12/05/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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More now on NHS England having to declare a major incident today,


after a computer cyber-attack hit its IT systems.


Staff in several North West Hospitals found themselves locked


out of their computers, after receiving an email


Our health correspondent Gill Dummigan reports now from one


of the hospitals affected, the Royal Blackburn.


Well, it was about 2:30pm this afternoon when we first started


The north of the region seems to have been


I am outside the Royal Blackburn, one of those hospitals


Also it is so Napster hostel but personally, Blackpool,


the Royal Lancaster, Kendal, Westmorland General,


also Furness General in Harrow, Preston and Chorley,


Southport and Ormskirk Hospital and also in Greater Manchester,


Wigan, Trafford and Manchester Royal Infirmary as well.


Now, of those with A, they are stressing that none


What they are saying is that it has to be a genuine


Other things that have been affected in the hospitals,


things like patient discharge because they couldn't access


the records, so the problems there, because of course it is Friday,


they are trying to get people home for the weekend.


Now, it is not just hospitals which have been affected,


I spoke to one GP from Blackburn earlier this evening.


Slowly every computer, a lot of messages one by one came


They told us we need to be careful about that.


And then you can try it, but don't open any other programs.


But it is every two seconds popping up and we couldn't see patients.


We need to use paper, pen and paper like olden days.


But people and patients are really understanding.


So, they helped us to run it smoothly until the evening.


So, of course people working very hard to sort all this out,


but it will be Monday now before we see what the lasting effect is.


An inquest jury has found that an 83-year-old man with dementia


died in Cheshire after staff at the care home where he was living


Police spent six days searching for Roy Tomlinson before


finding his body in a building less than half a mile from Brookfield


A father, whose son had had to take the decision to put him in secure


care after dementia began to affect his behaviour.


On 26 January last year, Mr Tomlinson was given the drug


He should have been monitored to see how it affected him, but he wasn't.


That afternoon Mr Tomlinson walked out of the home.


The jury was shown CCTV footage of him wandering


Despite a huge police search, it was six days before his body


was discovered in a building less than half a mile from the home.


He'd died of hypothermia and pneumonia.


Returning a narrative conclusion, a jury here in Warrington found


there was no adequate supervision of the fire door and side gate


at the home and it's likely Mr Tomlinson left through them.


They decided that all reasonable efforts were made to find him,


but he probably died the day after he was reported missing.


You've taken the decision to put him in there.


Would I make the same decision again?


With hindsight, the answer would be a solid no,


but you don't have hindsight when you make those decisions.


I think a lot of it is, you know, you have got to rely on the CQC


and the governmental agencies to assess the care homes,


and the care home owners and operators have got to make sure,


Today the owner of the care home offered condolences


Mr Tomlinson's son says he's discussing his options


If you're a Tranmere Rovers fan you might already have one or two


Tranmere are preparing for one of their biggest matches in recent


Rovers take on Forest Green Rovers in the National


And if they win they'll be promoted back into the Football League.


For Tranmere Rovers, their whole season has come


What's massive, you hear stories of how far the fans are travelling.


The numbers that they have travelled here in, it's huge.


So we're delighted that we're able to represent such a fantastic club.


It's been a tough few seasons for Rovers, with the end of 94 years


Tranmere Rovers is a club that is reinventing itself in many


ways, moving forward to this new training ground is part of that.


But of course, the main objective is to get back


And the whole team is determined to make sure they don't let


And for those who've gone through the two recent


relegations, the determination is particularly clear.


Back-to-back relegations, obviously it wasn't nice for myself


But they have come in and turned the upside down.


You know, I really hope we do it for them and all the fans.


Tranmere booked their place at Wembley with a convincing


It's a massive honour, isn't it, to be at Wembley.


But very quickly, we'll get ourselves into the game mode


and focus on the important thing, and that's trying to win a game


And if his team can finish the job at Wembley on Sunday,


Tranmere's fans really will start to feel it's the beginning


One football match tonight, and Ross Barkley's goal


settled Everton's meeting with Watford at Goodison.


And in the Rugby League Challenge Cup tonight,


That aside from me. Now the weather forecast. We knew today would be the


day when things change and it turned out that way. Some pretty good


pictures across the north-west of England. But it has been about the


showers. In the morning it was longer spells a friend. Drier


through the afternoon with some spells of sunshine. But with the


vast couple of hours more showers. Some of them will be fairly heavy. I


dry spell as they push away to the north-west but in the early hours


there will be more, it will not be too welcome through the weekend.


Overnight temperatures 11 or 12. Damp tomorrow morning as well but


that should push north as the day goes on. Past lunchtime brighter


skies. Not a blind date but in the sunshine in the afternoon


temperatures won't be too bad, 17 or 18. The


A bit of a mixed bag earlier on today, some of us were cloudy with


rain. This is the view from one of our weather watchers in Cornwall.


But in the Highlands of Scotland, it was completely different, find,


sunny and warm. The satellite and radar picture shows the variety of


weather we have had. It brightened up into the afternoon, early


evening. The north-east of Scotland and England have extensive low


cloud, missed, fog. If you showers getting into the south coast by the


end of the night. It is not a cold night. Into the morning, many


Southern counties will do quite well. There is the chance of a


shower or two, most of them are gone by 9am. A lot of dry weather.


Variable cloud, some