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BBC website. That's all from the BBC News at Six. It's goodbye from me.


On BBC One Welcome to BBC Points West


with David Garmston and Alex Lovell. Our main story tonight: The elderly


people being ripped off. They're losing so much money that


some will no longer be able They go on to a list and their data


is sold all round the criminal Our other headlines tonight: The two


sisters diagnosed with cancer A wheelchair - designed


in the west - is named as one And it's all in the beat -


a heart warming start to Christmas - with a new charity single


from a cardiologist. Trading standards officers


are warning that the state may end up picking the bill to look


after more and more people in their old age,


because they're losing their life The victims are often


elderly, and are vulnerable to fraudsters who target those


who are isolated and lonely. Raymond Rose is a full-time carer


for his disabled wife - The letters promise him


lottery draws and prizes. So Raymond has sent,


and lost, more than ?3,000 - It's brought me down a lot because,


with the small amount of money that we get,


we really can't afford it. So, what's that,


there's probably about Yes, that's one man's mail


over a two-month period. A typical case - but just


the tip of the iceberg. The concern for us is that because


people are ashamed and embarrassed when they realise they have been


scammed, they are very unlikely to report and they will go to huge


effort to not tell their What sums of money have you seen


that have been lost? Anything from a few hundred


pounds to a few thousand. And in the worst-case


scenario, ?150,000. All this has a massive impact


on the victims and their ability to look after themselves


in old age. You see depression,


you see a lack of trust You see people change


their mind as to whether they want to live alone any


more, and independent any more. So you find that our older residents


are more likely to go into a nursing The people who could fund


their care have lost their money to scammers


who are abroad, and now the state They do often have


certain characteristics of being elderly, sometimes living


alone, isolated, looking for And these unscrupulous


fraudsters will absolutely target these individuals,


as they feel that's where they get Stopping scams at source is very


difficult, so tackling the root problems of social isolation


and loneliness is the priority. This English language class is one


of 50 projects in Bristol running When people are more


socially isolated, they have fewer social contacts,


they are a lot more vulnerable. If people improve their


well-being, they are less likely to be targeted by scams,


and especially something where somebody's improving their language


skills and their communication - But speaking out means


others might not fall victim to a problem that,


in the end, affects us all. A little earlier I spoke to


Clare Jackson from Citizens Advice. I began by asking her how big


a problem these types of scams are. Scanning in general has become


really widespread and it's becoming increasingly widespread


actually I'd say. I think in the first part of 2016,


the first six months, there were over one million recorded


incidents of financial scams. That's the trouble,


as well, it's the recorded ones against the ones


that aren't, isn't it? Numbers are increasing,


could that possibly be encouraging, that people


are talking about it? I think that's one of our key


messages, is touring courage people So much of what stops people


from talking about it is the shame, the victim blaming,


the feeling really gullible and really silly, because there is this


pervasive idea that you have to be foolish or gullible to fall


for a scan when, in fact, you don't. And also they are becoming


so sophisticated now that actually even people


who are pretty savvy do not realise they are being scammed,


so we really have to But where is the line,


where do we draw the line that you don't know whether you're


talking to your bank or talking to a company


the phone, how do we try to unravel that?


There's a couple of key things to look out for, and I think one of


those is anything that is unsolicited.


If you are not expecting to hear from your bank, if


you are not expecting a call from a company, then those should


immediately make you a little bit suspicious.


And I think in those situations it is always find to


check if it is a legitimate phone call, if it is a legitimate company


trying to get in touch with you, they won't mind.


I suppose sometimes they play on this feeling of panic,


"Your account's been hacked" or this has


happened in your bank, so you are so keen to sort it


out very quickly this is where the problem comes.


So I guess we have to remind people to


Sometimes in the moment when you are under pressure it is so


easy to just fall into that trap, and that emotional manipulation is


definitely a key tactic that a lot of scammers use.


They will either make you scared or they will make


you feel like you have a very limited amount of time to maybe


respond to something in order to win a prize.


So giving you time limits and trying to pressure you into a quick


And, just to reassure any elderly viewers who do feel embarrassed


about this, as we are saying, it is across the board.


I've been scammed, lots of people have, so it's good to


That's one of the things that we want to do is just to get the


We found that loneliness and isolation and not


having anyone to speak to about these things just makes


The jury in the trial of three men over a fatal tipper truck


crash in Bath has retired to consider its verdict.


Four people died after being hit by the 30 tonne vehicle on a steep


hill in Lansdown Lane, in February last year.


The driver Phillip Potter, the owner Matthew Gordon


and mechanic Peter Wood, who are all from Wiltshire,


Drivers faced long delays on the M4 in Wiltshire this morning


after a fire involving a car carrying gas cannisters.


The road was closed for more than two hours between Bath


and Chippenham, while fire crews were at the scene.


The police say they're "no closer" to finding out who murdered


a former Bath conman - and that thousands of people had


John "Goldfinger" Palmer was shot six times in the chest in his garden


Officers today told the inquest into his death


that he was the victim of a "contract-style" killing.


Gareth George was at the hearing in Chelmsford.


John Palmer, AKA Goldfinger. He got the rumour amidst rumours heat


melted down Gold billiard bullion after a heist, but speaking in


Tenerife he denied having anything to do with it. I'm completely


innocent of anything to do with this so called bullion ride. I know


nothing of it. In June last year, shortly after these pictures were


taken, he was shot six times at his home in Essex. Four days people did


not realise he had been murdered, thinking he had died as a result of


gall bladder surgery. They have since risen apologised for the


mistake. Today the coroner concluded he had been unlawfully killed. There


was only one member of his family present at the inquest and that was


the partner of John Palmer's daughter. He is seen here on the


right leaving the hearing with the Detective chief inspector. The iced


DCI Jennings gave evidence and said the investigation was ongoing. One


problem the police have is the sheer number of people who might have had


a motive to kill Palmer. There were listed up to anything up to and


above 16,000 victims. That means they could be 16,000 reasons he was


killed just in relation to that. And we know the number of people


involved in the crime taking place is also a consideration. And another


possible involvement? We know he had associated people with the Hatton


Garden crime. Police say someone involved in the criminal underworld


and who killed John Palmer and after today's inquest officers renewed


therapy for anyone with information to come forward.


You're watching Points West - thanks for joining us this Tuesday


The design changing lives, and taking its place


And we have some light rain on the way tonight and some heavier rain


later. First, though, two sisters from


Wiltshire say they are grateful to be alive this Christmas after being


told they had breast cancer just three weeks apart. Amy was 35 when


she was diagnosed. That made her older sister Kate examine herself


and discover a cancerous lump. I've got my CT scan


on the 11th of January, And we stayed in the


same ward as well. And it all happened


three weeks apart. A few weeks before last


Christmas, these two sisters To hear one family member has got


cancer is one thing. To hear, three weeks later,


a second one has it is Kate Evans and younger sister Amy


both discovered lumps, both diagnosed with cancer


and told there was no underlying genetic cause,


it was just coincidence. They gave me a diagnosis


on the 30th of November, last year, of I think it was stage


two breast cancer, is that right? That's right.


Stage two, stage two. I'm not very good


with all the numbers. And it hit me like


a tonne of bricks. Six days later,


I was lying in bed, it was a Sunday night, I was lying


in bed about 2am, couldn't sleep, and I turned over in bed


onto my left side, and I caught myself and


thought, oh, something's sore. So I thought, just have a quick


feel, see what's there. So I went in - mammogram


by 9:30am, ultrasound by 9:40am and I was told


I had cancer by 9:50am. I think that was the bizarre thing,


that two of us with cancer, under the age of 50, is,


you know, quite unusual. So it couldn't possibly


happen to both of us. Kate and Amy are helping


to raise awareness this Christmas, as Cancer Research UK


launches a new campaign highlighting I sort of always felt


that any sort of I sort of always felt


that Amy sort of saved my life, really,


because if Amy hadn't had the cancer diagnosis I probably would never


have found my lump. So I'm here now, today,


because she had a cancer diagnosis. Cancer came as a double blow


to Kate had Amy's families. But it meant that,


throughout their ordeal, they always had each


other for support. I am just so grateful


that we are still here this Last Christmas we both


thought that maybe this Christmas we wouldn't


be here to see it. So it's wonderful news


that we're still here. The Government is being warned that


Brexit could harm universities in Bristol and Bath and the local


economy. Universities and some MPs say they're worried it could deter


European students and academics from coming here. The MP for Bath is


worried that a clamp-down on immigration could mean fewer


students spending money in the city. What we have to be careful of is


suggesting that to the public that all immigration is a bad thing. 75%


of the public believe that international students are a very


good thing. So we need to split them from the overall immigration figures


and extend better to the public what immigration looks likes because


otherwise we lose the opportunity. This issue was raised during a


debate in the Commons yesterday with the Government saying it has no


plans to cap the number of international students.


A Gloucestershire conservationist has been at Downing Street today


armed with a petition. She was dubbed the human swan after flying


more than 4000 miles from Russia to Slimbridge in a para- motor,


following migrating swans. She wants the Government to do more to protect


the species. A wheelchair invented by a North


Somerset 's charity to help people in developing countries has been


recognised up one of the UK's best inventions. 20 years after being set


up, Motivation has been seen as has seen one of its models added to the


design Museum in London. David Charity has helped tens


of thousands of people around the But it all began when his own


life changed for ever. When I was 201I had


a diving accident when I dived into a shallow pool of water


in Australia and broke my neck which left me paralysed from


the shoulders down. With no hand function


and ability to walk. And so, from that day,


I needed to use a wheelchair. The old chrome wheelchair


was designed in 1932 and they were still


handing them out in 1982. And we see this all


the time in developing People are given a one size fits


all solution that swamps them. You see the wheelchair


before you see the person. He and a friend spent six months


in Bangladesh producing a From Bangladesh to Backwell in


Somerset. In 1991, he set up


the charity motivation. In 1991, he set up


the charity Motivation. So it is again, three wheelers


to get over rough to rain, but it's made of cheap you steal


tubular steel, it's repairable The chairs are flat packed,


making it cheaper to ship them, but staff also visit the countries


to make it easier to fit them. Josie has just returned


from Tanzania. Lots of houses have not been


modified for wheelchair users so But also the stigma


and discrimination against people with disabilities


is extremely high, so unfortunately there are lots of people actually


trapped in their homes, unable to And, back in the UK,


their work is being recognised. The Design Museum has just opened


in London and displays the best inventions


from across the centuries. Among them one of


Motivation's chairs. I never thought this


would happen when we But it's a very proud


moment for all of us. A lot of team effort,


and great staff and great partners. As he looks back on 25 years,


the charity is also looking forward, developing chairs for different


activities and areas, allowing thousands more the powerful


freedom of movement. By now you've probably


got your Christmas tree up, having spent a frustrating day


untangling the lights When I was a boy we used to have


tapped ten or 20 lights. Now we have 400.


Imagine having to set up one of the largest displays in the West.


For years the Brailsford family lights in Bristol have


captured the city's imagination of the city, so how does this


I don't know about you but I'm a little underwhelmed. It's a nice


tree but they must have had some cutbacks. Oh... There's a plunger


here. I know this is live, but do I push it? It would not be complete


without a plunger. No, don't! Hurray! That is more like it. That


is watched 200,000 light bulbs look like. And when they turned on for


real here at the beginning of December there were 200,000 people


in the streets of this place to see it. The man who has to take it up


and down all each year is Lee. I have had some rumours this year that


this is the last one? No. It's just a rumour. They will happen every


year until I am too old to do it. They will be here every year. You


must get asked this a lot, but why do you do it? We just love it, for


people who come and see it but we are also running an appeal, we are


on ?41,000 and we are hoping to get to the ?50,000 total this year. I'm


sure with the hope of all our supporters and visitors we will hit


the target. Does it ever get to the point around September that you


think, oh, no, I have to get it all out again! I start to have funny


dreams about it and things not working. But in all fairness, I do


look forward to doing it every year and getting the lights out. I


understand this year was a record? Yes, we did it in ten days. It


usually takes about 12 to 14 days. The weather was kind to us so we


rammed it. It is not just us in Bristol who are feeling festive


tonight. It is less than a week now until we find out who has won the


Christmas number one slot this year. It could be a surgeon and a special


nurse from the hospital in Swindon. # A long time ago on a cold winter


's night #. This doctor is a cardiologist and


one of his specialist heart nurses is joining him. It is called Yahweh


Christmas chair. When I wrote the song 18 months ago and I didn't have


enough confidence to produce it last year. Eventually I played it to


Harriet, it comes from my heart, it is my song and I wanted to convey


the true meaning of Christmas to all. They are supported by children


of the ward staff members and money raised will be split between the


British Heart Foundation and Swindon's own Brighter Futures


radiotherapy. I think it was brilliant. I liked how he played


guitar and it was very good. I think it's really good that they did it


for charity. The song is available as a download from the Internet and


it is doing pretty well. It is already featuring in some charts. It


is a time for giving, and for doing things for other people. So it is


the perfect time to do something for charity. I am not used to singing


without colleagues so I am not -- and I am not a born performer but it


is great fun. Their day job is on the cardiac ward. They are involved


in diagnosis, consultation and operations and know how important


health care is. With less than one week to go they might not make


Christmas number one but if the money this song raises helps towards


a new cancer treatment centre compact, that will be their


Christmas wish come true. And a worthy wish indeed. Ian is on


the roof, with the weather. Comparatively chilly, nothing too


bad. Let me take you through the forecast into tomorrow. We will find


some rain developing during the course of late this evening tonight.


Nothing particularly heavy. They will all be put fairly light. But as


that clears away, after drier and brighter weather, there will be the


risk of further rain developing and this time there is it is likely that


we'll be heavy. The change is on the way. That cold front pushing away


high-pressure out towards the east of us and we started to enter into a


much more mobile and vigorous regime of weather lasting up to the


Christmas period, not raining all the time but we do have the risk of


this ripple on the front giving us some heavy rain tomorrow afternoon.


For the rest of this evening, some of you have seen a few showers but


most areas are dry. Once the rain starts to arrive it will be fairly


light, the odd moderate burst, and fairly patchy in nature. That is its


position by about six or seven o'clock tomorrow morning.


Temperatures dropping to two to five Celsius tonight. Tomorrow those in


the East may still wake up to light rain but it will quickly clear out.


Conversely, cloud and rain coming through the afternoon turning


heavier. All in all, a bit of a sandwich of a day. Into the evening


the start the skies start to clear and get into a dry setup and it be


chillier. Prior to then it will have been milder, getting up to about 10


Celsius. As we head into Thursday it will be a Chilean night with perhaps


some frost and patches of fog. And this oscillating Pat and of


temperatures, as we get towards Friday we are looking at the


development of storm Barbra which will bring some wild weather to the


north-west of the British Isles by the tail end of Friday into the


morning of Christmas Eve. It will be windy with rain developing on


Friday. This is the outlook towards that period and we will keep you


up-to-date with the kit Christmas period itself. Thank you, Ian.


Now all this weekend we are getting you in the mood for Christmas and


tonight a choir is going to sing us out. They are made up of the staff


at great Western Hospital's trust. # Have yourself


a Merry Little Christmas # From now on our troubles will be


out of sight # Have yourself a merry


little Christmas # From now on our troubles


will be miles away # Here we are as in olden days,


happy golden days of yore # Faithful friends who are dear


# Through the years we all will be together


# Hang your shining star upon the highest bough


# And have yourself a merry little Christmas now


# Faithful friends who are dear to us


# Through the years we all will be together if the fates allow


# Hang your shining star upon the highest bough


# And have yourself a merry little Christmas now


You only grow old once, so you might as well enjoy it.


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