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Police arrest the cheats on the streets. Coping with Christmas in


hospital we need a brave eight-year-old who has been


inundated with cards. A labour of love, the sun determined to complete


his late dad's unfinished films. A new service designed


to reduce pressure on A at the Bristol Royal Infirmary has


been suspended, following David Birtwistle from Whitchurch was


treated by out of hours medical staff who sent him home rather than


refer him to casualties. He died two days later.


Our Health Correspondent Matthew Hill is outside


the BRI for us tonight, Matthew what happened?


This front door service is one of 14 that has been set up across the


country. The idea all patients that go to A are seen first and


assessed to see if they need to go to A or if they can be treated and


discharged by Eddie P. On this occasion, it was only operational


for four days before it came to a sudden halt following this death. It


opened between 2pm and 8pm in the evening. I have just had a statement


from the family of David Birtwistle, who was the father of an


18-month-old daughter. His wife said, his death is a complete shock


as he had been fit and well and didn't have any long-term medical


conditions. She says the cause of death is still being investigated


and we don't move the system at A that they contributed to his death.


Dave was an amazing man, loved by all his friends and his sudden death


at such a young age has hit us all hard. He died two days after being


discharged. But there will be a root cause analysis investigation by the


clinical commissioning group, that pay for this service. They will be


looking at exactly what happened. Whether it would been any different


had he been admitted to A and they are trying to find someone who is an


expert to take an overview of this. Someone from outside. So they are


taking this seriously, which is why they are conducting the


investigation, which will feed into the inquest that is due to take


place in March. Still lots of questions, thank you very much.


A former royal marine from Taunton who was jailed for the murder


of a Taliban fighter has been refused bail this afternoon.


It's ahead of a new challenge to his conviction at the Appeal Court to be


Alexander Blackman, who's also known as Marine A,


shot the insurgent in 2011 in Helmand Province.


Our Somerset Correspondent Clinton Rogers has this report.


Surrounded by vocal support, Alexander Blackman's wife walked


into the Court of Appeal with high hopes her husband would be


Two hours later she emerged disappointed but still hopeful


We must remember that earlier this month, the criminal Case review


commission decided to refer the case back to the Appeal Courts. And this


is the most important step towards getting his conviction and sentence


overturned. Blackman's legal team had applied


for bail pending that hearing, which is could be heard as soon


as late January, but until it is heard the former


Royal Marine sergeant will stay In his home town of Taunton


that was a decision Absolutely, should have been allowed


out for Christmas. It is a travesty of justice. To have had bail on this


at this stage would presume the appeal is going to be one. At this


stage, I don't think you can do that. Disgusting, I feel sorry for


his family. He should be let out straightaway.


However, an MP who has been part of the campaign of support


for Marine A and has visited him in prison, says Blackman will not


He will go to bed tonight, not entirely a happy man, he would


rather be at home, but at least he knows in a few weeks this could be


over one way or the other. We have to take the emotion out.


A former Royal Marine colonel told me this afternoon that


unquestionably Blackman had made a mistake in shooting dead


the wounded Taliban insurgent, but others may need to take some


Yes, he has failed, but to an extent, the system has failed. Did


we look after him properly? Did he know exactly what he could and could


not do? If he didn't, then there is a failure in the system because we


should have made sure that he did. And if he was under stress, as some


of the reports suggest, then the system I think, should have picked


him up and supported him before. So his wife will be spending another


Christmas without her husband, but with hopes 2017 might produce a more


positive legal outcome. So with the countdown to Christmas


well and truly underway thanks for your company


here on Points West this evening. Do stay tuned because we have plenty


more presents to deliver including. Some Christmas cheer


from Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley. And celebrating the shortest day


of the year at Stonehenge. I called him Tom because we are so


close. He is coming up anyway! Fortunately not live.


The number of people begging on the streets of Gloucester has


been cut dramatically since a new campaign in the summer.


Financial and housing support has been offered to nearly 40 people


but there have also been arrests of so-called "professional beggars".


Those who ask for money despite being on benefits


Here's our Gloucesteshire reporter, Steve Knibbs.


Since the summer the new team tackling begging and homelessness


in the city have got to know everyone on the streets.


They know this man well, this morning he was given accomodation,


but has once again refused it preferring to beg


Not nice to be at the stage of enforcing action against people, but


that is what will happen if people make the choice to bed to feed their


drug addiction. behaviour order banning him


from the city centre. And it wasn't long before the team


caught someone with an order, Don't talk about it now at the


minute because you are under caution.


They say he was given the order for persistently


begging despite having accomodation and benefits.


It is difficult because there are different profiles are begging. Some


are homeless and genuinely in need and vulnerable. They need to be


supported off the street. There are a large number doing it cynically.


We have been targeting those people. Many homeless people have been found


a place to live and there was good We may have a private landlord who


is willing to take you. As soon as I get my flat in the New Year, my life


will change to Matt Whitley for the better. I need to get off the


street, my health is deteriorating. Those working to tackle begging say


the problem is made worse because people are being kind


and generous, but say money should We see people spending their money


and drugs a lot of the time. Unfortunately, when well-meaning


people give food instead of money that frees up many people would have


spent on food, now to spend on drugs. It has been a long and


delicate job, and some people still do need support.


Spending Christmas in hospital can often be difficult,


and for children it can be especially hard.


Bailey Cooper from Bristol is one young boy facing the prospect


of having to do just that as he undergoes chemotherapy.


Our reporter Chloe Ball-Hopkins also spent time in Bristol Children's


hospital in the lead up to Christmas when she was younger.


Seven weeks ago, eight-year-old Bailey was simply enjoying life.


But life was about to take an unexpected turn.


I don't even know how to explain the feeling.


Our world just collapsed right in front of us.


A GP appointment for a possible chest infection led to a diagnosis.


They took us into a room and just went from there and then we found


out he had to have some more MRI scans and found he had lymphoma,


Since then, Ward 34 has become a second home for him.


To try and keep his spirits up, Christmas cards, hundreds of them


all addressed to Bailey from strangers across the country.


In there are lots of different styles of cards. Today, we delivered


over 100 more, all made by children from Gloucester 's school. He really


does take the time and he looked at every single card. It goes to show


there are some good people out there. Ten years ago I was in the


same position as Bailey, waiting to find out if I was going to make it


home for Christmas. It was making paper snowflakes that ensured that I


did. Going round and sticking bees up was enough to make sure I was on


my feet and went home. These days, it is all about distractions, from


choirs to entertainment, it is jam-packed on the wards leading up


to the big day. And that is made a special as it can be for those


staying. Everyone who can, will come and eat together. We will come and


eat together and presents are handed out on Christmas morning by Santa.


We are trying to make it as Christmassy as we can. We said when


he is out we will do another Christmas day. Bailey's Christmas


list may include Lego and a sleeping bag, but there is one thing he


really wants. I just want to get better. The whole family are hoping


the new year brings a positive prognosis for Bailey. But in the


meantime, there is a small issue of several hundred Christmas cards to


read. We help you out and well soon. We know you have lots of friends


thinking of you and we send our love to everybody in hospital this


Christmas. We are thinking of you. And Bailey's uncle has organised


a charity football match and auction to raise money


for the 'Let's Fight It's next Tuesday afternoon


on Kelston pitches in Yate. The new look for Weston-super-Mare's


town square has been revealed. North Somerset Council says work


will start in January. They want to revive the open space


and Italian Gardens, The council's bidding


for a grant from the Local Enterprise Partnership to help


fund the project. Somerset have named their


new cricket captain, Opening batsman Tom Abell has been


given the job of leading the side The club have described him


as "an old head on young shoulders." It's always been a dream of mine


to play here at Somerset. And now to be skipper,


it's hugely special for me. We've got a great mix of real


talented youth and a lot of quality So it's a great time to be involved


at the club and to be captain is a huge privilege


and honour for me. Jim Allenby will continue to captain


the side in the fifty over The unfinished work of Bristol


animator who died earlier this year may now be completed, by his son.


Terry Brain created some well-known characters such as Shaun The Sheep


and in the 1980s, this was a series called trapdoor. But he never got


the chance to bring a series called weird rhymes to the screen.


It was one of the most-watched children's animations of its time.


Lucky I've got something handy to bonk him with.


Trap Door was broadcast across the world, and made by Dave's dad.


This is what our house was like when we were growing up.


It was just like this all the way through to the back room.


Terry Brain's Plasticine characters were famous.


It was weird, because to me it was just what your dad did.


But in school, I felt like a celebrity because everyone


was like, your dad did Trap Door, amazing.


And from his warehouse in Kingswood, another project started.


He was always reading nursery rhymes to us and stuff but changed


nursery rhymes a bit, would draw sort of odd pictures


together with it and he was said one day I want to animate these.


But other work got in the way over the years.


The Were-Rabbit, Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep took Terry Brain


And then, he was diagnosed with cancer.


He started to get pains in his stomach, so he went


to hospital and it started looking like things weren't looking so good.


But we thought we had a few months to get these finished


and then the next day he was gone, sadly.


So, the job of making Weirdy Rhymes, is now one for his son


He said, the day before he passed, he said, I can't believe I'm


about to kick the bucket and you're going to finish these projects


for me, become millionaires and live that fancy house


What a gorgeous way to remember his dad.


30 years in the making, these nursery rhymes are finally going to


come to life. It is just a shame the man who created them is not going to


see it. What a great legacy. Thank you for sharing it.


Here's a Christmas question for you David...


Can you remember what the three wise men brought Baby Jesus?


The most famous hit of Spandau Ballet.


Well the front man, Tony Hadley is performing tonight on Bristol's


waterfront at the Spiegeltent, that's a travelling marquee of


I caught up with Tony, to hear all about it.


Fantastic band, the Tony Hadley band are great.


Spandau had a very successful year and a half's tour,


My band are brilliant, we have a great


I am enjoying writing new songs and performing new songs and just


What can we expect at the Spiegeltent, what is that?


I have got to say, I went down there today and it's


It's like going back in time, it's like going back to a Victorian,


Beautiful, really Christmassy and stuff.


I've got a stack load of Christmas songs to learn.


I recorded a Christmas album, so that's out at


# Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.


# From now on, our troubles will be far away #.


Then of course we've got to do the classic, True, Gold.


And some songs I just love to sing and perform.


So, it's going to be an hour and a half of bing, bang, bong.


And when I'm singing White Christmas you've all got to sing along.


Let's have a little reminder, like we need one, of


# With a thrill in my hand and a pill on my tongue.


# Dissolve the nerves that have just begun.


# Listening to Marvin all night long.


If I walk around London, and I do pretty


much walk everywhere in London, there's no point driving!


And you get the old black cab drivers, "all


That's what I kind of get all the time.


So, if people want to come along, where do they go?


They go to the Christmas Spiegeltent.co.uk


Come down, it's going to be a right laugh, just have a lot of


fun, bit of Christmas spirit and a few beers afterwards.


Tony Hadley, truly one of the nicest people.


And very tall! On Monday's show you may remember


we spoke to Portishead's Ben Smith who completed 401 marathons


in 401 days. Ben won an award for sporting


achievement in the face of adversity at Sunday's Sports Personality


of the Year. When he came in to see us he told us


he didn't have the award, as it was taken off him


at the afterparty! Well Ben's relieved to report that


it's been sent back to him today, Keepers at Bristol Zoo have


announced that their newest gorilla Afia has been hand-reared


since birth by humans. She's been gradually re-introduced


into the gorilla troop - Afia's now busy exploring her new


home back among the other animals. Today is the shortest day


of the year, with less And of course that means it's


the Winter Solstice. Yes it should be getting


lighter from now on. And hundreds of people gathered


at Stonehenge this morning Pam Caulfield's got a snapshot


of the celebrations. As the atmosphere intensified, the


sun began to rise. At 13 minute past eight on the shortest day of the


year. Druids, pagans and the public gathered, with colourful costumes


and characters aplenty. The atmosphere is brilliant. Doing my


music, doing a few pictures, meeting amazing people. Just spreading the


love. Some came to dance. Some came to feel the power of the stones. And


others, just came to relax. It was a coming together of everyone. No


matter what you are, you can enjoy it. The important part of the year,


you've got to remember it just continues. Back continuum is


exciting. As a spiritual place, it is amazing. It is spiritual,


everybody is having a good time and smiling. The winter solstice


happened at 10:44am. For scientists, it is when the North Pole is


furthest away from the sun. For pagans it marks the rebirth of the


sun for the New Year. For me it is almost like we place so much value


in Christmas and buying things, we forget there was something before


that before people did just celebrate the change in seasonings.


It was so wonderful to celebrate with our ancestors and the sun


coming back. It is the first day of winter, the days will be getting


longer now, meaning some is on its way. -- summer.


With talk of summer, talk of the weather is natural.


It is the winter solstice and it does mean we will see the shortest


day today and the longest night. After which, those days should get


longer. It will be a cold night with those skies clearing so it sets us


up for a chilly start of the day tomorrow. Not too bad apart from a


few isolated showers, it should be dry and bright. Tonight, we have


this weather front moving towards the east. Skies have started to


clear here and temperatures are dropping. A cold night and with the


light winds we could see some frost, mist and fog forming. Tomorrow,


sunshine and the further west you are will see some showers. Tonight,


we have rain clearing towards the east, so it should be a dry night in


a couple of hours. Clear skies, light winds and it does mean we


could see some mist and fog forming. I think it will get quite cold


tonight. We could get averages close to freezing. I think there will be


some patchy frost overnight. Temperatures hovering at freezing,


if not that little bit above. Tomorrow, there will be mist and fog


first. Once it lifts, we will seize on sunshine. More sunshine compared


with today. Not everyone, it will be a dry day. The further east you are,


the more likely it is you will have dry weather. More sunshine tomorrow


and temperatures roughly where they should be for the time of year.


Highs of around seven or 8 degrees. As we go through towards the


Christmas weekend, we start to get storm Barbara pushing towards the


north-west of Scotland. For us, it means strengthening of the winds


during the day on Friday. We the gale force gusts. Friday night into


Saturday we get the rain. It does mean as we head into Christmas Eve


itself, things do start to settle down. The Christmas Eve during the


day it should be dry, bright with a lot of sunshine. We should see some


out there pushing in than those temperatures are creeping up as we


head towards Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve night into Christmas


Day, I think we will see some rain. But it should clear early on


Christmas day. Unfortunately if you are looking for a white Christmas,


you might be disappointed as we could see one of the mildest


Christmas is on record. 15 degrees is the temperature to beat on


Christmas Day. I think we could get that somewhere across the West


Country. The wind will start to pick up and we could see rain over


Christmas Day into Boxing Day. It does start to settle down after


that. I had better go, I have some sprouts


to boil. All this week we've had a song


from a different West Country choir It's just been lovely


to hear from them. And tonight it's the turn


of the Bath Youth Gospel Choir. # You better watch out,


you'd better not cry. # You'd better not pout,


I'm telling you why. # He's making a list,


he's checking it twice. # He's gonna find out


who's naughty or nice. # He knows if you've


been bad or good. # You'd better not pout


I'm telling you why. # They're going to build a Toyland


all around the Christmas tree. # You'd better not pout,


I'm telling you why. The roads we walk have demons


beneath them... ..and yours have been waiting


for a very long time. What is this? We can't do this.


Is this supposed to be a game? I thought this was some


kind of... What? ..trick. Of course it's not a trick.


It's a plan. What's the very worst thing


you can do...


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