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A Merseyside police officer whose wife won a legal battle to allow him


to die has passed away peacefully at a hospice in Wirral.


PC Paul Briggs had suffered severe brain injuries in a motorbike


crash on his way to work, leaving him in a minimally


PC Paul Briggs worked in Merseyside's Roads Policing Unit.


The crash in 2015 left him unable to move or speak.


He was kept alive by food and hydration given at the Walton


Paul's wife Lindsey had told the Court of Protection he wouldn't


Doctors disagreed, saying there was potential


for his condition to improve slightly.


At the time, a solicitor gave her reaction outside court.


This court case is the hardest thing we have ever had to do.


We did it for Paul to honour his wishes.


We are grateful that Mr Justice Charles has shown


compasion towards Paul, has respected his


understood what Paul would have wanted.


Paul Briggs was later moved to a hospice to receive


only palliative care - making him as comfortable


His family said they were relieved he would finally be at peace


This weekend, Lindsey Briggs posted a message on Twitter saying Paul had


died as a result of his road traffic collision, adding "we're


to terms with all he's been put through."


Merseyside Chief Constable Andy Cook has said PC Briggs's


colleagues and friends here are all thinking


He paid tribute to the way Paul dedicated his


career to protecting the


public and the way that Lindsey and his family bravely fought


Paul's family told us they've been overwhelmed by the kind


messages of understanding, compassion and support


from the public and hope their journey may somehow


The mother of Lee Rigby says she was threatened with arrest


if she didn't attend a court where she was forced to look


at a distressing image of her son's killer.


Lyn Rigby has told a Sunday newspaper she was forced to go


to a legal appeal brought by an internet troll who'd


As Liam O'Donoghue reports, campaigners are now


calling for a new law to protect grieving relatives.


Lyn Rigby will never get over the death of her son Lee,


the Royal Fusilier who was hacked to death in 2013.


This week she says she was threatened with arrest if she did


not attend a legal appeal by Christopher Spivey,


convicted of harassing the Rigby family with grossly


During the case, Lyn broke down when asked how she felt


about an image much more graphic than this one showing Lee's


The National Victims' Association says Lyn should never


have been summoned and grieving families need to be protected.


I believe Mrs Rigby was threatened with arrest, which is outrageous.


These things should not happen to a victim who has


suffered great loss and been through an ordeal already.


Mr Hines wants a victims' law to stop murder victims


in court where a written statement would suffice.


Protestors calling for a pet store which sells pedigree puppies to be


closed down staged a small demonstration outside


They claim a number of puppies have died of illnesses shortly


The company strongly denies the claims, saying it only buys


puppies from licensed, regulated breeders and is the only


But a campaign group is asking the authorities to take action.


We've set up a petition as well that has had over 2000 signatures


just overnight to get this place closed down.


If not closed down, then stop the sale of pet shop puppies.


It's been going on for years and years and years.


Football, and Burnley lost to a very late and very controversial penalty


Six minutes into injury time, an Arsenal player appeared to be


in an offside position when he was fouled


Alexis Sanchez scored from the spot to make it two-one to the Gunners.


Just minutes earlier the Clarets had equalised with a penalty


Southport golfer Tommy Fleetwood came from behind to win


He carded a final round of 67 to finish 17 under par,


one shot ahead of US Open champion Dustin Johnson.


It's his first European Tour title in more than three years.


Here's Lucy Martin with a look ahead to the weather forecast.


High pressure in charge of our weather as


That means we are looking at settled weather but also the chance of


Plenty of cloud around during the night and some breaks.


Where we see those breaks, there could be a chance of fog


Temperatures close to freezing in towns and cities.


Just below if you're out in the countryside.


Some fog first thing and that could be


slow to clear during the morning but once it does, some patchy cloud


It is going to feel cold, despite seeing some wintry sunshine.


I will leave you with the outlook, Tuesday is looking pretty similar,


It does look like the wind will pick up as we get to midweek.


That does it from me. I will be back just after 20 past ten more news and


weather. Until then, goodbye. of freezing fog. Already warnings in


place from the Met office. I will


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