11/05/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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The town of Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria is welcoming news


that Labour is committed to renewing


the UK's nuclear weapons system, Trident.


The confirmation came in its leaked manifesto.


Trident is a major election issue in Barrow,


Our political editor, Nina Warhurst, is there for us tonight.


Nina, it's no secret Jeremy Corbyn is an opponent of nuclear weapons.


It is the wording of that elite that has failed to convince the


electorate here. They are committed to operation Trident, but they are


not committed to nuclear and long-term, which has left Labour


voters feeling that the party they voted for for long time does not


have their back. Ships have been built embarrassing is 1894 and, at


the moment, operation Trident provides more than 8000 jobs here.


Little wonder that nuclear is at the heart of this debate in this


marginal seat. but there is something


troubling this town. A decision last year to renew


the Trident missile system should secure the jobs here


of those who build the submarines But which party would


you trust to see it through? Tony Keen runs an engineering


services company company that depends on the BAE


Systems shipyard. I would have to dramatically change


the strategy of the business. It wouldn't be fatal,


but it would be bad. About half of your work


is with BAE Systems, isn't it? You can tell by the shops


whatever industry or sector you're in in the town,


it affects every part of the community.


There is not enough work on a Trident submarine in Barrow


to keep 12,000 people fully employed.


Labour's Dennis Healey meeting shipyard workers in Barrow in 1983.


the Conservatives overturning a 7,000 majority.


supported unilateral nuclear disarmament.


a policy confirmed in the leaked manifesto.


Its last MP, John Woodcock, was firmly behind it.


And yet, some voters are wary of party leader Jeremy Corbyn's


lifelong links with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.


You don't know what Jeremy Corbyn's going to do


So nobody knows what's going on in his mind.


The Labour Party, especially their leader, seems to be


very negative for the future of the submarines.


Rarely is one issue so prominent in politics,


One false move by a candidate and his or her party


can cost them in the whole election.


defence isn't just about our national security -


it's about jobs and the very future of this town.


Nina, we've heard how important Trident is to Barrow -


but is it the only issue driving votes?


No, not at all. I spent two days here and people are worried about


housing, immigration, Brexit. Labour's problems in Barrow predate


Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. Back in 2015, they saw the majority drop


from more than 5000 votes to fewer than 800. Now that puts them on a


list of 90s situates a sad cross the North West where 5% of Labour


voters, if they switch to Conservatives, will change the seat.


There are more than 30 seats where there is a margin of 20% all more.


That means we are virtually unshakeable. The Labour Party does


have its work cut out, and it only has four weeks to make up that


ground. I know you will be keeping abreast of all that for us. Thank


you very much. A drug smuggling gang


has been sentenced to a total An international police operation


stopped the smugglers getting heroin the ringleader of the group,


seen here on the left - The 64-year-old had been jailed


in the past for a similar plot. He's previously served a lengthy


sentence for this type of crime. He gave no thought to the harm


and misery that would have occurred, had these drugs flooded the streets


in the North West, and equally the harm it causes


in the communities overseas Rochdale's former


Labour MP Simon Danczuk, says he will stand as an Independent


against Labour's Tony Lloyd Mr Danczuk was suspended


by the Labour Party while it investigated allegations


he sent explicit texts Chester Zoo, which fell victim


to a fraud of over ?1 million, The zoo was duped into handing


over the money, in 2013, to a man claiming to represent


a construction company Four men have been convicted


for their involvement. One of the country's biggest


new arts centres has officially


opened in Chester tonight. and it means that,


for the first time in a decade, there's a theatre


and a cinema in the city centre. But there's more to the project


than films and plays, Rehearsals at Storyhouse Chester


for tonight's show It is an adapted John Gay's


18th-century play to put in references


to Chester and Merseyside. Storyhouse is on the site


of the old Odeon cinema, but a modern extension means it can


offer much more than movies. It's wonderful to see the building


so full and vibrant and busy, with children playing,


with their parents watching, big sisters reading stories


to their little sisters, seeing young people gathering


and doing their homework It's brilliant to see the building


used exactly how we'd dreamed. It's ten years since Chester city


centre had a cinema or theatre. Judging from the number of people


who turned up today, it will assuage


a real cultural hunger. One of the key things


about Storyhouse is the range of cultural activities


that go on here. The library, the cinema,


the theatre, and there's even a big TV screen


to show important events. I mean, there were a lot


of challenges on this project. A big cultural project in a city


like Chester historic city. I suppose the first challenge


was to think about how you design a building that is a library,


a cinema and a theatre. How you bring all those things


together in a completely new way. And really we've tried


to make the library the glue that joins


everything together. a youth theatre


and space for crafts. Storyhouse is open from 8am


until the last show finishes. Is a British astronaut has been


speaking to children children today. A film is being made about his life.


Plunged into darkness and into space. Mike took hundreds of


students on a journey through his career. It is almost 20 years since


he helped to save near, the Russian space station, after it collided


with a supply vessel. Conquering adversity is with one of the themes


of his talk. My story probably does help because


I tell them how I got around some of the setbacks.


If you don't have a way to stop it floating, it is horrible. He was


really funny, and the videos were funny. Without gravity, you think,


how would people move properly and things like that.


It is an inspirational story, if you keep trying, you can achieve it.


That is the message we want our children to have. Never give in,


always try your best and do everything you can to realise your


dreams. A Hollywood movie is now being made about his life will stop


enough time has passed to make that movie bearable for me to be made. Do


you know who is playing you? No. Do you have any wishes in particular?


No. They've got to have more hair! Manchester United fans


are celebrating tonight after the club booked its place


in the Europa Legue final in a tempestuous match


at Old Trafford. United hung on to win on aggregrate


against Celta Vigo, And the beautiful weather


we've been having is on the way out! It is not a dreadful weekend by a


long shot. What a fantastic day today, 21 degrees, 70 Fahrenheit. We


won't see that again in the next won't see that again in the next


couple of days, but we saw tonnes of sunshine. The story has changed


through the afternoon. The cloud pushed in, making the sunshine more


hazy and weak in the southern part of the region. It is all ahead of


some weather which pushes into was the early hours of tomorrow morning.


It will trundle more as we head towards Friday. The graphics have


decided to die, so you will have to listen to me rather than get


anything that supports what I'm saying. Through the night, the story


is about the temperatures. They are mild out and about, generally


between seven and 11 degrees in towns and cities. A little breezy


write-down. Tomorrow is a day which does not hold to much promise,


showers will start the day in some places, they will move northwards


through the day. They could be heavy. Away from those, brighter


skies will try to work their way through. Some places good dodge them


completely. They will start to get their act together towards 5pm, they


could be a rumble and as well. In the brightest bots, tempters still


reach 18 degrees. The outlook for the week is changeable.


We want to see the economy work for everybody, not


Now the weather. , yes a humid dead. We have had


photographs of the Now, humid air is coming in hyped.


This cloud will