pennines, and we might get


a light covering in places. There's a chance


of a light covering tonight but, realistically, that's only


over the highest level routes, maybe down


into the Peak District. It wouldn't be unusual to see


a little bit of snow this time of year under


these conditions. So nothing to get excited about,


and the temperatures are really about because I think


for most towns and cities, and rurally quite a few


degrees colder than that. You've got more cloud cover


than you'd like, really. This time of year, you need


a bit of sunshine - You may see a wintry


shower from time to time. West is best, in particular


in parts of Cumbria. sleet and snow. The outlook, Sunday


will turn a bit less cold again. All the way up seven