31/12/2016 North West Tonight


The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Youth workers, campaigners and charity fundraisers are among


those from the North West recognised in the New Year's Honours list.


Among the more familiar faces is the comedian Ken Dodd,


As a young officer in the Merseyside Force,


Sabi Kaur had the foresight to recognise the dangers of forced


Very exciting, very humbling, and I am made


up with the fact that I have been honoured.


For seeking justice and for services to bereaved families,


the Right Reverend James Jones becomes a Knight Commander.


He chaired the Hillsborough Independent Panel which negotiated


the disclosure of documents about the disaster.


The family have shown extraordinary forbearance over


the years as they have struggled to get people


In receiving this honour I also salute their forbearance.


Also giving up his time to help others is Kevin Jones.


For the past 30 years he's been instrumental in keeping


St Catherine's Hospice in Preston running.


Astounded and humbled, amazed, all those things.


Ken Dodd, who becomes Sir Ken Dodd, certainly was.


I am very proud, very proud and highly tickled.


The actress Patricia Routledge, who's originally from


North West sporting stars are recognised too.


Cheshire's Olympic couple Jason and Laura Kenny receive CBEs,


our hockey gold medallists receive MBEs, with Stockport's Kate


Richardson-Walsh appointed an OBE for her captaincy.


Lancashire's Olympic rower Scott Durant announced his


retirement from the sport on the day he was awarded an MBE.


Not retiring anytime soon is Akeim Mundell.


Nine years ago, as a teenager, he began to help bring communities


For his continuing efforts, he receives a British Empire Medal.


I started working with the police and the local councils to put on


under 18 events, to put on projects to get young people working the


elderly. The same honour goes


to Richard Price from Chester, who's volunteered for the Samaritans


for 40 years. I do see this not just as an honour


for me but a reflection on the chest of volunteers.


Even those being honoured want to honour others.


The man credited with discovering the Beatles has died, aged 86.


Allan Williams arranged the group's first performances


He went on to manage them until 1961.


What he achieved with the Beatles early on, he was instrumental in


them going to Hamburg which was instrumental in them becoming a


group that they were. A character who had a great deal to do with the


success of Mersey beat someone who after you met him you went away and


you thought you were glad you met him.


Police are appealing for witnesses after a charity shop in Wirral


A passer-by called 999 after seeing smoke coming


from a broken window of the Claire House Children's


Hospice shop in Bromborough just after 3.30am this morning.


No one was hurt but the shop was badly damaged.


The shop is so important, the donations we get off the customers


and the general public around here, so I can't put it into words that


all of their stuff is going to be gone, that they donated to us. It is


just a tragedy. Football now, and in


the Premier League, Burnley hammered Sunderland with a 4-1 win,


including a hat-trick Manchester United came from behind


to beat Middlesbrough 2-1. And at Anfield, Liverpool beat


Manchester City with this goal early Now the weather forecast


with Alex Hamilton. Good evening. If you are out


celebrating tonight you should take your wet weather gear with you. This


was the picture early on with hints of blue sky here and there but we


expect rain this evening thanks to the cold front that is sinking over


the UK. High-pressure weights in the wings so we expect cooler weather in


the next few days but slightly more chance of brighter spells as well.


Overnight a lot of wet weather around the wintry elements to the


showers on higher ground. Lows of around 2 degrees. If you are out to


take your wet weather gear and wrap up warm as well. As we go through


the night and into tomorrow morning rain will start to out of the way. A


few showers behind it with wintry elements over higher ground and


highs tomorrow of five Celsius with the northerly breeze so it will be


no -- noticeably cooler tomorrow. I leave you with the outlook of cooler


and brighter weather for the new year and the new working week.


And that's the last North West bulletin of 2016.


Have a great night and a happy new year.


wonderful New Year. You can keep up with all the best. Happy New Year.


Good evening. As we head through the final few hours of 2016 the weather


is on the change. We've got called her swooping in and there is a


weather front bringing a soggy New Year's Eve. It is raining across


southern Scotland and Northern Ireland and that will push south as


we head towards parts of northern England. Showers moving in from the


North Southwark could be