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down. Remember it could be even disruptive.


We did not want to hear that. That is


Welcome to BBC Points West with Sabet Choudhury and Alex Lovell


A new location for the Glastonbury Festival.


As the event faces criticism over traffic chaos -


It would be a huge loss for Somerset if it went there for ever. We will


find out how likely the move is. Even


Also in the programme: Room at the inn - the North Somerset pub


inn - the North Somerset pub landlord heling the homeless


A West MP's so worried about the effects of social


media on teenagers, he's demanding an inquiry.


And we're joined by the multi marathon man from Portishead


honoured at last night's Sports Personality of the Year.


The world famous Glastonbury Festival could be moving


to a new site 100 miles from its current home.


Festival founder Michael Eavis has told Points West he is in serious


negotiations with landowners, though he won't say


Earlier this year a potential move to Longleat fell through.


Meanwhile, the local council has issued a report criticising


traffic management at the festival this year - a year in which some


people were stranded in their cars overnight.


Our Somerset Correspondent Clinton Rogers has the story.


Taking me on a tour of the festival site this morning, Michael Eavis


gave the strongest possible hint that the days of the Pyramid Stage


Mind you he's threatened to move this event before -


normally at a time when he's negotiating with neighbouring land


owners whose fields he needs to make the festival happen.


This time though he insists he is in detailed negotiations


with land agents to use another working farm 100 miles


north of Glastonbury, though he won't say exactly


But if you moved the Glastonbury Festival


Nowhere else in the world really produces the same show that we do.


The first Glasto away from Glasto could be 2019 he says and


We haven't been here for a very long and we'd


If it is going to get more people coming, we are very close to


a point where it could become intolerable.


Now all of this comes on a day when Mendip Council has issued


a report criticising traffic management at


a year when people were left to sleep


in their stranded cars, when


Complaints flooded in to the council among them...


Most of the problems were caused by torrential rain making hard


Mendip Council says the festival organisers


need to have better contingency plans next year.


In response festival organisers say they are already working to make


roads on the farm better - and next year they have agreed


to use the Bath and West showground as an emergency car park, should


The runaway lorry which killed four people in Bath has been likened


to a revolver with a bullet in one of its chambers.


The trial of 20-year-old Phillip Potter today


heard his defence barrister say he'd been given a "wholly defective


vehicle" and an accident was bound to happen.


Phillip Potter, who's from Wiltshire, denies causing death


by dangerous driving - two others face


Scott Ellis has been at Bristol Crown Court for us today.


What was said? The defence barrister said that Philip Potter, who was 19


at the time of the accident last year, had no idea that the brakes on


the tipper truck were defective as he headed off down the steep lane.


You said it was Philip Potter and the victims terrible misfortune to


be in the places that week where last year when those brakes failed.


The defence barrister looked at some of the evidence that has been used


against him. Some that he ignored the restriction signs at the top of


Lansdown Lane. We said the signs are being put there to ease traffic flow


around Bath. The defence barrister said, consider that and consider in


ignoring those signs, was a dangerous and careless driving? We


know that he was speeding prior to going down the lane but the defence


barrister pointed out that the experts say that not cause the


brakes to overheat. As for doing more money start smoke coming out of


the vehicle, they said by the time the smoke was coming out it was too


late. The prosecution says it was a grim predicament but that he did


contribute to the accident but not to the extent that the other two


did. They are denying manslaughter charges. The judge has nearly


finished his summing up. We expect the jury to go out and consider the


verdict by two o'clock tomorrow. Thank you very much.


Bristol, the region's largest city, unsurprisingly has the most -


there's currently thought to be 74 bedding down on the streets there.


This number doubles if you include those sleeping


in unsafe buildings or sofa surfing on friend's couches.


in North Somerset organised for a coach to pick up a group


of homeless people from Bristol, so he could give them a spot


of christmas lunch and show them there is room at the inn.


He's cooked for Tiger Woods and Princess Anne.


But today it's for people who really need it.


Sarah hasn't had Christmas dinner for eight years.


It reminds me of my mum and dad 's growing up. I lost my dad eight


years ago. He had cancer. 18 months after my mum. To come and have


Christmas dinner, it is really, really nice because it reminds me of


them. It's also an emotional


time for Matthew - It is the first time I have been


homeless at Christmas. It is very, very hard. I am not eligible for


housing because they do not have a look at connection to Bristol. It is


very hard. After the meal everyone was was


sized up for clothes and shoes. At Christmas time, things like this


mean the world. It raises your spirit.


Is the owner of the pub - and a whole host of volunteers


There are a lot of people who are out there who have tried and have


been knocked down. To bring them like something like this, it makes


them feel part of the community again and rather than someone who is


begging for money or something like that. It has been fantastic. They


have been really happy and they cheered as the bus pulled up. They


are all really, really grateful. Is there anything you would like to say


to the people who organised it? Thank you ever so much. The dinner


is lovely. It is quite emotional, isn't it? Yes. No, this is not a one


off event. The pub serves it will serve up a Christmas dinner next


year, too. -- the pop says. Thanks for your company


here on Points West this evening. Do stay tuned because there's plenty


more still to come, including... We'll tune in to the local acts


picked to record at the world From midweek on we will see a change


in the weather. A windy theme. Details at the end of the programme.


The MP for Cheltenham is calling the bosses of social media sites


to parliament for an inquiry in the New Year.


Alex Chalk is worried about the effects of the digital age


It comes as charities say the numbers of young people dealing


with stress and anxiety - caused by social media -


Here's our political reporter Robin Markwell.


They are the first thing we pick-up in the mornning,


and the last thing we put down at night.


We all seem to be hooked on our devices,


Even they underestimated just by how much.


How many times a day do you check your phone?


A recent study suggests we check our phones an average of


Those we met at this chart in school now use giddying array


array of applications to keep in touch.


It is when I get home until about two hours before I go


I might wake up once during the night and if I'm


awake I might feel over and I might


as well have a little scroll through until I fall back asleep.


I know not just young people but adults that are


falling into that habit of a deep anxiety when they do not have their


They are constantly checking to see if they have had


messages, to see if they have had likes to any posts


What they are looking for is validation and


acceptance and that becomes addictive.


The Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk is concerned about cyber bullying.


He has called for an enquiry in Parliament in the New Year,


inviting all the big social media firms.


They insist they already have ways of


Facebook said it had introduced new features and


It has introduced a parent portal this week with tips for


parents about talk to their children about safe use of the site.


And it was governed by a clear set of


Our devices can cope with any number of swipes, likes and online


gripes but one of the questions the enquiry will consider is, can we?


More on that later, don't you? More on the ten o'clock News. It is not


just teenagers. Exactly. An interim report into the way


a special school in Gloucestershire was being run has uncovered claims


of pupils running out of control and a failure


to ensure their safeguarding. Earlier this year all the pupils


were removed from Coln House Today, in a separate development,


the local authority said it was recommending the school


should be closed as it's no Steve Knibbs is at the school


for us now. we know about the culture


within the school? You will remember that early in


December, the pupils were removed because of concerns about the use of


restraints. This is the interim report. It has uncovered that back


in September 2015, when a new headteacher was brought in, there


was a change away from or Pastoral care to the pupils took a more


academic approach. That has prompted resistance between the staff and


management but also resentment from the pupils to management as well.


That led to some of the issues we have seen over the last couple of


months. Some of the points, it says that staff were not trained well


enough in safeguarding. Some children ended up running out of


control and onto the roofs and walls. Listening to children was not


well developed and governors had been weak for a considerable time.


The governors carry the ultimate responsibility for keeping the


children safe and managing the school. You will remember as well


that governors resigned on mass when pupils were removed here, saying


there was no longer a meaningful role for them but also citing some


of the improvements they brought in. I tried to contact the chair of the


governor did not get a response. They also say the authority should


have intervened earlier. At the point to the counsellor and he said


we did put a lot of money into training and help. We put in an


extra half a million. There was a lot of advice and support going in


there. Was it a catastrophe? We acted as quickly as we could have


done. I am glad we took those decisions. It has been tough ticking


those decisions. I think they were the right ones in terms of


safeguarding. It is important to say that this is only an interim report.


There is a lot more work to be done and more people to speak to. The


headteacher and three non-teaching members of staff are still


suspended. As for the future of the school, the council recommended it


will go ahead with closure, despite a public consultation. It is to do


with the financial reasons. The staff will be given help and


training to find work elsewhere. As for the pupils and been removed from


the school in the summer, we are told they are all doing well but a


lot more work to do to find out what happened here.


A shipwreck in Somerset has been given special protected status.


The unidentified wreck, on Madbrain Sands at Minehead,


was first exposed during the winter storms in 2014.


It's thought it might possibly be the Bristol Packet which was wrecked


More than a thousand sites in the UK have been given protected status


Those photographs are amazing. They really are.


A Christmas display at a hotel near Wells Cathedral has


Points West filmed the alpine snow scene outside


But it was smashed in the early hours of yesterday morning.


The hotel's manager says he's "heart broken" but has clear


His festive spirits have been dampened. He has made an appeal for


the people involved to come forward. That is awful.


Five West Country acts had the chance to record their music


at the world famous Maida Vale Studios


I do not think you will be one of them.


Symphony Orchestra and have recorded everyone from The Beatles


Harriet Robinson followed the musicians up there.


Idles, Tamu Massif, Fenne Lily, Keir and Lyricist Chanz are all acts


that BBC Introducing in the West believe are set


This weekend, they got to record their music at Maida Vale.


A 19-year-old singer from Bristol performed her most well known track


in the live Lounge studio. The only thing I associated it with was Radio


1 live lounges, I used to be obsessed with them when I was 15.


Even that alone and then I realised when I came here that the Beatles


used to do a radio show from here and loads of cool people have done


stuff from here. Everything I hear about it makes me feel happier that


I am here. They present it in introducing in the west every


Saturday night. We do it because we think we need to do it. The music is


so good and the artists are so brilliant that they need places like


Maida Vale. This is now a yearly trip for the team. One of the first


acts to join them at Maida Vale was George. He is now a number one


recording artist who has toured the world. No pressure, guys.


The final recordings from Maida Vale will be played out on BBC


Introducing in the West on your BBC local radio station


From radio to TV, if you are one of those millions of people watching


the sports personality of the year awards last night he would have


spotted Ben Smith being given a special gong for sporting


achievement in the face of adversity. You may remember Ben, he


completed marathons in 401 days. -- 401 marathons. You as a reminder of


that incredible feat. -- here is a reminder. I want to say thank you to


the tens of thousands of people that came out and supported this. I have


found running as my sanctuary. I found it as my way of being able to


express myself and be who I was. Not have to live any more. I did not


have any confidence or self esteem and I was scared about who I was.


Ben Nevis ex-mac 250,000. I got to meet some amazing people, some of


which you see here. Running gave me back my confidence and my


self-esteem but most importantly, I am not afraid any more. Thank you. I


am so pleased to say that Ben is here. After your amazing evening,


congratulations. The amount of times we have had a montage and moving


music and your incredible words. Every time I see it is emotional. I


was at last night? It was one of the proudest moments of my life, really.


I did not know a lot of the detail around the award. What was going to


happen... You probably heard in my voice was quite quivering because I


was trying to hold back the tears. Very special. Use some of the


runners as well? Yes, 30 people who give me a honour on to the stage


that I had run with. I've ran to being sacked and looking down at the


floor as the video was on to stop myself from crying and all I see are


these 30 people walking past me. I was thinking, hold it together. You


have had a number of awards here in Bristol. Also, the award itself,


people may not know about that. Can you tell us it is the age of Helen


who died in 1989 of cancer. Hope over adversity. I got to meet


daughter last night and she came up to me and said you embody everything


about this award. It was very about this award. It was very


especially from her. Being in a room surrounded by people that I have


looked up to for many years, Jessica Ennis and Paula Radcliffe, to be in


the same stage as Paula Radcliffe and Tom Daley... I am stuck in the


middle and I am thinking, does this happen? It does when it met you have


done something as amusing as you have. Beat a good few? Somebody


turned up at the after party and to get away. We were dubious, do you


work for sports personality? The promise that a going to send it back


to us. Let's roll back the clock a little bit. I met you at the start


of your challenge and I remember chatting with you and thinking, he


is not going to do this. Don't worry, your doubts over the same as


mine. Do you remember, we met in Stroud and I thought not in 1


million years. Can you remember that you have done it? It has been a


roller-coaster since the end. It has been two and a half months and the


past two months have been tough psychologically. Physically, I am


fine. Why psychologically? I suppose it is moved -- mood. I have a lot of


adrenaline pumping around my system. It is hard to sleep at night and


with no sleep, the thinking processes are not that great. We are


getting help with that at the moment, which is great. I think we


have not had time to reflect on what it was that we have done. That is


what the Christmas period is for. I am going home for Christmas. Is it


still worth it? Definitely, more than worth it. What are you looking


towards for the new Year? We have started the ball rolling with the


foundation now, which is fantastic. The 401 foundation will be the


legacy of what we have created. I remember using to me, what is your


legacy of the 401? My legacy is, as me at the end. What is your legacy?


The 401 foundation. Any challengers left in your body that you want to


get out? Not as of yet. We are doing the London Marathon. That is my


other half, Kyle, his first marathon. They may be a timed


marathon at the end of the year and achieving a fast time. I am never


going to say never. I do not think you could. Good luck with the


foundation and it means so much and it makes Billy King -- bullying and


homophobia. Thank you. Thank you. Let's catch up with the


weather. Ian is on the road. He has bobbles. No expense spared up here.


Blowing round aplenty as we get later on into this week. Let me take


you through the forecast for tomorrow. It should be a dry day for


the majority. Hopeful for many of you. A comparatively bright day. The


exception in the grand scheme of things will be if you had westward


into west Somerset. More in the way of cloud and prone to some patchy


outbreaks of light rain and drizzle. The legacy of the week front. That


is drifting its way slowly west words through the first-half of the


night. It will still be in situ somewhere west of us as we head


tomorrow. There is a major change at fit tomorrow. The high pressure gets


shifted out towards the east, towards the near continent by that


front, which are starting to move in from the west. That is a major


change in weather type as we read into the second half of the week and


on to Christmas. We still have some erratic outbreaks of rain about.


Fairly heavy in some spots. Further out towards the west as the night


wears on. Towards the east, clearer skies. It is here we are likely to


see the lowest temperatures of two Celsius out towards the west and


more cloud, hail fog and close to about four or five Celsius. Tomorrow


we set out in that way. There is a fair chance that any of us will


experience a brighter day with some sunshine around or sunny spells.


Still the chance of outbreaks of rain and maybe into part of


Wiltshire and Dorset. A largely dry picture, with those exceptions of


patchy drizzle out towards the far west. The bees will pick up in the


afternoon and evening. The temperatures up to six or seven


Celsius. We get into that period of change. A closer view of that but as


I come out wider, it is the other side of the Atlantic that we have


cold a spilling out of the Canadian Arctic and that will start to usher


in the first of two depressions. The first of one you can see there and


that will head into an Friday and a windy spell. As we go through into


the Christmas period itself, after something of a lull, a second storm


system out of the north-west. Detail on that all yet to be established.


It does look like the north-west of the British Isles will be the brunt


of that. Certainly a unsettled spell. Thank you very much for that.


That is almost it for us but not quite. Thank you for putting up with


microglia voice and for the messages you have sent in. It is Christmas


week, so that as end the gram with some Christmas cheer. Now it is the


Gloucestershire meal voice police require. -- male voice police


require. # Is tiny star lights up way up


high. # All across the land starts a


brand-new Morant. -- morning. # The winds of change whisper in the


breeze. # Across the land...


# This comes to pass when a child is born.


# For a spell or two 01 seems for Lauren.


# This comes to pass when a child is born.


# All across the land is a brand-new morning.


# This comes to pass when a child is born.


# This comes to pass when a child is born.


Ben dropping a frozen turkey on Mum's foot.


Put me down! No, we talked about this.


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