21/01/2017 North West Tonight


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Hundreds of people have attended a memorial event


in Greater Manchester for Lance Corporal Scott


Hetherington, who died earlier this month in Iraq.


The 22-year-old, who was with the 2nd Battalion,


Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, was killed in a shooting


accident while helping train Iraqi and Kurdish forces.


Crowds gathered at Middleton's Memorial Gardens


to pay their respects to a much-loved soldier.


On the day of Monday, January 2nd 2017, a light that shone


brightly on all who knew him was extinguished


on a tragic accident on the battlefield far


away from the town that Scott called home.


Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington had been in Iraq


for a month when he died in a shooting accident


He had only recently become a father to a daughter.


He was training the Iraqis to fight Isis.


He was full of joy and he was full of life.


It is terrible what's happened to him.


It must have been a very, very difficult time for your family.


A very friendly boy, or young man, I should say.


He knew lots of people and was well-liked by them.


A group of bikers rode to the event, just one of many fundraising


The proceeds will go to support his young daughter.


Middleton, you have well and truly done Scott and our family proud.


UKIP leader and North West MEP Paul Nuttall has announced he'll


stand in the Stoke-on-Trent by-election triggered


by the departure of Labour MP Tristram hunt.


The seat is traditionally a safe Labour one, but Mr Nuttall's


decision to stand indicates UKIP's belief that it has a strong


The poll takes place on February 23rd.


26 year old Rachel Tunstill was today due to appear before


magistrates charged with the murder of her newborn baby girl.


Police were called to Wellington Court in Burnley


on Monday afternoon to find the body of a newborn.


A post mortem examination showed the child had


A 30-year-old man has been released without charge and police


are satisfied he had nothing to do with the child's death.


Police are hunting four men wearing Mexican-style wrestling masks


who unsuccessfully tried to steal a cash machine in Oldham last month.


At three in the morning on December 20th the men arrived


at the Premier Greenfield shop, tethered the cash machine to


Anyone with information is urged to contact


Now, Tricia Lorenz has been a patient at the North West Regional


Spinal Injuries Centre for seven months after a medical


procedure left her paralysed and on a ventilator.


Well, today Tricia married her partner of four years


Steve McEntee at the unit in Southport Hospital.


The registrar gave special permission to the couple to marry


in the day room and suppliers provided food free of charge.


Steve is adapting his home in Frodsham ready


Football and earlier today Swansea dealt a huge blow


to Liverpool's Premier League title hopes with a thrilling three-two


Everton beat Crystal Palace one - nil.


And Manchester United's Wayne Rooney scored injury-time equaliser


at Stoke to break Bobby Charlton's goals record.


In a few moments time Manchester City take


And in the European Rugby Champions Cup, Sale Sharks broke their losing


We have another cold night on the way tonight.


Some cloud around for the first part of the night and that could be thick


enough to produce the odd spot of rain, which could be


Some clear spells in the mix as well.


Where we see those clear skies, some patchy frost developing


Temperatures falling close to or below freezing in cities.


Tomorrow, we're looking at another cold day.


We will see some sunny spells and a little


That cloud could produce some rain and wintry


The high pressure still in charge and looks like we


Do be careful on the roads if we get that frost overnight. I will be back


tomorrow to time with more news and weather. Have a great evening.


Goodbye. Good evening. It does not get


warmer. If you check the UK as a whole, it has been one of the


coldest days so far. The hard frost to come in areas where it stays


clear, parts of East Anglia, the south-east, fog across Scotland, at


West, a change, showers and parts of Wales and England, some snow on high


ground as well. Meanwhile, down under through the early hours, Andy


Murray will be getting ready for his next match in the Australian


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