10/02/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Police and fire services are tonight investigating a horrific blaze


at a house in Manchester, that left two dead and five others,


It s not yet known how the fire started but police say


From Withington, here's our chief reporter Dave Guest.


The charred remains of the family home bear testament to the ferocity


of the fire that swept through here this morning.


I woke up because I heard a woman screaming and a popping.


I've had a house fire myself before and it was the windows


I looked out and I saw the fire and it was absolutely massive.


The actual flames were coming out of the window.


They were coming out of the front door as well


One neighbour who didn't want to appear on camera told me


that he and others in the area had done their best to help.


He described seeing the children jump one by one


Firefighters rescued a man found unconscious on the stairs.


The revived him before he was sent off to hospital.


Sadly, two others, a man and woman, were beyond saving.


We believe the fire started on the ground


Exactly where within that room we don't know.


Any idea at this stage what caused the fire?


The scene is under investigation with Fire Service investigators


working alongside colleagues from Greater Manchester Police.


Throughout the day forensic teams have been in and out


of the property searching for clues as to what exactly


Are you treating this as a crime scene or the scene


At the moment we are keeping an open mind in terms of the investigation.


We won't be saying it's not a crime scene, we won't be saying it's


How are the four children in hospital?


As you can imagine they have gone through a terrible tragic ordeal.


They are receiving support from specialist trained officers.


It seems that the neighbours in this area pulled together


and did their best to help this family to get them out.


I would like to play specific tribute to the help they have given.


Without that I'm sure the people who are currently receiving


treatment in hospital would have received far more serious injuries.


Tonight the police appealed for anyone who might have seen


anything in the moments leading up to the fire to come forward and help


A woman from Lancashire is believed to be the first British woman


to travel to Syria to fight the so-called Islamic State.


Kimberley Taylor, who grew up in Darwen, says she's ready


Kimmie, as she's known, has joined an all-female Kurdish


unit and has recently moved to fight on the frontline near the IS


Her parents, who now live in Merseyside, say


This is Kimberly Taylor speaking Kurdish in a public relations


Kimmie, as she is known, joined the all-female


Only this morning, according to a Facebook entry,


A short time ago she spoke to a BBC reporter.


I have seen the conditions of people living in Africa and the women


in Africa as well that have suffered because of war.


So I promised myself after I went to Iraq and Kurdistan that


Kimberly Taylor, a maths graduate, is believed to be the first British


We have seen UK citizens, male citizens, go over there before


and unfortunately a couple have died while fighting with


So it's not been unusual for UK citizens to go but this is the first


When she joined the fighting force she told family and friends:


Kimberly Taylor's parents who live in Merseyside would not


speak on camera today, but told us they are proud


She says she is willing to give her life in the fight


Liverpool Football Club has banned Sun newspaper journalists


The move is over the way the publication covered


The decision to ban Sun reporters from matches at Anfield and press


conferences at Melwood comes after discussions between


the campaign group Total Eclipse of the Sun and club officials.


The Sun have confirmed the move saying it's bad for fans


and bad for football, insisting it won't affect


A section of the M53 in Wirral has reopened after being closed


for almost 24 hours, following the discovery of a body


on the central reservation between junctions two and three.


Detectives say they believe there'd been a road accident in the area


An 87-year-old man has died in hospital after the lift


he was using collapsed at a care home in Greater Manchester.


It happened last week at the Serendipity Care Home in Urmston.


The Police and Health and Safety Executive


In the Super League tonight, Leigh returned to action


Ryan Hampshire here getting Leigh off the mark


In tonight's other game, Widnes lost 28-16 at home to Huddersfield.


And chaniging codes, in rugby union's Premiership,


That's it from me. Let's get the weather forecast.


After a very cold day today we are heading towards a weekend


which will at times offer us some wintry showers and the cold theme


The air still coming towards us from the continent.


We've got this little feature that works its way through on Saturday


and that could leave a covering of snow in places.


We have a yellow Met Office warning, it is the lowest level,


and really it's for areas close to the Pennines, but just


about anywhere will see a flake of snow floating by.


To be honest with you, some places are seeing them now.


There have been one or two as we have gone


They are just starting to get a little bit more widespread


But we're not expecting any problems.


Yes, there might be a light dusting over the highest level routes


but the significant thing for most of us is there is a lot of cloud


cover and the temperatures are very low again.


We are talking about zero to -1C for your towns and cities,


rurally a few degrees colder than that.


It's a grey start for many places tomorrow and here comes that line


Highest level routes will see the worst but just about anywhere


And it's cold under all of the gloom.


But the outlook shows that by Monday brighter skies come through.


need as long as possible to recover. That number eight is on the bench


and he could make a really