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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Thousands of students celebrate the 50th anniversary


of Bath University, and a Prince joins in.


The size of the university here is fantastic and the reputation it has


around the world is brilliant. From a tiny acorn, to a thriving


international campus today. The party continues tonight


at the Recreation Ground. A Bishop helps young people to stop


worrying about appearance. And a West Country aircrew shot down


over France are re-buried 76 years The University of Bath


is celebrating it's 50th Birthday today, after receiving


the Royal Charter in 1966. The city is home to


over 16,000 students, who make up at least a fifth


of the population. And it's estimated all


those students spend And it's estimated all thosd


students spend over ?147 million The university also provides jobs


for thousands of people So today it's been party tile,


and the finale is a special rugby That's where we find our reporter


Ali Vowles who has been There has been a huge cheer as


University of Bath have just come on the pitch.


is now in a new Premier Supdr Rugby league, and the first team


are playing Leeds Beckett - hoping for a win of course.


But, as you say, the celebr`tions have been going on all day.


It started at Bath Abbey thhs morning, in a fairly formal way


All the great and good were here, including the royal


He has been Chancellor for past three years.


He and all the guests, which included students from all 40 years


and from around the world, were entertained with music


and performances from many of the current students.


And then it was quickly up to the University for


It felt like all the staff and students wanted to join in.


Lots of the extra curricular activities that go


Prince Edward was also asked to cut a special cake,


and he really got into the swing of it.


He told me the city had played a huge part


It's absolutely integral. The university here would not h`ve


achieved what it has achievdd without that partnership with the


community here. Both with the city and the county of Somerset. That


relationship is really important and continues to be really important,


and hopefully Bath, as a colmunity is really benefiting from what is


going on here, and the whold bars and the drive and the research on


the forward-thinking -- the whole bars. Constantly bringing ndw people


into the city and basically raising the whole reputation of Bath


University around the world. I've being taking a look back


at those early days up on the hill! The first Chancellor, Baron Hinton,


getting his ceremonial mace. At the time he was provide -- preshding


over an institution of just over 1200 students. Deep in the `rchive,


the librarian Lizzie Richmond is showing me all sorts of things,


including something so prechous it rarely goes on display. This is the


University's Royal Charter, so this is where it all began.


Interestingly, the new univdrsity did come with a ready-made history.


It was built on educational foundation started in Bristol over


the previous 100 years. So the Bristol College of science `nd


technology became the new University of Bath. Expertise in science,


engineering and research have continued to be at its heart. Some


liked it so much they carridd on afterwards working here. Coling into


the library in the early daxs and wondering where the books wdre,


because in those days there were relatively few. If you think in


those days you had lots of flat roofed buildings with no dotble


glazing and you can imagine they were absolutely cold. Not ldast when


you are on top of a hill, 600 feet up. So for many of us those early


days we remember being wrapped up in scarves in the winter months.


Luckily, there were ways to keep warm. Students from the 1960s


onwards have always thrown themselves into all sorts of active


extra activities. One of thd first students to make the transition to


the new site was Roger Ward. He failed his 11 plus but it dhdn't


stop him becoming a postgraduate here. He went on to become `


millionaire and has been ond of Bath's most generous alum knife


I've made some money in bushness and my wife and I decided we wotld give


it away. We didn't want to keep it. The place is really driven,


well-managed and I think it has gone blooming. One of Britain's's


brightest hopes in the world judo. Sport has also played a crucial part


in university life. In the darly 70s the first director of sport was


Olympian Tom. He set up the first scholarships in the country. To come


to the University and reach your degree and not being penalised for


having a special talent. From those early ideas grew the present-day


Olympians, but always with the premise that the facilities are used


by everyone. For the past three years, ?1 million per week has been


spent on the infrastructure as the campus competes worldwide for


potential graduates. The future plans include attracting more


postgraduates and more rese`rch projects. The university saxs it


benefits everyone. We emplox around 3005 -- 3500 people as a unhversity,


but we influence employment for many thousands more in the local


community. The economic influence of the University since it has grown


has been absolutely phenomenal. In its 50 years, it's also become one


of the top 12 universities hn the country.


I think Tom Hudson would be proud of what's going on the pitch tonight.


And I'm pleased to say that vice Chancellor,


Professor Dame Glynis Bracewell who you saw in that


An extraordinary day. Wonderful day and a joyous celebration. Wd have


even got you in the shirt. Just a small flash of it then. We `re in


danger here, because the ball is coming towards us but it's been a


fantastic evening. What the future of the University? It's dond well to


get this far but it's a competitive market. The first thing is to win


this match tonight. Beyond that we have to capitalise on the f`ct that


we are now one of the leading UK universities and the next horizon is


the international sphere. Wd need to be dominant in that, as we `re in


the UK. The only way we can do that, to be completely honest, is by


investing in our people and investing in the infrastructure that


they use, both our students and our academics. So you have a pl`n for


the next few years? Absolutdly. One of the things we want to focus on is


the development of postgradtate education in our University, for our


region and internationally. We can only do that with the support of our


city and we have had wonderful support so far. We will leave it


there. We will be back in the later bulletin we -- with an update. I


think you should grab the b`ll and score a couple of tries before then.


Our reporter, pitch side. Ttrning to the news today.


One of Britian's most wanted fugitives, who raped


a woman in Cheltenham, has been arrested in Tenerife.


Mohammed Alam from Bangladesh was convicted in 2010 and sdntenced


He was captured by Spanish police at a restaurant.


Extradition proceedings will begin tomorrow at court in Madrid.


Three brothers have gone on trial charged with shooting


dead a grandfather after a long-running


feud between two traveller families.


Charlie, John, and Billy Broadway deny murdering Wilfred Isaacs Snr


in front of his family at a caravan site near Ilminster in May.


The Chubbard's Cross caravan site in May this year.


A jury at Bristol Crown Court hearing today the Broadway


and Isaacs families lived on neighbouring plots,


but hadn't spoken for two ydars - and tensions were running


The prosecution saying before the shooting on May 5th,


49-year-old Wilfred Isaacs Snr had been hit on the head


after complaining children had been rude to him.


The prosecution told the cotrt that shortly after the altercation,


Charlie Broadway brandished a Sean Lock shot gun and with his brothers,


Johnny and Billy by his sidd, fired first at the victor's son, hnjuring


him on the shoulder before killing Wilfred Isaacs senior with ` single


shot -- sawn off shotgun. That was in front of his partner, his two


sons and his granddaughter. The prosecution say it was John


Broadway's idea for the Isa`cs family to be shot. Billy Broadway


made it possible by fetching the carried it out. All three ddny


murder and attempted murder. The court heard the police later


found the alleged murder we`pon along with other


shotguns hidden nearby. Charlie and Billy Broadway `lso


deny a firearms offence. Joseph Finney, Riley Jones


and Charlie Broadway deny unlawfully wounding Wilfred Isaacs Snr


and an assault charge Bonnie Wilson denies a charge


of assisting an offender. You're watching Tuesday's Points


West with David and Alex. This man can do no wrong. Hd is an


instant hero at Ashton Gate. City's star player picks up


an award, but can he work hhs magic And do you know what this


little fruit is called? Find out why one Wiltshire firm


wants us all to start growing it. The Bishop of Gloucester


has launched a campaign aimed at challenging our


obsession with image. Called 'Liedentity',


it's a response by Rachel Treweek to a report that found a thhrd


of girls are unhappy Images of young people


after they were asked which part of themselves


they'd most like to hide. The images are part


of a campaign that aims to teach young people to love


every part of themselves. You are getting messages about sure


value and a badge or extern`l appearance.


The Right Reverend Rachel Treweek is the Bishop of Gloucester.


She wants to help young people Start to see themselves differently.


All the time we are judging people and assessing people on thehr


appearance and I do think it has got worse. What I would say is H think


the world of social media, the pressures on young people are


different. I was a teenager who was very self-conscious about mx body,


but I didn't have all the pressures of social media upon me. Wh`t I want


to do is encourage these yotng people to begin changing thd message


is that they feel they are receiving from the world around them.


Her campaign comes after new research


that showed 33% of girls agdd 1 -15 were unhappy about their appearance.


Girls who reported negative feelings about their bodies were up from 30%


If you say you like the way you look, that's great, but if xou don't


like the way you look that bad. You have to be perfect. You are meant to


have curves but also be really thin. Even if you are proud of solething


at school, and you do a good piece of work there is always somdone who


says you are a nerd or something. In an age of social


media, many comments, both good and bad, focus


on our outside appearances. This campaign is trying


to shift the focus onto less visible attributes that


lie underneath the skin. Two families from the West have


taken part in a poignant Anthony Hawks from Kingston Seymour


in North Somerset has waited 76 years to find out where his father


was buried after being shot Today he saw his father's grave


being rededicated, alongsidd that Flight Lieutenant Peter


Hawks was 25 years old. He was shot down in


a Bristol Blenheim bomber while on a reconnaissance trip


over France in May 1940. He never saw his son,


who was three weeks old. His family didn't know


where he was buried. Until January this year,


when Anthony got a phone call. and I think I said, I think it's


like winning the lottery. I have often thought,


is there a village or somewhere that the villagers know


of the crash site? I was beginning to


think as time went on, oh, well, people are ageing


and memories get lost and they would not remember


anything about it. Anthony went over to the village


of Vrigne-aux-Bois in May this year to see the place where his father


was shot down. Members of the French resistance had


buried the three men. One man had also rescued part


of the plane, passing it down to his son -


along with this. So, tell me about this


wonderful object from This was rescued from


the aircraft apparently. It looks almost as if it cotld be


fitted to the aircraft again. Another member of the crew on that


fateful day in 1940 was wirdless Born in Avonmouth, as a child


he loved making model aircr`ft. When they were reported missing


in action, Peter's wife wrote to Clifford's mother


asking for news. Please forgive me for troubling you,


but I am most anxious to know My husband Peter Hawks


was the pilot of the plane, and so far I have not been `ble


to find out anything. It took 76 years for that ndws


to finally come through. And today, at this cemetery in


north-eastern France, inste`d of the inscription, three airmen, their


names were added to the roll call of men trying to defend France.


Solar panels have started to be installed at Gloucester Cathedral.


Once finished, it will make the 1,000-year-old building


the oldest cathedral in the UK, and maybe the world,


to have commercial-size solar panels.


The nave roof is 30 metres high so they should be hard to spot.


This is not a medieval roof that we are on.


But even so, to put these p`nels on such an ancient building


So we rely on the past and xet we are thinking about taking


The solar panel system is expected to reduce the Cathedral's energy


This is hundreds of pounds worth of ferry takings


which were recovered after being dropped into thd murky


It was all thanks to the police diving team.


Now all they need to do is dry it all out!


I hope that caches and being laundered. -- I hope that c`sh isn't


being laundered. Bristol City are hoping to cause


an upset tonight and win a place in the quarter-finals of thd League


Cup. They take on Premier League


strugglers Hull City at Ashton Gate, and our sports editor


Alistair Durden is there now. Good evening to you both. Bristol


city have not been this far in the League Cup since


the 1988/89 season - the year they went all


While this may not be a glalour tie, it is certainly a winnable one.


Hull are in the Premier League's bottom three, while Bristol City


are going well in the Championship play-off places.


And if you're looking for a match-winner,


a man to cause an upset, then City striker Tammy Abr`ham


The teenage striker on loan from Chelsea is hot propertx.


And today has been named the league's Young


into the back of the net. T`mmy Abraham scores again. I heard a lot


of teams were interested but when I met the gaffer I change my lind to


do here. This man can do no wrong. He's an instant hero Ashton Gate.


The fans are and they got bdhind me and when I came on the pitch it


brought life and energy and it was so exciting.


Yet again, Tammy Abraham. This man cannot stop scoring. When you are in


front of goal you have to stay relaxed and composed. Even hf you


miss, you keep going becausd the chances will always come.


He's an player. He's better than really anybody. Absolute cl`ss. He


works miracles. I can't put it into words, but he's an inspirathon. Is


outstanding. He's one of thd best. It's an amazing feeling when you are


winning as well, there's nothing like it when the fans are bdhind you


and it gives you that confidence and boost inside. Congratulations.


Cheers. It's a massive achidvement for me and I just want to thank all


of the staff, players and mx family who supported me, and the f`ns who


supported me. My aim is to get 0 plus. I wouldn't say there hs


pressure because scoring go`ls is what I love doing and it's `


football game and you have to go out and enjoy yourself, because some


people take the fun out of football. I believe in my ability and always


thought I could do well at the club and every time I step on thd pitch I


want to do my best and give my all and the boys just hope we c`n to


knew. -- we continue. He is a great talent. Look who I


have found? I have found Gary Johnson, still loved in these parts


from your time here as manager. Tammy Abraham is a great talent


Your son Lee has done well to get into Bristol city. The club did very


well to get him. I know Lee and the chairman and everyone else had


identified him very early, `nd I know they made a few trips down to


Chelsea and they spoke to the powers that be and may have done great to


get him. We were second on the list. This match, 2008, always brhngs back


the memories of the play-off final when you were in charge of Bristol


city. Do you ever look back and think how things might have been


different? For everyone, had Bristol city won that day? I look b`ck of my


contract and how things could have been different. It was a grdat


occasion but unfortunately somebody had to lose and it was us. We did


not have our fair share of luck on the day, and I remember Adebolajo


have scored in the first five minutes -- Adebola. You said you


wouldn't bring that up anyw`y. Do you think Vestal city would be an


established Premier League club -- Bristol City? It wasn't to be. Maybe


they needed a bit more time to get this stadium going, and it hs


fantastic at the main act, ` premiership stadium. It might have


needed that luck. The club hs still in a great position, so good on


them. Just briefly, up against Hull city who have lost four in ` row. Do


they have a good chance tonhght I think they have a good chance.


Snodgrass is out and he is ` good player and I have other good players


out, so if Bristol can start bright and finish bright, which thdy have


done, they have every chancd. Good to see you again, thank you, Gary.


We will be on BBC Bristol and Somerset radio. We will havd results


from both of the games tonight at ten p.m..


of fruit that was very popular in Medieval times.


It's fallen out of favour in recent years mainly due to its sour taste.


But one family firm in Wiltshire is making it palatable and dven


popular by turning it into a condiment.


Pam Caulfield went to Malmesbury to find out more.


And you can see that it is not an enormous tree.


Most of the medlars that we come across are of this size.


While the fruit looks unusu`l, the trees aren't uncommon


here and they're important for the bee population.


We found some history that shows that they were handed out


after the war to people who wanted to plant them.


So it looks a slightly sad tree now, but in


spring when it blossoms, it has an amazing colour.


And of course, the colour is what then attracts the


It will be absolutely covered in bumblebees.


The team are collecting the fruit from the gardens of people


But why not eat it straight off the tree?


Yes, it is very dry, very tart and a bit sour.


But cut them up, juice them, add sugar and you've got


And with every jar sold, 50p will go to the Bumblebed Trust,


We hope it will start to cole - come back into use and people will


start to recognise the medl`r and it will become more readily av`ilable


fruit. You can have it with roast meat and it's also delicious with


cheese, a lovely West Country Cheddar. The first batch of this


year's crop should hit the shelves in time for Christmas, but will


people be convinced to swap their cranberry sauce for a medlar Jeely?


-- Jeely. I would, now I know what it is. It is a sort of pickle,


really. It is quite sweet. @lmost like marmalade. Can't you h`ve sweet


pickle? Yes, it's a sweet phckle. Another idea for the Bake Off. Now


you know what it is. Let's pop up to the bridge of the SS points West.


Hang on a second. I know wh`t it is. Before we go to the weather just


take a look at these images of the mist rolling


in on the Somerset Levels Thank you very much for those, but


now we can go to the end of the last report and let's go to the bridge of


the SS Points aggregate West and say hello to Ian. Hello, captain.


We will see some photos emerging tomorrow of similar veins, hf


anything with denser areas of fog. Let me take you through the forecast


expectations as we head into tomorrow. It will be a day that


starts with a fairly high rhsk of seeing fog around. Not everxwhere,


but certainly where you catch patches of it it will be quhte dense


and take quite a while to clear it out of the way. Once the process is


complete, a decent day. Varxing of cloud and looking dry other than a


spot or two of light rain and it will be milder than average as well.


This is how things shape upon the wider scene. I pressure over the top


and it will remain through the course of the week, critically into


tomorrow but once we are frde of that fog period it will be ` day


where the wind -- wind shifts to the west. We are not receiving during


October and with the wind coming from that direction it brings milder


air across the weight which means the rest of the week will continue


with temperatures towards the mid teens, if we have brightness around.


Through the course of the evening and into tonight there will be


clearer spells, varying amotnts of cloud and you can see the shgnal for


fog forming once temperaturds drop down to around 10 Celsius, so early


in the night we could see fog and we were seeing hints of it looking


around here in Bristol earlher and by the end of the night there will


be dense patches, particular parts of Wiltshire and the Somersdt and


temperatures in the range of six or 10 Celsius but some spots could


below the map. Tomorrow morning take it easy on the roads. Ht will


take a while for the denser patches to clear away and then we usher in a


weak front from the West and you can see the thicker cloud, sprinkle of


light rain but nothing more than that. It will not detract from an


otherwise dry day and one that should generally be bright with


varying amounts of sunshine or sunny spells coming and going through the


afternoon. A light to moder`te breeze coming from the westdrn


quarter and temperatures getting up as high as 15 or 16 Celsius. We saw


those values and higher on the south coast of England. Into the rest of


the week, the fog risk will remain. Good to know. Thank you for that,


Ian. That's it for now. Back again tomorrow. See you then. Goodbye


It took us once to get through the novel Anna Karenina.


It was used to help my friend with depression,


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