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Police investigating the murder of a man,


who was shot dead in Liverpool, are appealing for witnesses to find


44-year-old Tommy Baker was attacked after he left a gym on Friday.


Tommy Baker was from Everton and a father of two.


On Friday morning, he was working out at the Phoenix Fitness Centre


He left the gym soon after eight o'clock


that's where he was shot twice in the head and the chest.


He was taken to hospital, where he died.


A postmortem examination confirmed it was a result of gunshot wounds.


Police believe the killer arrived at the scene in


a small, grey or silver hatchback, parked it next to Mr Baker's


The killer then sped away towards Liverpool city centre.


Officers say motorists may have had to take action to avoid the vehicle.


Tommy Baker was known to the police, and they believe this


was a targeted attack, but they're stressing that,


at this stage, they don't know the motive.


The gym is in part of the Stanley meat and fish market,


Detectives have stepped up patrols in the area,


They say it would have been busy at the time of the murder,


Shabnam Younus-Jewell, BBC North West Tonight.


Two activists have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage


after entering the BAE Systems site in Warton, in an apparent


attempt to disarm warplanes bound for Saudi Arabia.


In a statement, the two men said they were trying disarm fighter jets


to prevent them from being delivered to the Saudi government.


The Cumbrian MP and Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, has called


Theresa May's initial refusal to criticise President Trump's


temporary ban on people from seven mainly Muslim countries entering


Speaking on the Andrew Marr programme, Mr Farron said


the Prime Minister needed to put what was right over diplomacy.


It's not insulting to stand up to somebody who is behaving


in a way which is appalling - arguing for the reintroduction


of torture, being misogynistic, and this appalling ban on people


entering the United States from Muslim countries.


We would have expected her to go over to the United States


Celebrations have been taking place across the north-west today


Manchester has long had strong connections with China,


and today thousands of people crowded the streets to take


part in the festivities, as Juliet Phillips reports.


A 175-foot dragon has been snaking its way


It's in a parade to celebrate this Chinese New Year,


People born in this year are said to be hard-working,


It's a year to, sort of, get down to business.


So, as long as you are prepared to work hard,


then the way will be paved for accomplishment and success.


New Year is a really special time for everybody,


really, for families and young people, and it is just a great


Festivities had been happening in Liverpool, as well,


home to Europe's oldest Chinese community.


Schoolchildren this week were treated to a lion dance performance.


Back in Manchester, the streets were crowded.


Around 90,000 people came to the Chinese New Year celebrations


The city has the largest population of Chinese people outside of London.


Of course, it's the weather, you know, the England weather,


it always pours down, but this year it's really great.


All of the Chinese people are getting together today


in Chinatown and Albert Square to celebrate the New Year together,


The dragon itself is fantastic, and the lions doing the lion dance


Just all of the colours and all of the vibes here,


everyone is just having a great time.


It is much more better than I have in Hong Kong.


Juliet Phillips, BBC North West Tonight, Manchester.


Sport, and Manchester United go through to the fifth round of the FA


Cup after beating Championship side Wigan today.


Bastian Schweinsteiger marked his first Manchester United


start for a year with this goal and an assist in the 4-0 victory.


Wigan, 22nd in the Championship, had given a good account


of themselves in the first half, before conceding three


Sport, and Manchester United go through to the fifth round of


Now let's take a look at the weather.


Well, we've had a real mixed bag of weather today -


some sunshine, some showers, and we started off


But as we went through the day, those showers started to work in,


and we've got some more wet weather on the way.


If we have a look at the charts, we've got this rather messy


collection of fronts slowly moving out of the way,


so we are expecting slightly drier weather for a time tomorrow.


As we have a look at the detail overnight tonight, there


with those showers slowly clearing away to the east.


Quite cloudy conditions as well, with lows of around 0 Celsius.


Then, as we have a look at the details for tomorrow morning,


we will start on quite a cloudy note, but then there


will be some brightness, particularly to the north


of the region, before we get yet more rain starting to work in.


Now, that will be quite showery in nature, with highs


we've got quite a showery week ahead,


still some brighter spells in there as well,


but turning noticeably milder over the course of the next few days.


There was some sunny and cheerful weather across the UK today.


Scotland and the far north of England, but further south, a rainy,


ugly picture, and it's still pouring with rain in some places. The week


ahead, more spells of rain and some wind towards the end of the week.


There is a lot happening here. There's a lot of weather fronts


lining up in the Atlantic, a lot of isobars and lots of wind heading in


our direction. From tonight and into tomorrow, this unsettled spell of


weather continues. Get rid of one area of rain in the


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