28/01/2017 North West Tonight


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Bird flu has been found at a second pheasant farm in Lancashire,


according to the Department for Environment, Food


The UK's chief veterinary officer said avian flu has been discovered


at a farm with 1,000 birds in Wyre, which has what's described


as a business link to nearby farm Hy-Fly Game Hatcheries Limited


in Preesall, where the infection was confirmed on Tuesday.


Birds at the site will now be culled and a 3km protection zone has been


Public Health England said the risk to humans was "very low".


A minute's applause was held at the Bolton Wanderers game


against Charlton today in memory of Phyllis Robb,


one of the best-known survivors of the 1946 Burnden Park tragedy,


who died last week at the age of 102.


The famous picture showed Phyllis being lifted


33 people died at the FA Cup game when 85,000 fans showed up,


many more than expected, and barriers gave way,


She remained a Bolton fan her whole life.


I feel inspired by her, proud, and I'll be quite emotional


because she was very, very close to us.


She didn't have any children, so me and my


two brothers were her family, and she treated us like her own.


You can tell, you can hear it in my voice now


that I do get quite emotional about her,


because she was just such a wonderful, wonderful lady.


Hopefully she'll be there watching the match from above.


Emotions often run high in an FA Cup clash,


but today, as Blackburn beat Blackpool to progress to the fifth


round, there was at much drama off the pitch as there was on it.


Supporters from both teams were out in protest against their clubs'


respective owners at Ewood Park, as Juliet Phillips reports.


Football, united, we'll never be defeated!


Fans from opposing teams come together with a common goal.


These Blackburn and Blackpool supporters won't be cheering


inside Ewood Park today, but chanting outside it instead.


They are boycotting the game due to concerns over


Venky's at Blackburn and Oyston at Blackpool.


We are here because we want to send a collective message to our owners


and to the football authorities that football without


The fans of Blackpool and Blackburn are absolutely fed up


with the way our owners have treated our football clubs,


using them as private businesses rather than the community assets


It is heart-wrenching to stay away from the football club.


It's a long time since I've missed a football match,


and today I will stay away to support my club and my team,


but I will not knock anybody who feels that they have to go


into the ground and support the team.


The only guilty party are the owners of Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool.


There are at least 100 protesters from Blackpool and Blackburn


But the question is, what do the fans going to the match think?


Nobody's listening, it's as simple as that.


You ought to get in there and support your team.


I can understand people wanting to protest because of what's


going on being diabolical, but is it going to make any


difference when the owners are never here to see it?


We want Venky's out! We want Venky's out!


The protesters remained outside as the game began.


Their dispute will likely continue long after today's final whistle.


Juliet Phillips, BBC North West Tonight, Blackburn.


Elsewhere, in the FA Cup fourth round today,


Championship side Wolves stunned Liverpool, who crashed


out of their second cup competition in a week.


Despite this late goal from Divock Origi, Jurgen Klopp's


side failed to find an equaliser and suffered their third home defeat


in a week including Wednesday's loss to Southampton in the EFL Cup.


As we mentioned, Blackburn progress to the fifth


So do Burnley, who beat Bristol 2-0, and Man City who beat


It's the end of the road though for Accrington,


who lost 1-0 to Middlesborough, and for Rochdale, who lost


Man United take on Wigan tomorrow to round off this


Now let's take a look at the weather.


Well, we've had a real mixed bag this weekend,


Quite a messy number of fronts coming towards us,


So, as we have a look at the detail overnight tonight,


we'll continue to see those showers moving their way across the region,


with perhaps a few wintry elements over the higher ground,


and lows night of around one Celsius.


So, there's a possibility for patches of ice and some


Then, tomorrow, we'll continue to see those showers clearing,


and then some brighter spells for a time, before more rain


starts coming in tomorrow evening and tomorrow night.


turning milder over the next few days.


Tomorrow morning the best of the weekend weather. That's it for now.


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