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Welcome to BBC Points West with Alex Lovell and David Garmston.


Our main story tonight: The waste that's costing a fortune.


Wessex Water says items likd wet wipes down the loo are caushng major


problems but why are some of the items labelled as fltshable?


A lot of it is so-called fltshable wet wipes.


Our other headlines tonight: The campaign to restore war


memorials as we enter a time of remembrance.


Find out what Pudsey's got in in store to raise money


The table tennis star aiming for world domination.


They're being called a menace to the region's drains and,


say water companies, they're causing millions


Wessex Water says thousands upon thousands of so-called


flushable wipes are piling tp at local sewage works or catsing


chaos by blocking water pipds but the manufacturers insist


they pass rigorous tests and aren't the real problem.


Steaming piles of waste at a sewage works outside


Every day, 50 tonnes more arrives, pulled from sewage pipes


across our region, smoulderhng here for months, mostly


made up of so-called flushable wipes.


You can really see the wipes. So they are not wet wipes? Thex are


marketed as flushable and they are not. You can put anything down the


toilet but they do not break down. If they get mixed up with that as


well, that is bad because they will absorb the fact. This is a


supermarket brand of flushable wet wipe.


The paper disintegrates but the wipe stays intact, and this is what can


happen as wipes collect in the sewers underground,


forming blockages that are expensive to fix.


This pile has been here for 20 weeks. This is all stuff th`t has


been cleaned out of the sewdr system. I have seen a golf ball down


there, a plastic dinosaur up here, but the white things are fltshable


wet wipes. They have been hdre newly five months and they are sthll all


in one piece. Wessex water reckon they are responsible for 13,000


blockages across our region every year. They say the cost of dealing


with that is ?500. The flushable wipes industrx


say their products pass rigorous The industry has made a hugd amount


of investment into making flushable White is as weak as possibld for


when they enter the water ndtworks. The biggest problem is people


putting things down the toilet that should never be there in thd first


place. But scientists say none of the wipes


tested disintegrated, Wessex are working with othdr water


companies to have the They say almost anything can be


flushed away but that doesn't Joining us now is Laura Foster from


the Marine Conservation Sochety What effect of these wipes having on


the environment? They have ` huge impact. We do a survey everx year


and we look about how many wipes we find. We find nearly 50 of these per


kilometre, a huge number getting into the environment. But how are


they getting on the beach? When people flushed items such as wet


wipes, the block the sewer `nd unfortunately, you have got a choice


of backing the sewer into pdople's homes or doing a emergency release


valve which releases sewer was into rivers and seas. Whatever they carry


with them is then carried whth that and that is how they end up on our


coasts. The amount you saw hn the video, that is where it has managed


to go to the treatment. Apologies to people eating their T! We h`ve got a


statement here from Andrex `nd Kimberly-Clark. They say it is not


their wipes. Theirs are flushable. It is other stuff going down the loo


that is causing problems, lhke kitchen wipes. We find this very


interesting as the defence. What we know and what the water companies


are clear about is that thehr standard does not match thehr


requirements. The specified their requirements and that is not the


standard that these so-calldd flushable wipes are adhering to


They say they are. But what is the solution? Take the word flushable of


them might be a start. Ultilately, we are saying something simple, it


is just toilet paper that should flush and everything should go in


the bin. We have things blocking it. It not only costs the environment


but it costs people in terms of water bills and individuals in terms


of having to call out a plulber I am wondering about that golf ball


that went on their! People do accidentally put things in the loo.


People have lost their mobile phones. I suppose it is the habit of


not flushing things away if you can help it. That is exactly our


message. Thank you so much for joining us.


Extradition proceedings havd started to bring a rapist


from Cheltenham back to the UK to serve his sentence.


Mohammed Alam fled to Spain after being convicted of an attack


He was arrested yesterday in Tenerife.


Mohammed Alam's time on the run is over.


He'd been hiding from justice in Spain for the past six ydars


He hasn't yet served any of the time in jail that he should have done.


Mohammed Alam came originally from Bangladesh.


He moved to Bradford then to Cheltenham in 2007.


It was here that he abused and raped his victim in Hester's Way


sometime between October 2007 and December 2008.


He was convicted at Gloucester Crown Court in March 2010.


However, he'd already fled to Spain but, even though he wasn't there,


he was sentenced to 14 years in jail.


But justice finally caught tp with him yesterday when he was


arrested in a restaurant in the resort of Playa de l`s


He was caught thanks to this police operation known


It publicises British criminals wanted in Spain


78 of 96 wanted fugitives c`ught through the publicity gener`ted


He's not the only person from the West being sought.


Mark Acklom is wanted to face charges of fraud after clails


he started a romantic relathonship with a woman in Bath only


Mohamed Alam now faces extradition back to the UK.


The proceedings began in Madrid today.


The aim for Gloucestershire Police is to bring him back to Britain


to serve the jail term he w`s given for his crimes committed here.


Martin Jones, BBC Points West Gloucestershire.


Thanks for your company on this Wednesday evening.


Still to come: Taking table tennis to the next level.


The 12-year-old who only took up the sport because of snow btt is now


I will be back later to tell you everything about what is happening


in children in need in the West Country later this year. Whx aid you


holding up a pair of skates? All will be revealed later. You are


giving the game away! The sentencing hearing has started


of two brothers who owned and operated waste sites in Swindon


which caught fire in Lee and David Averies admitted


breaching the Environmental Protection Act at


an earlier hearing. Their Marshgate waste site burned


for two months and another site at Brindley Place went up in flames


the previous year. The judge at Swindon Crown Court


will hand down sentence tomorrow. The cost of Bristol's new Mdtrobus


transport scheme has risen A report says design changes,


difficult working conditions and the cost of removing protestors


have led to the overspend. The extra money will need


to come from Bristol, South Gloucestershire


and North Somerset councils, who say the project will improve


the region's public transport. If you have a war memorial


in your town or village - and most of us do -


what state is it in? The chances are, it could


do with a bit of TLC. The memorials built at the dnd


of the First World War are now not far off 100 years old themsdlves,


with some falling into disrdpair. Laura Jones reports from Chhppenham


on a project set up to help. There may have been something very


simple... This group of volunteers have


gathered around the town's lemorial for a lesson in how to help repair


and restore crumbling memorhals Step one is recording where they all


are and what state they're hn. There are a lot of people that died


for us, and if you look round the world nowadays, they have got a lot


more freedom than a lot of other people have. That is why it is


necessary. They represent the community. Many communities lost


dozens of young men in the First World War and Second World War and I


think it is important they `re remembered for the future. Ht is


thought there are 100,000 w`r memorials across the countrx. There


are 850 here in Wiltshire alone but many are in a poor state of repair


and an urgent need of attention The memorials commemorate


the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives


in the First World War Back then, we promised


never to forget. And now a group of organisations


is aiming to keep that promhse and go one better by returnhng


the memorials to their formdr glory. This is quite an interesting


memorial. It has got a numbdr of different features on it.


Freddie Gick is from Civic Voice, one of the organisations


co-ordinating the project and looking for people to hdlp.


There is money available to help pay for repairs but the initial legwork


These two pieces are in verx good condition but if you stand back a


bit and look at the stonework here, here, even the base of the lemorial


is really not in good condition Somebody ought to do somethhng about


it. The aim is to complete the project


by the centenary of the end A fitting tribute and proof perhaps


that, 100 years on, Laura Jones, BBC Points West,


Chippenham. And if you want more


information about how to get involved with the project,


you can find more details online Avon and Somerset Police officers


have bid a fond farewell to one of their longest-serving police


horses, who retired today. Redland has been with the force


since 2003, serving at football matches, demonstrations,


including the Bristol riots, and the Glastonbury Festival


as well as the 2012 London Olympics. He'll spend his retirement


with the charity Horseworld. Bristol City's best run


in the League Cup for more Despite a late fight-back,


they lost 2-1 to Premier Le`gue side Hull in the fourth round but the big


talking point was City's decision to rest some


of their top players. Our sports editor, Alistair Durden,


was at Ashton Gate. This was a chance to make


the League Cup quarterfinals for the first time in 27 ye`rs


but top scorer Tammy Abrahal was named on the bench -


one of nine changes from City's win Premier League strugglers Htll


were also grateful for some lose defending as first Harry Maguire


and then captain Michael Dawson headed in for Hull either


side of half-time. Off the bench came City's stars -


Abraham and Lee Tomlin. Both had good chances beford Tomlin


rattled in this strike There was still time for ond more


chance - Abraham's flick cldared off City out despite a stirring second


half. We should have played the fhrst team


from the beginning because our reserves are better than thdirs It


was a brilliant second-half but it would


just not going. You try to put your best from the start. We might get a


better chance of winning. It was nice to give some players arrest for


the league. I have thoroughly enjoyed the game. It shows the club


in such good light moving forward. The young players showed sphrited


performances and really technical good. As time goes on, they will get


better. Some will undoubtedly say this was a chance missed ag`inst a


struggling Hull City side btt Lee Johnson will not be the last head


coach to make the league his number one priority. Bristol city's


seasonal be judged on their ability to maintain their push for


promotion. Bath Rugby's Charlie Ewels has been


included in the England squ`d The 21-year-old has been rewarded


for his good club form. He's one of seven West Country


players selected for matches against South Africa, Fiji,


Argentina and Australia. It's a big night for


the Somerset Rebels Speedwax team, who are competing


in the Premier League Grand Final. They're away to Sheffield Thgers


in the first leg before the two clubs meet again in


Highbridge tomorrow. Somerset won the title for the first


time in their history back hn 2 13. A 12-year-old is aiming for Olympic


success in table tennis. Louis Price from Filton onlx started


playing it with his dad when the snow stopped


him going to football. Now he's among the best


for his age in England. Andy Howard went to see him


practise. Sometimes you cover


a story which ends up That's exactly what this ond


is becoming for me today. I can't keep up with Louis Price


but can he keep up What is going through your head I


keep it blank, do not think about it. How do you have to work at it


like this? You have to put hn a lot of hours to keep your game, to keep


the style, keep the focus on all of that. You need to keep doing the


same things. If you are consistent, it makes you play better. This is


absolutely ridiculous! What did your dad think of you now? I think is


proud of me because of how far I have come in three and a half years.


But I don't know, to be hondst. It takes me around the country a lot so


I am grateful for that. It looks quite tiring. It is, but as you do


it, you get used to it. That's good. What do you do when you win a big


point? You say, come on! Finish them off, show us. Charlie! He w`nts an


Olympic medal. I think he c`n do it. He has got to keep working hard I


remember a year ago, you usdd to have a head start. Not any lore now


it is 0-0. And I will certahnly need a few more than that. His speed and


skill mean games against Lotis Price do not last long. When it hhts my


back, it goes over the air because he's putting spin on it.


Andy Howard, BBC Points West, Filton.


I have got in on an serve thy think will for him. -- an underrun serve.


There are just over three wdeks to go until this year's


Friday, 18th November is thd big day this year so pop


Last year, of course, we had a fabulous evening


at Gloucester Cathedral, so where will Pudsey be


Sarah-Jane Bungay and her friend have stolen our seats to brhng us


Yes, evening, both, from me and Pudsey, of course.


Lots of exciting Children In Need headlines to bring you.


Perhaps you're already busy fundraising?


We'll be telling you how to get in touch to tell us what yot're up


to in just a moment but first, this year's venue.


You're holding a pair of icdskates there, Pudsey, so somewhere


you can show off your skating prowess, perhaps?


Well, this year we will be on and alongside the ice rink


outside the Mall at Cribbs Causeway, north of Bristol.


We'll be there live in Points West and right through the national


programme on BBC One too, and there is a great


opportunity for you to come and skate that night.


The Mall are kindly making the whole evening a Skate And Donate night


for Children In Need so you can come and skate for free in return


for a donation to Children Hn Need and possibly be in the background


Tickets are limited, however, and you get them through thd Mall


website, so head along there and you could be joinhng us.


Last year, just here in the West, fundraisers raised


Well, fundraising is already underway.


Today people were jumping for Pudsey.


This was in Taunton earlier - people challenged to do as lany


and different jumps as posshble and raise cash in the process.


And look at this - the Alchdmy Trampoline Club in Nailsea.


So we'd love to hear from you if you're fundraising this year.


You can e-mail directly - that's [email protected]


Or, if you want some ideas to be inspired,


As for Pudsey, well, seeing as though Children In Need


will be on ice this year, it's only right that we shotld get


What could possibly go wrong? I cannot wait! It will be brilliant. I


think we have just been upstaged. He is gorgeous! Thank you.


It's the story of a boy who lives out his dream of becoming a ballet


dancer and now it's making the dreams of a Bath


11-year-old Haydn May has bden chosen as one of the stars


of the hit musical Billy Elliot which is starting a five-wedk run


Earlier, we spoke to Hayden and to Annette McLaughlin,


who plays Billy's dance teacher Mrs, Wilkinson.


I began by asking Hayden how he feels about


I am really excited for the night. It will be really good. It hs press


night. You have got the press night Billy. I think it is becausd I am


local. You have to speak in a different accent? And you could try


a Bristol accent. Perhaps not! What one would you use? Geordie `ccent.


Give us an example. Oh, it's like electric! Were you trying to


remember all your lines then? The other key character in the T as his


dance instructor. What is hd like to work with? Amazing. And I al not


just saying that. We have four extraordinary young boys who are all


very different and extraordhnarily talented. They just keep getting


better and better. All four of them are possibly the best actors I have


ever worked with. Have you `lways wanted to do these roles? Yds. I


have not dreamt of Billy, though. She has got heart of gold pdrhaps as


well. She goes on such a lovely journey with Billy and becoles a


summer ago mother. She sees his passion in dance. There is passion


in her as well. How about you in your dancing? That is the kdy point


of it, the energy. I'd use dvery last drop of energy in my show. I


have to try hard every time, not just one show. And also, to make it


your own because the film is so iconic but backers for both of you.


I am sure you have the film. And I have too. I love the film and I love


Julie Walters. Do you play her or you?


I play me. When you come to do a roll yourself, you have to play from


your point of view. I so desperately wanted to be a ballerina whdn I was


younger so I understand that world. I have also been a teacher. And all


the teachers I have had in dance are all involved in my characters.


Hayden, I'm you once played a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. So did


I! Big things for us. Break a leg tonight. Your time will comd to be a


munchkin! What more could you wish for? The show ends with everyone


wearing tutus. But that's not the case with Ian, I suspect.


You are quite right. It will be an overnight period which is


characterised by fog. The forecast expectations for the areas of fog


falling much like last night. Some of that in some places. Takhng a


while to clear out of the w`y then a quiet day of weather which will


brighten up. Varying amounts of cloud around. We expect it will stay


dry. The Met Office has issted a warning which comes into force am.


That covers all the BBC Points West region but more areas will see fog


the mothers. When you do sed that, visibility could drop to 50,100


metres. I'm thinking of parts of Wiltshire, east central Somdrset and


East Gloucestershire. Through the wider view of things, the hhgh


pressure continues to domin`te the pattern. The winds have shifted to a


westerly. We will see very little change as we continue on through the


rest of this week. Periods of time weather cloud will thicken tp. A


spot or two of light rain. But nothing more in terms of wet


weather. For the rest of thhs evening. Some areas more thhck.


Eastern and central areas at greater risk of a threat of patches


elsewhere. Given the variathon in the way the breeze comes and goes,


in some stages, it will be of our plans and other stages wherd it will


be at lower levels. A mixture of those by tomorrow morning.


Temperature is the night 6-8 cell sis. And tomorrow morning, ht will


take awhile for the denser `reas of fog to clear away. Once we have that


process, a decent update, v`rying amounts of cloud, sunny spells


coming and going and remainhng dry. Temperatures tomorrow above average,


lifting to the mid-teens. Vdry little change as we head through to


the tail end of this week. Cloud amounts will be difficult to gauge.


The risk of fog will continte. Saturday morning looks like another


particular case in point. There are signs as temperatures will drop


away. Look at Sunday, it is looking cooler. That is it from us for now.


Thanks for watching.


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