01/01/2017 North West Tonight

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The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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An Oldham family has described its horror


at witnessing a hit and run crash where a 12-year-old girl died.


Her 11-year-old cousin who was holding her hand at the time


Police say they want to speak to the driver of a black Volkswagen.


Two cousins, Helina Kotlarova and Zaneta Krokova, both victims


of a hit and run crash on New Year's Eve.


Today, a distraught and devastated family gathered close


to where 12-year-old Helina was killed and 11-year-old Zaneta


Sylva Kotlarova describes a frantic effort the family made to help.


She was on the floor, she had blood all over her face


I thought she was going to breathe or something but she couldn't


This face was all bleeding and there was nothing to do.


The cousins had popped out to the shops to get


They were part of a larger group of family and friends


who were crossing this busy road coming out of Oldham town centre.


The rest of the group had made it to the other side.


They went to the shop and when they came back,


They were holding their hands together.


Police say the driver of a black VW Golf didn't stop.


It is shocked news because it is the New Year.


Trying to keep my mum and dad strong.


It is hard to believe that she is gone because she was too young.


Their father told the BBC he was too upset to speak publicly


"The whole family," he said, "is comforting each other."


A at Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport has been described


by a spokesperson as, "almost intolerable"


because of the number of patients who turned up yesterday.


Staff say they have been overwhelmed, and have once again


asked people only to turn up if their condition is


Hundreds of people have been protesting against plans to erect


ninety electricity pylons just outside the Lake District.


Campaigners marched through Duddon Valley this morning


from where the 50 foot high pylons will be seen


The National Grid says it HAS already revised its designs,


so that fewer pylons would be visible.


It was invented in Liverpool, uses electric powered wheelchairs,


and is thriving across Merseyside, where organisers are hoping it


Power hockey is a game of speed and skill.


A sport most definitely not for the faint-hearted.


Marcus Harrison is one of the top performers.


His muscular dystrophy doesn't stop him powering past opponents.


I started playing hockey when I was six.


That was the first sport I started playing and before that I didn't


Never thought Marcus would be able to play sport.


He heard about the hockey and came along and that was it.


Competitors play with electric chairs which means it


Each one can cost several thousand pounds.


Power hockey has spread to 22 schools around Merseyside


but the next challenge is to expand it around the country and ultimately


It is vitally important for total integration,


especially for people who are power wheelchair users.


To roll it out nationally will take a lot more resources and a lot


They invented power hockey hair at Greenbank Sports Academy.


Now their goal is to spread its message far and wide.


In rugby union's Aviva Premiership, not a great start to the New Year


for struggling Sale Sharks who suffered a narrow


23-24 defeat to Bristol - meaning they haven't won in eight


Lets hope it is better news on the weather. Here is Alex.


We had a mixed bag today. We started on a rainy note that the rain


started to push southwards and we had some brighter weather this


afternoon thanks to our weather watchers for sending in the


pictures. We are expecting more settled conditions on the way


tomorrow. Looking at night, we have some showers around and some of


those may be wintry over higher ground. A cold night tonight.


Temperatures down to minus two Celsius. We are expecting a


widespread frost. Tomorrow, we have a frosty start tomorrow and there


will be some decent sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud throughout


the day. Do wrap up warm if you are out and about. Highs of five


Celsius. I will leave you with the Outlook. Bright weather to come.


We will be back with you just before 11pm.


Have a good evening and a very happy New Year.


Good evening. Well, to Bake Off 2017, the weather has been fairly


mixed, wet and cloudy in the South, colder but clearer further north.


This was taken in County Down earlier in the day, plenty of


sunshine there, but with clear skies by day, a cold nights tonight. That


will fill the south across